M. F Chapter 344: Just Leave

Her name was Yun Shi, and she was from Wu Cheng in the south of Shuixiu. If there was a genius in this world, then Yun Shi could be counted as one. She was nineteen years old and had the best prospect of integrity. This was not the point, and the point was that she has graduated from college.

G of L Chapter 51: Good Wind Relies on Strength

Wang Yan just went in the dialogue bar to watch the excitement and suddenly 10 rockets were painted on the screen. He didn't understand the treasure chests, banners, fish balls, and so on. Anyway, he saw the dialogue bar was swiping the screen crazily, and suddenly a lot of people came in.

M. F Chapter 343: On the Train

I did not know why suddenly Yan Feixin had a bad feeling when he opened his own buyer chat tool and found an introduction which was a very formal announcement.

G of L Chapter 50: Live Broadcast

Everyone had their cell phones in front of him to see the comments on the screen.

Ling Ya read a casually: "What does President Wang look like? How old is it? Does it look special?"

M. F Chapter 342: The Ox-Bud Party

Jiantongluo Information Company, with more than 200 square meters of office area, was mostly occupied by rows of computer hosts. The main unit has been completely disassembled, and a professional water-cooling system has been installed. Countless device indicators are flashing and blue light is shining.

G of L Chapter 49: Jianweixiaoshi Tablets

[You feel sorry for not being able to eat more, but now you can enjoy the food calmly, so activate the mysterious reward. You get a combination of a gastric diet tablet.]