G of L Chapter 37: The second challenge

Guo Zihao had scolded his face and made everyone shudder.

The singing girl and the other handsome guy had lowered the microphone and had turned around together, leaving only a melodious accompaniment in the room.

Lin Weiwei had frowned, stood up and looked directly at Guo Zihao: "Guo Guo, sit down and rest for a while, eat some fruit and press the wine, you drank too much."

An Lu had also helped and wanted to pull Guo Zihao back to the sofa to rest.

Some people could not control their emotions when they were drunk, and some people could not help them. Either way, you couldn't persuade them they were like a crying child.

Guo Zihao had shaken off An Lu, had stared at her eyes, and lived like a donkey: "Weiwei, don't take care of it! We have to talk to that grandson. No way! That grandson has no intention of playing with us."

Lin Weiwei's expression had suddenly cooled down.

"Guo Zihao, you have to look for things on my birthday, don't you?"

The more Lin Weiwei defended Wang Yan and the more angry Guo Zihao was, and coupled with the spirit of wine, and couldn't control that mouth.

"I'm not looking for something! Is that grandson too terrible? A foreign soil owl, opened up your brother and friend and your classmate, you are still protecting it ?!"

The girls' army had suddenly exploded, and the sentiment was excited.

"Guo Zihao, who do you scold?"

"Don't play if you can't afford it!"

"People are quiet and quiet, what are you doing?"

"Do you want to have a face?"

The firepower was so fierce Guo Zihao didn't know who to watch, and there was nothing to say at all.

At this moment, Huang Xu, who had been watching coldly, suddenly looked at Wang Yan and said insidiously: "Dude, if you have something to solve by yourself you can just sit back and watch and let the bunch of girls make it for you."

Everyone was stunned and looked at Lin Weiwei involuntarily.

Huang Xu was a pursuer of Lin Weiwei. His family was very rich. It seemed that she has cooperation with Lin Weiwei's father's company. Its status was not comparable to that of ordinary students.

Huang Xu was suddenly intervened, and the girls had to wait for Lin Weiwei to let them handle it.

Lin Weiwei was about to open her mouth, and Wang Yan took her arm and dragged down gently: "Weiwei, please sit down."

Then he had looked up at the aggressive Guo Zihao.

"Brother Guo, the game is set by you, and the rules are set by you. I can't drink enough. Playing games is good. I don't have a dime more than you. What - what's wrong with you? "

Wang Yan's tone was neither ill nor slow, sitting on the sofa, his eyes were clear and steady and there was a kind of aura.

After hearing this, Guo Zihao's momentum had stagnated. Wang Yan had not given the other party the opportunity to organize a language and smiled slightly.

"Li Yao didn't drink less but didn't have such a big opinion. After all, it was just a matter of winning or losing."

When Li Yao was Mentioned, everyone could not help but look at him paralyzed on the sofa panting heavily like a dead dog. And the sharp-eyed can sees at a glance that the pile of cash belonging to Li Yao on the table had now disappeared. He had to put them aside. It could be seen that Li Yao was not really drunk and unconscious, but just did not want to blend in with the next thing.

The so-called murderous heart, the pretending to be a dead dog and a drunken maniac, was it only to win and not to lose?

A few girls sneered and sneered.

Wang Yan felt he had not said enough and had caught up to the final blow.

"Otherwise, I will buy the next order, and the gambling will be void. The money will be a gift to the two elder brothers, and I will change the clothes. Let's not hurt the peace. The most important thing is not to affect Wei Wei's interest. We have such a birthday once a year. If we are friends, if we can't help, at least don't add any more?"

In a word, inside and outside, it's airtight. Guo Zihao was so blocked that he almost has blood in his chest. He could not spray it out and could not pee.

The rest of the girls had applauded, laughed and screamed, only to think that the dogs were so embarrassing.

Wang Yan had turned around and beckoned to the waiter again: "Come on, get the QR code, I'll tie it."

Seeing the waiter was really going there, Guo Zihao couldn't wait to figure out how to refute, and he was completely anxious.

He really wanted Wang Yan to settle the bill. Even if today's face was completely smashed to the ground, don't talk about chasing Reina Nawu in the future, and it will be a success with sister Lin Weiwei.

How unpleasant it was to go out. Which emperor could afford to lose such a person?

Guo Zihao was paralyzed and admit defeat! What was he waiting for?

"Go! I'm willing to gamble and lose. Why do you pretend to be a big-tailed wolf? Brother, how much is it?

"23,500 yuan, sir."

"How many?!"

Guo Zihao's action was delayed, and his eyes widened.

The waiter was careful: "Ladies ordered four more bottles of spade A gold and erased the odds for you, for a total of 23,500 yuan."

Guo Zihao was about to spit out his menstrual blood, and he was trembling all over. Turning his head to look at the coffee table over the girls, there were five rows of spades A, and the golden wine bottle was shining under the spotlight.

Immediately before dark. He... He... Was it really willing? Breathing deeply, he gritted his teeth and pulled out a credit card from his wallet and said: "Swipe!"

The first time the little waiter had brushed it out, with sweat on his head whispered: "Sir, the balance is insufficient..."

Guo Zihao's head looked stuffed with shit. He couldn't remember how much Cary could be painted. His Daddy can buy a watch who could cost 60,000 yuan, but it did not mean that pocket money would be so much, Guo Zihao was about to calculate he felt that all the cards plus should be able to make up forty or fifty thousand. But if he swiped one card at a time, it will be too shameful.

Gritting his teeth, he had pulled out a stack of cash from the wallet and threw it to the waiter, pointing to the loot that won from Wang Yan on the coffee table and waved his soul in dismay.

"Count how much the cash is, not enough to pay from the card..."

Nearly thirteen thousand in cash and another ten thousand in credit cards had finally settled the bill. It felt like watching the money that was won with rope life flew away with small wings and even took away most of his own pocket money...


Heart, liver, spleen, lungs and stomach, everything hurts. Guo Zihao had stretched his fingers and pointed at Wang Yan. It seemed that he wanted to talk hard, but he did not release it for a long time. The wallet was emptied, and the brain seemed to be emptied. Poor to this point, but no one was distressed.

Who was weird?

Guo Zihao hated to be a thug, went to the sofa to find something, turned around and wanted to leave.

Huang Xu suddenly called to him: "Zihao come, sit and drink!"

Suddenly, everyone was a little bit upset and the girls had looked at Lin Weiwei, who had turned to stare at Huang Xu. Huang Xu was just like nothing, pulling Guo Zihao for a glass of wine, and then looking back at Wang Yan.

"Brother, isn't the money good? Otherwise, our brother-in-law plays another round?"

As soon as the words were coming out, a whisper had rung out in the box and Huang Xu was about to take the lead for Guo Zihao?

But how good was it that they did not see each other? Another look at Lin Weiwei's frosty face made her realize.


It turned out that because Lin Weiwei was too protective of Wang Yan, and she had some physical contact, it was not pleasing to see Wang Yan simply. Huang Xu was the oldest. He was already half a social person and the richest person in the family. Of course, he had a psychological advantage in front of a group of students.

Who did you want to beat? hardly need to think, my mood can be? You didn't have to think about it.

Guo Zihao wanted to understand what was going on, but he was still moved.

Huang Xu belonged to a real local tyrant family. He could be ranked among the top three, in Lin Weiwei's circle of friends. He usually wanted to make up for nothing. Now he was willing to take the initiative for himself, regardless of the cause, and he had not been guilty! He was excited and excited, but the problem was... He was shy in the bag!

Guo Zihao said suddenly: "Huang Xu, look at me... It doesn't matter."

Huang Xu had patted Guo Zihao's shoulder. "Aren't you still a green water ghost?" Then he had taken off his watch and raised an eyebrow at Wang Yan.

"Little brother, I didn't bring much cash today. I bought this Breguet Navigate for 230,000 and arrived here. Is it enough? Is it still the same rule, 5,000 innings, dare you come?"

Wang Yan was really a little tired, why was everyone using the money to pretend to force him?

Can he afford it?!!

However, Wang Yan still had not said a word, looked up at Lin Weiwei and signaled: You should deal with it.

The newcomers were a little disappointed, they had just stood up and gone back to the sofa again.

The coach was a bit more excited than Bao Yuxin and wished that Wang Yan and Huang Xu would immediately lose each other.

Guo Zihao was a little tangled. He wanted to infuse Wang Yan with revenge and was panicking for a 5,000 bet.

But no matter what, the fart still had to be shot.

"Huang Xu, ah just as soon as you landed outside, you shot more than 200,000 did not you bully people?"

Wang Yan did not think so, it was just a dog bark, Lin Weiwei had finally exploded.

"As soon as Wang Yan got to know me today, he defended me everywhere, took care of my mood and made me feel warm. And you, as a friend who I have known each other for a long time, all of you are masters, depending on your mood, do whatever you want, don't bother for me. Wang Wang had spent 550,000 yuan for half an hour, just like 55 yuan. The guy is more qualified than you! You don't want to take care of you, but be treated as weak by you? You want to beat him, you have asked me? !!"

Lin Weiwei's heart was so irritated that she daringly tore off her smooth mask.

"Wang Wang, can the watch be picked?"

Wang Yan had smiled, took off the watch and laid it on the table, and Lin Weiwei had looked back at Huang Xu, her arms folded and her face cold.

"Huang Xu, I just bought this Patek Philippe this morning. I went with it and it cost 480,000."

Lin Weiwei said quickly: "You call Uncle Huang now and have to pay 250,000 cash to make up the difference and then I will decide for my friend, whatever you want to play, we will accompany you today! How about it, dare you ?!"

There was a moment of silence in the audience, and the needle drop was audible.

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