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G of L Chapter 52: The Legend of the Godfather

In the imperial Hall, after the champion was decided, under the instruction of Liu Yuanfang, the viewers did not go offline immediately, they continued to communicate with the friends who have bigs stomachs. The lure of the game should make sense.

M. F Chapter 344: Just Leave

Her name was Yun Shi, and she was from Wu Cheng in the south of Shuixiu. If there was a genius in this world, then Yun Shi could be counted as one. She was nineteen years old and had the best prospect of integrity. This was not the point, and the point was that she has graduated from college.

G of L Chapter 51: Good Wind Relies on Strength

Wang Yan just went in the dialogue bar to watch the excitement and suddenly 10 rockets were painted on the screen. He didn't understand the treasure chests, banners, fish balls, and so on. Anyway, he saw the dialogue bar was swiping the screen crazily, and suddenly a lot of people came in.

M. F Chapter 343: On the Train

I did not know why suddenly Yan Feixin had a bad feeling when he opened his own buyer chat tool and found an introduction which was a very formal announcement.

G of L Chapter 50: Live Broadcast

Everyone had their cell phones in front of him to see the comments on the screen.

Ling Ya read a casually: "What does President Wang look like? How old is it? Does it look special?"

M. F Chapter 342: The Ox-Bud Party

Jiantongluo Information Company, with more than 200 square meters of office area, was mostly occupied by rows of computer hosts. The main unit has been completely disassembled, and a professional water-cooling system has been installed. Countless device indicators are flashing and blue light is shining.

G of L Chapter 49: Jianweixiaoshi Tablets

[You feel sorry for not being able to eat more, but now you can enjoy the food calmly, so activate the mysterious reward. You get a combination of a gastric diet tablet.]

M. F Chapter 341: Staff Expansion Plan

Not only that, but Ye Qing also numbered the outer packaging of each ionizer and strictly recorded the sales of each ionizer, so as to prevent employees in the company from reselling the ionizer.

G of L Chapter 48: The System Exploded

Wang Yan really didn't know what the opposite side was doing because he didn't show up in the afternoon and now, he did not take off his sunglasses, just because he did not want to be seen clearly because his intention was, he didn't want to be seen in his hometown. So, he didn't take off these sunglasses, because there might be too many acquaintances who were watching the program and will recognize it and maybe they will tell his parents that he had conjunctivitis disease.

M. F Chapter 340: Cleaning Aunt's Bag

"Ye... Mr. Ye?" The forty-something man looked surprised and envious when he saw Ye Qing.

"Congratulations, your Monster Heavy Industry is a miracle company. I remember when you first moved here, and none of us had heard of this company. Your business has only been around for a little time... "

Ye Qing winked at him, but the guy seemed to be immersed in memories, looking up at forty-five degrees, looking back at the past. Then…

Ye Qing sensed strongly that there was a circle at least ten meters in diameter in front of him suddenly became silent when they listened to “Mr. Ye... Monster Heavy Industry...”

These two keywords made the surrounding crowd quiet immediately, and all of them turned on the active phased array radar-like to precisely target the target on Ye Qing.

Ye Qing had just lifted his leg and wanted to leave, but suddenly a force came to his arm. Turning around, he saw the petite and exquisite girl from just now, clutching his arm tightly her eyes fran…

G of L Chapter 47: The Big Brother's Speech

Ready to eat and broadcast, the food is interesting and has a good appearance.

The Alaska King Crab coupled with such expensive ingredients made the temptation simply bursting.

M. F Chapter 339: Industry's Pursuit of Precision

The fully mobile assembly platform built a hull and main feed structure. This was a black technology device that subverted traditional manufacturing which had a diamond-shaped alloy casing and a mechanical automation structure that is more complex than humans imagine. Its full automation and high precision make all five-axis machining centers shame. Because it was also so powerful, such as the manufacturing of an ionization purifier, which could gather the steps of a whole production line together and get rid of them completely at high speed.

G of L Chapter 46: What about the sponsor?

Wang Yan did not pick up the people or visit the players, only sent a message to Liu Yuanfang.

"Whatever you like, you are free to open the table at 6 o'clock in the evening. To do what needs to be arranged in advance, contact the food and beverage manager."

M. F Chapter 338: Sudden Sales

Both Monster Heavy Industry and Tmall Mall have severely underestimated the number of users this time. Ionization purifiers had more value now. Even if you did not use them, you could sell them and make a lot of money.

G of L Chapter 45: The Big Stomach King is Coming

The driving test subject number 3 was not surprising, it went well and Wang Yan passed it in one go. Then he immediately made an appointment for the 4th section, and he will proceed with it tomorrow.

G of L Chapter 44: Mr. Wang, Fortunately Not Humiliating

Wang Yan signed in the morning with six other companies, and his income deposit increased to 300,000 yuan.

M. F Chapter 337: Can Robots Sin?

With the capture of the three criminals, the identity of the criminals and the motives for their crimes followed suit. There was indeed a person who knew more about Qiao Shengan's family. He was the one called Mengzi.

G of L Chapter 43: Modifier

Wang Yan wanted to try.

M. F Chapter 336: All Down

Until now, only by rushing in could the police have a chance. For that a desperate atmosphere diffused over the operating room and the police station, and more the longer the silence, the more the thieves would be alerted.

G of L Chapter 42: The game rewards

Wang Yan first dragged a large circle among his classmates and did not find any strong player. There was a sports student in Class 7 next door who could be a super eater but was not familiar. So, he did not choose the student, he could basically pass it away.

M. F Chapter 335: The Third Robber

"You just don't lie, if you do it you will die."

G of L Chapter 41: New Discovery of Surprise

On the way back, Wang Yan quietly read a book. Two hours later, he turned on his phone and accumulated a bunch of information.

M. F Chapter 334: Do you choose to live or die?

The sound was so clear showing that there were three people in it. At that point in time footsteps came, and Ye Qing immediately determined the robot to retreat. It may be too unurgent to return it to the guest room, so he had to retreat it to the side of the bedroom and hide nearby the wall. The footsteps came from far to near, and then in the picture, the man just came over again and sat down on the sofa to generate the wind.

M. F Chapter 333: Time is Short

The robot's electricity charge was 73%, and the screen resolution was automatically changed to 640 x 480 according to the network speed, and the network delay was 107ms. 107ms are a delay of 0: 1. Network latency was the most important.

G of L Chapter 40: The Exciting Flag Raising Ceremony

When Lin Weiwei and Liu Li went downstairs from the school bedroom to go to the rented house, Wang Yan was already full of energy and waiting there.

M. F Chapter 332: Uninvited Guest

If you switch to Qiao Shengan's perspective, you will find that at the moment when the robot was started, and the pictures sent back through the VR camera were in a mess.

G of L Chapter 39: 1 Group of Sand Sculpture Honey

On the way back, there were some emotions in everyone's heart.

'Overall, I had a good time today with a few unexpected twists and turns, but it did not harm the overall situation. The surprise of knowing Wang Yan is enough to withstand everything.'

M. F Chapter 331: Qiao Shengan's Fright

Qiao Shengan was so happy, he was just about to get ready to buy what he wants, and the phone in his pocket rang. This call was not at the right time, and he was messy in the scene, he took out his mobile phone and took a look. It was a call from his mother. So, he apologizes to the employee smiling and answers the phone.

G of L Chapter 38: Innocence!

Lin Weiwei's book of war, like a shock wave, had swept the audience. All the young people were present, were up 23 years old, and they were in a stage where everything was lacking. However, they were not the kind of poor children who had never seen anything. Being in the Imperial City, they could often meet luxury goods and rich people in daily life. Therefore, they were not only familiar with watch brands, but also have deep aspirations.

M. F Chapter 330: The end of the cosmetics industry?

In the early morning of the next day, almost all online media reported on the latest product of Monster Heavy Industry, the ionization purifier. Even so many large online media even used this scary title.

G of L Chapter 37: The second challenge

Guo Zihao had scolded his face and made everyone shudder.

M. F Chapter 329: Regret To Cry

Qiao Shengan hummed twice and adjusted his posture to be in a comfortable position.

G of L Chapter 36: The Falling Rain Is the Angel's Tears

In the second round, Wang Yan should be called first. After thinking he had carefully shouted 4 two. Li Yao had immediately followed five-two. Guo Zihao and Li Yao glanced at each other, 6 two.

M. F Chapter 328: Qiao Shengan Has No Regrets

The excitement at home lasted until eleven o'clock. And the neighbors, while watching the rarity of the robot complimented Qiao Shengan's parents boasting that they had a particularly filial son.

G of L Chapter 35: Brother, you are too tender to play the game!

Wang Yan drank simply; Li Yao and Guo Zihao had no choice but to accompany each other. Immediately, Guo Zihao's stomach had begun to swell. Before, he did not drink less. Unlike Wang Yan, he did not drink much when playing the truth.

M. F Chapter 327: Gifts for Parents

Those who have girlfriends have a heartbeat. At the same time, there was a heartbeat in a driver of the Buick Business from Shanghai. Because Qiao Shengan in order to transport the guardian robot, he specially hired a driver of a big GL 8 Business with the rear seat removed.

G of L Chapter 34: People are afraid of comparison

Jiang Mei was definitely pretty. She and Fu Yushi and Lin Weiwei were all chasing people. For example, when An Lu turned around and flirt with Han Luzhou, while Lu Yuanyuan sings.

M. F Chapter 326: Purchase Restrictions

The energy of this volcano is comparable to that of Yellowstone National Parc in Wyoming state in the USA because After sees the heavily polluted sea on the screen then purified to an unprecedented purity, the female guests at the scene were almost out of control.

G of L Chapter 33: What is it called?

Now that some things have been picked out clearly, it is boring to carry them again.

Wang Yan had taken Liu Li to sit down in the corner, playing with her slim fingers by his left hand, and holding her A4 waistline by his right hand and Liu Li did not resist. She was under the alcohol factor. She had drunk about 10 glasses until now. She had a satisfaction factor.

M. F Chapter 325: Uses of Ionization Purifiers

Let's return to the parking, at this time, the parking lot was fully loaded, and the well-known film critic Qiao Shengan driving an Audi A4L with a Shanghai license plate was driving drastically from outside to the technology center at the conference site. Because since watching the movie, he has been remembering clearly the security robot inside, he has just pushed out from an extremely important entertainment and rushed over to attend the press conference. He felt that he had become a fan of the Monster Heavy Industry and had to take a look and feel for himself.

G of L Chapter 32: Sending Propositions

What the Fxxk?!!

M. F Chapter 324: The Purpose of the Explorer

When the lights on the stage were all brightened, it turned out to be a robot sitting before the Steinway piano. As a result, the guests and the audience were even more surprised than seeing the world's top piano masters gathered together to play the music.

OPJ Chapter 15: Long live captain Buggy.

"No, I can't do that, this kid does not have to be here! And why would I kill you!?"

OPJ Chapter 14: Straw Hat Boys and Green Moss head.

The citizens’ voices confirm Morgan's crimes.

People hailed to the arrival of justice, but Tashigi wasn't happy, because the disaster was caused by the marine itself.

G of L Chapter 31: Truth

No one wanted to play Wang Yan, at least it did not look like it.

M. F Chapter 323: World Master

The new product launch was hosted by Yang Baihe, which was the host of various events and evening parties when she was in college, and now she was the manager of the propaganda department. And Kong Tao, the manager of the sales department, which was proficient in three foreign languages and was also the person in the company who knew the advantages and disadvantages of new products.

G of L Chapter 30: I Can Do It All

The official occasion of the birthday party was set up at a KTV under the Garden Bridge, called Windsor.

M. F Chapter 322: The Press Conference Begins

The major forums and the major news websites, even in the game they have only talked about "She from the Alien" and Monster Heavy Industries. Because if this was a foreign science fiction film, at best, it would only create a box office story and would be highly recommended. Mostly when they talk about what kind of movie, it is.

OPJ Chapter 13: please save Zoro.

“Hey! What are you looking for?”

With a disdainful look, Helmeppo said to the two little girls. “Quickly! Give the flowers to commodore Saitama!”

OPJ Chapter 12: Tashigi

After Saitama's addition, the next marine's policy began to change gradually.

The new world was controlled by the four emperors. The marine wasn’t strong enough to defeat them, so they preferred to ignore them, but this weakness gradually decreased and began to move and take action.

OPJ Chapter 11: Justice Coat

“He was badly injured.”

Saitama grabbed his neck and continued. “He should be okay. He just woke up for a while and said a few words about calling the marine headquarters...”

OPJ Chapter 10: What can a soldier do?

« Y… Yo… You … »

After a long time, the rest of the pirates came to their senses, looking at the bald man with horror.

OPJ Chapter 9: Patrick · Redfield

Garp looked back and while squinting, "No... Although you look quite similar, but you are definitely not Kuzan!"

He did not answer Garp and instead replied, "The reason that this humble pirate has hidden there was because an Admiral has appeared here. And there is nobody present in the town as the residents have gathered at the execution platform to enjoy the upcoming public execution of a Marine Commander.."

G of L Chapter 29: Tofu is wine, the more you drink, the more you drink

When the two grandfathers took a bath and put on their pajamas and went upstairs, the girls were still rubbing.

M. F Chapter 321: The Cool Robot

This is impossible!

Who could use real machinery to perfectly simulate human motion gestures? Hollywood could not do it, and German machinery factories can't.

OPJ Chapter 8: Loguetown

"You are flattering me by calling me a treasure." Saitama waved his hand with empty eyes. " I'm just a hero because of my interest and try to do whatever is within my power."

"Ha,ha,ha.. Young people with ideas similar to your's keep getting rare as time passes."

Garp burst out laughing with a fierce voice, and said, "With your strength, as long as you are willing to do what you can, that would be the greatest help to justice!"

Saitama fingered his ear and asked after the noise had passed, "So, where are we going?"

"To the Marine Headquarters!" Garp patted Saitama on his shoulder as he said, "Although I am qualified to recommend and directly enlist you into the local Marine's branch, I had recalled that you had told me that heroes would never accept any kind of superior and subordinate relationship."

"So this old man will take you to this branch to register and arrange a suitable place for you to s…

OPJ Chapter 7: Going to the Sea

"Hey! I don't care about you!"

Ace clenched his fist and said, "Anyway, I'll go to the sea and win fights all the time! Even if my name becomes synonymous of horror, I will become the Pirate King to make everyone look at me! Don't blame me for laughing at you, Sabo!"

OPJ Chapter 6: Freedom

The news that Saitama was going to become a Marine soon spread in the small thief's nest.

Everyone's reaction varied.

G of L Chapter 28: Crab King Card

Scallop Prawn Clam Mule Blue Crab Oyster Skin Shrimp... This fresh seafood was steamed in a pan, and it made people just swallow their saliva when they smelled it.

M. F Chapter 320: The Field is Full

The screening hall was full at midnight, and it was full at two in the morning.

OPJ Chapter 5: Being a Marine!

"Of course!"

Ace snorted and did not turn his head. "Maybe he's a hundred times powerful than you, stinky old man!"

OPJ Chapter 4: Fist of Love!


Day by day

Every day, Saitama goes to the town or the kingdom for a walk.

The heroic activities continue.

OPJ Chapter 3: Staying Here For Now...

Ace and Sabo were initially planning to escape during the time Saitama was talking to the hotel owner but ended up getting interested in their conversation.

OPJ Chapter 2 - Ace and Sabo

Makino seemed to see a resplendent soul different from everyone else as she looked at his back.


OPJ Chapter 1 - First Encounter with Bandits

The ones who bravely step forth when people are oppressed and incapable of revolting against their miserable fate.

M. F Chapter 319: Will Not Disappoint the Audience

The girl next to Ye Qing glared at him and seemed to be saying uncle, how strange was your reaction?

G of L Chapter 27: Idiom Solitaire

In fact, Lin Weiwei has a high EQ.

It was obvious Wang Yan was brought out to have a good dinner, but the first one was not too hot, and he made more self-mockery; the second one was actually to hold Wang Yan as the topic center.

G of L Chapter 26: Crosstalk Actress Lin Weiwei

In fact, Liu Li's skin was not thin enough to be introduced. But the problem was... Wang Yan's understanding was too short.

M. F Chapter 318: National Premiere

In the early morning of the next morning, in the Chenguang Science and Technology Center of Shanghai City, a venue layout work involving 50 employees of Monsters Heavy Industry was underway.

G of L Chapter 25: Miss Liu Li, please start your performance.


Wang Yan inexplicably gave another slap for no reason, and his arm made a crisp sound.

M. F Chapter 317: A bold move

Xu Ninggong took out the movie ticket from his handbag, and it looks like there were ten tickets whiles looking at their thickness.

G of L Chapter 24: The atmosphere is a bit wrong

Kissing her, naturally, it was not natural.

G of L Chapter 23: You hate it!

Back toward the car, Liu Li and Lin Weiwei still felt dreamy, they were lived a lot of experiences in shopping. But like Patek Philippe's experience, they had probably never experienced in the malls.

G of L Chapter 22: This Is Our 0 Philippe

550,000 yuan to buy a watch?!! Hey, primary school brother is you going to heaven?!

M. F Chapter 316: Commencement Celebration Dinner

The flood control wall of Liangjiang City needed still one week to be delivered, and Ye Qing needed to spend this week on the construction site to test the product performance.

As to say, this incidental test completely will be shocked, everyone.

M. F Chapter 315: Civil Air Defense Works Moved

"As for how to move it, I personally look at it professionally and find it impossible."

"When we moved that building in the Republic of China, it took for us one month to cut the bottom of the building and reinforce it.

G of L Chapter 21: Sister with Round Eyes Must Be Stupid

While Wang Yan was still playing hooligan, Lin Weiwei had grasped Liu Li and interrogated in three sentences.

G of L Chapter 20: She's Murdering Her, I Hide My Own

Young people's desire for survival has not been exercised, without exercise. He was indeed not strong enough. There was no way.

G of L Chapter 19: Dodge Thunderstorms

When you're in a good mood, you're naturally attentive.

Liu Li seriously gave Wang Yan an idea: "Wang Wang, first you say where you are going to buy things, and then I will help you find a place between our school and that place. As you are not far away, so you would not have a problem."

H. F Chapter 139: In the train waiting room.

As Ye Xiaochen's farm was a provincial key demonstration super-grade planting base, Ye Xiaochen could get tax exemption.

G of L Chapter 18: That Man Is Strange

Wang Yan watched the big beautiful girl and exchanged mobile phone numbers, and then whispered...

"My heart is almost broken."

G of L Chapter 17: 30,000 hectares of love for Liuli

In fact, the current scene was quite inconsistent. Liu Li was one year older than Wang Yan, and the older one was the more important one. Wang Yan was only out of high school, and the university has never seen it. It could say he is just reading books and does not understand society. Liu Li was more than half an adult. She had seen the prosperity of the imperial capital and even faced temptation. Even if she really needed a person to talk to, it did not seem Wang Yan should be. But at this moment, Liu Li suddenly and inexplicably wanted to talk to the young man sitting beside her. Probably because of his clear eyes, right?

H. F Chapter 138: Spirit Seed

Ye Xiaochen thought about it: "Although the Chang'E fairy did not tell me what the spiritual species is, this page of the Shen Nong Manual should not be dangerous to me."

G of L Chapter 16: I'll Help You Kindly, Are You Punching Me?

As soon as Wang Yan left, the youth's entanglement became more vigorous.

M. F Chapter 314: The Big Scene Arrives

Ye Qing had faced little pressure, the sales of robots were not accurate, and the ionizer was iron nails.

G of L Chapter 15: Large Dog Licking Performance

Wang Yan couldn't help but stand up, but stood up politely, waiting for the beautiful younger lady to sit down.

H. F Chapter 137: Ten cents a question

Any living thing has the ability to adapt to the environment and adjust itself, and this evolutionary process of the organism is extraordinarily long, it is generally 10,000 years.

H: F Chapter 136: Purpose

There was a flood of good reviews. Many people had said on the spot that they would do more support in the future.

H.F Chapter 135: Inauguration

When the expert group had come to inspect Jing Yufeng County, it was accompanied by Yangshi's deputy mayor and suddenly, Ye Xiaochen the top plant expert weighed more and more in the hearts of Yangshi leaders.

G of L Chapter 14: Ceremony Training

On Saturday, August 1, a rare cool day. The weather became sunny and a few clouds drawing in the sky with a maximum temperature of 32 degrees.

G of L Chapter 13: Beijing I come

[System level: 5]

M. F Chapter 313: If Sales Is Empty

There was a lot of attracted attention in China's population, with the approaching of the release date of the film "She from the Alien."

M. F Chapter 312: Mass Production Status

Ye Qing received the news that the Master Metal Expert was ambushed by armed men carrying heavy weapons on his way back to the Nigerian airport. Now, it was already the time to transfer the Master Metal Expert from the capital airport to "Zhong Yun" or "Shanghai."

G of L Chapter 12: New Sao Operations

Thursday, July 30, sunny. Wang Yan went out on time at 7 o'clock and went to Fuyuan in advance to fill in the form. The business of offline stores in the small loan industry was in an outbreak period, and the marketing of each was not enough. Wang Yan was amazed, how could there be so many people borrowing money? The reason was actually not important, the trouble was the decrease inefficiency.

M. F Chapter 311: All

Qiao Pingxu usually claims to be the boldest of all workers in the mining area.

G of L Chapter 11: How can your son lose face?

Gujiao is a third-tier city and a resource-based city in mining as its pillar industry. With the depletion of mineral resources and the long-term decline in domestic mineral prices, the economy of Gujiao City has gradually declined. The situation in the development zone was the worst. Not only were there a lot of bad projects, but the vacancy rate in the neighborhood was also relatively high, and housing prices have been stagnant for almost a year and a half.

G of L Chapter 10: The God of Reading Addiction

Experience: 38267/270000.

Dapeng bank card balance: 290,000.

M. F Chapter 310: One Husband Goes Off

Choosing force to show determination, it was clear that General Babro from Nsukka took a step first.

Discovering these three fairly high-end all-terrain vehicles from General Mopu which form a convoy, they can be very patient. When they head to the airport. They do this ambush. They were very daring to choose to do it on the road from an hour from the airport.

M. F Chapter 309: 1 Ambush

The air-conditioning in the car is maximized, and even when walking on hot African land, the car is still extremely cool.

G of L Chapter 9: Healthy Consumption

[System level: 4]

M. F Chapter 308: Roadblock

The magnetic induction chip and the supporting digital processing system are one of the components for producing strongly ionized sewage treatment equipment.

M. F Chapter 307: The Second Product

To be absolutely safe, 18 want absolute safety and they say: "We have to start only from the mechanical side.”

G of L Chapter 8: Proof One + One = Three

Wang Yan suppressed the ecstatic mood, opened the system store, selected the only product, and confirmed the purchase. The (Habit Training Instrument), finally at hand! Not only that, the system is upgraded to level 3.

G of L Chapter 7: The first money is in your hands!

Because it was not easy to toss around in the summer. Wang Yan was tired, hot, and hungry and his tongue stuck out. But after eating his meal, taking a bath he was exhausted and went to rest.

M. F. Chapter 306: Absolute Security Is Important

When ten prototypes were brought to the company, they immediately attracted the attention of a group of employees with an average age similar to Ye Qing.

M. F Chapter 305: Annoying Test

When touching the teapot made with purple sand, Ye Qing feels more nervous and complicated than the first time to loosen the elastic buckle behind the girl's back.

G of L Chapter 6: China Good Hooligan

After going out, Wang Yan dialed a phone number.

"Hello, this is the convenient reception service center. For what work do you want to consult?"

G of L Chapter 5: Testing the Water

Wang Yan's mood, leaping and excited, shook with excitement. He was a junior high school graduate, who just dropped his books, was ignorant of everything except studying and the society hanged around every day, then which high school student really knew which side of the society's door was open?

M. F Chapter 304: Robot Testing

All over the dark night sky, there are full of stars, like diamonds.

Longxi beach under the night sky, bright and brilliant lights from the top of the barren mountains, and magnificent factory buildings.

M. F Chapter 303: The Fun of Guessing

A file, in the hands of ordinary people, can only file the soles. And the soles are worthless.

M. F Chapter 302: Idle

There is a gap between people.

The manifestation of this kind of gap includes many aspects including the gap of status, gaps in money, and technological gaps. Each kind of gap is easy to be reflected.

M. F Chapter 301: Not as imagined

The bloodshot antelope leg was roasted quickly, sprinkled with fragrant cumin and fine salt.

M. F Chapter 300: Strange guys

After the interview, Ye Qing and Monster Heavy Industry became popular in the campus forum of Zhongyun University.

M. F Chapter 299: Setting a small goal.

"Then tell me about Mr. Ye's watch. Do you recognize it?"

G of L Chapter 4: Turning Possibility into Victory

"What are you doing with this money?"

M. F Chapter 298: The interview begins.

It was also discussed before that the company could publicize the movement of civil air defense project as a highlight.

G of L Chapter 3: Explosive Skills

Wang Yan watched at the [habit cultivation instrument] was shining in the mall as if it could be reached by hand, but it was out of reach, this kind of depression that half to joy him of getting the system's book was diluted.

G of L Chapter 2: 30,000 yuan

Wang Yan lying on the rattan chair has suddenly come up with an idea and startled himself. 'Is there any way to upgrade the system faster?' Not how to spend money, but how to upgrade the system.

Men's ambitions are sometimes like the dry grass in autumn, and it can be ignited by a spark.

The rate of natural growth is not slow, but Wang Yan did not want to wait that long. He wouldn't wait for 7 days! Obviously, if there was something, he could do to speed it up, why wait silly? Because in thinking about what the system said according to its mechanism, the consumption of money should always be calculated as an experiment.

So, why he didn't try it! Thinking about it. Wang Yan opens Taobao and selected a discounted paper pump. 300 papers per package, 30 packages cost 29 yuan. It was cheaper than toilet paper. In addition, paid with a card.

Wang Yan looked at the panel system immediately to consult if the payment was successful, the experience value was displayed like …

M. F Chapter 297: How promote the situation.

Zhongyun City, Huaxia City.

Two very different worlds from Nigeria.