M. F Chapter 332: Uninvited Guest

If you switch to Qiao Shengan's perspective, you will find that at the moment when the robot was started, and the pictures sent back through the VR camera were in a mess.

The robot has been placed in a guest room on the first floor, and it was common to visit relatives and friends in the countryside. Qiao Shengan had built a small three-story western house with a yard for his parents. On weekdays, his parents lived on the same first floor. If some relatives came to stay overnight, and they also lived in the first-floor rooms.

When Qiao Shengan left, he let the robot in the guest room to recharge.

It takes four hours to charge the robot battery. After the charging is completed, the battery management chip inside the robot will automatically disconnect the power supply after detecting that it was full.

Now that the battery is 80% charged, Qiao Shengan found that all drawers and cabinet doors in the guest room have been violently pulled out and all the contents are dumped to the ground, even the bed board is lifted to the side. What's happened to his parents' home.

When thinking of the call that was hung up at the beginning, Qiao Sheng felt that his head was going to blow up. He was in a panic, and he kept telling himself to be calm. But his efforts were futile, his heart beating faster and faster and his hands shaking constantly making him unable to control the robot.

"Mr. Qiao, what's the matter?" The saleswoman who had received him just came over. She saw Qiao Shengan with the guardian robot controlling the glasses, and he stood shaking like a sieve. At this moment Kong Tao, who was preparing to send out the reporters hurried came over to ask and the editors and reporters also came one by one.

At first glance, Qiao Shengan looked like seeing something worse which had happened.

In the Monster Heavy Industry, if something was not right, it would mean there was news.

The cameras and camcorders were in their hands. As long as there is a situation, they are guaranteed to shoot news materials at the fastest speed.

"I ... I ..." Qiao Shengan was already frightened at a point that he couldn't say a complete sentence, he took off his glasses and took a big breath. After that he took out his mobile phone, Qiao Shengan wanted to call the police, but he didn't know about his parents' situation. So, he was afraid that in case nothing would have happened. What if he did something like that to the police?

After all, parents' telephones were still unreachable.

Kong Tao took the glasses. Qiao Shengan's panic originated from the pictures in the glasses. At the other end of the picture was the company's new guardian robot. He wanted to see what was going on. After putting on the glasses, the picture returned by the robot made Kong Tao immediately realize the matter was serious, and he frowned.

When he controlled the robot to look around, he found that the robot's room had been completely ransacked, even The clothes in the cabinet were shaken out piece by piece and he said: "Follow me in the remote equipment operation room, Mr. Qiao, you go to the office to inform President Ye."

Usually, it was a thief, but if it was just to the ransacking of the home this gentleman could not be afraid like that. It was very likely that someone in his family is either a child or an old man who was in bad situations.

The reporters next to them all smelled like bloody sharks. They quickly gathered around and asked sales manager Kong Tao: "what are these advanced-looking glasses?"

"Why does his expression become so dignified when he had worn glasses?"

After that, Qiao Shengan was led into the remote equipment operation room by Kong Tao like a marionette.

The remote equipment operation room is the room in the company used to control the single-arm manipulator in the transit warehouse. After Kong Tao led Qiao Shengan into the room, he immediately asked the employees to connect the video picture in the VR glasses to the big port through the transfer interface on the glasses to the screen.

All of a sudden, the two employees wanted to stop the reporters. It's a pity that they underestimated the power of the bulls hidden in these little fresh bodies. After the invasion into the operations room by the reporters, Ye Qing came quickly.

"Mr. Qiao, where is your house?"

"Yinchi Village, one... more than a hundred kilometers away." Qiao Shengan tears in his eyes and choked, "It belongs to Guantang Town. My parents are at home. I received a call from my mother before. But the call was hung up at the moment of being connected, and after that, I couldn't contact her and neither did my father."

"Mr. Qiao, don't be too disturbed, things will not be as bad as you think." Ye Qing nodded solemnly and said to the network manager who came over: "You ask someone to go online to check the phone station of Guantang Town Police Station. Don’t call the police first, let Mr. Qiao decide for himself.”

"Ready to record screenshots."

More than ten seconds later, the staff of the Network Department nodded to Ye Qing, indicating that the screen recording function had been turned on.

Someone’s turned on video recording earlier than them.

Immediately after entering, the reporters who were sitting wisely aside, raised the cameras one by one to shoot the big screen. And accompanying colleagues reported on what happened here to their supervisors via WeChat with convincing hand speed. For a piece of big news at least once in their lifetime.

The Guardian Robot's home has been hit by a mad thief. It is not uncommon to see the pictures at home through the VR camera assembled by the robot, and the webcam on the market could also do the same. But the camera here was not fixed somewhere but assembled on a robot. What could a robot do?

The reporters went out quietly investigating the situation inside Qiao Shengan's house? This is a good idea. If they could take pictures of the robbers, maybe the police could break the case based on the video.

"Mr. Qiao, can you describe the layout of your home?" Ye Qing patted Qiao Shengan's arm, turning his eyes to the real-time picture on the big screen, and whispered softly: "Give me the wearable controller. You are in a situation, which not permits you to control it to detect what is happening at home. "

Qiao Shengan nodded vigorously, quickly released the controller, and began to describe the layout of the home in the building. And at this time, the Master Craftsman Ji goes back and nod to Ye Qing: "boss, the Guantang town police station phone number was found."

"Mr. Qiao Shengan, should you call the police first?"

"Mr. Ye, please help me to see the situation at home first. I'm afraid if my parents..."

Ye Qing nodded and put on the VR glasses and controller.

Qiao Shengan's parents have been out of touch, which is very worrying. In case the gangsters were still at home and they would call the police, doesn't that force the gangsters to jump the wall?

The door of the room where the robot was housed was ajar, Ye Qing was fully focused, and he set his eyes on the built-in display of the VR glasses. The robot gently pushed the rudder. Without forgetting to mention that at the beginning of the design, the guardian robot had worked on the mute aspect while moving quietly towards the ajar door.

The robot quietly moved past the door of the ajar room. This move, including those of journalists, felt more exciting than the ghost door closing.

The signal conversion interface of the VR glasses was connected with a data cable to provide a picture for the large screen. On the screen, people could clearly see that in the lobby on the first floor outside the door gap, there is a man in a black jacket sitting on the sofa in the lobby freely. The man wore a mask and wobbled with a hatchet in his hand.

With a grunt, Qiao Shengan was paralyzed and sat on the ground.

This man still had a hatchet in his hand.

Unless his family was Shuibo Liangshan, it was impossible for such relatives to come.

The reporters stood up stunned. If it was not the unlucky family members here, and this is the operations room of the Monster Heavy Industry, they must be able to help clap their hands for this big news.

"Call the police station in Guantang Town and let them use their computer to connect with us, and we will pass the scene."

"We will say that we did not act first because the two elderly people can still be at home."

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