M. F Chapter 367: Interesting things

During that night, when the heavy rain continues raining, covering the entire Longxi beach with a misty mist. Two angry miners are carrying a five-axis machining center fixed by a metal platform, shuttling back and forth between the cave and the warehouse. As the searchlights on the top of the barren mountain were all turned off, and the rain screen and the night gave them the best cover.

G of L Chapter 75: Very nice fiction.

After saying this sentence: “Tut Tut, the little fairy descended to the world. Is she a little sister next door?” Wang Yan began to stare at Fu Yushi's white and tender legs, feeling that the morning in the imperial capital began to be really beautiful.

M. F Chapter 366: Will there be inner ghosts

Ye Qing was very confident in his security team. On the one hand, this confidence comes from the fact that they were all professional soldiers trained by the country at a great cost. On the other hand, it comes from the willpower of this group.

G of L Chapter 74: Uncle's Appearance Real Cow

After opening the system store Wang Yan found the following new products.

G of L Chapter 73: Do as you please without overstepping

The CHI Spa in Shangri-La is 10,000 times stronger than Dongyuan International in Drum Point. The decoration environment and equipment are unmentioned, and the value of the masseur can be more than 80 points, and Wang Yan dared not believe it.

M. F Chapter 365: Take away to understand the situation

The group of people with the cattle business as the core thought they were able to do a big job by relying on a large number of people. Before thirty seconds, they were smashed to the ground by the Master Craftsman and Juli.

M. F Chapter 364: Don't let go

If you went to the side of the van, you would find the van did not have a license plate and if you went to the side of the black all-road vehicle you would find it had a temporary license plate which was also still relatively new, if you observed the front and rear metal crash bars, you would find that the surface was silver-white plated, with slight traces of flaking and weathering. Metal objects exposed to the natural environment for a long time would inevitably show this situation. The traffic card had only been available for one month at most, which showed this card was false.