M. F Chapter 323: World Master

The new product launch was hosted by Yang Baihe, which was the host of various events and evening parties when she was in college, and now she was the manager of the propaganda department. And Kong Tao, the manager of the sales department, which was proficient in three foreign languages and was also the person in the company who knew the advantages and disadvantages of new products.

After the emergency start of the backup server, the employees of the network department who were hired were busy. And the server of the large service provider was rented to open the mirror website. Finally, more than one million viewers could enter the official website to watch the live broadcast of the conference.

Zhongyun TV also sent the best camera crew to take charge of the live broadcast.

As the time approaches, the exhibition center, which can accommodate thousands of people, is fully occupied.

"Are you nervous, brother Ye?"

"It seems a little..."

Ye Qing, who was in a video call with a smile, drew his neckline from his suit with a smile and couldn't help taking two deep breaths: "This press conference is about whether Monster Heavy Industries will continue to work in the coming days. There can be enough perfect products to occupy the domestic market, so that the name of our Monster Heavy Industry, like Huawei Xiaomi, is well known to the general public."

"I can't guess the first product. But brother Ye, the second product will definitely fulfill your wish." Encouraged in the video: "The ionization purifier you gave me before. After using it, I think No one can live without it. "

"I'm still nervous until the moment of success." Ye Qing smiled and shook his head.

"Trust me, the ionizer will definitely exceed your imagination." In the video, he blinked playfully.

"Even if I fail, I won't be discouraged."

Confident men are the most attractive. They look around shyly in their pockets and seem to be sure that no one is there.

After turning back, she closed her eyes and kissed the camera gently, her lips sulking: "Brother Ye, come on!"

At eight o'clock in the evening, the product launch conference held by Monster Heavy Industry officially started. At this time, more than one million online viewers have gathered in the official live broadcast room. There are also two video sites for co-broadcasting.

Some hundreds of employees came from the company. They stood on both sides of the aisle and served guests while waiting for the press conference to start. Suddenly, a spotlight hit the holographic projection wall behind the stage, and a Chinese character [3] composed entirely of machinery and metal appeared at the center of the holographic projection. The exquisite and beautiful countdown appeared, and the guest table was quiet immediately.

One second later, the three Chinese characters were transformed into two and one seconds later. The three-second countdown, the lights in the technology center slowly dimmed, and it quickly became completely dark. Only the mobile phone in the auditorium was illuminated, and the camera working indicator.

At this time, one of the holographic projections began to deform. When the guests thought it became zero, they occupied the entire projection wall, and the beast logo full of majesty and mystery met with the guests.

In the darkness, there were exclaimed exclamations. The holographic projection gave it a powerful three-dimensional sense. The monster seemed to break from the projection, and the two pairs of curved horns have been pierced. Indifferent eyes, there was a pride overlooking all beings. It was too beautiful and too real.

The guests didn't know why. They were inexplicably excited when they saw the logo of the Monster Heavy Industry. After that, there was the gradual disappearance of the logo, and the technical center became dark again. Suddenly, another beam hit the front stage, that it was originally dark and illuminated by lights, a white piano appeared in the eyes of guests and audiences watching the live broadcast.

There was someone sitting beside the snow-white piano. Because the lights were not illuminated. So the people could not see its performers at all. His shoulders moved slightly, and on the black and white keys, the beautiful melody like water rippled starts to beat. And the sound of the piano was like the sunshine of the morning light, lively and brisk, it was like the elves dancing in the flowers, making people feel comfortable.

The guests began to appreciate quietly, although they didn't understand why they were invited to listen to play the piano at the press conference.

He could play everything, and the tune is very nice, so enjoy it for a while!

In the official website live broadcast room, countless barrage question marks.

"Is the signal source wrong?"

"No, just now there is a logo of Monster Heavy Industry. Why is it now playing the piano?"


"My day!"

"Rely on ~"


When the light-hearted melody gradually became heated and became cheerful, the screen suddenly added countless short words of shock.

At the guest seats, there were also unusual discussions and exclamations.

"What's the matter, Xiao Huang are you good? How can you be like seeing a tiger?" A temperamental man in the front guest seat stared at the female secretary next to him with dissatisfaction.

"Mr. Wang, you... you don't know, this piano piece, it's not a normal piece."

The female secretary with golden glasses and long hands, some incredulously said: "This... It pulls three."

"Pull three?"

"Rachmaninoff's third piano concerto is considered to be the most difficult piano in the world. It is not an exaggeration to say that he can play this piece perfectly and dare to play it. There is only one person in the country."

The voice of the female secretary had just fallen, and the cheerful and violent sound of the piano was suddenly torrential.

Like millions of drops of powerful water droplets, jumping on black and white keys. The melody rose sharply, and it seemed that dozens of notes burst out every second. The notes are high and low, light and heavy, overflowing like a tide, filling every space of the science and technology center.

The guests at the scene were all not free to follow the thumping - thumping - beating violently. They inhaled loudly, with shocked expressions. How could there be such a piece of stormy and exciting piano music in the world? Why was there only one person playing under the beam, but it gave people a sense of complex note changes of four people playing in succession?

This was simply beyond the limits of human beings because the ears of the guests could not hear how many notes are there in a second. Not to mention playing it?

The mysterious player's shoulders trembled sharply, but was as stable as a mountain, giving a calm feeling that was hard to shake.

"Oh god ~ who is this master?"

"Lang Lang? Clydeman? Maxim?"

"I'm sure to show up later, and I guess it's Lang Lang. It's a pity I didn't go to the conference, otherwise, I can get my idol's signature."

"Convinced. For this press conference, Monster Heavy Industry was really willing to give up blood and even the world's top piano masters were invited."

"Ha ha ~ Monster Heavy Industry is certainly willing to pay for it. Didn't you recognize that piano brand? That is Steinway's grand piano. It has the fastest response speed of the piano keys among the global piano brands and the world-famous piano performance. I will use this brand all my life. "

In the live broadcast room of the official website, many knowledgeable viewers are in high spirits to popularize science in the barrage (the phenomenon of a large number of comments displayed in the form of subtitles.). And those who did not understand are naturally praised and complimented.

Just when the guests and the audience had some notes adapted to the storm, their expressions were not so tense. The sound of the piano turned sharply, and one of them was more violent. It was almost denser than the ancient two armies. The guests covered their hearts, and it seemed that if they did not do so, their hearts would jump out of their chests.

Suddenly one click and the lights on the stage are all brightened. There was a robot sitting beside the Steinway piano with a streamlined metal head and silver metal arms violently undulating on the keys.

"What!" Was the voice of surprise from all the audience, instantly overwhelming musical notes like the thunder buzzing for a long time.

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