G of L Chapter 2: 30,000 yuan

Wang Yan lying on the rattan chair has suddenly come up with an idea and startled himself. 'Is there any way to upgrade the system faster?' Not how to spend money, but how to upgrade the system.

Men's ambitions are sometimes like the dry grass in autumn, and it can be ignited by a spark.

The rate of natural growth is not slow, but Wang Yan did not want to wait that long. He wouldn't wait for 7 days! Obviously, if there was something, he could do to speed it up, why wait silly? Because in thinking about what the system said according to its mechanism, the consumption of money should always be calculated as an experiment.

So, why he didn't try it! Thinking about it. Wang Yan opens Taobao and selected a discounted paper pump. 300 papers per package, 30 packages cost 29 yuan. It was cheaper than toilet paper. In addition, paid with a card.

Wang Yan looked at the panel system immediately to consult if the payment was successful, the experience value was displayed like that... 29 / 10,000!

Well, Wang Yan was sure enough! He was overjoyed, glanced at the Hualin account with 7171 number and suddenly he felt that his dad and his mother were so cute. Sorry, Dad and Ma, if he blamed you!

Once he thought that, as a poor student, they gave him such a high quota to cheat him to work for them, so he has never cherished it. Not only did he never be installed into a traineeship, but also, he always looked to scour excuses. Now he knew he was wrong, oh please, love him again!

Wang Yan is thinking about how to upgrade the system! It was naturally impossible to raise the amount, but his simple calculation was just enough.

In Huabei card Wang Yan had 7,200 yuan in total and in Jingdong Baitiao card he had 1,100 yuan, and he has 1,983 yuan left. This is not only enough, but there are also 283 yuan as remainings.

Since there was a surplus, Wang Yan simply conducted another experiment. He opened He Meng's private chat, send a 200 yuan red envelope and a message: "He Meng, sorry, I may not be able to come to your college banquet. No matter what, I wish you happy every day and more and more beautiful."

The red envelope was quickly opened, but soon she returned a red envelope: "Thank you, I may not have time to go to your college banquet, as well."

Wang Yan couldn't help being stunned. What a beautiful woman, does she have such a personality? Is it disdain to take advantage of these 200 yuan or is it related to himself?... Feel free to ask... Brother Wang Yan didn't care... He wasn't the same as before... Because in the future... It is better to let time speak.

Watching the experience increased by 200, it became 229 / 10,000. Wang Yan smiled indifferently, opened the red envelope and recovered the 200 yuan and did not reply anymore.

The village in the Gujiao city was, in fact, a rural village. Wang Yan's parents used to be poor farmers.

So, it was time to consider how to spend the money. To be honest, Wang Yan has never had so much money at his disposal. He had no pocket money since he was a child. Now suddenly there are 10,000 yuan to spend, and he was shaking with excitement. His maximum amount seemed to be more than 9,000 yuan but at that time.

Wang Yan didn't dare to use it. It was silly to use it.

As for now... isn't it just five days' salary?

It was July 26, 2015. If there will be not an accident, two months later, Apple's new model will be on the market. Even so, the authentic store still hasn't reduced the price of 128G and still dares to sell it to 6,888 yuan, but only gives an extra tempered film.

In the past, Wang Yan must have felt that he was suffering from a blood loss. In two months’ time, the price would be reduced. Why wouldn't he wait?

But… Here he was 7,000! One more aluminum shell! So, he took his cell phone and dialed the number. When talking to customer service, Wang Yan's fingers were shaking.

Brother Wang Yan was so floating! 5 minutes ago, he bought 300 pumps of paper towels that were still cheaper than toilet paper for 8 cents. Now he dares to use alloy mobile phone cases, alas...

After buying the mobile phone, all the changes will be charged into the phone bill, and they would be spent in vain. Then, with 1,100 yuan, what could he buy?

Wang Yan really couldn't think of it, so he opened the big advertising space on the front page very casually: "I will go to buy! Is that so expensive?"

Wang Yan's eyes widened.

CK classic four-corner briefs, authentic guarantee, 550 yuan the three pairs, black and white optional, buy now and get a box of three...

The gift was so excellent, Wang Yan said nothing and placed an order silently.

After spending money, Wang Yan realized the extent of his expansion...

Wearing shorts of 20 yuan T-shirts of eighteen yuan, a belt of ten yuan dares to match a pair of underwear of 183 yuan!

The key issue is that at least some people know the big brands when they wear them on the inside...

Is it necessary to unfasten the belt when showing off your wealth?


Wang Yan didn’t think much about it when he bought it and didn't care about it after buying it. Anyway, it was just making up the order. Rarely the price is right, and it costs 1,100 yuan.

With this in mind, when spending the last 1,500 yuan. Wang Yan directly took a pair of beige Converse Chuck70s from Tmall, and the discount was exactly 1499. The store also sent two pairs of boat socks. He used to wear 20-30's Huili. Now he was just going to try it. What's the difference between the Huili of the high range version?

The experience value came to 9,999 / 10,000 and then recharged one yuan toll, and the system was successfully upgraded.

[Life system Shenhao system has been upgraded to level 2]

[10 cents cash reward for each breath]

[1% chance to get mysterious rewards related to eating while tasting food]

[Upgrade experience: 0 / 30,000]

[The system mall is open, and one item is updated every Monday at 1:00, and it is refreshed if it is not purchased within the week]

The first thing Wang Yan noticed was the newly emerging attribute-gourmet rewards. Tasting food? It should be a request for food quality...

When you are very hungry, eating a bowl of instant noodles is just to satisfy your survival needs, and it is not a pleasure at all. And real food is not necessarily expensive, but at least you have to be careful to make it a pleasant experience.

So, the system is really intimate. Tasting food is a kind of enjoyment, but there are extra rewards? !! It's cool and cool!

It's that the probability is a little bit awkward. With a 1% probability, eating a hundred meals in three months will give you a mysterious reward.

Wang Yan hoped that when the system is upgraded again, the probability will be mentioned. Then comes the highlight - Double the cash reward! Now, he could get 120 yuan reward per hour, 2800 yuan per day!

Wang Yan was so happy that he felt that his life had reached its peak.

After a night of sleep and when he wakes up three thousand yuan, and then between a sleep-wake up is also three thousand... If he didn't like salted fish, what else could he learn? What school he needs? !!

Currently, what kind of job did he need? A teacher receives a monthly salary that he can get in two days. Of course, it was impossible not to go to university. He would be killed by his parents.

In fact, Wang Yan is more looking forward to going to university more than before, because university life without any pressure is sure to explode!

There are no endless homework assignments, no need to think about survival and no need to rack your brains to make excuses to ask your parents for money. You have a lot of time.

Huh! Fairy day!

After dreaming for a long time, Wang Yan suddenly remembered: "Hey, there is still a mall in the system."

When he opened it, there was a solitary item lying in the mall.

[Habit training instrument]

[quantity: 1]

[Available times: 3 / 3]

[Price: 30,000 yuan]

[Function: Every time you use it, take effect instantly and cultivate a deep-rooted good habit for the host]

[Note: The first time you open the mall, and the price of the product is one percent off]

"I go, I will buy it! Wasn't it originally sold for 300,000 yuan? Well, according to its function, it is not expensive."

In fact, apart from these perverts easily admitted to the best universities, there shouldn't be a big difference in IQ between ordinary students and that of three cents. Many times, poor grades are due to poor study habits.

Wang Yan was deeply touched by this. He didn't concentrate enough in class. As a result, the results were pulled apart a little bit. In the end, quantitative changes caused qualitative changes.

If he could get this thing early and develop some good habits, it will not only be helpful for learning, also it may be of great significance to his entire life.

Well, it's not too late now. Spend 30,000 yuan to develop three good habits. And maybe many more! So, the question is, from where does he get 30,000 yuan? !!

Wang Yan suddenly looked at the system mall settings, and he felt like a basin of cold water which was rushed on his head from the outside to the inside, he was cool.

[If not purchased within the week, it will be refreshed]

Today is Sunday the 26th and the mall will refresh at midnight. In half a day, it was too late to buy this book. Hey, that's a joke!

Wang Yan reluctantly looked at the [habit cultivation instrument] and sighed. There used to be an artifact in front of him, but he didn't have the money. The most painful thing in the world is this. If there was a chance to come back...

He still couldn't get 30,000 yuan!

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