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M.F Chapter 211: Class 1 water quality

The test was divided into eight water intake points.

S. B. F. C. Chapter 28: Teacher Yalin will play the piano?

Since her family knows her own affairs, and she knows how good she was at playing the piano. But the problem is, it doesn't mean that Cocoa will let her go.

S. B. F. C. Chapter 27: uses music to touch customers?

Rabbit-House's turnover is very poor, no one can deny this. After all, this is an old coffee shop. It is quaint in good words, not good to listen to...

M.F. Chapter 210: Xiaoping Lake 3

Time is the most elusive thing, sometimes as slow as a snail, sometimes as fast as lightning. On the edge of Xiaoping Lake, Vice Mayor Wu Shunyun wished he could not look up to heaven and shout that heaven has given me ten thousand years.

M. F. Chapter 209: Xiaoping Lake 2

Giving up Xiaoping Lake means giving up all hope.

S. B. F. C. Chapter 26: First Draw

As for the worship of Cocoa, Li Yalin has not been bothered for too long. Although she really likes the manga of Cat's-Eye, whatever she does this girl is a three-minute hot thing no matter what, after fresh energy, It’s over.

M. F. Chapter 208: Xiaoping Lake 1

The auxiliary system installation is semi-automated, with tracked or loaded tires, a panoramic camera, and cockpit handling equipment.

S. B. F. C. Chapter 25: because Yalin-San is a Mangaka

"It is said that in order to fight against Mr. Yalin's Cat's-Eye, the Youth Fiery of Weekly is actively encouraging its mangakas to imitate the style and story of Cat's-Eye, and wants to create a work that can be compared with Cat's-Eye. ”

S. B. F. C. Chapter 24: It's Just an Instant.

“Great teacher, Mr. Yalin! That's great! The issuance of the first issue is 350,000 copies of the Island Special Administrative Region, and the rest of the region has a total of 620,000 copies, which adds up to a total of 970,000 copies! It’s only been released for two days!”

M.F Chapter 207: Production list

The beautiful environment will always make people feel comfortable. Now Ye Qing felt that when he got up and stretched his waist to the sea and blown the sea breeze, he found a kind of enjoyment.

M. F. Chapter 206: Friends circle

Half an hour later, the mayor Xia Yuming and the deputy mayor Yan Shunyun arrived. Near to Xiaoping Lake, all the cars are parked.

S .B. F. C. Chapter 23: Cocoa Hoto

"Yalin San, this is the beloved mulberry who is about to stay at home." "Hello, my name is Cocoa Hoto, please advise me from today!"

S .B. F. C. Chapter 22: Recruiting New Employees?

Well, even if he is awkward, Li Yalin must also admit that he is going to school. By the way, when he sees the school he is going to attend, there is a further discovery.

M. F. Chapter 205: Who Is So Bold?

The two crew members were both excited and frightened. Nearly 3,000 tons of chemical pollution waste, they took less than 20 minutes to be all thrown into the lake.

OPJ Chapter 10: What can a soldier do?

« Y… Yo… You … » After a long time, the rest of the pirates came to their senses, looking at the bald man with horror.

S .B. F. C. Chapter 21: Tentacle-Monster Mangaka

After eating the barbecue, Li Yalin not only succeeded in joining a magazine that was about to be published but also had a blonde girl editor. This beautiful girl editor who satisfied with everything except the AA level in front of her chest.

M. F. Chapter 204: Crazy behavior

There are two anti-smuggling boats on the Blue River. One is squatting at the mouth of the sea, and the other is patrolling the river. These two anti-smuggling boats are special anti-smuggling boats which have undergone a demonic transformation.

S.B.F.C. Chapter 20: is just a simple beauty plan.

“Great! We finally have a top mangaka!” With Li Yalin and Minano shaking hands together, Mihari the hanging heart is finally fell to the ground. Just now she was afraid that Li Yalin would not agree. If she misses such a top mangaka. The problem is really unresolved. There is nothing like a top mangaka who can enclose the new issue.

M. F. Chapter 203: Private boats on the Blue River

The Blue River is the seaport of Zhongyun City. The largest freighter can take 5,000 tons. After the freighter enters Tianyun Lake along the Blue River, there are three waterways to choose from, and the farthest can run to more than 500 miles away in Liangjiang City.

S.B.F.C. Chapter 19: you are not afraid of losing money?

"Mr. Li Yalin seems to be surprised because I look like a child?" Because of the huge amount of information, Li Yalin was stunned at the scene for a while after seeing Minano, and could not speak for a long time. After all, he realized that these girls, who had been with him for a long time, was actually an Anime characters he had known before.

M. F. Chapter 202: Water Bungalow

Headline! Digging deeper into this news can be done as a topic.