M. F Chapter 330: The end of the cosmetics industry?

In the early morning of the next day, almost all online media reported on the latest product of Monster Heavy Industry, the ionization purifier. Even so many large online media even used this scary title.

Doomsday of the cosmetics industry?

The robots belong to the industrial industry, and it was difficult to make big news in this industry. In addition, this time the robot was not intelligent and many online media did not even write about this new product when they mentioned the Monster Heavy Industry, but about for the ionization purifiers they were different.

Its price was close to the people, and it was especially powerful for women. How many people could dream of completely removing the harmful substances deposited in their skin? The only side effect was probably to make the skin more shiny and smoother.

With the ionization purifier, did it mean that all skin care products have to leave the stage of history?

After all, the ultimate purpose of skincare was to make the skin softer and more beautiful. This goal seemed to be achieved immediately, without any chemical residues. If so, the impact on the cosmetics industry was no less than dropping a nuclear bomb.

The videos and photos uploaded by the lady on Weibo last night have driven so many women crazy to possess this product.

Various online media, without obtaining more information, directly used this video together with the introduction information of the official website of the Monster Heavy Industry and interviewing Monster Heavy Industry has become the number one task for many media.

Qiao Shengan took a taxi to Shanghai, and it was only half-past seven. However, when Qiao Shengan got out of the car, he found he couldn't enter the blue sky building. There was a squadron in front of him. Listening to their tone, it seemed to be related to the ionizer because many people came to the field overnight in order to get in touch with the sales staff in the Monster Heavy Industry earlier.

That night, Ye Qing was also busy. He didn't need to take the shelf. In addition to answering the phone, he was busy working to increase the capacity of the ionization purifier.

Because since the release of the ionization purifier, Ye Qing has received many phone calls from; Yan Zhaoge, president of illusion company, Li Huaxing of Huaxing Heavy Industry, Liu Dongyu of Xinchuang Future, Director of Urban Construction Bureau and so on. Almost people who have a good relationship with Ye Qing call and ask. Others did not give money, as long as they find Ye Qing. Ten between them have sent people to get the product directly. If they used their ID themselves is impossible to receive the ionization purifier for their own use so they sent people.

Forty thousand units sold out in the blink of an eye. The industrial robot sales are equally good, but not as good as the ionization purifier, which obstructed customer service to answer calls all night.

On the phone, merchants from all over the country had to double the price and even ten sets of goods can be accepted. But Ye Qing only stocked 100,000 units of this product.

Now if full production is started, the Longxitan factory could produce 8,000 ionization purifiers a day. With such a pitiful amount, I am afraid that in ten minutes, Ye Qing could be wiped out.

Quantity is money, and for this product, Ye Qing was not ready to increase prices.

A monopoly means huge profits. Up to now, the products of the Monster Heavy Industry are all novel products that monopolize the market. However, there was a serious lack of a product that can occupy most of the market share, and people were familiar with it.

For eight thousand Yuan, Ye Qing can earn six thousand by cutting out all costs and taxes. And if this price has been maintained, as long as the production capacity kept up it won't take long for it to become like Apple, making its products known to all households.

The advantage of occupying the market and developing word of mouth is to facilitate the introduction of the next generation of products. No publicity is required, as long as the quality of the product is not a problem, users will naturally choose to buy. For that, it seems that the ionization purifier can be sold easily even if a million units are stocked and the traditional production line cannot meet the huge demand.

That night, Ye Qing studied the black science and technology drawing [full motion assembly platform technology] purchased in the fourth stage, which was at the container size of the full motion assembly platform.

Its function could be regarded as a more complicated assembly line, which integrates a whole set of assembly operations into a container-sized machine.

No monster work was required, as long as the parts of the product were adequately supplied. The assembly speed of the full-motion assembly platform is much faster than any human-made assembly line.

Ye Qing has studied the drawings. From a structural point of view, the full-motion assembly platform is more like a multi-axis machine with complex functions.

If the five-axis machine tool represents the pinnacle of the processing industry, then this device is the technical difficulty of the nine-axis linkage, and the requirements for precision are more stringent. Even if the masters make it, it will take enough time to precisely process the star-shaped mechanical parts.

Fortunately, the order of the flood control wall in Liangjiang City was completed, and the foundation of the Monster Industrial Building was also completed. Ye Qing was able to free up several monsters to be responsible for the production of the full-motion assembly platform. And as long as five full-motion assembly platforms would be manufactured, the daily production volume of ionization purifiers could exceed 100,000.

At 7:30 in the morning, Ye Qing was reluctant to come to the company early.

As a result, when Qi Qi the security guard in charge of maintaining order nodded to Ye Qing and said "Mr. Ye was okay?" the crowd around the company's door was shocked and their eyes were all stunned.

President Ye?

The reporters who came to prepare for the interview all knew that at the helm of Monster Heavy Industry was a young man and was called Ye Qing. Then this young man with a dashing and gazing vision was ready to come in. So, at least twenty people were separated from the crowd, and they surrounded Ye Qing like a triumphant hero.

"General Ye? I'm Pu Wenxia, editor of Aimei.com. Can we delay you a little bit and ask you a few questions about the ionizer?"

"I am the editor of KA Fashion Network. I would like to ask President Ye, what do you think of the ionization purifiers of your brand in other websites and the end of the cosmetics industry?"

"I'm Xiao Wei, a special correspondent for Tencent Entertainment. President Ye, I also participated in your product launch yesterday. Can you give us two minutes?"

The security guards did their best to stop them and the journalists looked at each other as if to be careful because they did not want to squeeze people harder like cattle.

"I do not need to stop." Ye Qing pressed everyone down: "After one hour, I will let our manager hold a press conference in the company conference hall. At first, everyone can sign up and submit to us the questions that need to be asked."

More than twenty reporters ran away, and almost all of them asked the same question... 'The Monster Heavy Industry is regarded as the terminator of the cosmetics industry for ionization purifiers. How do you think of this?'

Qiao Shengan was also in the crowd. He just wants to buy another Guardian Robot. By the way, he can still have a thick face and buy an ionizer.

"You ... is Mr. Qiao?" The sales staff recognized Qiao Shengan. Yesterday a guardian robot was bought throughout the press conference by him. Qiao Shengan naturally impressed the salesperson.

Qiao Shengan was so happy, he was just about to get ready to buy what he wants, and the phone in his pocket rang.

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