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S. B. F. C Chapter 54 says that a fool is a fool.

"Damn! I also want Atsuko to send me a towel, and gently say to me: you have worked hard!"

M. F Chapter 238: Design Defects?

"The notice said that this Mechanical Colossus Type I there are serious power system defects, need to recall all products for repair?"

With Zhang Yutian, the voice is not too big, just a group of people can hear.

This seems to be a question of the interrogative sentence, which has been affirmed from his mouth.

The group suddenly stopped and looked at Ye Qing with some doubts, waiting for an answer.

They have captured a few keywords, official website, release, recall, major design flaws!

There seems to be no perfect product in this world.

Even Toyota and Volkswagen, which have a history of nearly a hundred years, are often plagued by a large number of recalls due to design flaws.

Defects are not terrible, and recalling product improvements will do.

Since the recall notice has been posted on the official website, why is this matter not mentioned in the behemoth heavy work?

Ye Qing looked at Zhang Yutian seriously.

The official website of the day before was hacked.

He knew that there was nothing strange.

Many users in the forum were discussing this.

But he said it now, so Ye Qing suddenly feels wrong.

The users in the forum discussed this issue, all around why they were hacked.

Not the product really has problems.

The mechanical giant I has been sold by hundreds.

The official website forum is full of praise.

No customer has encountered a power system problem or other problems.

These contents, Zhang Yutian just can see the forum, it is impossible not to know.

But in this case, he spoke clearly obvious ambiguous words to mislead these pedestrians.

This is already a dazzling demolition.

"The night before, the two hosts of our company were attacked by hackers. They may be some jealous competitors..."

"They pretend to be us and posted false announcements with the super-administrator account."

Ye Qing looked at Zhang Yutian with deep thoughts:

"Mechanical Colossus Type I had already carried out a one-month construction test on the construction site before obtaining the production license, and there was no fault in the test."

This explanation did not cause any controversy.

The official website was hacked, and many of the official websites in Liangjiang City have experienced it.

There are always some hackers who show off their technology by invading government websites.

Even for a while, the travel network of Liangjiang City was hacked three times or five times.

They invited engineers from an online game company to solve the problem.

The other party told them that the website was frequently hacked because a hacker organization used their travel website as an entry assessment question.

"Haha ~ I also thought it should be boring, blow by some hackers."

Zhang Yutian turned his head and smiled unchanged:

"The Mechanical Colossus Type I, I was the first to see the real thing, I am looking forward to its next perfect performance. ”

He bit the perfect word very heavy.

After the team moved back, Ye Qing was already in the heart and included Amano Heavy Industries as an object to be guarded.

The group walked to the construction site of the second phase of the pavilion, and the workers at the fence gave helmets.

The brand new Mechanical Colossus Type I has already stopped here.

The Mechanical Colossus Type I issued a burst of roar, two master artisans were responsible for the manipulation.

When two mechanical arms filled with steel and power, beauty slowly opened.

Even the team leader Gao Fengming, who had already witnessed its style, could not help but marvel again.

For this experiment, a high of building materials was prepared on the site of the second phase of the pavilion, and there was a pile of I-beams.

In order to pursue large spaces, the pavilion uses a large number of steel structures in its design.

These are 40C I-beams, one weighing up to four tons.

“If you want to cut the I-beam out of the right size, what do you need to do and how long does it take?”

There is a dull voice of the master artisan in the Mechanical Colossus Type I.

On the other side of the city, Jiang Qing invited the team to visit the second Mechanical Colossus Type I.

Ye Qing simply let the master put a loudspeaker on it for easy communication.

Of course, it was lifted by a crane. The two workers coordinated the position below, got it on the workbench and will cut it with a large metal cutter.

A big-name worker smiled and said:

"It takes twenty minutes for a skilled worker to do it."

“Can you cut this machine? How long does it take?”

"I need three seconds."

The master's voice sounded, and at the same time, the Mechanical Colossus Type I arm's robotic arm moved, weighing four tons of I-beam.

It was easily grabbed from the workbench, and then half lifted into the air.

Simply look at the length, the hydraulic shears on the other side of the upper half.


The sound of the steel that breaks the ear sounded.

A piece of I-beam slipped down to the ground, and the fracture was smooth like a mirror. It took just three seconds.


Whether it is a worker or a mayor of Liangjiang City.

They are as if they are being shackled by eggs.

They just open their mouths for a long time and can't say a word.

How is it so fast?

To cut the standard ten-meter-long I-beam into a suitable size, it should not be lifted by a crane, put on the workbench, and the workers can cut it with a large metal cutting machine for a while.

Can it be completed?

In the hands of this machine, how did the workers picked it up like a straw stick and used the scissors to click and cut off a piece of it?

The workers wanted to applaud.

Mechanical Colossus Type I was next to a pile of I-beams.

One of them grabbed it into the ground and arranged it in a row.

It seemed to be ready for shaving of the I-beam.


Zhang Yutian was equally shocked during one second, but after the shock, he was a sneer.

Early in the morning, he learned from the scene of the exhibition that the city of Liangjiang invited the Monster Heavy Factory.

So the Monster Heavy Factory sent the Mechanical Colossus Type I to guide the construction of the project, and road rescue work.

He did not expect to be able to talk about the cooperation project of the Mechanical Colossus Type I in a few words.

Since the language cannot be negotiated, it will be solved with action.

As long as you have money, please do not dirty the place where your hands and feet.

People who like petty thieves are not difficult to find.

Spend a little money, ask them to move their hands and feet, and find a way to pour two bottles of corundum sand into the tank of the Mechanical Colossus Type I.

Then the Mechanical Colossus Type I, as soon as it starts, the oil pump will pump the corundum sand into the engine and let the engine be completely scrapped.

Even fuel filters are not available, because the particles of these corundum sands are generally smaller than the filter pore size of the filter.

Things didn't go smoothly, that is, the guy who is responsible at unlocking the tank machine did not find the tank lock.

He just opened a lock, pour two bottles of corundum sand into a tank open.

Listen to the other party's description, Zhang Yutian estimated that it should be hydraulic oil or the injection port of gear oil.

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S. B. F. C Chapter 53: All boys have been yearning for treatment

As it is announced, Li's strength is, at least compared with the members of these sports associations, there are still some gaps.

The most essential thing it was he used a lot of energy before he completed his first task.

Although he drank the sports drinks given by Takagi, it was impossible to completely recover in a short time.

Physical strength is not good, and the opponent's desperate markings lead Li Yalin to be on the court.

This is called discomfort...

'Damn... I really should find time to exercise.'

This kind of thinking in Li Yalin's heart, but hands and feet did not stop.

This is not allowed to be distracted in the game, even if he is now being blocked by the pack of players.

It does not mean he really did not fight back.

After all, this is the sport of five people!

"Southern classmates... please, please!"

In the case of the opponent team fighting and intercepting, Li Yalin wants to comfortably shoot is undoubtedly a very difficult thing.

Seeing the strictness of his main force being trapped, Hikaru standing in the volleyball player area could not help scolding shamelessly

However, as the protagonist, Li Yalin did not panic, knowing that playing basketball is not only a shoot but also defend and attack...

'I can't do all things alone; my teammates must help me to finish!'

In the case of Li Yalin being surrounded by multiples players.

The defensive side of Haruka naturally slackened.

So, the following thing that Li Yalin needs to do is to dribble the ball to control players and assist Haruka to score.

As it turns out, his choice is completely appropriate.

Although she can't shoot a three-point, Haruka’s shooting percentage is extremely high.

With the mutual help with Li Yalin, in the next few minutes, the volleyball department, not only just recovered the score, but even achieved the go-ahead!

"Looking at Haruka!"

It was hard to enclose Li Yalin, and Haruka had scored consecutively, but the basketball team leader was stressed.

Undoubtedly, this is his own home, why did he lose to the volleyball team?

If he in fact loses, how can the basketball department look up later?


Haruka will also stare at it!

It's to say the team leader of the basketball department is really on the top.

He scores and scores but without winning it’s most likely the most meaningless thing.

Absolutely, Haruka was indeed guarded by the players, but the price was produced by Li Yalin.

He lacked enough pressure around him.

Even if he didn’t have any physical strength, he would until now encounter no problem for shooting.

This is not, finding a gap is the precise three-pointer, Li Yalin is leading the volleyball department to completely tear the basketball department's defense.

With the sound of basketball entering the net, the basketball department's belief is completely defeated.

Staring people can't keep an eye on it. It's hard to lose a score at home.

They fight for the basketball court and score a goal.

At that moment they are even heaved three goals.

How can the ball be punted?

Nothing is okay...

With the whistle at the end of the second quarter, the score of the basketball department and the volleyball team was fixed at 32:43.

In this short ten minutes, Li Yalin and Haruka jointly scored 31 points.

This huge difference not only led the volleyball team to victory, but also the defeat of the basketball team.

It was defeated by a group of volleyball players on the basketball court.

The five basketball players who appeared on the scene were already stunned.


Even the head of the basketball department looked disgraced, and did not know what was in mind.

"Great! Win!"

Different from the loss of the basketball department, the volleyball department as a winner is appreciated, he laughs happily, especially Takagi.
Takagi witnessed the whole process of victory, and she rushed directly to the field and hugged Haruka tightly.

This is really a hard-won victory.

As a member of the volleyball department, she is both excited and proud.

"It’s really hard for you, Yalin’s younger brother.”

Just when Takagi hugged Haruka, Hikaru came to Li Yalin.

Staring at Li Yalin with a squint, his mouth is full of smiles.

It is worth mentioning that she is very close to Li Yalin, and she directly called his name.

This made Li Yalin’s heart stunned.

It always feels that this is not a good sign.

"It’s just a matter of raising your hand. The sister Hikaru is really polite."

Lifting his hand, Li Yalin reached out and wiped the sweat on his forehead.

His thoughts at the moment were very simple, the task had been completed, and there was nothing he had done here.

It is better to hurry and retreat.

Otherwise, he always feels troublesome.

"If you don't mind... Li, please use this."

After perfunctory, you do not have to wait for Li Yalin to think of the reason for withdrawing, since he saw a white towel in front of him.

What is the situation?

Seeing the white towel in front of him, Li Yalin has made a slight mistake at the beginning. he carefully looked at the person who handed out the towel and found that the other party turned out to be a small girl, in the Haruka's trio.

She hasn't been in the player area yet, but she also watched the whole game. This is to see his needs, so she just sent a towel to him.

Really a thoughtful girl.

"Thank for you, classmates."

Since it is a piece of mind of a younger girl, Li Yalin can't waste it.

He took the towel and continued to wipe the sweat on his forehead.

This is much easier than rubbing it with his hand.


Li Yalin don't know if it is an illusion.

Just after he took Atsuko's towel.

He vaguely felt the surrounding eyes seemed to be burning.

The boys’ eyes seem to be envious and addicted, at the same time the girls are curious and gossip...


Of the corner of the eye glanced slightly around, and he immediately found out that the situation was unright.

When he thought carefully in his heart, he finally became very open.

It turned out to be the case!

Unconsciously, he has enjoyed the treatment that all boys in the sports society are looking forward to?

Yes, winning the game and getting the white towel from the younger girl to sweat, this is a scene that all the sports club boys have longed for.

It was originally thought that this is only in fantasy, and it will not appear in reality.

As a result, Li Yalin and Atsuko each gave a lesson!

"It’s a good thing, Atsuko, it’s unexpectedly bold."

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S. B. F. C Chapter 52: I am not alone!

There are many ways of scoring in basketball; which are included in the hit rate: long shots, mid-shots, near shots and dunks,.

M. F Chapter 236: Ghost

Ye Qing in Liangjiang City has been there a few times, but it is a pity that he will go to send the machine.

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S. B. F. C Chapter 51: 3 points on the first entrance?

When looking at the three sisters of the South, Li Yalin was deeply impressed by this role.

M. F Chapter 235: Haitang Island

If Ye Qing’s elementary and junior high school teachers can see this scene, they will definitely pick up their heads and then spread them on campus. 

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S. B. F. C Chapter 50: Basketball Beginners?

"Maybe we're still excessively optimistic, with our current strength, it's impossible to win the basketball department."

M. F Chapter 234: Celebration Banquet

Amano Heavy Industries is a joint venture company.

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S. B. F. C Chapter 49: Is Not Enough

"You guy... What are you thinking about? What do you have in your mind?"

M. F. Chapter 233: Two young presidents

In the field of machining, there is an old saying - If you want to machine a hard metal, only find tools that are harder than it.

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S. B. F. C Chapter 48: Basketball Department?

-Before crossing, Li Yalin, as a pseudo-home of nearly 30 years old, is not really good in terms of physical strength.

M. F Chapter 232: Super Hard Alloy

At three in the morning, the official website resumed.

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S. B. F. C Chapter 45: The label of top students

On the first day of the school days, Li Yalin gave it to Womi and confirmed that after joining the student union, the two will had lunch together.

M. F Chapter 229: Subsea Construction

The following focuses on building the refinery in the mining area to achieve self-sufficiency in steel.

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S. B. F. C Chapter 43: annual orientation

"Didn't Uncle Li tell you about it? Let you transfer to Yingling High School and find me later?”

M. F Chapter 227: Is this the end!

"Hello, Mr. Ye." Wu Qianyan had already recognized Ye Qing, and the courteousness of the morning also left a deep impression on her.

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S. B. F. C Chapter 42: My future wife is the student president?

"It turns out that it is really my luck."

M. F Chapter 226: Rescue Tools

Originally, at least two cranes were needed, and ten workers at first to divert traffic and then set up the work area, sweating and waving for an hour or two.

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S. B. F. C Chapter 40: Invite Boys to Lunch

"I can't do it. After school, I have to go home to clean and cook, go to the coffee shop..."

Yes, Takagi Maki’s words are really troublesome, but it’s not Li Yalin’s trouble, but Haruka, his neighbor.

It is no wonder that if the story that Li Yalin knew has not changed, Haruka should be living with her two sisters.

Because her parents are not around, she is a big sister and needs to play the role of father and mother.

In this case, a lot of work at home requires her to go home, clean the clothes, make dinner for the two sisters or something.

For this family, Haruka paid a lot and even sacrificing her after-school time.

Even the community could not participate.

In this way, Zhenxi's proposed after-school activities naturally made her hesitate.

"That said, after school, aren't there any club activities? If you go to a coffee shop, will time conflict?"

In fact, it is not only Haruka who is troubled but also a small girl on the side.

She and Zhenxi both participated in the association.

It is said that today they should be the day to go to the community to report.

Where is the time to go to the coffee shop to listen to the piano?

Atsuko herself wanted to hear the sound of the piano singing again.

"It doesn't matter! We will go straight to the coffee shop after school, and it takes us half an hour to disband, and it won't take too long!.."

"When it's over, I will go to Haruka's house to help with Atsuko, so that's all right..."

"As for the community, we can pass before going to the coffee shop, as long as we say a word to the friend Sushui, so it's absolutely no problem!"

Yes, Haruka and Atsuko were troubled by Zhenxi's unexpected decision, but they really had a deep insistence on Li Yalin's piano.

They simply could not help listening to it.

She said everything to this, what can Haruka and Atsuko say?

"That... well, since you really want to help."

"Well, as long as the sister Sushui agrees to let us leave early..."

Haruka and Atsuko could look at each other for a moment and finally sigh together.

As the best friend, they knew the true temper of the real thing.

As long as the matter of looking for it is definitely a rib, it is fundamentally impossible to reject her today.

So no, I can only promise, isn’t it?

"Great! It's so decided!"

The compromise between Haruka and Atsuko made Zhenxi very relieved and clenched her fists, but she did not wait for her to say anything more.

The bell in the second seance was ringing, and she suddenly stunned her mouth.

"The time for rest is really too short, then Li, I am looking forward to seeing your piano performance."

After saying such a sentence to Li Yalin, Zhenxi waved his hand and turned to walk to her own seat.

After renewing her, Atsuko also made a slight stance toward Li Yalin and Haruka, and then returned to her seat after a gesture.

"Sorry, Li, my real life is only occasionally over-excited, and it is not malicious."

Before the second class officially started, Haruka once again apologized to his friend Li Yalin.

Although this has nothing to do with her, he can be a friend.

She feels that she should explain it.

After all, it’s just a bit too self-speaking. It’s really rude to Li Yalin’s classmate who just met her.

Really a gentle girl, such a girl is really suitable for going home to be a wife!

"It’s okay Haruka classmate. In fact, this is also very good. I originally transferred to this strange school..."

"I thought that it would be difficult for me to integrate into this group. But now it seems that there are great students like Takagi, I don’t have to worry about this problem."

Looking at Haruka on the side of the body, Li Yalin’s heart could not help but sigh, but on the mouth, of course, it’s still good to say.

Of course, from all angles, it is the truth.

As a transfer student, it is really difficult to integrate into a strange class.

It is because of the accident of Takagi Maki that Li Yalin has been able to quickly integrate into the circles of Haruka, Zhenxi, and Atsuko.

In the class, Haruka is definitely a good one girl.

She can become her friend, and naturally,, he gets more people's approval.

Although Li Yalin does not really care about this kind of thing, he must also acknowledge this fact.

"If Li can think so, that would be great."

This Li classmate is very mature. Is it because of his working in a coffee shop?

Li Yalin’s answer made Haruka quite surprised because the average high school student couldn’t say such a thing.

Such a sleek answer made people completely unable to pick up the fault.

Even say that Haruka felt very comfortable.

Although the appearance looks a little boy, in fact, this Li classmate is a very mature boy.

At this moment, Li Yalin's image in Haruka's heart was established.

She also won a lot of good feelings.

After all, for Haruka, she prefers mature and stable boys compared to her age.

For example, Li Yalin, she can get her approval.

Thanks to this, during this morning's class, Li Yalin did not communicate with Haruka.

He is a new classmate who is not familiar with this life and study.

Haruka also gave considerable concern.

"Lunch break! Haruka, let's go eat! What kind of lunch did you bring today?"

With the ringing of the last class in the morning, Zhenxi and Atsuko came to Haruka's desk with their respective launches.

They were an inseparable trio, and they would go together for a lunch break.

"Well ... Li, are you going to the cafeteria or did you bring your own lunch? If you don't mind, do you want to eat with us?"

Zhenxi and Atsuko came to find Haruka.

What surprised them was that Haruka did not respond to Zhenxi for the first time, but turned his head to Li Yalin and asked him such a sentence.

Haruka actively invites the boy to have lunch?

M. F. Chapter 224: Make their way

Ten minutes later, the team of the inspection team turned into the development zone.

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S. B. F. C Chapter 37: am I terrible?

Womi the president is a majestic beauty, outstanding ability, and outstanding performance, is a rare student president, this is beyond doubt.

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S. B. F. C: Chapter 33: this soft touch

Regarding the size of the uniform of Rinna, the final solution is very simple.

M. F Chapter 216: The inspection begins

But machinery, as long as it is large and in large quantities, will certainly attract men's hormones and attention.

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S. B. F. C. Chapter 30: Surging turnover

Li Yalin's idea is very simple. For him, it is now in the pre-school period, and his mangaka career is on the right track.

M.F Chapter 213: What is the principle?

"That's well, you have all turned your cell phones off, and people are farther away, and all the electrical equipment on the side is completely withdrawn."

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S. B. F. C. Chapter 29: Can I learn piano with you?

"Piano? It would be a little bit like that."

M.F Chapter 212: The equipment is removed.

"When I first bought a shipyard here, the water in Longxitan Beach was very poor. The whole bay was so dead that no fish could be found.”

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M.F Chapter 211: Class 1 water quality

The test was divided into eight water intake points.

S. B. F. C. Chapter 28: Teacher Yalin will play the piano?

Since her family knows her own affairs, and she knows how good she was at playing the piano. But the problem is, it doesn't mean that Cocoa will let her go.

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S. B. F. C. Chapter 27: uses music to touch customers?

Rabbit-House's turnover is very poor, no one can deny this. After all, this is an old coffee shop. It is quaint in good words, not good to listen to...

M.F. Chapter 210: Xiaoping Lake 3

Time is the most elusive thing, sometimes as slow as a snail, sometimes as fast as lightning.

On the edge of Xiaoping Lake, Vice Mayor Wu Shunyun wished he could not look up to heaven and shout that heaven has given me ten thousand years.

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M. F. Chapter 209: Xiaoping Lake 2

Giving up Xiaoping Lake means giving up all hope.

S. B. F. C. Chapter 26: First Draw

As for the worship of Cocoa, Li Yalin has not been bothered for too long. Although she really likes the manga of Cat's-Eye, whatever she does this girl is a three-minute hot thing no matter what, after fresh energy, It’s over.

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M. F. Chapter 208: Xiaoping Lake 1

The auxiliary system installation is semi-automated, with tracked or loaded tires, a panoramic camera, and cockpit handling equipment.

S. B. F. C. Chapter 25: because Yalin-San is a Mangaka

"It is said that in order to fight against Mr. Yalin's Cat's-Eye, the Youth Fiery of Weekly is actively encouraging its mangakas to imitate the style and story of Cat's-Eye, and wants to create a work that can be compared with Cat's-Eye. ”

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S. B. F. C. Chapter 24: It's Just an Instant.

“Great teacher, Mr. Yalin! That's great! The issuance of the first issue is 350,000 copies of the Island Special Administrative Region, and the rest of the region has a total of 620,000 copies, which adds up to a total of 970,000 copies! It’s only been released for two days!”

M.F Chapter 207: Production list

The beautiful environment will always make people feel comfortable.

Now Ye Qing felt that when he got up and stretched his waist to the sea and blown the sea breeze, he found a kind of enjoyment.

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M. F. Chapter 206: Friends circle

Half an hour later, the mayor Xia Yuming and the deputy mayor Yan Shunyun arrived.

Near to Xiaoping Lake, all the cars are parked.

S .B. F. C. Chapter 23: Cocoa Hoto

"Yalin San, this is the beloved mulberry who is about to stay at home."

"Hello, my name is Cocoa Hoto, please advise me from today!"

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S .B. F. C. Chapter 22: Recruiting New Employees?

Well, even if he is awkward, Li Yalin must also admit that he is going to school. By the way, when he sees the school he is going to attend, there is a further discovery.

M. F. Chapter 205: Who Is So Bold?

The two crew members were both excited and frightened.

Nearly 3,000 tons of chemical pollution waste, they took less than 20 minutes to be all thrown into the lake.

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OPJ Chapter 10: What can a soldier do?

« Y… Yo… You … »

After a long time, the rest of the pirates came to their senses, looking at the bald man with horror.

Friday, May 10, 2019

S .B. F. C. Chapter 21: Tentacle-Monster Mangaka

After eating the barbecue, Li Yalin not only succeeded in joining a magazine that was about to be published but also had a blonde girl editor. This beautiful girl editor who satisfied with everything except the AA level in front of her chest.

M. F. Chapter 204: Crazy behavior

There are two anti-smuggling boats on the Blue River. One is squatting at the mouth of the sea, and the other is patrolling the river.

These two anti-smuggling boats are special anti-smuggling boats which have undergone a demonic transformation.

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S.B.F.C. Chapter 20: is just a simple beauty plan.

“Great! We finally have a top mangaka!”

With Li Yalin and Minano shaking hands together, Mihari the hanging heart is finally fell to the ground. Just now she was afraid that Li Yalin would not agree. If she misses such a top mangaka. The problem is really unresolved. There is nothing like a top mangaka who can enclose the new issue.

M. F. Chapter 203: Private boats on the Blue River

The Blue River is the seaport of Zhongyun City. The largest freighter can take 5,000 tons.

After the freighter enters Tianyun Lake along the Blue River, there are three waterways to choose from, and the farthest can run to more than 500 miles away in Liangjiang City.

Friday, May 3, 2019

S.B.F.C. Chapter 19: you are not afraid of losing money?

"Mr. Li Yalin seems to be surprised because I look like a child?"

Because of the huge amount of information, Li Yalin was stunned at the scene for a while after seeing Minano, and could not speak for a long time. After all, he realized that these girls, who had been with him for a long time, was actually an Anime characters he had known before.

M. F. Chapter 202: Water Bungalow


Digging deeper into this news can be done as a topic.

Monday, April 29, 2019

M. F. Chapter 201: The headline is gone

Without the order of Director Tang, the workers on the site had already rushed to this place.

The occurrence of vehicle equipment falling into the deep pit or foundation pit, although rare, has been seen by people who have been present in the construction site all the year round, or have heard similar situations.

S. B. F. C. Chapter 18: Mangaka and assistants?


Li Yalin said that when he saw Mihari suddenly, she was foolish, and her treatment was a problem. She never thought about it, and it was her biggest mistake!

Saturday, April 27, 2019

S. B. F. C. Chapter 17: Elite's new magazine

Mihari very cautious, but also very embarrassed, sitting in the rotisserie, she looked around very uncomfortably, completely do not know how to be good.

In any case, she did not expect that her first meeting as an editor with a mangaka had turned into a meal in a barbecue shop.

M.F. Chapter 200: foundation ditch

Director Tang ran to the construction site to prepare materials, and Ye Qing was communicating with the TV station.

The monitor is responsible for revising the manuscript on site for taking pictures according to the situation.

Thursday, April 25, 2019

S. B. F. C. Chapter 16: Trainee Editing Mihari Otosuna

"It turns out that you are Mr. Li Yalin! It is rude!"

This beautiful optical lens girl is not dressed like a student, but we can see the taste of the light grey over the whole body. With the appearance of Li Yalin, her reaction to him is very interesting, as if she had been frightened by something. She bows in a hurry.

M.F. Chapter 199: To fool a leader?

Compared with the cover-up of Jinmei Chemical Company.

Even at three o'clock in the morning, the Monster Factory is brightly lit, and the machinery roars.

Monday, April 22, 2019

M. F. Chapter 198: Going up the blue river

These companies deal with non-recyclable garbage by means of extremely rough and harsh, directly smashing advantage of the night's cover, the collected garbage dumped in remote locations.

This kind of black company like rats are continually banned.

Sunday, April 21, 2019

S. B. F. C. Chapter 15: Is Teacher Li Yalin here?

Third chapter!

carry out!

With the completion of the third chapter of the Cat's Eye, Li Yalin's whole body was directly soft down on the chair. This kind of high-intensity work was really tiring. In just a few days, he has drawn three chapters in total for more than 120 pages. The manga, he can simply use the benchmark of the manga industry to describe.

Who can compare with him at such a speed?

Who can be so diligent as him?

Well, if it’s not the money that is rushing behind, Li Yalin can’t be so diligent. After all, this kind of manga can be done by ordinary people.

"Yalin San... You really need a break."

The third chapter is completed, Chino is still the first witness, but unlike before, Chino is not the only person to see this work, at this time she has Rize of companionship around her.

No way, who makes Rize really fascinated by this manga, if she can only watch the serial on the Internet, now the author and the manuscript are in front of her, what a pity if she missed it?

In fact, when she knew that Li Yalin actually created the third chapter of the Cat's Eye the next day, she was shocked by his speed, and then she couldn't wait to see the third chapter.

She really wants to know the next chapter.

Different from the expectations of Rize, Chino did not indulge in the story of the third chapter after reading it but revealed a worried look to Li Yalin.

He's been working so hard these days that his body can't bear it any longer.

For the sake of Li Yalin's health, Chino felt it necessary to remind him seriously that he really should go to rest.

"Well, I will take a good rest this evening. After all, let's take a rest after eating the barbecue."

Chino’s eyes are very serious and very stubborn. If Li Yalin can’t give her a satisfactory answer, she will definitely not give up.

Although the time spent with Chino was not long, Li Yalin could read the concern from her eyes, and because of this, he chose to compromise.

He could not refuse the good intentions of Chino. At the same time, he also knew the importance of a good body. Even if there was a system nearby, his fatigue value reached a critical point. The dual fatigue of spirit and physical strength, if he persisted, he was afraid that his body would collapse.

In this case, he will listen to Chino Kafu this time.

"For Rize, do you want to be with us too?"

After promising Chino, Li Yalin’s gaze turned to Rize again.

According to the usual rhythm, at this time, Rize should have finished working, but in order to see the third chapter of the Cat's Eye as early as possible, Rize has stayed so late and did not return home.

Look outside, the sky is already dark, this is the time for dinner, I have to eat barbecue with Chino, Is it really good to leave Rize behind?

The financial department of the website is very forceful, and the payment of the manuscript is very timely. The payment of more than ten thousand Yuan is enough to relieve Li Yalin's urgent needs. At least, he wants to invite Chino and Rize to eat barbecue meat.

Anyway, the time is so coincidental, so let's go together.

"I... Is that really good?"

Li Yalin's invitation made Rize very heart-warming and reasonable. He is now an idol she admires. He is the author of her favorite manga book. She can eat with Li Yalin, and her rejection can't rise.

But the problem is that she wasn’t so familiar with Li Yalin. He rushed to invite people to eat barbecue or something, and Rize didn't know whether it was good or not.

Is this really ok?

"It's a common meal, what's wrong with this."

Looking at Rize’s intention, Li Yalin knew that she would not refuse. He just found a good barbecue shop on his mobile phone. Leading two girls to eat just right.

It's such a happy decision!

"Then... Thank you, Yalin San. I will call and inform my family."

As soon as Li Yalin waved his hand and made a direct decision. Adding to the heart of Rize, she naturally agreed to it half-way.

However, when you eat out with your friends, you must first inform your family. This is a matter of respect and courtesy for your family.

In the time when Rize was on the phone, Li Yalin and Chino Kafu were making final preparations before closing the coffee shop. When the father was still there, Rabbit-House would become a bar at night, but now, as long as the evening is over. Chino will close the coffee shop on time.

After all, few customers come to drink coffee at night.

But today...

When the doorbell rang, a figure pushed the coffee shop door and walked in. At this time, a customer was entering the coffee shop, which could be described as rare.

"Welcome to... Well, I am very sorry about this night, we are going to close the coffee shop soon."

Chino unconsciously welcomed the customer when she saw him coming in, but obviously, she realized that it was not the time to receive customers.

Although it is not appropriate to cast customers out of the door, she is more concerned about Li Yalin's health.

Yes, Chino wants to finish her dinner quickly, and then let Li Yalin take a good rest. If she continues to receive the guests, she really does not know when Li Yalin can rest.

"Is Mr. Li Yalin here?"

If in the door is an ordinary customer at this time, after hearing Chino, it is estimated that he will turn and leave, but unfortunately, the other party is not a regular customer. On the contrary, she even revealed the name of Li Yalin at the opening. And also call the teacher.

This is very surprising.

Li Yalin living in this world as an ordinary student, who will be called a teacher, and only a manga -related Cat's Eye.

This is not something difficult to understand. After all, when he uploaded the work, he wrote the name and contact information in the background. It's just that...

Li Yalin remembers that he seemed only to fill in: the real name, contact number, and bank card account number on the website, but the real address was not filled in, so in this case, how did the other party find him here?

Looking carefully at the visitor who pushed the coffee shop door and walked in, Li Yalin found that the other party was a blonde girl wearing an optical lens dressing a light grey suit. She looked young and at most not more than twenty years old. She had beautiful features and could be said to be a beautiful teenage girl.

It's just such a beautiful optical lens girl who finds Rabbit-House and gives out Li Yalin's name. Li Yalin feels it is necessary to understand.

"Hello, I am Li Yalin. What can I do for you?"

Going forward to the girl in front of him, Li Yalin would have to look at her and find out what she wants to do.

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Saturday, April 20, 2019

M. F. Chapter 197: Black Company

Ye Qing has been busy with the expansion of Dragon Creek Beach and seawater purification in recent days.

Now is the network society, instant messaging is very developed. Ye Qing stayed at Dragon Creek Beach and was not a primitive person.

Thursday, April 18, 2019

S.B.F.C. Chapter 14: is actually a stimulus for the fee.

"What is the teacher..."

In the last life, he lived nearly 30 years old. Li Yalin has never been called a teacher. What's more, today's he was called a teacher by a beautiful girl, which makes him feel more uncomfortable.

Monday, April 15, 2019

S.B.F.C. Chapter 13: Have you seen my Cat's Eye?

"It turned out to be like this, that's great!"

Listening to Li Yalin's explanation, Chino suddenly realized that, at the same time, she was also sincerely happy for Li Yalin.

Saturday, April 13, 2019

S.B.F.C. Chapter 12: Heavenly World

If Li Yalin remembers correctly, the two-horsetail girl standing in front of him should be called Rize Tedeza. She is not only a staff of Rabbit-House, but also the female lord, and she has quite a lot of plays.

But in this world, Li Yalin did not see her in the coffee shop, subconsciously believing that the setting had changed.

Thursday, April 11, 2019

S.B.F.C. Chapter 11: is not afraid of the alley?

"The second thing is done!"

In fact, Li Yalin did not pay any attention to what kind of storm the Cat's Eye has caused on the internet. After putting the manuscript into the computer and uploading it, he immediately devoted himself to the intense second language drawing.

Sunday, April 7, 2019

S. B. F. C. Chapter 10: Cat's Eye Storm

On the island of Shima 'Special Administrative Region'. Is absolutely the top manga magazine in the Island Special Administrative Region. In terms of circulation, it is hard to compare with other magazines of the same type.

The manga industry of the island of Shima Special Zone is second to none in the Empire. After all, in order to vigorously develop the cultural economy, the Empire has given many preferential policies. In contrast, the Island Special Zone is actually the most suitable for the development of the entertainment industry.

Saturday, April 6, 2019

S. B. F. C. Chapter 9: Network Series

"No, I'm not going to serialize Cat's Eye in a magazine. If it's no accident, I should choose to serialize it on the Internet."

He shook his head slightly, and Li Yalin denied Chino's words because he had not considered the problem from beginning to end.

Friday, April 5, 2019

S. B. F. C. Chapter 8: is estimated to be overeating.

As the original works of Li Yalin in the world in the 1980s, the Cat's Eye can indeed be regarded as old-fashioned manga, but in this world, it is definitely a refreshing and innovative work.

The beauty steals this setting, but never appeared in any manga.

Thursday, April 4, 2019

S. B. F. C. Chapter 7: Attraction Manga 3*

After listening to Li Yalin’s words, Tippy’s whole person... No, the whole rabbit didn’t feel good. It didn’t even think that he had preached to this young man, and it was actually this reaction.


Wednesday, April 3, 2019

S. B. F. C. Chapter 6: Would you like to call me Aniki?

It was rejected.

Looking at Chino's little red face, which was choked by guilt in his heart, Li Yalin could not help sighing softly. Although he had anticipated it for a long time, he still felt helpless when it came to him.

What a simple and stubborn child.

Tuesday, April 2, 2019

S.B.F.C. Chapter 5: This is my ventrilology!

"If this is the case, then I will be your life assistant, Yalin-San."

In Chino's opinion, since it's just a blank check, there's no need for him to tangle with anything. Maybe it's just a joke of Li Yalin, and he'll be forgotten when he turns around.

Monday, April 1, 2019

S. B. F. C. Chapter 4: Do you like to read Manga?

"Yalin-San, although I don't know what you are doing, I think you should pay more attention to your physical condition, at least you should keep a good working schedule so that you can have a good body."

By a girl whose physical age is three or four years younger than him and whose mental age is more than ten years younger than him. What kind of expression does Li Yalin have in addition to a smile?

Sunday, March 31, 2019

S.B.F.C Chapter 3: will definitely surpass the original classics

How to earn a hundred million Yuan in three months is a problem Chino Kafu has always been worried about. Although she has never complained about her father, she still has to shoulder the burden and try to keep the family.

Even the only thing she can do now is to open the store on time every day and earn that meager turnover.

Saturday, March 30, 2019

S.B.F.C Chapter 2: Step 1 of Opening the Road to Creation

It is a pity that Li Yalin and Chino Kafu have not been in a relationship for a long time. It is the biggest achievement that she can call him from Li San to Yalin San. If she wants to go further, she was sorry, it's not so good at all.

Friday, March 29, 2019

S.B.F.C Chapter 1: Coffee shop hosting girlish

What should I do when I cross into a world of quadratic suspicions?
Very anxious! Online!
After confirming this fact, Li Yalin wanted to go to the street and shouted out the question. Unfortunately, he also knew that this practice was idiotic. He could not get anything except the eyes of children with intellectual disabilities.

Salvation began From Cafe 

Cross the world of suspected secondary elements and carry the rescue system for welfare.
Can you increase your level by increasing your proficiency?
Can you get all kinds of items and abilities after the completion of the task?
Still need to travel to more secondary worlds to complete the rescue mission?
Well, before Li Yalin needs to consider the most, how to earn enough debt of one hundred million to hold the coffee shop carrying the girl's dream.
Everything has to start here...


Tuesday, March 12, 2019

OPJ Chapter 7: Going to the Sea

"Hey! I don't care about you!"

Ace clenched his fist and said, "Anyway, I'll go to the sea and win, victories all the time! Even if my name becomes synonymous of horror, I will become the Pirate King to make everyone look at me! Don't blame me for laughing at you, Sabo!"

"Why do you want to be a pirate?"

Saitama looked at Ace and slowly said, "If you want others to look at you, shouldn't you want to be a hero in the first place? Heroes need to pay a lot to get recognition, but pirates are very simple, they just need to make others feel afraid. You're quite unconfident, Ace."

The conversation ended up with Ace's saying, "You don't understand anything at all. "

Luffy went to chase Ace, and Garp was a little uneasy and quietly followed him.

As for Sabo...

Monday, March 11, 2019

OPJ Chapter 6: Freedom!

The news that Saitama was going to become a Marine soon spread in the small thief's nest.

Everyone's reaction varied.

Knowing that it was Garp personally who invited the bald head, Dadan waited until Saitama went out for a walk and quietly found Garp in private.

"Hey, Mr. Garp..."