G of L Chapter 38: Innocence!

Lin Weiwei's book of war, like a shock wave, had swept the audience. All the young people were present, were up 23 years old, and they were in a stage where everything was lacking. However, they were not the kind of poor children who had never seen anything. Being in the Imperial City, they could often meet luxury goods and rich people in daily life. Therefore, they were not only familiar with watch brands, but also have deep aspirations.

Just like Guo Zihao's green water ghost, Li Yao was really envious. However, everyone's envy was as expensive as Huang Xu's treasure voyage, because it was very clear to them that such a thing at that price cannot be remembered by themselves.

Now, suddenly a piece of 500,000 yuan Patek Philippe comes out, is it scary?

In particular, that watch was actually worn by Wang Yan who has always been low-key and tolerated everywhere, which was even more shocking.

An Lu widened her eyes, held her chest back, and suddenly felt a little out of breath. At first, her perception of Wang Yan was very average. She had felt that Wang Yan was black and short with a little boy who was not open, compared with Guo Zihao, he was a 24K pure silk even with a little scorn for Liu Li.

What vision?

Even if Zihao, Yuxin and other handsome guys had no idea about you they could not pick up a radish and serve it as a dish, right?

Her eyes narrowed! Thinking about when she had played the game of truth, it had changed a bit and she felt that at least Wang Yan's character was still good. And when he had poured Guo Zihao into a fountain, she had almost turned her face and bit her teeth with regret. Although she didn't open her mouth to curse, it was just the friend of Lin Weiwei’s brother.

What do you think of a country louse? Why are you crazy about Zihao? Is there anything you can do better than Zihao? !!

However, all of An Lu's anger and all the highs were smashed by Lin Weiwei's words.

No matter how you understand the watch, the price was there.

Guo Zihao's 80,000 green water ghosts haven't come to nothing. The six-fold gap was not even qualified for comparison! All in looking at the slightest little boy, there were actually 500,000 yuan on his wrist, and his net worth was only as high as Huang Xu.

Where Liu Li was blind?

What a special vision!

When An Lu remembered Guo Zihao's attitude towards Huang Xu, she had suddenly felt a little fear for Wang Yan.

The man who was chasing him was called the God of men.

The man who was kneeling and licking the God of men was called the Lord.

The man who had more money than the Lord was called "Do not provoke me.".

Since you knew that, you should not do it, you're going to shout a fart!

Is it stupid?

An Lu immediately grasped Guo Zihao's wrist, fearing the male god could not control his temper, and then went up to jump on his face.


Guo Zihao had opened his mouth wide and couldn't close for a long time. The smell of smoke, wine and pistachio fermented mixed up and rushed, making the temples swell for a while. Looking down at his green water ghost, and then thinking about the scene when Huang Xu had taken off his watch to let the other "play casually", his face had suddenly felt hot and hurt. What a slap?

At least 4 girls were watching at the time. Reina Nawu was ashamed! And She obviously knew for a long time that it was no wonder An Lu was not indifferent to her love.

Holding a 66,000 watch to compare it to a 500,000 Patek Philippe to dazzle others. It's fun to watch.

Spicy chicken!

Who had yellow urine?

Come on brother!

Ashamed and unstoppable, the thought of competing with Wang Yan was immediately extinguished by unknown liquid.

You can afford to wear such expensive watches, even if it was a stranger, you could not provoke him. While the other did not get angry, squint as fast as you can

The brother was not a mellow, brother just values peace!

Huh? What are you doing, An Lu? What fear of the brother's impulse? was it a neurosis? The brother would rather rush to you now. It's impossible to go to Chong Ya again! Do you know what it was to value peace?!!


Mai Ba had made up her mind. She didn't mix in at all. She loved who she was and how they quarreled.

Now thinking about it, suddenly Liu Li had given a thumbs up.

"You're terrific, cow beep!"

Liu Li had smiled and did not take it seriously.

Compared with a famous watch, she appreciated Wang Wang's heart and manner as man money or something, which was not the point at all.

So, whoever loved envy was envious anyway, sister did not care!

Fu Yushi was usually quiet and low-key, but now she was not as calm as Liu Li.

She had opened her mouth slightly, glanced sideways and found Reina Nawu was laughing, and she couldn't help but lean over and grabbed Nawu's waist gently.

Quietly asked: "You all know? Really 500,000?"

Reina Nawu and Fu Yushi, nodded with a grin: "Is there a fake?"

Weiwei and Liu Li followed: "So, what..."

Fu Yushi wanted to ask, why did Wang Yan speak so well but after thinking about it, how people lived with others had nothing to do with her. So, no question was asked.


Huang Xu was the most angry. He shivered with rage asked: "Lin Weiwei, are you with "us" or with a foreign boy you just met?"

Annoyed, but frightened: "With whom am I then?"

Huang Xu owned a supercar of two million yuan, an apartment in the third ring road and two watches of 200,000 yuan and each year expenses of 800,000 yuan. So, no one could beat him.

Therefore, Huang Xu was more able to properly understand what it was than to wear a 500,000 yuan watch than the students present.

In theory, without calculating real estate, it is a reasonable approach to buy two luxury watches of two hundred thousand yuan and one luxury car of two million yuan.

Because cars and watches were used to show strength, consumption in life was not the two things at all. Real rich people understood this.

When you drove a million-yuan luxury car, you should have a corresponding level of quality of life, otherwise, the empty shelf called a foolish ghost would be looked down upon.

Take the standard of living of the imperial capital as an example...

Eating and drinking, dressing, gifts, entertainment, insurance, daily consumption, children's education, health care, and other calculations were necessary expenses of 50,000 yuan per month.

With an annual income of less than 600,000, it could not bear life in the imperial capital!

Any pragmatic adult would have a book in his heart, knowing in what level he was what kind of real estate to buy, what kind of car to drive and what kind of watch to wear.

Huang Xu's father was a typical successful businessman. Two watches, one Breguet and one Rolex were 750,000 and 1.18 million respectively.

Huang Xu was deeply influenced by his father and had used pocket money to buy a watch, which was about 200,000 yuan.

No matter how expensive it was, it was not necessary and second, it was really unaffordable.

His father was neither a horse nor a king. He was a fourth-generation rich second-generation. He had not had a wave in half a year before he bought a watch with more than 200,000 yuan. If the entertainment fee was slightly over the standard, he would have to ask his mother for money.

What kind of family could buy a watch who cost 500,000 yuan for children?


What kind of family-born child could pay 500,000 for a watch?

The parents giving a watch as a gift and buying it with pocket money are totally different.

The former is rich at home.

The latter means that the child's own disposable assets are very exaggerated and the family should be richer.

Anyway, Huang Xu couldn't pull out 250,000 cash.

If he wanted to use the money, he should apply for it with his father and come up with a suitable reason to arrive in minutes.

The reason was a vindictive bet?

The big mouth arrived in minutes.

As soon as Huang Xu thought about it, he heard another whispered by Reina Nawu and Fu Yushi.

"Wangwang has more than 50,000 in the change of WeChat. You haven't seen it. What's so surprising?"

Huang Xu had thought about his coin purse, it seems completely dumbfounded when he had never exceeded 2000.

Who would put so much money in the coin purse?

There is only one reasonable answer: Cary did not lack the 50,000 yuan, so he left it there, scattered and scattered.

In fact, the unreasonable answer was the real answer: there was a link. But who would think about it?

Huang Xu was not mentally ill, so now he was completely frightened by Wang Yan.

Humans were the best creatures at brain supplementation. Huang Xu believed that Wang Yan's family should be awesome and then turned around to recall Wang Yan's performance, the more he pondered, the more he felt shocked.

First of all, manners were very ordinary. The tutor should be particularly good. It should be raised from a young age. It was a bit like an official's child. The eyes were very bright, and the gas field was inexplicably strong.

Talking and doing things was not leaking.

Do not show the mountain, do not show the dew, do not usually hide and do not worry about being provoked... The position of the elders should be more sensitive and correct!

The skin was a little dark and a bit rough as if it was often used for marine sports, but he came from the mining province. Should he go south for vacations every weekend?

If he had dared to wear a Patek Philippe, his parents should be in business, and grandpas are sensitive men...

It's solved!

Consciously that Wang Yan's old man had been uncovered, Huang Xu's heart had given birth to a contented mood. He still hid behind his grandfather. As soon as he licked his ass, Grandpa knew what he wanted to pull! He is awesome. I could not play with him, right?

Did you want to play pigs and tigers with your grandfather? Is your starting point novel read in vain?

Oh, naive!

There was a proud sneer at the corner of Huang Xu's mouth, and then in the nervous gaze of everyone...

Hold your mouth tightly.


Everyone was a little bit aggressive and couldn't help looking at each other.

However, Huang Xu sighed and did not mean to make a fuss with his family.

Everyone was puzzled. Only Guo Zihao could guess half.

In fact, the behavior of Guo Zihao and Huang Xu just showed the two extreme characteristics of most emperors who were rich in the second generation...

First, when encountering foreigners, he had gone crazy to death and his sense of superiority had exploded.

Second, when you encounter something that is hard to touch, you should first estimate it higher. Once you find something wrong, you should immediately clamp your tail.

The special environment of the imperial capital had created the special common characteristics of the second generation of the imperial capital. Wang Yan might never understand that feeling.


Anyway, after Lin Weiwei started talking, anyway, Huang Xu did not say a word for a long time and the tense atmosphere had gradually eased down. But Wang Yan did not calm down for a long time. What was the situation?

Come on, let Lin Weiwei give the group a word?

In fact, it was not Lin Weiwei's words, but the Patek Philippe man.

Strange, right?

In all fairness, Huang Xu had far more property then Wang Yan. So, let the crouching tigers, and the hidden dragons of the imperial capital calm down.

However, the environment in which they live is destined that they will never be like Wang Yan, with only 600,000 and first spend 500,000 to buy a watch.

Everyone was stunned by Wang Yan, a turbulent player who did not play cards according to common sense.

He just kept saying he didn't know anything and even lazy to think about it.

Do you say you're angry?


After a while, Huang Xu had quietly put the watch back on his wrist, as if nothing had happened and Guo Zihao drank.

A few minutes later, Li Yao shook his head and seemed to be just awake, and went to spend time with his elder brother.

A Lu should be guarding Guo Zihao. The unidentified Mai Ba was called by Li Yao, and a bunch of people had become lively again.

Fu Yushi was sitting right in the middle, like a dividing line, separating the two sides.

"It's so thick-skinned," Reina Nawu murmured.

"Drink and drink!" Lu Yuanyuan was reluctant to release the bottle of Spade A Gold.

"Thank you!" Lin Weiwei looked at Wang Yan gratefully. "Here's to you!"

"Happy Birthday."

Wang Yan smiled mildly.

Liu Li had not touched a wine glass for a long time, and at this time also raised a glass to accompany.

At 11 o'clock, Lin Weiwei had announced her departure.

Li Yao and Huang Xu were pardoned and hurriedly left without even tilting their eyes to Wang Yan.

Some people reluctantly looked at someone's eyes.

Someone was teetering and stunned, and then he was hugged by Wang Yan, it was Liu Li.

Wang Yan was full of soft jade and warm fragrance, and his heart was full of agitation and turns into five words: "do you want to go back with me?"

Liu Li was startled, and her doze was startled.

"No no no, I'm so sleepy, I'm going to accompany you to raise the flag tomorrow morning!"

The little white rabbit was so cute, Wang Yan didn't hold back and made a joke: "Go back with me, and I can show it to you right away..."

Liu Li blushes with shame, buries his face in Wang Yan's arms, grabs the dog's waist with both hands, and looks for a place to start.

Liu Li was so ashamed that his face was flushed, and buried his face in Wang Yan's arms, holding his dog's waist with both hands, looking for a place to start. She had touched and felt and suddenly realized that it was not right.

"Why are you a little panicked?"

"After thinking about it, I thought about it and arched back, trying to stretch the distance."

"Dead Wang Wang, now you?"

"Half of my body was soft."

"Wang Wang, let go for me first. Anyone can watch..."

Wang Yan was willing to let go.

"We didn't do anything, just look at me."

After being saved for 10 seconds, Lin Weiwei shouted into the car with anger.

"Get tired of going home, get in the car!"

Wang Yan was quite excited to hear those two words.

"Old driver, do you want to leave?"

"Go... Go, go home!"

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