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S. B. F. C Chapter 83: 10 Times Is 30 Million

How much money does Chihiro Womi see in the box in her hand?

M. F Chapter 283: Strange sounds in the depths

The white haze is diffuse, and a simplified type of science fiction with a multi-function robotic arm appears. The Lord's chariot of the high-frequency cutting knife is at the bottom of the cave.

M. F Chapter 282: Underground

Ye Qing was awakened by a soft knock on the door. After watching the time, he found he slept for three hours.

S. B. F. C Chapter 82 Nine people are simply not enough!

Chihiro Womi is a hidden 'beep' milk, which Li Yalin has known for a long time. Although she can't see it in ordinary days, she can feel it through the action of putting the scroll into her chest. The weight of Chihiro Womi's chest will never be light.

S. B. F. C Chapter 81: COS at the Game Show

"So nervous ..." Sitting at her game show booth, Aoba's face was full of nervous expression. Although this was not the first time, she attended the game show, before that, she had come to participate as a customer. Suddenly, she turned into a party selling games, a huge change that made her a little confused.

M. F Chapter 281: The Giant Wheel in the Distance

In the early morning, more construction materials were sent to the civil air defense project, including a large number of alloy sheets.

M. F Chapter 280: 100 meters underground

Even after one meter thick, the concrete blocks covered with a sheet steel concrete barrier are blocked.

S. B. F. C Chapter 80: Limited Funds?

"Classmate Haruka Minami? Classmate Takagi Maki? Classmate Atsuko Ono? You are..." Originally, Li Yalin was still talking about the lateness of all members of the Student Union in ridicule. But he did not expect that within a few minutes. Three figures he was very familiar with appeared in front of him.

S. B. F. C Chapter 79: we are 55 accounts.

It is a good thing that Xuefeng Xuejie and Sakura Xuejie are willing to join the video game department. But why do you want to put a bracket in the middle to write a temporary time? That is because they have not given up the original art department.

M. F Chapter 279: Concealed Construction

The employees of Tianying Building, Times Building, Baolong International Shopping Mall, and several building constructions nearby to Blue Sky Building ran over.

M. F Chapter 278: Rainwater also has its value

If there are still so many orders received next month, Ye Qing will put the Mechanical Colossus Type I up and raise the price. This is called market regulation, and price fluctuations are caused by changes in supply and demand. This is in line with the laws of the economy, and whether it is black or not, it has nothing to do with the price increase.

S. B. F. C Chapter 78: Are you serious?

"It turns out that you are accidentally an awkward person." Li Yalin said so, and Uomi understands what was going on when she saw it, which made her shake her head slightly while she was a little confused while slightly swearing as an awkward person?

S. B. F. C Chapter 77: Do you want to try it out?

"Why?" "Well, Nene Sakura, are we not already saying good things to the president? To accept this fact, even if the art department is dissolved, we will always be a member of the art department!"

M. F Chapter 277: Bartering

After the torrent of rain, the next day, the sunshine with fresh air shining on the earth. The water level of the Blue River, after a night of rushing into the sea, finally fell back to normal.

S B F C Chapter 76: Dismissing the bad guys of the Arts Department.

“Yes! This is the Yingling High School Video Game Department. Are the two students coming to visit the Club?”

S. B. F. C Chapter 75: Video Game Department New Poster

Forcibly recruiting members of the club which is very unreliable in Li Yalin’s view, yes, it’s not reliable! So next, he thinks it's time to go out in person!

M. F Chapter 276: Unimaginable Flood Control Wall

The first flood wall was driven into the mud, followed by the second. The second flood wall was not driven in front of the first block but on the side.

M. F Chapter 275: Tourists from the Old Beauty

The connection between Xiaoping Lake and Blue River is more than 400 meters wide. The Mechanical Colossus Type X's bucket can carry 70 tons.

S. B. F. C Chapter 74: Just try to catch strong men.

When Li Yalin got up early in the morning, it was not only embarrassing to see Mihari Otosuna, but also embarrassing to see Li Yalin. Especially when Chino Kafu and Cocoa Hoto heard the news, they were even more embarrassed when they saw that they were sleeping in the same room.

S. B. F. C Chapter 73: is not as good as animals

  Mihari Otosuna to see the design of the map of the game, it is the whim of Li Yalin. But he did not expect that these images are deeply attracted by the sister editor responsible, even after reading the plan she had not planned to leave.

M. F Chapter 274: Please ask the Mechanical Colossus Type X to get out of the horse

There is a construction site in the city center, and there are four steel behemoths on the site.

M. F Chapter 273 : Xiaoping Lake

In this way, the gods have been fighting for a long time to maintain a very comfortable very warm sleeping position.

M. F Chapter 272: Atmosphere in the car

The only effect of rain is construction is blocked. Ye Qing checked the local weather forecast of Zhongyun with a mobile phone. The above shows heavy rain.

M. F Chapter 271: Rain

  Liang Wenjing wanted to play a trick on her little cousin, but she was absent-minded. So, she took a deep breath, and she also learned from her cousin and began to look carefully at the man at the bow of the ship.

M. F Chapter 270 : Raft

A few minutes before the meal, they all came to Jinxi, an ancient water town. Packing a pontoon or painting a raft, swaying in a rain curtain, is naturally the best choice. There are many such boats in the lotus pool opposite the promenade.

M. F Chapter 269: Smoke and rain west pond.

  Based on the first principle of solidity, the Monster Industrial Building has designed a total of thirteen gigantic main girders.

M. F Chapter 268: The building still has a wind tunnel.

  The Chronicle Studio has designed seven skyscrapers, three of which are abroad. In the studio, the chief designer of light, Xiao Jun, brought out four people who can stand on their own.

M. F Chapter 267: Learning under the Ground

That night, the huge dump truck of Monster Heavy Factory entered the construction site. These are the first four of eight dump trucks heavy vehicles, with heightened fences, which can easily pull up 50 tons.

S. B. F. C Chapter 72: The story is not important at all.

  "It turned out to be like this, then there is no way..."

S. B. F. C Chapter 71: Mihari Editor-in-Chief wants to cooperate?

   The fact that Li Yalin made computer games did cause many students' curiosity, but unfortunately, there was no sensation.

M. F Chapter 266 : Concrete Waves

  Compared with those bosses, Ye Qing is much quiet than the bosses, who look forward to the work of the Mechanical Colossus Type X.

S. B. F. C Chapter 70: your student union can really play

  Is the request too demanding? Is it too tiring?

M. F MF Chapter 265: The bosses who are moving in the wind

  The four Mechanical Colossus Type X continue to move forward!

S. B. F. C Chapter 69: is the fault of the fish seeing the president?

"You kid..." Although it became a rabbit, Tibby still feels he should teach the truth to this kid to be a good person, at least let him understand what is called respecting the old and loving the young!

M. F Chapter 264: Giant God X-type dispatch

  The employees in the company heard they wanted to build an independent building. It was in the golden area of Zhongyun City opposite.

M. F Chapter 263: Poor Urban Construction Bureau

  When Ye Qing speak on the phone, the last wave of bosses also came up. Judging from their faces, we know nothing is too good to be done.

S. B. F. B Chapter 68: I look down on the elderly?

  "What? Shorten the playing time! I don't agree!"

S. B. F. C Chapter 67: Yingling High School Video Game Department

  "Let's start with my requirements. The first and most important point is that I will take this game to participate in the competition and the bonuses and follow-up benefits will be owned by me personally."

M. F Chapter 262: Interested Giants Heavy Industry

The underground passage, which can accommodate two trucks in parallel, was almost squeezed out of the trampling accident by the developers who had big waists and rounds.

M. F Chapter 261: Urban Construction Bureau opens big move

  Disassembly means that civil air defense projects can be removed but what to build? The civil air defense project must be retained.

M. F Chapter 260: Content of the receipt

  “I found an old worker who participated in the construction of this civil air defense project that year..."

M. F Chapter 259: Building a dream of building

  Ye Qing discreetly sent a gesture of sympathy to the boss Su Yuan.

M. F Chapter 258: Opening the steel gate

   Not easy to dismantle this civil air defense project for two aspects.

M. F Chapter 257: The discovery of shock

  "Hey ~ the idea is safe." The traffic policemen squatted in the hole, their neck stretched out and looked inside.

M. F Chapter 256: Secrets in the ruins

  Patronizing to see Real Eye, Ye Qing remembered the department store had to be demolished by blasting at 4 p.m., just like the hacker fighting method of Nabo Mouse.

M. F 255 added chapter: Explosion building

  Half an hour later, all the major movie websites and forums had titled:

M. F Chapter 254: Domestic Science Fiction Movies

Yan Bindong’s ears are full of atmospheric friction, and the interstellar spacecraft is getting bigger and bigger in his pupils.

M. F Chapter 253: Spacecraft descending from the sky

Ye Qing turned over the comment and almost had the cold sweat.

S. B. F. C Chapter 66: His request is not good.

   "Please forgive me for refusing!"

S. B. F. C Chapter 65: Are you going to play 18X?

   "You are going to make a game to participate in this competition and use this opportunity to promote the school?"

S. B. F. C Chapter 64: you don't want to chase the son?

   Fortunately, Li Yalin just grasped the hand of Atsuko and explained it should still be no problem. 

M. F Chapter 252: One-sided criticism

Xu Ninggong told Ye Qing that the video was up to five minutes long and the picture would definitely scare the audience. Ye Qing is equally curious and wants to see what the promo looks like, but Xu Ninggong does not show him through. He can see the promo at two in the afternoon and is not in a hurry to see it. Hanging up the phone and continuing to drive, Ye Qing went to the company to say hello to the employees. The managers rushed from their offices and started to report to Ye Qing. "The host port has been opened, the super-admin account has been applied, and it has been sent to the mailbox of Real Eye." When reporting, there are some concerns: "The port 3389 is a remote-control port. I am afraid that those hackers will also use this port. To gain control of the host." "That is Real Eye to worry about." "Mr. Ye, I heard that at 2 o'clock this afternoon, the film "She From the Aliens" by our company technology will o

M. F Chapter 251: How do others evaluate?

This exaggerated expression almost gave Ye Qing goose bumps. Can he drool over the same powerful King Kong, will be a normal man. Ye Qing silently recovered his before evaluation, of this just and beautiful man. "From the reply to the post of our network manager, it would must to be you do not go to rest until now?" Ye Qing replies: "Go to rest and remember to contact me when you encounter trouble later." "Good night, I have to rest, at two o'clock in the afternoon, and I have to get up and watch a promotional video of a science fiction movie." "Even 50 cents special effects are reluctant to go to science fiction movies, good expectations." "What is the special effect of fifty cents, what is the mess?" Ye Qing thought, while looking up the window. The sky hanging high in the hot sun made him quite speechless. After the production plan was finalized, Ye Qing went to the underground base and get around it. The c

M. F Chapter 250: Reasons for Refusal

At the time of posting, Ji Ke have already explained the general process of hacking of the company's mainframe. And described the company's network department, to form a strong network security team plan. When you refresh the message, you can watch the message time. A minute ago. This shows that Real Eye is very likely to be still online, and he writes with both hands. With admiration, Ji Ke carefully read the reply of Real Eye. Real Eye: First of all, thanks to willing to pay an annual salary eight million to me. I have already read some information on the Internet. I have to say your company has great potential, and it is inevitable there are competitors. My college degree has been completed, and I am qualified to take the postgraduate exam. Next, my focus is still on the academic level. The computer network is just my hobby. I will have been away from school for two weeks. During these two weeks, in order to thank the Monster Heavy Factory for the inv

M. F Chapter 249: The mysterious administrator

In the limonite area, there are three Mechanical Colossus Type X-shaped plates here. The Mechanical Colossus Type X is a machine that can experience the industrial strength most in the behemoth heavy work. It is still unable to mass-produce at present, and until now, Ye Qing has only made five of it. A series of three mining and only two constructors The other side of mass production is its power. The 150-ton weight makes it easy to lift its arms and lift the weight of the same weight. Replace the special mining equipment, it can easily break and crush any rock. In the middle of the mining area, a deep hole seems to lead to the unknown world. It was a tunnel dug by four angry miners, in order to meet the requirements of 10,000 tons of steel per day. The four angry miners drilled into the bottom of the limonite, purely using brute force. The iron ore was cut out into a crack, with a standard of 500 tons, which facilitated the crushing work of the Mechanical Colossus T

S. B. F. C Chapter 63: Why don't you create a community yourself?

  As the President Womi sees before, the sports clubs in Yingling High School are really good. The three major clubs, the volleyball department, the basketball department and the baseball department, have achieved outstanding results in the SAR conference, which has attracted some students.

M. F Chapter 248: Annual salary of 8 million

Amano Heavy Industries did not win the battle.

S. B. F. C Chapter 62: the main line task can also be two-pronged?

   Li Yalin really has no interest for Womi the president of Yingling High School, but in the end, he still could not refuse to see her.

M.F Chapter 247: The principle is this


S. B. F. C Chapter 61: SAR University Rehabilitation Plan

  "You're late, classmate Yalin. If you go right after lunch break, the door of the Student Union should have been closed five minutes ago."

M. F Chapter 246: Limit Test

The master craftsman has always been direct since there is no euphemism in his inventive spirit.

M. F Chapter 245: Victory Tianzhu was crushed by Mount Tai

Even if it is an iron shield, this is an iron shield that can't be seen anywhere else.

S. B. F. C Chapter 60: is very good in some sense.

  In various senses, Li Yalin is famous.

S. B. F. C Chapter 59: Congratulations on your passing

   It's not right, it's really not right!

M. F Chapter 243: Monster Heavy Factory’s Work

Zhang Yutian looked at the shape of the goods carried on the heavy truck and laughed silently.

S. B. F. C Chapter 58: The top scorer

After Haruka leaves, they said something after they left Rabbit-House.

M. F Chapter 242: Higher Technology

Haitang Island is the only tourist attraction in China's four cities and 11 counties.

S. B. F. C Chapter 57: Haruka wants a boyfriend?

"Is there anything wrong with this? It is already a high school student. It is not good to talk about a love. It will be very regrettable in the future."

M. F Chapter 241: I Took the Haitang Island Project.

Amano Heavy Industries is a company, founded by a joint venture between two giant enterprises, one inside and one outside.

S. B. F. C Chapter 56: should be done as soon as possible.

Although leaving the stadium in advance, Li Yalin also knows that Haruka is not able to come to Rabbit-House as promised today. 

M. F Chapter 240: Gear Oil

That's it!

S. B. F. Chapter 55: I will be proud of it.

Well, the status is good.

M. F Chapter 239: Wait and see

The Mechanical Colossus Type I continues to work there, and Zhang Yutian’s eyes are wide open, waiting to be happening something.

S. B. F. C Chapter 54 says that a fool is a fool.

"Damn! I also want Atsuko to send me a towel, and gently say to me: you have worked hard!"

M. F Chapter 238: Design Defects?

"The notice said that this Mechanical Colossus Type I there are serious power system defects, need to recall all products for repair?" With Zhang Yutian, the voice is not too big, just a group of people can hear. This seems to be a question of the interrogative sentence, which has been affirmed from his mouth. The group suddenly stopped and looked at Ye Qing with some doubts, waiting for an answer. They have captured a few keywords, official website, release, recall, major design flaws! There seems to be no perfect product in this world. Even Toyota and Volkswagen, which have a history of nearly a hundred years, are often plagued by a large number of recalls due to design flaws. Defects are not terrible, and recalling product improvements will do. Since the recall notice has been posted on the official website, why is this matter not mentioned in the behemoth heavy work? Ye Qing looked at Zhang Yutian seriously. The official website of the day before was

S. B. F. C Chapter 53: All boys have been yearning for treatment

As it is announced, Li's strength is, at least compared with the members of these sports associations, there are still some gaps. The most essential thing it was he used a lot of energy before he completed his first task. Although he drank the sports drinks given by Takagi, it was impossible to completely recover in a short time. Physical strength is not good, and the opponent's desperate markings lead Li Yalin to be on the court. This is called discomfort... 'Damn... I really should find time to exercise.' This kind of thinking in Li Yalin's heart, but hands and feet did not stop. This is not allowed to be distracted in the game, even if he is now being blocked by the pack of players. It does not mean he really did not fight back. After all, this is the sport of five people! "Southern classmates... please, please!" In the case of the opponent team fighting and intercepting, Li Yalin wants to comfortably shoot is undoubtedly a very d

M. F Chapter 237: To reach the 2nd River

When Ye Qing arrived in Liangjiang City, it happened to be at 9:30.

S. B. F. C Chapter 52: I am not alone!

There are many ways of scoring in basketball; which are included in the hit rate: long shots, mid-shots, near shots and dunks,.

M. F Chapter 236: Ghost

Ye Qing in Liangjiang City has been there a few times, but it is a pity that he will go to send the machine.

S. B. F. C Chapter 51: 3 points on the first entrance?

When looking at the three sisters of the South, Li Yalin was deeply impressed by this role.

M. F Chapter 235: Haitang Island

If Ye Qing’s elementary and junior high school teachers can see this scene, they will definitely pick up their heads and then spread them on campus. 

S. B. F. C Chapter 50: Basketball Beginners?

"Maybe we're still excessively optimistic, with our current strength, it's impossible to win the basketball department."

M. F Chapter 234: Celebration Banquet

Amano Heavy Industries is a joint venture company.

S. B. F. C Chapter 49: Is Not Enough

"You guy... What are you thinking about? What do you have in your mind?"

M. F. Chapter 233: Two young presidents

In the field of machining, there is an old saying - If you want to machine a hard metal, only find tools that are harder than it.

S. B. F. C Chapter 48: Basketball Department?

-Before crossing, Li Yalin, as a pseudo-home of nearly 30 years old, is not really good in terms of physical strength.

M. F Chapter 232: Super Hard Alloy

At three in the morning, the official website resumed.

S. B. F. C Chapter 47: Daily Task Release

For the volleyball department, this challenge is both a huge crisis and a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

M. F Chapter 231: Part Of The Truth

No. 46 single arm robot!

S. B. F. C Chapter 46: Save the Volleyball Department?

"Huh... It's finally here..."

M. F Chapter 230: Single Arm Manipulator

This is the No 1 reef, which is only 30 centimeters from the sea level at the time of the ebb.

S. B. F. C Chapter 45: The label of top students

On the first day of the school days, Li Yalin gave it to Womi and confirmed that after joining the student union, the two will had lunch together.

M. F Chapter 229: Subsea Construction

The following focuses on building the refinery in the mining area to achieve self-sufficiency in steel.

S. B. F. C Chapter 44: call me sister.

What is this? Strong pull into the rhythm of the guy?

M. F Chapter 228: Big Order

The yearning for good things is human nature.

S. B. F. C Chapter 43: annual orientation

"Didn't Uncle Li tell you about it? Let you transfer to Yingling High School and find me later?”

M. F Chapter 227: Is this the end!

"Hello, Mr. Ye." Wu Qianyan had already recognized Ye Qing, and the courteousness of the morning also left a deep impression on her.

S. B. F. C Chapter 42: My future wife is the student president?

"It turns out that it is really my luck."

M. F Chapter 226: Rescue Tools

Originally, at least two cranes were needed, and ten workers at first to divert traffic and then set up the work area, sweating and waving for an hour or two.

S. B. F. C Chapter 41: Womi Attack

"Excuse me, is Yalin in?"

M. F. Chapter 225: Javelin

If you don't speculate, you can do it!

S. B. F. C Chapter 40: Invite Boys to Lunch

"I can't do it. After school, I have to go home to clean and cook, go to the coffee shop..." Yes, Takagi Maki’s words are really troublesome, but it’s not Li Yalin’s trouble, but Haruka, his neighbor. It is no wonder that if the story that Li Yalin knew has not changed, Haruka should be living with her two sisters. Because her parents are not around, she is a big sister and needs to play the role of father and mother. In this case, a lot of work at home requires her to go home, clean the clothes, make dinner for the two sisters or something. For this family, Haruka paid a lot and even sacrificing her after-school time. Even the community could not participate. In this way, Zhenxi's proposed after-school activities naturally made her hesitate. "That said, after school, aren't there any club activities? If you go to a coffee shop, will time conflict?" In fact, it is not only Haruka who is troubled but also a small girl on the side. She

M. F. Chapter 224: Make their way

Ten minutes later, the team of the inspection team turned into the development zone.

S. B. F. C Chapter 39: Destined For Each Other

"Excuse me... Is there anything wrong with my face?"

M. F. Chapter 223: Interesting Technique.

On both sides of the road of Caiyi Street are embossed roadstones of ladies' maps paved by the Urban Construction Bureau.

S. B. F. C chapter 38: Leading Events

The teacher’s meaning is obvious.

M. F Chapter 222: Educated leader

In the forum, the hundreds of thousands of spectators who had been brought Doudou had completely forgotten her.

M. F Chapter 221: This is also possible!

In the sun, the brand-new mechanical giants neatly listed the team.

M. F Chapter 220: Shocking Show Begins!

Product display is mainly for those potential customers on the network.

S. B. F. C Chapter 37: am I terrible?

Womi the president is a majestic beauty, outstanding ability, and outstanding performance, is a rare student president, this is beyond doubt.

S. B. F. C Chapter 36: begins high school life

Yuzhi Song, 15 years old, is also a freshman in Private Sakura Academy High School.

M. F. Chapter 219: Misunderstanding


S. B. F. C: Chapter 35, Yale, a slow-hearted teacher


M. F Chapter 218: Noisy

"Hello, my name is Wu Qianyan."

S. B. F. C: Chapter 34, How is Love?


M. F Chapter 217: The visitor is the guest

At 9 o'clock in the morning, the Mechanical Colossus Type I of Monster Heavy Industry its product launch conference on time.

S. B. F. C: Chapter 33: this soft touch

Regarding the size of the uniform of Rinna, the final solution is very simple.

M. F Chapter 216: The inspection begins

But machinery, as long as it is large and in large quantities, will certainly attract men's hormones and attention.

S. B. F. C. Chapter 32: is a big deal!

"Heart Cocoa... is it really ok?"

M. F Chapter 215: The exhibition will be launched