M.F Chapter 212: The equipment is removed.

"When I first bought a shipyard here, the water in Longxitan Beach was very poor. The whole bay was so dead that no fish could be found.”

"As for as... the dark spring under the sea? There is not, at least I have not seen the phenomenon of seawater surge."

“There is no dark spring under the sea?” Wu Shunyun frowned. “There was a lot of pollution before, so why is the water quality of the bay better?”

"Mr. Ye, there is something in Xiaoping Lake, I think you already know."

“We traced the source of pollution and found Jinmei Chemical."

"They even secretly built a sewage pipeline until here, but we carried out seawater sampling and testing and found that the water quality here has reached the first-class seawater quality standard.”

This shameful thing, most of the people in Zhongyun City know.
They took the lead to toss for a full three months, but the result was exchanged for this result.

If you are on the face of a thicker person, there will be a sense of guilt.

Now, Wu Shunyun is somewhat afraid to return to Xiaoping Lake.

In the face of the entire staff involved in the rescue of Xiaoping Lake, he is more and more desperate.

Ye Qing was busy in the assembly shop for the past two days.

Zhongyun TV did not broadcast this.

Ye Qing did not know what happened to Xiaoping Lake.

With the company over the phone communication, several managers will not gossip, and Ye Qing talks about this kind of work-independent things unless Ye Qing takes the initiative to mention.

How can we look at Xiaoping Lake now? What seems to have happened over there?

It seems to be related to Jinmei Chemical...

However, the Vice Mayor is doubtful about the water quality of the bay, and Ye Qing can still answer.

“The water quality of Longxitan Bay is my governance.”

Since the deputy mayor did not ask, Ye Qing would not be stupid enough to take the initiative to shake him and Jinmei Chemical's grievances.

“The factory has settled in Longxitan Beach, so I naturally have the responsibility and obligation to maintain the entire ecological environment of Longxitan.”

“Our technicians tested the seawater in Longxitan and found that there was a lot of chemical pollution in it."

"So we tailored a strong ionized wastewater treatment according to the chemical composition here...”

Ye Qing couldn't say any more.

Because at this time, the deputy mayor, and the two people wearing the uniforms of the Environmental Protection Agency next to him, all turned into devils.

They are all stunned, and when they open their mouths, they look at themselves.

What's happening here?

Ye Qing remembers that he just looked in the mirror and there is nothing on his face.

Everyone in the office, except Ye Qing, has a huge wave in his heart.

The owner of Longxitan Beach, even said that the polluted seawater in the bay was purified by himself?

“Impossible!” The staff of the Environmental Protection Agency stood up in a hurry:

“The Xiaoping Lake is heavily polluted by chemical wastewater. Longxitan Beach will not be better than Xiaoping Lake."

"This kind of polluted water can't be treated in a few time. It is possible to meet a class of water quality standards."

Wu Shunyun did not speak, but his expression was telling Ye Qing that he and the EPA staff held the same view.

"Nothing is impossible."

Ye Qing asked him strangely: "If I can't do it, why is the water quality of Longxitan Beach, are your inspection find a kind of water quality?"

"That's the bottom of the sea... It has needed a year and a half..." EPA's people have spent on time-lapse and could not say a word.

"Mr. Ye, the sea here at Longxitan Beach, is it really your governance?"

Vice Mayor Wu Shunyun stood up, and some could not control his excitement: "As you can see, we have had big trouble."

"The entire Xiaoping Lake was polluted by the waste smuggled by Jinmei Chemical. We gathered the whole city."

"The relevant technical personnel in the project managed through one day and one night, and the lake in Xiaoping Lake still has not changed much."

"Yes!" Ye Qing admitted that at the same time, his heart was sweating wildly.

"Xiaoping Lake is polluted, it is done by Jinmei Chemical?" Ye Qing said.

"This is this..." Vice Mayor Wu Shunyun was a bit messy, and he suspected that he was in a state of urgency.

Reason tells him that this kind of thing is impossible, or that it is impossible to have a miracle in two days.

Sewage treatment is a difficult problem all over the world. The way is not without misshapen, It takes time.

Even if Ye Qing has better governance, it also needs a longer governance process.

"Vice Mayor, you have to be calm, you have to believe in science."

The people of the Environmental Protection Agency are somewhat anxious, and even if the professional tells them the water in Longxitan Beach had made clearer, it is impossible to make a miracle happen on the other side of Xiaoping Lake.

"How do you tell me to be calm?" Vice Mayor Wu Shunyun clenched his fist: "Three months of hard work, with a high wastage."

"Master Wu, I will go and have someone lift the strong ionization treatment equipment to the truck, and then prepare some metal sheets, and shield the wooden water houses there."

Ye Qing looked at the scene in his mind and was a little chaotic, and he thought that the explanation of his mind was not clear for a while.

Clearly, it is better to let people send the equipment directly.

Listening to the tone of the Vice Mayor, the pollution on Xiaoping Lake is so serious.

The Vice Mayor looking at the door, this face is naturally to be given, then let the strong ionization sewage equipment go.

As soon as they saw the strong ionization equipment, their attention was diverted.

If they refused to greet Ye Qing, it is because they ran outside and looked around.

Two men in iron towers and overalls came out of the warehouse carrying a device they had never seen before.

Then they returned to the warehouse and loaded the old thick sheet metal with a forklift truck.

The truck was gradually filled with bundled metal sheets, and they really couldn't understand what to do with the metal sheets.

This equipment! The EPA people look left and right, there are some observatories in the roof.

It's just a few smaller numbers!

The semicircle is ceramic, and its appearance is milky white.

Seeing this, the staff of the Environmental Protection Agency could not help but shook his head.

What kind of high-tech should it be?

They used to follow the path of ceramic membrane filtration.

The semi-circular ceramic membrane casing is a bit creative.

On the other side of Xiaoping Lake, dozens of sets of ceramic membrane filtration stations are constantly filtering, and the filter tubes have been replaced by a truck.

The electromagnetic generator housing of the strong ionization sewage treatment equipment is indeed made of ceramic, ceramic material produced by powder metallurgy.

Seeing this, the Vice Mayor, Wu Shunyun, did not speak.

Ceramic membrane filtration equipment does have some effect, but...

Do not complain that they have such an idea, Ye Qing said that it is a strong ionization.

However, the non-conductive ceramic material on the outside is easy to associate with the ceramic membrane.

After all, strong ionization evolved sewage; they have never heard of it.

The high pollutant discharge on the equipment is also easy to associate with the filtered water discharge.

"Is there only one such device?"

"Yes, we only have one. The cost of making this kind of equipment is too high, we can't make too much."

"Mr. Ye, thank you for your kindness."Wu Shunyun and Ye Qing shook hands. I wanted to decline Ye Qing's kindness.

At this time the two tower-like strong men on the other side have already prepared the equipment.

Shaking his head, Wu Shunyun and Ye Qing have taken leave and got up and returned to Xiaoping Lake.

Along the way, Wu Shunyun licked his lips and said nothing.

When the two cars passed through the warning belt pulled up by the Environmental Protection Agency and returned to the temporary command office, the truck carrying heavy ionization equipment and metal sheets was also parked next to it.

Followed by monster laborers and a Master Craftsman.

"No, what is this company doing, and even the ceramic membrane filter accessories used are not prepared?"

The staff of the Environmental Protection Agency really did not know what to say.

The Master Craftsman jumped out of the car and ignored the staff of the EPA.

"Let the forklift go to help remove the equipment."

When Wu Shunyun went to check the scene, the staff on the side greeted him.

The same ceramic membrane filtration technology, Wu Shunyun believes that the equipment of the giant beast should be more effective than the edge.

Ordinary filtering equipment can filter out the brown lake water like tea, which should be able to filter the water directly.

Unfortunately, there is only one, if there are hundreds of units, there is still a chance to live.


Better than nothing!

All of them have arrived, Wu Shunyun does not want to care too much.

The forklift carefully carried the equipment down.

When the driver asked where to move, the Master Craftsman directly asked him to throw the equipment to the water near the blue river.

The equipment was placed at the request of the Master Craftsman, and he took a lot of hard work and a large group of inexplicable side monster laborers, to the wooden water houses, with a piece of a metal sheet.

Said to be posted, is better to rely on.

A piece of metal sheet rests on the side of the fence of the wooden house and surrounds all the wooden houses.

When the Master Craftsman was nodded, a black car drove quickly.

The car was quite stable, and the mayor Xia Yuming drilled out from the back.

Now his mind is all here at Xiaoping Lake, as long as he has time to run here.

However, the lake, which has basically no change, makes him more and more sinking.

"The report has been typed." Xia Yuming went to Vice Mayor Wu Shunyun and said in a low voice, "But I didn't give an order to send it. As soon as this report is issued, all our efforts in Zhongyun City will disappear."

"Understand that our burden is too heavy, tossing millions of Yuan for three months, but we have to declare failure by ourselves."

"Well, you must all turn your cell phones off, and people go farther away, and all the electrical equipment on the side must be removed."

The master came over and shouted at the busy people.

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