G of L Chapter 32: Sending Propositions

What the Fxxk?!!

"Sister, are you afraid I won't die?"

Wang Yan had widened his eyes and felt a little aggressive for the first time. The answer was to acknowledge "I am hungry."

By answering no, it was not up to the previous one. The word hunger was really good and bad, even if you would change the world, it would not make people respond so much. It could be said that the test of Wang Yan had just begun. The girls around were suddenly quiet all around, staring at the little boy with their hearts.

In fact, I had to say they were looking forward to the answer to the question. It may be untrue. They were all young people who grew up in the Internet age. It was mainly looking forward to Wang Yan's response, which was more critical than the problem itself.

When things had come to an end, Wang Yan had smiled suddenly.

"Beauties, if I answer this question, do you all have to drink?"



Everyone nodded. So, Wang Yan was sitting upright, with a slight self-mockery smile on his face and spoke slowly.

"When I was busy reviewing before, I didn't feel anything. When I finished the college entrance examination, I suddenly relaxed, and my mind was really full of me. For a while, I saw a young lady with a hot white skirt and short legs and big white legs on the street. Her eyes were green. I wish I could get into someone's skirt. I can’t look back until she disappears. So, the answer is... yes. At the age of 18, hormones are unsecreted like money. I don't think it's shameful."

The last sentence, the finishing touch, had aroused applause.

"It is good!"

"Wow! Wang Wang is so handsome!"

"Come and have a drink for the younger brother who exploded!"

The girls had laughed and toasted, lost their fines, but all drank willingly.

In fact, this kind of thing was very simple. If you look at it with a wretched mentality, then you are wretched. If you look at it with a generous attitude, then it is just nature. Which of the girls here is unseduced by men? Sometimes it is offensive, sometimes it is hilarious. The difference is whether you are insignificant or generous, whether it's obscene or appreciation.

Wang Yan had passed the level again and even harvested a wave of favorability. I have to say that this morning, the two training courses that were fixed with the [habit training instrument] played a very crucial and huge role.

Next was Liu Li, who once again had put on water, leaving Wang Yan dead or alive. And with a smile on her face, her eyes were tender and tender.

Wang Xue was so angry that her eyes suddenly turned, and the war had suddenly expanded again.

"Have you ever had fantasies about Reina?"

What the fuck! Did they want to play so big?

Everyone was surprised, followed by sudden excitement.

"It is good!"

"Sister Xue, you are great! I'm unafraid of big things when I look at the excitement. What I play is exciting. No one thinks of the girls who are coaxing. Anyway, let's take Reina Nawu first!"

Wang Yan felt tired in his heart... Why was it not over yet?

Looking at Nawu from the side, the girl's eyes were bright, and she reflected various brilliance in the dim spotlight. Wang Yan even thought that she seemed to be expecting something?

"If I answer, are you all drinking?"

"We do!"

"All right." Wang Yan nodded. "Yes."


Wang Yan had wanted to refuse to answer and asked them to drink first. In the end, it was turned out that Reina Nawu was the one who asked!

Girl, what are you thinking?

Reina Nawu was a little upset, but Wang Yan was unprovoked. He raised two fingers and said, "two cups."

"OK! OK! We know, hurry up! "

"All right, you guys die, what am I afraid of?" And slightly spit out two words: "Big breast."

"Oh oh..."


"Liu Li, do you care about your elders?!"

Some screams, laughter, one after another was exploded.

Liu Li had blushed and didn't say a word, but Reina Nawu was so proud and outstretched that she mocked all the poached eggs and two glasses of wine were poured and everyone was completely fit.

Next was Wang Yan, holding the wine directly and asking Liu Li for the third time: "Do you like me?"

Wang Yan had drunk without waiting for Liu Li to answer. After drinking, everyone was deadpan and then there was a giggling laugh and Wang Yan's enthusiastic Reina Nawu reclined and patted Wang Yan's thigh.

"Dogs are domineering!"

"That's right, we're going drinking our little glass, right?"

"The key is that sister Liu Li really wants to let the dog drink..."

"Yeah! You drive again!"

Fu Yushi, asked: "Are you fantasizing about Yuanyuan? Why the reason? Two cups."

Cherish words like gold, sister... The sound was strange.

Wang Yan paused and thought about it.

In fact, there was only a slight appreciation for Lu Yuanyuan, and there was no illusion. But Wang Yan had admitted: "Yes. Her shoulders are sexy."

No one noticed everyone was fooling, and they were drinking and Lu Yuanyuan's eyes were inexplicably red. Her figure was a bit sturdy, especially the right-angled shoulders said to look good in clothes but could not stand up without height, just false comfort. In her heart, she had always been inferior to this but now she was suddenly recognized by a man and he was still a very good man. How could she be unexcited? But she had shown nothing, and when it was her turn, she was the sturdy Yuanyuan again.

"Do you have any illusions about Wang Xue? Why?"

Wang Yan was a little helpless: "Will you guys do it? Two cups and two cups so dry, all will lie down..."

Wang Xue had personally shouted back: "Then you don't need worrying about it, answer the question!"

Han Luzhou had sneered at Wang Yan and said, "You don't care if you exaggerate. You can not touch it anyway."


Everyone was laughing again.


Wang Yan shook his head and explained carefully.

"The moment I realized she had a boyfriend, I removed her from that fantasy category, so although Wang Xue was very sexy and sweet I never thought of anything."

Wang Xue had taken the initiative to clink with Wang Yan and smiled sweetly: "Forget you can talk, and I will give you another glass!"

Next came Liu Li's turn, this time, she did not ask anyone else, but suddenly turned her eyes to Fu Yu's poem sitting on the right side of Wang Yan.

"Wang Wang, do you have any illusions about Fu Yushi? Why?"

Wang Yan looked back at Fu Yushi's poem and felt this was a proposition.

Why did Liu Li care so much about Fu Yushi?

Wang Yan did not know, but it doesn't matter, the answer was:

"No. The time is too short, unfamiliar and unfamiliar. In fact, my fantasies for everyone are not as good as you, and you are the most special."


Everyone was furious, and Reina Nawu seemed to be playing high, and suddenly reached out to the ceiling and screamed.

"Ah! I really want to fall in love!"

Wang Xue screamed and connected: "No! You don't want to!"

"Ah! I really want to find a boyfriend!"

"No! You don't want to!"

Reina Nawu returned to hold the heart and cried, "No! I think so!"

Wang Xue handed a bottle of wine and ruthlessly hit: "Drink some wine and dispel your thoughts!"

Reina Nawu had twisted his body from side to side, and the big waves had shaken his head and became dizzy.

"No! I don't drink! I will fall in love!"

Once the show was overwhelming, everyone laughed out of breath.

After waiting for everyone to laugh, Wang Yan had taken the initiative to raise a glass.

"Come, sisters, thank you for your support and love for me and Liu Li. Let's toast together to celebrate today's good acquaintance. Next, let's make sister Weiwei dry too! Right?"

Although everyone had scolded him for shamelessly, they still toasted with a smile, then moved their positions and went to Lin Weiwei.

But Wang Yan had taken Liu Li's hand and dragged her back to the little corner just now, in a comfortable nest.

Three passes have passed all five will be cut, and next, it is time to harvest.

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