M. F Chapter 312: Mass Production Status

Ye Qing received the news that the Master Metal Expert was ambushed by armed men carrying heavy weapons on his way back to the Nigerian airport. Now, it was already the time to transfer the Master Metal Expert from the capital airport to "Zhong Yun" or "Shanghai."

Li Huaxing thought that the Master Metal Expert would call and tell him that he was not too embarrassed to disturb Ye Qing late at night.

Li Huaxing vowed that if he saw the master Jin in the future, he would put on his most sincere smile.

It's a joke, a cold-blooded killer who's up?

The key is this guy is a top-level mechanical engineer. Repairing firearms is easier than repairing toenails. The combination of these two will erupt unimaginable power.

What the Master Metal Expert is doing can be described as earth-shattering. But in Nigeria, this fact not to mention the headlines is good enough to occupy a corner in a local newspaper.

As for who's engaged in the rally, the local police don't want to control it, let alone dare to control it.

Just kidding, my eyebrows shot.

The seven people who were shot in the eyebrows and the weapons they carried with them, didn't even have shot.

All the bullets in the eyebrows came from the same weapon.

There will never be militants who take the loaded assault rifle to ambush people. Because, in the end, they will have suddenly their brains withdrawn from his place, letting one shot steer them to their end?

What this shows is self-evident!

A brief survey of the scene showed the police in Nigeria was so scared that even the financials of those militants did not dare to search for the money. The road was cleared and the throttle slipped.

The original Master Metal Expert, who passed the security check, flew to Shanghai City by plane.

Before boarding the plane to Shanghai City. The Master Metal Expert finally reluctantly made a phone call and reported to Ye Qing that he could reach Shanghai Airport in two hours.

If it weren't for Ye Qing's questioning whether the road was safe, the Master Metal Expert wouldn't even mention it.

Ye Qing admitted he was dumbfounded. Although he knew that the Master Metal Experts' fighting ability was extraordinary, he did not expect such an extraordinary situation.

What kind of fierce hard work is the fighting force is ten, which is temporarily the first humanoid monster?

Let the company driver go to the airport to pick up the Master Metal Expert. Ye Qing took the second product rendering that has been completed by himself and discussed the mass-production line equipment with Master Jing.

The domestic sales of mechanical engineering chairs have dropped significantly. Nowadays, there are only hundreds of daily sales. Fortunately, sales abroad have risen steadily, just to make up for the domestic decline.

There is still sufficient stock in the warehouse, and Ye Qing is going to suspend the production of mechanical engineering chairs first, freeing up monsters to produce new products.

The second product is a high-tech product improved by Ye Qing based on strongly ionized sewage treatment water equipment.

The most obvious change between the two is in the frequency, and the power of the strongly ionized sewage treatment equipment is amazing, and it can evolve sewage within two kilometers.

Today's products use low penetration and high ionization.

This way of working, of course, is naturally not to evolve sewage.

The working methods are different, and the manufacturing process of the ionization generator is also different. This time Ye Qing used copper-silver alloy to make the coil and the shell did not need expensive powder metallurgy technology.

Instead, a one-shot injection molding machine is used to inject synthetic plastic made in a special process into the mold.

If you want to make the product more accessible to the people, the natural price cannot be set too high.

As a matter of course, the production cost of products must be kept as low as possible.

The injection molding machine is not difficult, a constant temperature storage tank and a pressurized injection system. Mainly look at the mold, the higher the accuracy of the mold, the more high-end injection molded parts.

Ye qing would like to ask the mold manufacturing accuracy, who can surpass the Monster Heavy Industry?

A total of six injection molding machines were produced. Each injection molding machine has a set of mold plates that can produce twelve products at the same time.

When Master Jing and Ye Qing were discussing the production line, the six injection molding machines over there had already begun the production of housings.

The synthetic, plastic fluid heated by high temperature is blown into the mold under high pressure. After ten seconds, the synthetic plastic is cooled. The mold is automatically opened. The plastic clips responsible for reclaiming are used to remove the synthetic plastic parts.

Elegant black, rose gold, matte silver.

Three colors are available and organic minerals are added directly to the synthetic plastic for color matching. And also add antioxidants, so that the shell can be used for ten years without aging.

After a discussion of the coil production of the ionization generator, Ye Qing decided to adopt a very innovative and very bold method of mass production.


The coil of the ionization generator is extremely complicated, and it is not a traditional motor stator winding structure. It's an asymmetric polygon, only the size of a palm.

If an automatic winding machine is used, even a Master Craftsman must scratch his ears and cheeks. In the end, he can only design three machines according to the different steps and operate them in sequence.

It is a waste of time and an increase in electricity costs.

But with a pure manual winding, it can be done in one step.

This is a mass and purely manual production method, which sounds incredible. The manual has always been synonymous with backwardness and inefficiency. An electric loom has a workload of one hundred times the speed of manual weaving.

In the modern industry of China, it took decades of hard work to finally upgrade the industrial chain to the level of mechanical automation.

Now, Monster Heavy Industry has to go back again, using manual work, and mass production?

It sounds like fate, but it's all possible in the Monster Heavy Industry.

Because Monster Heavy Industry has just manufactured a robot prototype because manual production is not done by humans, but a robot that is more flexible than humans.

Just like giving the robot a set of correct electrical signal control instructions just like operating a machine tool, it can completely imitate human hands. Quickly wraps around the most standard ionization generator coil.

How fast is the robot's hand speed?

After strengthening the materials and motors, the robot can start a group of horsepower. It only takes one minute to complete the coil that ordinary people need to take a day to wind it.

It's okay to have one hundred of this stuff, and Ye Qing has to like his wit again...

Busy regardless of day or night, Ye Qing has been busy designing production lines for new products for four days. Fortunately, the production of robots requires only a slight change in the production line of mechanical engineering chairs.

On the fourth day, Ye Qing went to [Xinchuang Future] Co., Ltd. in Dongguan City, and the employees of the company who made production line purchases returned to Shanghai by train.

They also brought back two sets of magnetic induction production lines and a digital processing system that was reprogrammed and adjusted according to Ye Qing's requirements.

It usually takes a technician working during a week or two to assemble the debugged production line. And it only took a day for the monsters to set it up.

No commissioning is required, and the material can be produced directly after it is in place.

These two production lines are in place, indicating the second product can finally enter the mass production and stocking state.

After employees' day and night tests, according to the feedback report. They changed back and forth more than fifty times. And the light names were replaced with the third-generation robots of the prototype.

It also follows the finalization and enters the mass production and stock upstate.

There are two types of robots, industrial robots, and home robots.

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