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S. B. F. C Chapter 98: Surviving in This Broken World

"Miss Akiko Kamiyama now is not the time to investigate so much. What we need to do most is to live!"

M. F Chapter 292: There is a huge technological gap here.

The Staffin Group is a well-known manufacturer of watch parts in Swiss. This shopping center is dominated by luxury watches and Swiss jewelry and has the largest and most comprehensive clubhouse in China.

S. B. F. C Chapter 97: Emergency Evacuation Manual for Staff

"Miss Akiko Kamiyama! What's the name of this school?"

Although at first, Li Yalin thought it was a world of inspiration, his expression changed after hearing a series of familiar names.

His previous guess seems to be wrong. It seems that this is not the zombie world of truth, but that of justice.

S. B. F. C Chapter 96: Alive Is The First Choice

Congratulations on completing the hidden mission, rescue the female teacher Akiko Kamiyama, and getting the hidden training mission.

Hidden training tasks, physical fitness leaps forward.

M. F 291 straight chapter: replacement of the logo.

Stepping on the steps, Ye Qing decided to come to Hermes first.

There are a lot of people in Hang Lung Plaza, but there are not many people who really have the courage to walk into those brand stores.

M. F Chapter 290: Shopping Tour.

The most intuitive embodiment of a person's social status is often the tiny details of life.

S. B. F. C Chapter 95: The Female Teacher in the Office

The zombies in front of Li Yalin had all been wiped out. Then he had wiped the blood on the blade and then tapped the deformed door of the nearby room.

S. B. F. C Chapter 94 : Li Yalin's Zombie Assassination Show

Li Yalin finally calmed down. Although the bloody taste kept the stomach rolling.

The situation is very clear now, this is a world of biochemical crisis with zombies everywhere, and it should be in the initial stage of virus spread.

M. F Chapter 289: Refining heavy metals

The answer is on the bones?

The diners stopped eating and stood up. They picked up the chicken bones from the table and slammed them into two halves. They watched the broken bones of the chicken.

S. B. F. C Chapter 93: Is This a Murder?

According to Li Yalin's mindset, he actually doesn't like taking risks. If he can, he prefers a peaceful life.

But anyway, he had to take the risk this time because he had a hunch and would definitely regret it if he gave up.

S. B. F. C Chapter 92: The Cross-Border Rescue Mission

For Chino Kafu Li Yalin is his brother, she will never deny this.
As the only child in the family before crossing, he always wanted to have a younger sister, a lovely younger sister or something, wasn't she the best?
It is a pity that the wish is only a wish after all, and it is impossible to realize.
So, crossing into the present world, having such a lovely and smart sister. Chino Kafu, this is simply the rhythm of this life without regrets!

M. F Chapter 288: The answer is on the bone.

The restaurant is a restaurant that specializes in nostalgic consumption and has achieved great success.

M. F Chapter 287: The temperament designer.

"Why don't they have feathers?" Ye Qing asked like all the people who came here for the first time. A repeated question in the restaurant.

Pheasant is also the meaning of chicken in ancient Chinese, and it is very suitable for this name.

S. B. F. C Chapter 91: This Earned 100 Million Yuan?

A major event took place at the Third Island Special Economic Zone Game Exhibition. A game called. “Alice Sonata Wheel of Destiny" appeared in the world. It was a game produced by a high school club, but it became popular in a short time in the entire gaming industry.

S. B. F. C Chapter 90: Like a dad

"Why is this?"

Seeing herself in the TV, Haruka Minami immediately uttered a plaintive cry. Today, she is very careful to avoid all the shots, and she also deliberately explained to other people that this COS is not allowed to be shoot. How could it be captured by the camera of the TV station?

S. B. F. C Chapter 89: My Name Is Yaya Yayalin

Lying down! What is the meaning of this scene full of feelings?

Does Li Yalin replace Fujioka Atlas? But his goal is not the sillies of the second sister!

M. F Chapter 286: The Monsters Going Abroad.

"The Mechanical Colossus Type I smashed a rocket?" Ye Qing's eyes are wide open.
At the beginning of the design, the Mechanical Colossus Type I has considered the impact, vibration, wading, dustproof, antifreeze and so on under almost all natural conditions and in complex environments.

M. F Chapter 285: Damage to the Mechanical Colossus Type I.

In an excited state, it is not always easy to fall asleep.  Planning for two hours on the drawings, Ye Qing returned to the rest-room on the side of the office.  The sky was just bright, and Ye Qing was fascinated.

S. B. F. C Chapter 88: Here... is my place.

"I think I can't refuse classmate Li gift. In that case, classmate Li, would you like to come to my house to sit? "

S. B. F. C Chapter 87: Classmate Li, You Really Are a Bad Guy

"This... isn't it too expensive? I can't accept this gift!"

The gifts that Li Yalin bought for the girls were cheap, and the same was true for Takagi Maki and Atsuko Ono.

S. B. F. C Chapter 86: I Am Not Such a Flirty Woman

Regarding everyone's gift wishes, Nomura Ningning brought back everything that was normal. Only the desire to Chihiro Womi what she wants is this kind of thing, really people cannot achieve to realize.

S. B. F. C Chapter: 85 What Gift Do You Like?

"It's beautiful! It's really Nomura Ningning!"

So how to spend a part of these 2.5 million Yuan is not a difficult issue for Li Yalin to decide.

M. F Chapter 284: Don't have a hole in the sky.

The water that now appears in this rock, in addition to the underground dark river, may also be the water in the natural void of the rock.

S. B. F. C Chapter 84 The waywardness of a genius

Regarding the establishment of a game company. Li Yalin still paid great attention to it, but unfortunately. He does not have that time now and has no chance to plan and implement it. So, he can only take off this idea into his mind for the time being.