G of L Chapter 35: Brother, you are too tender to play the game!

Wang Yan drank simply; Li Yao and Guo Zihao had no choice but to accompany each other. Immediately, Guo Zihao's stomach had begun to swell. Before, he did not drink less. Unlike Wang Yan, he did not drink much when playing the truth.

Brute beasts! Ill female students!

Today, Guo Zihao going to do everything to walk for heaven! His eyes had turned, and he quickly came up with a sloppy idea.

"Brother, it's too boring to drink like this, otherwise, let's add some highlights."

Li Yao immediately held up: "Guo Zihao, how to add?"

"Play the dice and bragging. 500 yuan per spin. The winner takes the money but has to drink a glass of wine, and the losers pay but do not drink. Ultimately, whoever vomits first will pay today's bill, okay? "

Li Yao was a little embarrassed. There were too many games in 500 yuan. If he would lose 10 net innings, it would be 5,000 yuan. He could barely remove it stiffly, but would it be for a long time?

It was not until Guo Zihao's wink flickered that he suddenly realized, nodded bravely: "OK! I'm in!"

Then there was Wang Yan. Guo Zihao glanced a little anxiously and provocatively. In Guo Zihao's opinion, as long as Wang Yan came on, it was the meat on the cutting board. Two to one, could they spare a baby?

If you lose more, you win less, and your net loss of 10 games is 5000 and your net loss of 20 games is 10,000.

Five or six thousand yuan did not feel bad for themselves, a student wearing a fake watch, it was not strange to die! And with Li Yao helping to share the burden, he could drink less alcohol and stay a bit longer.

Waiting for the little bear to cry and before playing, Guo Zihao had taken 58,000 yuan from his money and gave it to Reina Nawu to order two bottles of good wine from Lin Weiwei with noodles inside and outside, is not it beautiful?

"Well, at that time, we had to knock on the little glass with two sentences: you should not have a good shot?"

The idea was beautiful, and the nose almost bleeds. Guo Zihao wanted to praise his wit. But he did not know why, why were Liu Li and Reina Nawu's two little maids laughing? Didn't they understand the rules?

When he wondered, he saw the little bear shake his head.

"No, I'm going to settle the bill, tell Sister Weiwei to come to the table. But you have to play with the dice, you want?!"

When Guo Zihao heard the first sentence, his heart was cold: "What big garlic do you pack? Are you worthy to be supported by Lin Weiwei? Do not dare to say you dare not play?"

After hearing the second sentence, he felt relieved: "OK, how you like to pretend, just play!"

He was about to speak again, but when Wang Yan got up and beckoned and called Lin Weiwei: "What's going on, finally remembering my sister?"

Wang Yan had smiled and picked up the phone: "Sister Weiwei, the wine is not enough. Let's say I invite you this night, you can order what you want to drink, don't be kind to me."

Lin Weiwei was very refreshing: "Okay, then add two dozen beers and a bottle of champagne. For things that don't have much money, I won't be polite to you."

It was really not much money. A bottle of beer is 24, two dozen of 576. The bottle of champagne she ordered earlier seems to be 398. The all was less than 1,000. Could Guo Zihao leave this privilege to Wang Yan?

So, he got up immediately and rush to pay.

"Weiwei, I am here, I am here! We'll have games later; your brother checks out first!"

The voice had only fallen, and he saw Lin Weiwei frown, glanced at him and then did not stop, went directly to the waiter to report the wine list: "Two dozen Budweiser red aluminum, a bottle of spade A gold, I have a membership card, the gift is based on your highest. The level is okay, right?"

A bottle of Spades A gold's commission had made the waiter shake with excitement.

Just kidding, how much was it to give a big fruit plate and a bunch of dried fruit duck goods?

Two dozen Budweiser Red Aluminum 958 yuan Spade A Gold sells for 5,888 yuan the purchase price was more than half, and the rest as profit!

Guo Zihao wondered. He could afford more than 6,000 yuan, but Lin Weiwei would definitely not allow it because the relationship did not go to that share and did not accept that favor. But why could Wang Yan be it enough?

And without consulting the boy, Lin Weiwei had ordered such expensive wine directly, unlike her style?!!

Guo Zihao was puzzled, and the new friends couldn't understand it collectively. What was the situation?

They certainly would not understand because the antecedent was in the morning and now it was just the result. Lin Weiwei's cleverness was she knew what kind of people she should do.

Let's start from scratch. Wang Yan originally wanted to stay in a hotel and was pressed by Liu Li. He lived in Lu Yuanyuan's house and had saved 6,500 yuan.

The girlfriends knew that it was their little taste, in fact, and it doesn't matter where he lived.

However, after a short period of contact, Lin Weiwei had pinpointed Wang Yan's character.

First, little boys took commitment very seriously.

Second, there was a kind of free and easy in the character that regarded money as dung.

So, whatever the reason. Since Wang Yan had caused trouble, then it was serious to ask for a treat. Would not it be comfortable for him to spend that 6,500 yuan?

And she knew very well that Wang Yan was not bad for that 18,000 yuan, he had bought a watch for 500,000 yuan and he had done a few shops for 10 minutes and the shopping was another 60,000 yuan so would he care about those thousands of yuan?

She did not need to go asking Wang Yan's opinion and ask: "What's the best way to order this wine?"

Therefore, Lin Weiwei had simply stuck at more than 6,000 yuan and directly ordered, giving Wang Yan enough face to meet Wang Yan's compensation psychology without deliberately taking advantage.

What does it mean to be human? What is called the human being means that only the group of students who had eaten together at noon would understand it.

Lu Yuanyuan had cheered and came over.

"Wow! I've long wanted to taste this wine, and I am so happy! Thank you, Wang Wang!"

Lu Yuanyuan was happy, Wang Yan was happy and he had said with a smile: "Let's drink if you like her. If you don't pour, you go to Sister Weiwei who is not there. You will stick the cake on her face."

Lin Weiwei had given him a white glance and was about to speak. Just when the waiter came with the QR code to collect the money, so she did not speak.

Wang Yan had paid the bill and greeted him again.

"I play a colorful game with Brother Guo and Brother Li, okay?"

After listening to Reina Nawu muttering, Lin Weiwei knew a little what Wang Yan asked, and had smiled suddenly: "It's all right, you have fun."

When smiling, she quietly blinked at Wang Yan. That means: Don't worry about me, just play!

After getting a clear response, Wang Yan was finally relieved.

In fact, Wang Yan was still too tender, and the problem was not deep enough.

Based on Lin Weiwei's emotional quotient and appearance, the social circle should be more than just that. Today, she just did not want to do anything.

Guo Zihao and Li Yao, not only were not important figures in Lin Weiwei's communication circle, they had even made her a little impatient. And Wang Yan was afraid Lin Weiwei would let them both but it was really unnecessary.

But on the other hand, from the perspective of girls, Wang Yan's respect and maintenance really warm Lin Weiwei's heart.

People who were rich and powerful did not care about you, but they consider your mood and forgive everything, and were truly worthy friends. So, she had taken the initiative to step forward, hug Wang Yan face to face and then went back and everyone who saw her was shocked.

It was strange that Lin Weiwei, who was so proud, could be so close to Wang Yan. Even Fu Yushi, who was quiet like disappearing, couldn't help but look at Wang Yan twice. However, Guo Zihao and Li Yao only felt upset.

What is she doing? Is this a face-to-face separation?

Guo Zihao thought: I am your brother's friend.

Li Yao thought: I'm your classmate.

They felt themselves worse than an outsider. Just because of Wang Yan was Liu Li's boyfriend and the more they thought about it, the more they became uncomfortable.

In fact, until this moment, Guo Zihao and Li Yao were still in a state of being confused and feeling good about themselves. They realized Wang Yan might have some strength, but they did not think about how Wang Yan was going to play.

Alright, pour wine, and the game is on!

The fixed rules of the game are as follows: Five dice per person, one point is a special number, which can be converted into any number of points.

The three people bragged in order. Guo Zihao, Wang Yan and Li Yao could start at any time. They were not allowed to jump. The person collects 1,000 yuan and drinks when he wins and gives 500 yuan when he loses.

In the first game, Guo Zihao had called first, looked at the dice cup and had arrogantly called 6 Five.

When Guo Zihao had spoken, Wang Yan had thought for a while and shouted with a smile: "open!"

Guo Zihao laughed loudly, opened the dice cup, and lay flat on three fives and one One.

"I did not think you two can get together!"

There were only three of them, and Wang Yan had lost.

"Get money for money!" Guo Zihao drank a glass of beer, screaming wildly, "Brother, you are too tender to play games!"


Wang Yan had given a thumb up and obediently took money from his handbag.

Seeing that five red tickets were placed on the coffee table by Wang Yan, Li Yao's eyes were so hot that he couldn't wait to urge: "Come again!"


Wang Yan buttoned the dice cup cheerfully.

A game of money, Guo Zihao was happy and Li Yao was happy and Wang Yan was also happy. Then, who would be unhappy?

Only time will tell.

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