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S. B. F. C Chapter 45: The label of top students

On the first day of the school days, Li Yalin gave it to Womi and confirmed that after joining the student union, the two will had lunch together.

M. F Chapter 229: Subsea Construction

The following focuses on building the refinery in the mining area to achieve self-sufficiency in steel.

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S. B. F. C Chapter 43: annual orientation

"Didn't Uncle Li tell you about it? Let you transfer to Yingling High School and find me later?”

M. F Chapter 227: Is this the end!

"Hello, Mr. Ye." Wu Qianyan had already recognized Ye Qing, and the courteousness of the morning also left a deep impression on her.

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S. B. F. C Chapter 42: My future wife is the student president?

"It turns out that it is really my luck."

M. F Chapter 226: Rescue Tools

Originally, at least two cranes were needed, and ten workers at first to divert traffic and then set up the work area, sweating and waving for an hour or two.

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S. B. F. C Chapter 40: Invite Boys to Lunch

"I can't do it. After school, I have to go home to clean and cook, go to the coffee shop..."

Yes, Takagi Maki’s words are really troublesome, but it’s not Li Yalin’s trouble, but Haruka, his neighbor.

It is no wonder that if the story that Li Yalin knew has not changed, Haruka should be living with her two sisters.

Because her parents are not around, she is a big sister and needs to play the role of father and mother.

In this case, a lot of work at home requires her to go home, clean the clothes, make dinner for the two sisters or something.

For this family, Haruka paid a lot and even sacrificing her after-school time.

Even the community could not participate.

In this way, Zhenxi's proposed after-school activities naturally made her hesitate.

"That said, after school, aren't there any club activities? If you go to a coffee shop, will time conflict?"

In fact, it is not only Haruka who is troubled but also a small girl on the side.

She and Zhenxi both participated in the association.

It is said that today they should be the day to go to the community to report.

Where is the time to go to the coffee shop to listen to the piano?

Atsuko herself wanted to hear the sound of the piano singing again.

"It doesn't matter! We will go straight to the coffee shop after school, and it takes us half an hour to disband, and it won't take too long!.."

"When it's over, I will go to Haruka's house to help with Atsuko, so that's all right..."

"As for the community, we can pass before going to the coffee shop, as long as we say a word to the friend Sushui, so it's absolutely no problem!"

Yes, Haruka and Atsuko were troubled by Zhenxi's unexpected decision, but they really had a deep insistence on Li Yalin's piano.

They simply could not help listening to it.

She said everything to this, what can Haruka and Atsuko say?

"That... well, since you really want to help."

"Well, as long as the sister Sushui agrees to let us leave early..."

Haruka and Atsuko could look at each other for a moment and finally sigh together.

As the best friend, they knew the true temper of the real thing.

As long as the matter of looking for it is definitely a rib, it is fundamentally impossible to reject her today.

So no, I can only promise, isn’t it?

"Great! It's so decided!"

The compromise between Haruka and Atsuko made Zhenxi very relieved and clenched her fists, but she did not wait for her to say anything more.

The bell in the second seance was ringing, and she suddenly stunned her mouth.

"The time for rest is really too short, then Li, I am looking forward to seeing your piano performance."

After saying such a sentence to Li Yalin, Zhenxi waved his hand and turned to walk to her own seat.

After renewing her, Atsuko also made a slight stance toward Li Yalin and Haruka, and then returned to her seat after a gesture.

"Sorry, Li, my real life is only occasionally over-excited, and it is not malicious."

Before the second class officially started, Haruka once again apologized to his friend Li Yalin.

Although this has nothing to do with her, he can be a friend.

She feels that she should explain it.

After all, it’s just a bit too self-speaking. It’s really rude to Li Yalin’s classmate who just met her.

Really a gentle girl, such a girl is really suitable for going home to be a wife!

"It’s okay Haruka classmate. In fact, this is also very good. I originally transferred to this strange school..."

"I thought that it would be difficult for me to integrate into this group. But now it seems that there are great students like Takagi, I don’t have to worry about this problem."

Looking at Haruka on the side of the body, Li Yalin’s heart could not help but sigh, but on the mouth, of course, it’s still good to say.

Of course, from all angles, it is the truth.

As a transfer student, it is really difficult to integrate into a strange class.

It is because of the accident of Takagi Maki that Li Yalin has been able to quickly integrate into the circles of Haruka, Zhenxi, and Atsuko.

In the class, Haruka is definitely a good one girl.

She can become her friend, and naturally,, he gets more people's approval.

Although Li Yalin does not really care about this kind of thing, he must also acknowledge this fact.

"If Li can think so, that would be great."

This Li classmate is very mature. Is it because of his working in a coffee shop?

Li Yalin’s answer made Haruka quite surprised because the average high school student couldn’t say such a thing.

Such a sleek answer made people completely unable to pick up the fault.

Even say that Haruka felt very comfortable.

Although the appearance looks a little boy, in fact, this Li classmate is a very mature boy.

At this moment, Li Yalin's image in Haruka's heart was established.

She also won a lot of good feelings.

After all, for Haruka, she prefers mature and stable boys compared to her age.

For example, Li Yalin, she can get her approval.

Thanks to this, during this morning's class, Li Yalin did not communicate with Haruka.

He is a new classmate who is not familiar with this life and study.

Haruka also gave considerable concern.

"Lunch break! Haruka, let's go eat! What kind of lunch did you bring today?"

With the ringing of the last class in the morning, Zhenxi and Atsuko came to Haruka's desk with their respective launches.

They were an inseparable trio, and they would go together for a lunch break.

"Well ... Li, are you going to the cafeteria or did you bring your own lunch? If you don't mind, do you want to eat with us?"

Zhenxi and Atsuko came to find Haruka.

What surprised them was that Haruka did not respond to Zhenxi for the first time, but turned his head to Li Yalin and asked him such a sentence.

Haruka actively invites the boy to have lunch?

M. F. Chapter 224: Make their way

Ten minutes later, the team of the inspection team turned into the development zone.

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