G of L Chapter 60: What are your dreams?

There's really no place to reason about mentality, emotional intelligence, guts. Because if we think if the family has money, so emotional intelligence will be particularly high, so, will the mentality be particularly mature? It has no meaning! It also means, it is also possible to teach giant babies through elite education since their childhood.

G of L Chapter 59: Why don't you give me a demonstration?

Time was tight, and the Wangs did nothing stupid. When the time came, they opened the table and called to the table to toast. All those who have gathered are uncles and aunts. Wang Yan bowed and poured wine to toast and the whole set did the same.

M. F Chapter 351: New Department, New Server

Monster Heavy Industry had a young president, which was something many people knew it. And most of the company workers were now new faces seeing old employees walking to bow down, the boys who were younger also bow down to say hello, they also do the same thing subconsciously.

G of L Chapter 58: Being guilty and not guilty

"Wow! Is that handsome guy in the mirror really me?"

Wang Yan looked at himself in the mirror and there was a fear in his heart.

M. F Chapter 350: Meet Again

"I just had a fool. He sold me three ionization purifiers.”

M. F Chapter 349: Momentary Price

In the information company of Yanjixin Information Co., Ltd., Yan Feixin stayed there and became a rabbit's eye.