M. F Chapter 308: Roadblock

The magnetic induction chip and the supporting digital processing system are one of the components for producing strongly ionized sewage treatment equipment.

At first, in order to treat Longxi Beach sewage, Ye Qing purchased a Siemens magnetic resonance machine only to remove the internal electromagnetic induction components.

The rest of the whole waste iron is still there, making Ye Qing distressed.

If he doesn't do this, there is no way. The domestically made induction components cannot meet the working requirements of that strong ionization decontamination equipment.

Siemens produces a range of twelve high-sensitivity alloy sensor heads with special coatings.

Now Ye Qing intends to make another completely different product from sewage treatment equipment. It is also Ye Qing's very confident product that can cause hot fists.

Its power is much lower than that of strongly ionized sewage treatment equipment, and the domestic induction system can be used.

And the special coating of Permalloy induction head.

Ye Qing can confidently manufacture higher technology content than Siemens.

There is a supporting digital processing system that Ye Qing cannot make. There is also a technological gap between domestically produced and Siemens. But that huge gap is in the high-end field of 3.0T.

This 1.5 T standard already has dozens of mature market technologies, and the gap with foreign countries is not too great.

Ye Qing opened two production lines and a full set of technology.

Xichuang Future's production line was also imported from abroad, and then gradually improved and produced some small patents of its own.

The technology was created to increase company profits.

As long as the price is right, Liu Dongyu thinks it doesn't matter if he sells the company.

"Well, I will send a company team to discuss the purchase agreement with you."

Hanging up the phone, Ye Qing turned on the computer, locked her eyebrows and used CAD to create the appearance of the second product.

This is a completely different product based on the principle of strong ionized sewage treatment.

In Ye Qing's plan, this kind of product should have a very exquisite appearance, and it must also have a sense of quality.

For example, it is made into a very dynamic, some lines refer to the star-struck starship with a strong visual impact. But there is no sci-fi sculpting in one piece without any extra parts.

Ye Qing found himself almost becoming a professional product appearance designer. When he went to school, he saw CAD as he did enemies. Now create a new file for plane modeling and color rendering, don't be too skilled.

At eight o'clock, the renderings were outlined, and Ye Qing looked at the monster factory phone again.

The Master Metal Expert dispatched to Nigeria still has five hundred full cells.

Counting time, he should be able to fly back to China today.

Turning on the computer, Ye Qing happily went to chat with him.


It's two o'clock in the afternoon in Nigeria, and there are two and a half hours before the Master Metal Expert can board an international flight to China.

The Master Metal Expert left empty-handed and he will come back with full hands.

In the mining area, it took only one day for the Master Metal Expert to become a grandmaster who everyone had to bow their heads respectfully.

It is not flattery. If anyone has nothing to do in a day and can repair all the damaged machinery and equipment in their mining area, they can get the same treatment.

The Master Metal Expert can be described as an artistic process. At the same time, the workers in the mining area are stunned, and the local security guards with the war genes in their bones are also stunned.

There is damaged machinery in the mining area. In their security company, there are also many damaged machinery and equipment waiting to be rescued.

In their eyes, the more powerful Master Metal Expert than the eighth-level fitter has become the god of omnipotent machinery.

They yelled with their local language that no one could understand and ran away with a pickup truck in a hurry.

When they came back, they brought a full set of damaged machinery with two Vietnamese trucks and a Soviet BTR-60 armored transporter produced in the 1970s.

This time the workers in the mine area dropped their chins again.

It's all...

What is that?

A high-level dual-use machine gun, a heavily painted howitzer that can almost be donated to the museum as a cultural relic. There are a variety of heavy firearms, and there are even several export models produced by China.

Stacks of RPG rocket launchers, several quick-fire machine guns.

The most noticeable, of course, is the armored transporter that needs to be towed by off-road trucks.

There is also a lot of messy gifts for the Master Metal Expert, and there is even a five-carat rough diamond in it.

These damaged old military types of equipment, if only from the perspective of complexity, they seem not as complicated as a hydraulic column splitter.

However, taking out any of these types of equipment in China is a major event that will shock the local public security.

Now there are so many people moving here and there so much at once, which makes the deputy mine director Qiao Pingxu a little embarrassed.

This dilemma is mainly concerned with the temper of the Master Metal Expert. On Nigeria's side, there are so many military types of equipment. Even in the mining area, there are independent firearms rooms.

The staff shooting training is held once a month.

But the Master Metal Expert has long lived in law and order and guns are strictly prohibited in the country.

In addition, some of his personality is really unpredictable. In case he gets angry.

This worry did not occur and the Master Metal Expert focused on repairing the damaged military machinery and equipment without even asking.

The armored transporter's engine broke down and was completely lost in maintenance value. The Master Metal Expert dismantled their off-road truck engine and replaced the suspension.

It is possible to replace engines of different specifications, but the Nigerians have never seen such a success.

Dismantle an entire casing directly and cut and riveted it precisely with the Mechanical Colossus Type I surgical operation. The whole process only takes half an hour.

Now even General Mopu, the actual controller of Anut area, knows the name of the Master Metal Expert.

If in ancient times, Master Metal Expert would fall into the hands of people like Cao Cao. and if there are another 1,000 years to stay there, he doesn't even think about going out.

But for now, General Mopu has no other way than sending high-level security personnel to accompany Master Metal Expert at the airport.

On the one hand, thanks to the growing influence of China in Africa and the fact that China's businessmen are their main financial owners, it is not easy to offend.

On the other hand, in the Nsukka region and the Anut area border, a large diamond mine was previously discovered. Now that General Mopu is actively contacting international arms dealers to prepare for war. How dare he offend this section to offend international friends who can increase his arms inventory?

Besides, the Master Metal Expert is very polite with gifts. After repairing for more damaged military equipment, they donate gifts and invite him to come again to visit Anut area.

General Mopu sent an escort with Master Metal Expert, and there was an hour's drive to reach the airport.

There are three cars in total, two Land Rover Range Rovers, and an old Mercedes-Benz SUV.

Qiao pingxu, the deputy mine manager, saw off and followed eight well-trained professional soldiers in the car.

The security company is just a company established by General Mopu. It is a shell company that collects security fees in disguise. The security members in it, in front of these eight professional soldiers, should not have too much difference in military quality.

The three cars were driving fast on the yellow sandy road. Qiao Pingxu and the Master Metal Expert were sitting in a Mercedes-Benz all-terrain vehicle in the middle, and two Land Rovers aligned precede them.

The journey was calm, but when the convoy reached a hilly area.

"Creak ~"

The first Land Rover suddenly braked suddenly.

On the road ahead of the turn, a scrap truck was standing there like a road rover.

The eight professional soldiers sat up instantly, and all took out their weapons to load.

Scrap truck without wheels!

This means someone deliberately dragged it here.

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