G of L Chapter 39: 1 Group of Sand Sculpture Honey

On the way back, there were some emotions in everyone's heart.

'Overall, I had a good time today with a few unexpected twists and turns, but it did not harm the overall situation. The surprise of knowing Wang Yan is enough to withstand everything.'

Lin Weiwei stopped the car downstairs of a residential building next to a resident of the dance academy. The girls got off collectively and sent Wang Yan upstairs.

Pushing the door open, there is a background wall full of cartoon pictures on the front. The small living room is small but warmly furnished.

Liu Li introduced: "This house was rented by Nawu and Yuanyuan. They have so many affairs that they can't get used to the dormitory..."

"Who are you talking about?"

Liu Li suddenly put an arm on her shoulder and stopped.

Lu Yuanyuan shoved a door open and said to Wang: "You can live here Wang, and I just came back. There are no sheets or covers, let sister Liu get it for you. I will go back to the bedroom to have a lively night with the girls."

Lu Yuanyuan pulled out a suitcase from the back of the door, opened it and turned out a set of pajamas and dental appliances after it was done. Wang Yan nodded and clapped his chest.

"Okay, you can rest assured I will take care of 30,000."



One smiled and one laughed silly, and the rest looked at him with the look of sand sculptures' eyes.

"What beautiful thing are you thinking about? Wake up!"

"It's hard to agree with Little Liu Li. Do you think we will let her be taken down by a man on the first day of their meeting?"

"It's not a man. It's a dog."

"Love what! Anyway, you can eat and sleep by yourself! "

Everyone surrounded Liu Li and guarded it like wolfs.

Liu Li's weak argument: "I didn't say I wanted to stay..."

Wang Yan was stunned and straightened his thigh with regret.

"Sister Yuanyuan, you don't mean what you say! I knew earlier it would be better for Guo Zihao to get me drunk! He can make money and be taken care of it... "

The girls laughed back and forth.

Reina Nawu flew a wink: "Thank you for Guo Zihao's affairs. Otherwise... Sister stays with you."


At a critical moment, caution plays a vital role. A word of promise turned around in Wang Yan's head, and when it came out, it became: "Don't, I'm dizzy!"

Although Nawu glanced at him, he received an appreciation from Liu Li.

In the end, Lin Weiwei commanded: "Sleep early, remember to set the alarm clock, tomorrow's flag-raising time is around 5:20 we have to start at 3".

Wang Yan was startled: "It takes so long to toss on the road?"

"It's not tossing on the road." Lin Weiwei shook her head. "You plan to see the flag to be rise once, and you definitely want to stand in the front row. You must go to the middle of the front row early."

Lu Yuanyuan nodded fiercely: "It's not stingy. If you arrive at 4:30, don't even try to squeeze in the first 5 rows."

Wang Yan was not afraid to wait and would rather wait two hours to enjoy the perfect experience: "OK, so let's go to occupy the place earlier. OK, I agree, then you can go back to rest early."

When Wang Yan heard that he could only sleep for more than 3 hours, he did not want to catch the girls. The beauties were speechless and rolled their eyes to retreat.

Wang Yan set the alarm clock and take a battle bath and then fell to the bed, he almost thought nothing and went to sleep in two minutes.


On the way back to school, the girls started chatting casually.

"Little Nawu, what do you think? The dog is so handsome!"

Liu Li stubbornly said, "Where is he handsome? It's dark."

"Just let it if you don't like it!"

Liu Li was speechless in one sentence.

The next thing was the boastful talk.

"How stable! It feels more stable than our seniors."

"I tell you, Li Yao and Guo Zihao are very funny when playing dice! Shout with closed eyes: open! After driving, pretend to be stupid immediately after opening: Oh, I really can't play... "

"Eun, I saw it. A big word was written on his face: Take the money and drink for Grandpa!"

"Ha ha ha ha! Right ?! Seeing being bullied, in fact, Guo Zihao and Li Yao have fun!"

"Guo Zihao is really inflated, Li Yao is not stupid. Drink and win 500 yuan for a glass of wine, why not drink?"

"That guy is going to drill his eyes, and he even dares to challenge Fu Yushi."

"No! As far as Fu Yushi's part, Wang Yan cannot challenge the two at the same time."

"I see the dog has a chance, but Guo Zihao's eyes after seeing the dog are not right."

"According to you, the look of the dog is not right..."

"You want to die?! Fight! "

"Why are you so angry you want to kill people? You dare say you don't?"

"That Wei elder sister still takes the initiative to hug people!"

"Well! Wang Yan is a dead-faced dog. Who doesn't know? Maybe one day I'll find a male model to be my boyfriend."

"Who are you talking about?"

"About you. Alas?"

"Well, I won't believe it when I go..."

When they went back to the bedroom, washed one after the other, and then went to Liu Li's bedroom and have a night talk. The topic became more and more crooked, and the youthful way was spread all the way.

Lu Yuanyuan and Lin Weiwei squeezed in front of a sink to brush their teeth. The elder Yuanyuan brushed first, staring at Lin Weiwei for a while, and a problem came out.

"What if Huang Xuzhen had agreed to play just now?"

Lin Weiwei looked up in surprise and looked at Lu Yuanyuan up and down, but she did not ask maliciously: "Well? Do you seem to care about Wang Wang?"

Lu Yuanyuan sighed, and Lin Weiwei talked briefly about what happened when she was playing with the truth.

"Actually, I know that the dog doesn't like me, but just takes care of my face, saying that gratitude seems a bit of a pity, so let's just appreciate it... I can't bear to see him suffer."

Lin Weiwei nodded suddenly and realized a sigh.

"Sister Liu Li's luck..."

"Serious!" Lu Yuanyuan stared, impatiently: "Now the whole grade knows about her relationship!"

"What can we do?"

Lin Weiwei shrugged indifferently, smiling brightly.

"I have more than 200,000 yuan of private hand money. If I win, I will drink. If I lose, I will lose money!"

Sure, enough it was the expected answer.

Lu Yuanyuan was satisfied, but her emotions were complicated.

"Ah... you are free and easy, but you are the master of the dog, have you considered Liu Li's idea?"

"whispering sound!"

Lin Weiwei scorned and sneered mercilessly.

"Little Liu Li? She's not as vulnerable as you. She would be a single-minded woman who wants to get on the stage of a grand theatre be entangled in such matters? You're the only one who has to be careful of him. All his life, he'll follow the little Liu Li's ass and eat ashes! "

"Lying trough! Hey, tell me clearly, where is the aging mother's worse than that chick ?! Who is so careful?!"

Lu Yuanyuan exploded immediately, chasing Lin Weiwei all the way to the bedroom. Finally packed up, everyone lay on the bed and started a blind chat. The topic was no longer confined to Wang Yan, and Liu Li gradually lost his interest in participating. She set up the alarm clock and took a moment to send a WeChat message to Wang Yan. She didn't get a response for a long time, and her heart was a little bit miserable.

What is Wangwang doing?

Does he take a bath?

Does he sleep?

Does he like me seriously?

Would he prefer the big-breasted sister?

Would he be angry because I did not stay with him?

It's literally 100,000 questions.

In fact, Liu Li was not incapable of tangling, but it will not let tangling interfere with what should be done.

What to do now?

She should look back on everything that happened today and go to sleep slowly.

No matter how many times they fall in love, women were always more likely to think, and men were more willing to do it.

For example, at this moment in the dormitory that is gradually quiet, I don't know how many people were thinking about it and they felt sleepless.

Miss who?

What is she thinking?

Only the night knows.


"Wangy Wangwang! Wangy Wangwang!"

In the quiet bedroom, a harsh dog bark suddenly sounded.

Reina Nawu narrowed her right eye half a gap and murmured anxiously: "Who brought the dog to the bedroom?"

Lu Yuanyuan scolded half asleep and half awake: "go away! No more hot pot with dog meat!"

Reina Nawu finally woke up and yells: "Lin Weiwei, turn off your broken alarm clock!"

Lin Weiwei raised her hen-like head, reached out her cell phone, opened one eye to look at it for two seconds and straightened back: "Fuck! It's not mine!"

At the same time, the three beauties turned to Liu Li, who was still sleeping.

But... Wait! The voice did not seem to come from her. Lin Weiwei simply rolled up and sat up, distinguished carefully, and then turned her eyes... Reina Nawu.

Reina Nawu scratched her head, turned left and right, and finally turned out a mobile phone that was frantically splashing under the pillow.

"Wangwangwangwang! Wangwang!"

After suppressing the pillow, the bell grows louder.

"Reyna, my brother!"

Lu Yuanyuan roared angrily and jumped over the railing.

"It's unexpected! The first time you used this ringtone as an alarm..."

Reina Nawu smiled, and then was hammered down by Lu Yuanyuan, and the lights were polished brightly.

"Yeah, you're still sleeping, get out of bed and wash!"

Lin Weiwei climbed out of bed in depression and returned to look after brushing her teeth. The bedroom is so quiet again!

Reina Nawu and Lu Yuanyuan lay down again. Liu Li didn't wake up at all, and she was tossing in the bed.

Lu Yuanyuan: "Won't you go to see the flag-raising?"

"No! Too much, dizzy! "

"What's the matter with you? You can't get up with the alarm clock you set? "

"I didn't sleep well, I was a bit swollen... I didn't see anyone!"

"Nawu! Little Nawu?!"

Liu Li's bed was breathing evenly.

"Hey, I go!"

Lin Weiwei was so angry, she could not wait to go to bed and kill them all. Fortunately, after 30 seconds, Liu Li's own alarm clock rang.

"In the dark, the sour eyes move to the silver and the drink of love forever..."

Liu Li, who hadn't woke up just now, fluttered and turned straight up singing a few lyrics songs.

The hair was half-covered on the face, wearing white pajamas, and the waist plate popped up straight... If Lin Weiwei was not too familiar with her, she would have to pee on the spot. Even Lin Weiwei was frightened and gritted her teeth.

"What kind of evil did you make?"

A group of sand sculptured girlfriends!

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