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G of L Chapter 30: I Can Do It All

The official occasion of the birthday party was set up at a KTV under the Garden Bridge, called Windsor.

M. F Chapter 322: The Press Conference Begins

The major forums and the major news websites, even in the game they have only talked about "She from the Alien" and Monster Heavy Industries. Because if this was a foreign science fiction film, at best, it would only create a box office story and would be highly recommended. Mostly when they talk about what kind of movie, it is.

OPJ Chapter 13: please save Zoro.

“Hey! What are you looking for?”

With a disdainful look, Helmeppo said to the two little girls. “Quickly! Give the flowers to commodore Saitama!”

OPJ Chapter 12: Tashigi

After Saitama's addition, the next marine's policy began to change gradually.

The new world was controlled by the four emperors. The marine wasn’t strong enough to defeat them, so they preferred to ignore them, but this weakness gradually decreased and began to move and take action.

OPJ Chapter 11: Justice Coat

“He was badly injured.”

Saitama grabbed his neck and continued. “He should be okay. He just woke up for a while and said a few words about calling the marine headquarters...”

OPJ Chapter 10: What can a soldier do?

« Y… Yo… You … »

After a long time, the rest of the pirates came to their senses, looking at the bald man with horror.

OPJ Chapter 9: Patrick · Redfield

Garp looked back and while squinting, "No... Although you look quite similar, but you are definitely not Kuzan!"

He did not answer Garp and instead replied, "The reason that this humble pirate has hidden there was because an Admiral has appeared here. And there is nobody present in the town as the residents have gathered at the execution platform to enjoy the upcoming public execution of a Marine Commander.."

G of L Chapter 29: Tofu is wine, the more you drink, the more you drink

When the two grandfathers took a bath and put on their pajamas and went upstairs, the girls were still rubbing.

M. F Chapter 321: The Cool Robot

This is impossible!

Who could use real machinery to perfectly simulate human motion gestures? Hollywood could not do it, and German machinery factories can't.

OPJ Chapter 8: Loguetown

"You are flattering me by calling me a treasure." Saitama waved his hand with empty eyes. " I'm just a hero because of my interest and try to do whatever is within my power."

"Ha,ha,ha.. Young people with ideas similar to your's keep getting rare as time passes."

Garp burst out laughing with a fierce voice, and said, "With your strength, as long as you are willing to do what you can, that would be the greatest help to justice!"

Saitama fingered his ear and asked after the noise had passed, "So, where are we going?"

"To the Marine Headquarters!" Garp patted Saitama on his shoulder as he said, "Although I am qualified to recommend and directly enlist you into the local Marine's branch, I had recalled that you had told me that heroes would never accept any kind of superior and subordinate relationship."

"So this old man will take you to this branch to register and arrange a suitable place for you to s…

OPJ Chapter 7: Going to the Sea

"Hey! I don't care about you!"

Ace clenched his fist and said, "Anyway, I'll go to the sea and win fights all the time! Even if my name becomes synonymous of horror, I will become the Pirate King to make everyone look at me! Don't blame me for laughing at you, Sabo!"

OPJ Chapter 6: Freedom

The news that Saitama was going to become a Marine soon spread in the small thief's nest.

Everyone's reaction varied.

G of L Chapter 28: Crab King Card

Scallop Prawn Clam Mule Blue Crab Oyster Skin Shrimp... This fresh seafood was steamed in a pan, and it made people just swallow their saliva when they smelled it.

M. F Chapter 320: The Field is Full

The screening hall was full at midnight, and it was full at two in the morning.

OPJ Chapter 5: Being a Marine!

"Of course!"

Ace snorted and did not turn his head. "Maybe he's a hundred times powerful than you, stinky old man!"

OPJ Chapter 4: Fist of Love!


Day by day

Every day, Saitama goes to the town or the kingdom for a walk.

The heroic activities continue.

OPJ Chapter 3: Staying Here For Now...

Ace and Sabo were initially planning to escape during the time Saitama was talking to the hotel owner but ended up getting interested in their conversation.

OPJ Chapter 2 - Ace and Sabo

Makino seemed to see a resplendent soul different from everyone else as she looked at his back.


OPJ Chapter 1 - First Encounter with Bandits

The ones who bravely step forth when people are oppressed and incapable of revolting against their miserable fate.

M. F Chapter 319: Will Not Disappoint the Audience

The girl next to Ye Qing glared at him and seemed to be saying uncle, how strange was your reaction?

G of L Chapter 27: Idiom Solitaire

In fact, Lin Weiwei has a high EQ.

It was obvious Wang Yan was brought out to have a good dinner, but the first one was not too hot, and he made more self-mockery; the second one was actually to hold Wang Yan as the topic center.

G of L Chapter 26: Crosstalk Actress Lin Weiwei

In fact, Liu Li's skin was not thin enough to be introduced. But the problem was... Wang Yan's understanding was too short.

M. F Chapter 318: National Premiere

In the early morning of the next morning, in the Chenguang Science and Technology Center of Shanghai City, a venue layout work involving 50 employees of Monsters Heavy Industry was underway.

G of L Chapter 25: Miss Liu Li, please start your performance.


Wang Yan inexplicably gave another slap for no reason, and his arm made a crisp sound.

M. F Chapter 317: A bold move

Xu Ninggong took out the movie ticket from his handbag, and it looks like there were ten tickets whiles looking at their thickness.

G of L Chapter 24: The atmosphere is a bit wrong

Kissing her, naturally, it was not natural.

G of L Chapter 23: You hate it!

Back toward the car, Liu Li and Lin Weiwei still felt dreamy, they were lived a lot of experiences in shopping. But like Patek Philippe's experience, they had probably never experienced in the malls.

G of L Chapter 22: This Is Our 0 Philippe

550,000 yuan to buy a watch?!! Hey, primary school brother is you going to heaven?!

M. F Chapter 316: Commencement Celebration Dinner

The flood control wall of Liangjiang City needed still one week to be delivered, and Ye Qing needed to spend this week on the construction site to test the product performance.

As to say, this incidental test completely will be shocked, everyone.

M. F Chapter 315: Civil Air Defense Works Moved

"As for how to move it, I personally look at it professionally and find it impossible."

"When we moved that building in the Republic of China, it took for us one month to cut the bottom of the building and reinforce it.

G of L Chapter 21: Sister with Round Eyes Must Be Stupid

While Wang Yan was still playing hooligan, Lin Weiwei had grasped Liu Li and interrogated in three sentences.

G of L Chapter 20: She's Murdering Her, I Hide My Own

Young people's desire for survival has not been exercised, without exercise. He was indeed not strong enough. There was no way.

G of L Chapter 19: Dodge Thunderstorms

When you're in a good mood, you're naturally attentive.

Liu Li seriously gave Wang Yan an idea: "Wang Wang, first you say where you are going to buy things, and then I will help you find a place between our school and that place. As you are not far away, so you would not have a problem."

H. F Chapter 139: In the train waiting room.

As Ye Xiaochen's farm was a provincial key demonstration super-grade planting base, Ye Xiaochen could get tax exemption.

G of L Chapter 18: That Man Is Strange

Wang Yan watched the big beautiful girl and exchanged mobile phone numbers, and then whispered...

"My heart is almost broken."

G of L Chapter 17: 30,000 hectares of love for Liuli

In fact, the current scene was quite inconsistent. Liu Li was one year older than Wang Yan, and the older one was the more important one. Wang Yan was only out of high school, and the university has never seen it. It could say he is just reading books and does not understand society. Liu Li was more than half an adult. She had seen the prosperity of the imperial capital and even faced temptation. Even if she really needed a person to talk to, it did not seem Wang Yan should be. But at this moment, Liu Li suddenly and inexplicably wanted to talk to the young man sitting beside her. Probably because of his clear eyes, right?

H. F Chapter 138: Spirit Seed

Ye Xiaochen thought about it: "Although the Chang'E fairy did not tell me what the spiritual species is, this page of the Shen Nong Manual should not be dangerous to me."