M. F Chapter 304: Robot Testing

All over the dark night sky, there are full of stars, like diamonds.

Longxi beach under the night sky, bright and brilliant lights from the top of the barren mountains, and magnificent factory buildings.

Longxi Beach under the night sky, bright and brilliant lights shot from the top of the barren hill, the magnificent plants, and factory buildings.

Inside the factory, there are huge rhythms and neat mechanical movement sounds, which echo over the factory endlessly.

In the transfer warehouse outside the factory, even in the late night, several single-arm robots manipulators are constantly loading the brand-new products just coming out of the production line, transporting them to the underground warehouse of Blue Sky Building for exterior decoration installation and product packaging.

Next to the transit warehouse is a new plant construction area where the foundation has been poured.

Due to the recent construction period of time. The schedule of all monsters is full. Ye Qing had to temporarily suspend work to support the foundation construction of the industrial building.

In the fourth stage, Ye Qing had a total of 80 monster recruitment places.

Eighty people were recruited by Ye Qing early on, but even if the monsters were worth one to ten, the Monster Heavy Industry still had a long labor shortage.

To this end, Ye Qing uses the factory's production line to the maximum extent.

The scale of the factory is really too big, and there is a Monster Industrial Building, occupying several monsters.

No way, Ye Qing has temporarily stopped even the factory expansion.

In fact, it is useless to build a new factory building early. Ye Qing can't recruit ordinary employees from society to work?

Even in the underground base, the core processing equipment of Monster Heavy Metal Smelting Center has 24 hours of non-stop production of alloy metals of various specifications.

This is why Ye Qing has no way of doing it and never intends to rely on smelting centers to produce various alloy plates and transport them to the metal wholesale market to make money.

The profit of the alloy sheet is far less than that of finished mechanical products.

For example, the common wholesale price of bearing steel in the market is 7,000 to 10,000 Yuan per ton.

Among the precious metals, the raw tungsten alloy bar stock is about 1.6 million tons.

With the effort to produce that one ton of tungsten alloy. What's wrong with Ye Qing when he has the ability to produce other things with that ton of tungsten alloy? Even a ton of titanium alloy crutches can earn more money than selling raw materials.

Selling alloy materials is the act of losing watermelon and picking sesame seeds.

But selling the finished product, Ye Qing calculated it based on the daily net profit. If he wanted to collect 15 billion yuan, it would take a full four months to fund the Monster Heavy Factory.

This money, even if Ye Qing went to find a bank loan, the bank quickly approve it.

After approval, it becomes a liability. In the manufacturing leaderboard statistics, these things are not recognized. Maybe because there are 15 billion debts in existence, they will be given a bad business label to reduce points.

The loan is not good. We can only earn by ourselves.

So the problem went round and back in Ye Qing's head. If he didn't want to wait four months passively, he could recruit more monsters to obtain higher technology for production and manufacturing.

Then Ye Qing can only develop a new product. The sales volume is based on the mechanical engineering chair, Mechanical Colossus Type I and fast engraving machine. The sales volume of these three products is very stable, and he cannot increase its revenue quickly.

Subsequently, let the monsters on the mechanical engineering chair and the monsters on the fast metal engraving machine production line temporarily stop to make new products.

Taking advantage of the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity of "She from the Alien" to be released nationwide in half a month. He earns a wave of money, as fast as the seven up went on sale.

The mechanical ergonomic chair and the engraving machine still have some stocks, and they can be topped for more than ten days without any stock-out.

In the old factory area surrounded by barren mountains, Ye Qing stood in the small factory that originally produced mechanical engineering chairs and conducted the first real product experiment.

This product is also one of Ye Qing's temporarily conceived product plans for the movie's release in the country.

Ye Qing wasn't sure whether he could get the results. He had to test it first.

After the assembly line of mechanical engineering chairs was completed, the original small factory workshop was changed to a non-standard product production workshop similar to a laboratory.

When the Monster Industrial Building is completed, the industrial base below will replace it and become a more hidden and advanced existence.

An HD camera that cannot be connected to the Internet, was placed beside Ye Qing.

If anyone sees Ye Qing at this time, he will definitely exclaim Iron Man is coming!

Because now Ye Qing is wearing a light steel alloy operation suit similar to a steel battle suit.

This "steel suit" does not have micro-nuclear fusion energy, and the front and back are only designed with light steel bone fit, but the two arms are more sci-fi.

The inner joint of the fully covered matte gray titanium alloy shell. With a passive miniature hydraulic brace inside. The joints to decelerate and simulate the "click to click". The rhythm produced by the mechanical joint when it moves.

In both arms and palm, each joint is equipped with electrical signal pressure sensors.

This operating technology, which is directly transplanted from the Mechanical Colossus Type I cockpit, can complete the command control with an accuracy error of a plus or minus one millimeter without external electromagnetic interference.

This alloy operating suit, its weighs is about five kilograms and is powered by a 20,000 milliampere lithium-ion battery. It can continuously supply pressure sensors and the display on the lower abdomen for one hour.

The battery is designed as a quick-change mode, and with radio signals in the 2400–2483 MHz band, it can effectively control mechanical equipment 100 meters away.

This band is a short-range, high-bandwidth radio channel that can be used at will in the industrial and medical fields without the need for a radio license worldwide.

Even when transmitting high-definition images, there is no stuttering.

That's right, Ye Qing, together with Master Dao, made a remote-controlled robot.

In front of him is a mechanical device with four electric drive wheels and a standard adult upper body size.

Pure white metal mirror paint, with a full-motion camera on the top and a pressure sensor, can be synchronized with the human head to capture the picture.

This time, the arms of the remote-control robot completely simulate human hands, and the mechanical arm is insulated and has a slightly elastic engineering plastic as a protective shell.

Five fingers, the same kinematic joints as humans. The movements can be done with both hands.

After solving the most difficult human-like joint motion. This robot, which Ye Qing temporarily called [the first-generation domestic robot I]. Is not technically advanced at present, and even a camera drone is more complicated than it.

But simplicity does not mean the technology is low. If you are not convinced, you can try to imitate its mechanical arm.

"The first generation of domestic robots I, the first test experiment started." When Ye Qing started the camera, he remotely turned on the power of that robot.

Also purchased from the market is a very mature technology of lithium-ion battery power. But in the case of no breakthrough in energy technology. This robot can only power for 10 minutes on its own, and then have to run around with a plug.

Or walk to a room and rely on a long power cord to power it like a vacuum cleaner.

The indicator lights of the two cold-light devices light up. There is no intelligent software to control it. There is no need to start waiting. Ye Qing shakes the index finger and thumb and turns on the preset sensor to enable the password.

"Creak ~ creak ~ creak ~"

It gently lifts the arm and operates the passive hydraulic strut inside the garment, which brings a comfortable sense of mechanical movement to the arm. So, people do not have the feeling of air waving.

The robot ten meters away, without any delay, also raised the robotic arm.

Taking a deep breath, Ye Qing raised his hands and slowly moved towards the metal box next to the robot.

On the metal box, there is a set of teapots made of purple sand, which are used to decorate the door and two small glasses.

On the metal box, there is a set of purple sand teapot used by Ye Qing to decorate the facade and two small glass worms.

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