G of L Chapter 1: When People Are Poor

The world is a bitch, only showing beauty to the rich.


In July, the city was boring like a steamer.

Wang Yan was shirtless, lying in a wicker chair in the shade of his own courtyard house, he had hot with his tongue sticking out. The stomach was still faint. After drinking he vomited twice yesterday at Liu Weilong's college banquet yesterday, the sequelae have continued until today. He had a little hungry, but he couldn't eat anything, and he felt uncomfortable.

Suddenly the cell phone beside him sounded, and he connected weakly.

"Hello, Wang Yonglei?"

"Dear Wang! He Meng's college banquet is set on the 2nd, would you go?"

Wang Yonglei's voice came from the loudspeaker he was so excited. Its excited voice sounded like to male duck's voice and Wang Yan could understand this excitement.

He Meng was one of the three most beautiful flowers of this year's graduates of Experimental High School. With thin waists and long legs, white skin and beauty, she is the goddess in the hearts of many boys.

However, the response was a word that was the opposite of Wang Yonglei's emotion.

"I don't go!"

"Ah?" Wang Yonglei was a little confused: "Tell me it's really fake? That's a beautiful lady! What do you think about her with one glance?"

"It's not worth all the way, and you what are you doing?" Wang Yan was a little irritated.

"Well... Wang Yan, did you get stimulated at Liu Weilong's college banquet yesterday? I Didn't say to you, you do not to be so stingy? How big is it..."

"How big is it? !!"

"It's not you who are aggrieved. It's painful to compare yourself to other people's children, is it?"

Yesterday, Wang Yonglei did not want to go to Liu Weilong's college banquet. Although the two were classmates, they had their own circles in the class, and there was basically no intersection in the past.

In the small circle of Liu Weilong and Wang Yonglei, all children were of wealthy families, and Wang Yan was a poor peasant in middle school and lower class, and he was never hungry and He never kneeled and licked. He could not get along with them. So, he had just walked away.

However, they were invited, and Wang Yonglei was not very excited and Wang Yan finally chose to participate in the idea of meeting his classmates at least once. And the final result was not good at all.

Wang Yan's red envelope was given in accordance with the standard of an ordinary family. 200 yuan was really not much, but the other party only needed 200 yuan in return, which is a gift exchange.

It was a normal consideration, but it was run by a few snobs, and it was hard for two times. Until now, thinking of those ridicules, Wang Yan was still very angry.

"Liu Weilong arranged a five-star hotel, It costs more than two thousand yuan for a table of dishes not including drinks, with 200 yuan as a gift? You really mean it!"

"Is it all?"

"I want to say that Liu Weilong doesn't want your 200 yuan, come here and feel bored! The money is not in its place, but the sincerity of congratulations must be here."

Wang Yan kept a good face. At that time, he couldn't get down, but he was not stupid. When he came back, he vowed: In the future, these guys will not go to school!

On what grounds?

Is it because when Liu Weilong said falsely? "in fact, your volunteer fill edged is very wise. Although Star City's normal school is two books, the proportion of girls is high. What kind of boys are you to find girlfriends, don't worry about staying single."

Well, at that moment, Wang Yan has wanted to slap him.

Don't you have enough money at home? If you had so much money, why would not you catch up with He Meng? They were stupid bets that money cost?

Yesterday's experience was so unpleasant, Wang Yan would definitely not go to He Meng's college banquet to find himself uncomfortable.

"I'm not afraid, I just don't want to deal with the superior dogs anymore. As for He Meng... Let's think of high school... "

Thinking of finally ending the three-year-long secret love, Wang Yan felt a little stunned but understood that it was a necessity. He did not bother to talk with Wang Yonglei again and directly cut off the other's persuasion: "stop! I'm sure you'll treat me of... I can't stand up. Bye-bye! "

Hanging up, Wang Yan threw the phone aside and shook his head with a sneer: "I really didn't order a B number."

What would he do?


Gujiao was a mining city filled with upstarts. The commercial center of the earth and the scars of urban villages were staggered. Wang Yan and his family are the epitomai of tens of millions of urban farmers who live in the daytime without seeing sunlight in a low shantytown!

In such a money society full of impetuous atmosphere, the gap between Wang Yan and He Meng is so large. And a classmate's relationship cannot fill the gap!

When people are poor, their breathing is wrong. You don't understand, but I do.

At this moment, a clear cue suddenly sounded in Wang Yan's mind. There seemed to be a flame in his chest, and he was angry and upset.

[Ding! Congratulations to the host being selected by the Department of Life Shenhao System]

[As the master of the Shenhao system, your breath is all your strength]

[Current system level: Level 1]

[Every breath, you will get 5 cents in cash]

[Upgrade experience: 0/10000]

[Note 1: One yuan for investment, gift and consumption, you can get 1 experience. Lending, repayment, transfer, etc. will not generate experience]

[Note 2: The system can increase the money every second unlimited time, unlimited accounts, absolutely safe]

[More functions will be opened after system upgrade]

"Shenhao system? !!"

Wang Yan was stunned for a long time, he thought it was a joke. Confirming that it was not an illusion, and his face slowly turned red.

Feng Shui will be turned back to Gujiao, and he will come to his house this year! Is elder brother finally going to be the most beautiful cub in the village and go to the top of life?

Excited for a certain period, Wang Yan gradually accepted the luck that fell from the sky and turned his attention back in the system itself.

Department of Life?

Breath is power?

Wang Yan's heart moved in his chest, staring at the cell phone panel, panting quickly.

"Huh Huh Huh Huh Huh!"

Sticking out his tongue panting like a dog, and sure enough, the money numbers in the system panel started to skyrocket.

+ 5 + 5 + 5 + 5 ...

One dime per second on average.

When trying to make 10-yuan, Wang Yan rolled his eyes and cracked down on the rattan chair and lay half dead.

Hey, this is just a joke about his life. When he would earn the first 10,000 yuan in his life, he would not like to prepare his funeral directly!

Resting almost, Wang Yan changed his mind, ready to test, under normal conditions. The number of breaths per minute. So, he breathed flat and count silently. As a result, suddenly no longer panting either fast or slow and after a while, his face flushed red and Wang Yan could neither laugh or cry. Is it a difficult skill to breathe and win money? So, he spoke to himself: "Be natural, relax, relax!"

Wang Yan muttered to cheer himself up and started trying again: "Try to let go of your mind and don't focus on your breath. After a few minutes, you will finally get an approximate figure."

He breathed around 20 times a minute, that is, one yuan per minute was credited. The numbers did not seem to be high, but Wang Yan's calculations were simple and he was suddenly startled. He would earn about 1440 yuan a day!


Wang Yan courtyard jumped up he was full of chaos. He kept boxing and beating the air and he couldn't calm down for a long time. Finally, Wang Yan rushed to the kitchen picked up a basin of water poured it over him from head to toe and felt cool.


Wang Yan simply rubbed his body and lied down again, and he slowly restored the ability to think and began to ponder.

The system can be upgraded and its functions should become more and more powerful.

10000/1440 = 6.94. In 7 days, he can save enough upgrade experience. It's not bad. And the system's mechanism was clear.

It doesn't matter where the money comes from, what matters is how to spend it. If he does not spend the money, no experience at all.

"Did the system want me to make a big wave that costs money? I like this!"

On June 8th, Wang Yan just stepped out of the college entrance examination room and ended the three years of hard work.

On June 10th, Wang Yan received the biggest sum of money in his life. 5,000 yuan: 2,200 yuan to enroll in the driving school summer class and 2,800 yuan were used for banquets between classmates. Do not forget it is still 1983.

A day ago, he was ridiculed for having only 200 yuan in a red envelope and returned a drunk. Ten minutes ago, the most expensive luxury on his dream list was an Apple phone. And now, a low-altitude high-cold system told him: 'Your breath is all your strength'. What kind of feeling he was in?

Life is like a box of multi-flavored chocolates. If you don't eat it, you never know which one is milky and which one is shit.

Wang Yan was pretty sure: From now on, in his life, it will always be milky! What kind of milk?

Change your brand every day, drink two, and spit!

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