G of L Chapter 40: The Exciting Flag Raising Ceremony

When Lin Weiwei and Liu Li went downstairs from the school bedroom to go to the rented house, Wang Yan was already full of energy and waiting there.

Today Wang Yan is dressed very moderately. Old man Zhan red T-shirt, track pants, wearing a cap like a teenager who is about to travel with a sword: "It's early! You two, did you eat anything? I bought milk and bread at a nearby convenience store."

Liu Li took the milk. It was actually hot: "Wow! How did it heat up? What time did you get out?"

"Convenience stores have cooking utensils for employees to heat food. They are kind and helped me warm it up."

Wang Yan didn't make it too clear, but if you think about it, it's definitely not free.

Lin Weiwei put in a straw and took a big sip, sighing comfortably.

"I drink hot milk when I get up in the morning... I have a conscience, and you can't be bothered for anything."

The three of them got in the car and went straight to Tiananmen Square. Lin Weiwei cleverly parked the car in the parking lot of the Capital Hotel, 25 yuan an hour, anyway, some local tyrants reimbursed. The three went out of the car and walked for three minutes, then go to the security check.

Then Lin Weiwei took Wang Yan and Liu Li to trot all the way to the underground passage between Chang'an Street and the west side of the square to grab a very favorable waiting position.

The girls in dance school were really different. They could not stop after their long run. After grabbing a good position, the next step was a long wait. While waiting, Lin Weiwei followed the small white line.

"The waiting area of the west gate of the museum leads to the small square facing the Tian'anmen Tower after opening. Although the location is right, it is too far away to see the details of the national flag class. We are actually in the best flag viewing point here, with a short distance and a good perspective. The flag class is handsome! Just if you take a picture, the tower cannot get in the back of the picture."

Wang Yan's heart was shaken, and he looked forward to it. As for the shortcomings, he did not care.

"What picture to take! I came to see the flag-raising, not the celebrity punch card."

"That line, the waiting area will be opened later, you two will follow me let's grab a good position!"

Lin Weiwei was full of fighting spirit, the three smiled at each other, and rubbed their hands.

The flag would be raised at 5:20, and the entrance was not opened until 4:50.

Without saying anything, the three of them started running rushing in and rushed all the way to the flag-raising platform. There was still a place in the middle of the first row.

Oh yeah! The three of them were close to each other. The two girls arrived all red and gasping but smiling excitedly.

"Wow! The first row! It's cool!"

Behind it was immediately crowded with people, until the third row, they were waiting for the flag to reach the top to take selfies. Wang Yan was also very excited about his heart leaping, whether it was turning his head to gaze at the Tian'anmen square or looking at the dim sky, there was an inexplicable emotion.

Guarding the two girls hard, the body was tightly packed together but Wang Yan did not have any extra thoughts and could not wait to see the moment.

When the national flag class finally appeared in the tower, the square suddenly boiled. Various cheers came and went, some people sincerely shouted long live the People's Republic of China, and some people followed the singing of the motherland and called I love you China.

The National Flag Class stepped across the Golden Water Bridge and immediately transformed into the next step.

Oh, da! Oh, da!

It was a voice and shock that could never be described in words, not only because of neatness but also because of the heroic attitude and solemnity of the soldiers, which contained more other things.

From the beginning of the coming of the national flag class, Wang Yan unconsciously clenched his fist and stared at the queue without blinking.

Wang Yan had never felt like watching the flag-raising on campus, but he actually came to the scene and watched the guard of honor with a near-pious attitude.

The general soul and the national soul were condensed into a large square national flag.

When the national anthem was played, Wang Yan stood upright performed the attention ceremony, move his lips and sang, his heart was agitated.

The national flag was raised slowly, a good wind blew in the sky, and the bright red flag fluttered in the wind like a flame.

Wang Yan couldn't help but think of the glorious history of China's 5,000 years of civilization, the humiliating modern times, the rapid rise in the past few decades since the reopening, and the more and more passionate documentaries on Station B.

"Great power heavy industry", "Super project", "Beautiful China", "China on the tip of the tongue."...

At the time when Wang Yan was born, literati known criticize the motherland.

When Wang Yan went to middle school, he gradually learned to distinguish between good and bad and began to shape the three views, which was precisely the period when the national pride in China was increasing.

Technological advancement and industrial development were catching up with Europe and the United States little by little, and one after another was achieved. Whenever he saw this, he could not help but surging.

Wang Yan's concept of the country was very vague, but his collective sense of honor was not strong. He believed in egoism, but only for his motherland, he was proud of it.

The wisdom of the people was gradually spreading, and the new generation of children has not been poisoned by bad information such as "Sino-Japanese Summer Camp.". Naturally, they have a strong country mentality more confident, self-respecting open and inclusive.

All of this is due to our great motherland.

Wang Yan was very clear he was not a pure patriot, but at the moment of looking up at the national flag, his heart was pure.

It is true rich people will be respected wherever they are.

However, there is a country with roots. The rich people who have no motherland are just lonely souls and wild ghosts, and there is a missing piece in the deepest part of the soul. Where is happiness?

Otherwise, why did the Jews work hard to restore their country?

What simple truth!

It is truly rich people will be respected wherever they are. If he took out half of his net worth, he would be able to win a victory in a national war... Give it all!

Wang Yan forgot which master once said that people should have feelings. He thought feelings could be changed. People should have smelled at others when they no longer care about the material after they have money.

Otherwise, the happiness of spending money will be discounted.


After the ceremony, the three smiled at each other, and there was an inexplicable tacit understanding.

In the square, the crowd gradually dissipated some people were uplifted, and some people seemed to just watch a bustle.

There were certain things could not be forced. It was also a pleasure to go to work like a punch card and go back to talk more. At most, it was a different way.

Liu Li had a lazy word, squeezed out from the throat: "Woo, so cool!"

"Yeah, watching the flag-raising up close, I was really inexplicably moved..."

Lin Weiwei asked her to take her arm, and the two girls walked happily together, forming a beautiful landscape.

"Then? Where are we going?"

"go to bed!"

Liu Li asked casually and Lin Weiwei answered without thinking.

Wang Yan was also sleepy, of course, and he had no other opinion.


"Forget it!"

So, the three-person returned to Lu Yuanyuan's house. Both girls had a bed, and Wang Yan had a bed.

At 10 o'clock, Wang Xue's couple woke up pulled up a large army and went out to find food.

In order to entertain Wang Yan, everyone was very kind and specially ordered from Quanjude Restaurant a Roast Duck.

Wang Yan ate a mouthful of duck, and it was not cool enough. The girls were basically eating vegetarian food. Only Reina Nawu did not give up that meal.

Wang Yan wanted to settle the bill but the girls did not let him and it was paid by everyone, which made Wang Yan feel very happy. It was not so bad, and the approval was very heart-warming.

After dinner, Wang Yan went on the return train and said goodbye to the girls, then Liu Li and Lin Weiwei took Wang Yan to the station.

Holding his hand and talking about ticket checking, Liu Li finally asked that question.

"When will you come to the emperor city to play again?"

Wang Yan leaned to her ear and smirked: "When you have time. I will come as soon as possible when you miss me but you have no time, I think about it. But I will come eventually, so needless to say it will never come forever. So, you see, in fact, there is nothing to fear we are going to separate temporarily just for a better meeting."

Liu Li stared at him, her expression was that kind of speechless rejection, but nodded slightly. From beginning to end, there was no confession. However, the kind of looming, eager to refuse to welcome was the most touching.

Before leaving, the younger sister's ears turned red and she shyly said: "Next time, I will show you dancing."

Wang Yan's thoughts ran to the belly, steel pipes and the falling clothes in an instant, and he smiled coquettishly.

The train finally entered the station. Even if there was no reluctance, he still had to pack his bags and wave goodbye.

"Sister Weiwei, goodbye!"

"Thirty thousand, goodbye!"

Royal capital, goodbye!

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