M. F. Chapter 223: Interesting Technique.

On both sides of the road of Caiyi Street are embossed roadstones of ladies' maps paved by the Urban Construction Bureau.

The maids in these beliefs are different. When you count them carefully, you will find that there are twenty-four different patterns.

However, no matter which piece of kerbstones is selected, you will be found a picture of a lady that jumps over the stone, with soft and graceful lines, as if she were active.

These pictures of ladies and women are Qiu Ying's style of painting, and Qiu Ying's Meticulous Brushwork techniques are most carefully carved.

The more he looked at it, the more the team leader Gao Fengming felt that these reliefs are incredible.

It seems that the eyes of these maids are full of sparkling water, and they are looking forward to the people.

At first glance, the pictures of Ladies Marcinski was a long landscape map, which has been disappearing at the end of the field of vision.

It’s really beautiful all the way, not to mention the leader of Gao Fengming, the curiosity of the entire inspection team, all hooked up by these unusually beautiful curbs.

They squatted on the ground one by one, even curiously touching them with their hands.

"Very good, a good slender combination of ladies and girls figure flowing through the clouds."

Gao Fengming team leader rushed to the two leading mayors in Zhongyun City and raised his thumbs.

His face was still solemn and serious, and he turned the front of the line to say:

"It took at least hundreds of thousands of kerbstones to pave the whole road with such artwork kerbstones. You Zhongyun City's finance seems very rich."

Le Zhengdong, Director of the Urban Construction Bureau, was also accompanying them.

The roadside stone paving was the responsibility of the Urban Construction Bureau. Of course, he had the most say.

When he heard Gao Fengming’s team leader and raised these kerbstones to the ranks of art, and seriously questioned their extravagance, the director Le Zhengdong thought that the opportunity had finally come.

"The high leader, these curbs are not as expensive as you think, it is only one-third more expensive than the ordinary curbs."

Director Le Zhengdong knew what he is thinking, the more knowledgeable, the more he would think that these stone carvings are incredible, and the price was definitely expensive.

“City culture and urban science and technology construction have always been the development theme of our Zhongyun City."

"These curbs are the embossed curbs that we have created according to the traditional culture of Zhongyun City with innovative technology.”

"Innovative technology means?" Gao Fengming's face finally eased.

This gave the two mayors a sigh of relief in their hearts.

Lost in the east, Receive the mulberry. The team leader Gao Fengming hobby painting, this is something that nobody expected.

It is exactly because of this that the embossed curbs on both sides of the road can shine brightly and bring back a game for them.

Director Le Zhengdong took a deep breath, and his next explanation was very important.

"By traditional means, we want to carve exquisite patterns on the rocks. I am afraid we can only carve only by hand."

"Leader Gao, hand-carved this beautiful picture of ladies, even if we can afford to pay the price, we can't find so many masters of sculpture!"

"Good ... all the masters of stone carving, at the same time are masters of Chinese painting.

But the masters for Chinese painting, it was difficult to paint on the rock with a chisel."

The expression on the face of Gao Fengming's team leader eased a few points, some said:

"This A fine degree of stone carving, relying on hand-carving, can only be done by real masters."

"What technology do you use, carving, or mold?"

Leader Gao Fengming was very interested in squatting down, gently touching the lines above, the hard touch, and the texture of the surface of the material told him that this is not artificial stone.

Only cement, gravel, gypsum, resin, artificial stone stirred by these materials can be injected into the mold to cast texture.

Artificial stone materials are too fragile, and under the wind and rain, cracks will occur in a few years, and the mold can't do such a subtle level.

"This is a natural stone, it seems to be engraving technology."

Gao Fengming team leader stood up again and made an expression that was audible.

The situation is developing in a good direction.

The two mayors have drawn a thumbs up and indicated that the Secretary of the Urban Construction Bureau is cheering!

The kerbstone is a gift prepared by the Urban Construction Bureau for this city inspection.

For it, Le Zhengdong has made a lot of effort.

“The high leader is wise, we did use engraving technology.”

“This kind of equipment is called [metal fast engraving machine], its engraving precision is very high, and the spindle speed is up to 40,000 revolutions per minute."

Le Zhengdong confidently said:

"This is the production of a technology company in Zhongyun City. Now we are in Zhongyun City. As long as it is a large advertising company, every one of us has at least one such device."

"At high speeds, accuracy can also be guaranteed. This seems to be two absolutely contradictory concepts. I am very interested in this kind of equipment."

Gao Fengming's team leader showed a smile that excited several people beside him.

“City culture, urban characteristics, urban science and technology. These three points are the three essential elements for building a modern and civilized city.”

"This kind of kerbstones, if the cost is really so cheap. It can be promoted in the main roads of major cities and tourist attractions."

"At night, can we visit the manufacturer of this kerbstones?"

"Certainly!" Le Zhengdong was so excited that he be light and fluttering:

"Warmly welcome the presence of Gao Zhengdong."

When the motorcade was back on its way, the two mayors received a piece of bad news.

The activities on the other side of the exhibition hall are over.

Now a large group of people is interested in buying the Mechanical Colossus Type I, waving their checks and bank cards in their hands, and surrounding the sales area.

Sixty Mechanical Colossus Type I was ordered to be sold out. It is said that there are still people who want to drive a sports car from the field to the place.

In the middle of the road, they will transfer five million deposits to the company account of the giant beast.

Fortunately, there is also a metal, fast engraving machine. The two mayors once again chanted: "The lost east, the mulberry."

At the show...

If Ye Qing reacted quickly, and quickly let the employees hide the brand of [the second one or eight percent], today made a big loss.

Sixty giants I was robbed, and the sixty heavy trucks originally leased by Ye Qing were also intended to drag at least half of the Mechanical Colossus Type I back.

Now, all the heavy trucks are contracted, and they are going to go home with the Mechanical Colossus Type I.

Sixty vehicles, all costs, and taxes were cut, and Ye Qing earned 420 million Yuan.

Before he started the construction of the factory, he bought a lot of metal to make the Mechanical Colossus Type I, and the mining area that is about to be launched. He has already spent a lot of money.

Now in a blink of an eye, 400 million Yuan came in.

These 60 Mechanical Colossus Type I will be sold out. In the future, the assembly shop of the Mechanical Colossus Type I can produce up to 20 vehicles a day, and sell it for a net profit of 1.4 billion Yuan per day.

Just in Ye Qing’s fantasy, when the Mechanical Colossus Type I produced every day can be sold, a phone call pulls Ye Qing back to reality.

"Mr. Ye ~ Ye Laodi, come on, let's see if Zhongyun can pass the censorship, and we have to ask for your help!"

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