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G of L Chapter 40: The Exciting Flag Raising Ceremony

When Lin Weiwei and Liu Li went downstairs from the school bedroom to go to the rented house, Wang Yan was already full of energy and waiting there.

M. F Chapter 332: Uninvited Guest

If you switch to Qiao Shengan's perspective, you will find that at the moment when the robot was started, and the pictures sent back through the VR camera were in a mess.

G of L Chapter 39: 1 Group of Sand Sculpture Honey

On the way back, there were some emotions in everyone's heart.

'Overall, I had a good time today with a few unexpected twists and turns, but it did not harm the overall situation. The surprise of knowing Wang Yan is enough to withstand everything.'

M. F Chapter 331: Qiao Shengan's Fright

Qiao Shengan was so happy, he was just about to get ready to buy what he wants, and the phone in his pocket rang. This call was not at the right time, and he was messy in the scene, he took out his mobile phone and took a look. It was a call from his mother. So, he apologizes to the employee smiling and answers the phone.

G of L Chapter 38: Innocence!

Lin Weiwei's book of war, like a shock wave, had swept the audience. All the young people were present, were up 23 years old, and they were in a stage where everything was lacking. However, they were not the kind of poor children who had never seen anything. Being in the Imperial City, they could often meet luxury goods and rich people in daily life. Therefore, they were not only familiar with watch brands, but also have deep aspirations.

M. F Chapter 330: The end of the cosmetics industry?

In the early morning of the next day, almost all online media reported on the latest product of Monster Heavy Industry, the ionization purifier. Even so many large online media even used this scary title.

G of L Chapter 37: The second challenge

Guo Zihao had scolded his face and made everyone shudder.

M. F Chapter 329: Regret To Cry

Qiao Shengan hummed twice and adjusted his posture to be in a comfortable position.

G of L Chapter 36: The Falling Rain Is the Angel's Tears

In the second round, Wang Yan should be called first. After thinking he had carefully shouted 4 two. Li Yao had immediately followed five-two. Guo Zihao and Li Yao glanced at each other, 6 two.

M. F Chapter 328: Qiao Shengan Has No Regrets

The excitement at home lasted until eleven o'clock. And the neighbors, while watching the rarity of the robot complimented Qiao Shengan's parents boasting that they had a particularly filial son.

G of L Chapter 35: Brother, you are too tender to play the game!

Wang Yan drank simply; Li Yao and Guo Zihao had no choice but to accompany each other. Immediately, Guo Zihao's stomach had begun to swell. Before, he did not drink less. Unlike Wang Yan, he did not drink much when playing the truth.

M. F Chapter 327: Gifts for Parents

Those who have girlfriends have a heartbeat. At the same time, there was a heartbeat in a driver of the Buick Business from Shanghai. Because Qiao Shengan in order to transport the guardian robot, he specially hired a driver of a big GL 8 Business with the rear seat removed.

G of L Chapter 34: People are afraid of comparison

Jiang Mei was definitely pretty. She and Fu Yushi and Lin Weiwei were all chasing people. For example, when An Lu turned around and flirt with Han Luzhou, while Lu Yuanyuan sings.

M. F Chapter 326: Purchase Restrictions

The energy of this volcano is comparable to that of Yellowstone National Parc in Wyoming state in the USA because After sees the heavily polluted sea on the screen then purified to an unprecedented purity, the female guests at the scene were almost out of control.

G of L Chapter 33: What is it called?

Now that some things have been picked out clearly, it is boring to carry them again.

Wang Yan had taken Liu Li to sit down in the corner, playing with her slim fingers by his left hand, and holding her A4 waistline by his right hand and Liu Li did not resist. She was under the alcohol factor. She had drunk about 10 glasses until now. She had a satisfaction factor.

M. F Chapter 325: Uses of Ionization Purifiers

Let's return to the parking, at this time, the parking lot was fully loaded, and the well-known film critic Qiao Shengan driving an Audi A4L with a Shanghai license plate was driving drastically from outside to the technology center at the conference site. Because since watching the movie, he has been remembering clearly the security robot inside, he has just pushed out from an extremely important entertainment and rushed over to attend the press conference. He felt that he had become a fan of the Monster Heavy Industry and had to take a look and feel for himself.

G of L Chapter 32: Sending Propositions

What the Fxxk?!!

M. F Chapter 324: The Purpose of the Explorer

When the lights on the stage were all brightened, it turned out to be a robot sitting before the Steinway piano. As a result, the guests and the audience were even more surprised than seeing the world's top piano masters gathered together to play the music.

OPJ Chapter 15: Long live captain Buggy.

"No, I can't do that, this kid does not have to be here! And why would I kill you!?"

OPJ Chapter 14: Straw Hat Boys and Green Moss head.

The citizens’ voices confirm Morgan's crimes.

People hailed to the arrival of justice, but Tashigi wasn't happy, because the disaster was caused by the marine itself.

G of L Chapter 31: Truth

No one wanted to play Wang Yan, at least it did not look like it.

M. F Chapter 323: World Master

The new product launch was hosted by Yang Baihe, which was the host of various events and evening parties when she was in college, and now she was the manager of the propaganda department. And Kong Tao, the manager of the sales department, which was proficient in three foreign languages and was also the person in the company who knew the advantages and disadvantages of new products.