M F Chapter 406: For You

    The last weapon taken was a grenade launcher... These weapons are all famous brands.

P S M Chapter 7: The snake.

After Lin Yu had heard the news, he needed from the Old Barry; he hadn't continued to waste time and rushed toward the cliff beach, which was located on the westernmost side of Valley Island, with many cliffs and crisscrosses streams. It was the entrance of many streams. Under the scouring and accumulation of the streams over the years, a beach was formed at the entrance of the sea, which was a natural small port. However, the reef at the mouth of the sea was undulating, and fishing boats often hit the reef nearby. Over time, fishermen were reluctant to pass nearby; resulting in rare human traces near the cliff beach, and it had become a hiding place for this group of pirates.

M F Chapter 405: Equip Weapons

  The studio's secret room is supported by a series of complex machines. Since Ye Qing had already seen the show, he had concluded the secret room in the studio was sub-jects to mechanical failure. 

G of L Chapter 99: Dora A Wang.

  After three rounds of wine and five flavors of food, everyone became more relaxed and opened a free chat mode.

P S M Chapter 6: Tracking.

Three days later, on the Valley Island, a medium-sized island in the East China Sea, which had criss-cross streams, many mountains and ravines, few farmlands that can be cultivated, and a great lack of products. The residents on the island also lived relatively poorly and generally lived by fishing.

G of L Chapter 98: Wang Yan's New Label.

  "Dear Wang, this is what I make, Lin Bozhou, can you guess who it is?"