M. F Chapter 332: Uninvited Guest

If you switch to Qiao Shengan's perspective, you will find that at the moment when the robot was started, and the pictures sent back through the VR camera were in a mess.

G of L Chapter 39: 1 Group of Sand Sculpture Honey

On the way back, there were some emotions in everyone's heart.

'Overall, I had a good time today with a few unexpected twists and turns, but it did not harm the overall situation. The surprise of knowing Wang Yan is enough to withstand everything.'

M. F Chapter 331: Qiao Shengan's Fright

Qiao Shengan was so happy, he was just about to get ready to buy what he wants, and the phone in his pocket rang. This call was not at the right time, and he was messy in the scene, he took out his mobile phone and took a look. It was a call from his mother. So, he apologizes to the employee smiling and answers the phone.

G of L Chapter 38: Innocence!

Lin Weiwei's book of war, like a shock wave, had swept the audience. All the young people were present, were up 23 years old, and they were in a stage where everything was lacking. However, they were not the kind of poor children who had never seen anything. Being in the Imperial City, they could often meet luxury goods and rich people in daily life. Therefore, they were not only familiar with watch brands, but also have deep aspirations.

M. F Chapter 330: The end of the cosmetics industry?

In the early morning of the next day, almost all online media reported on the latest product of Monster Heavy Industry, the ionization purifier. Even so many large online media even used this scary title.

G of L Chapter 37: The second challenge

Guo Zihao had scolded his face and made everyone shudder.