M. F Chapter 327: Gifts for Parents

Those who have girlfriends have a heartbeat. At the same time, there was a heartbeat in a driver of the Buick Business from Shanghai. Because Qiao Shengan in order to transport the guardian robot, he specially hired a driver of a big GL 8 Business with the rear seat removed.

Then halfway through, Qiao Shengan didn't hold back his inner excitement and dismantled the metal guardian robot's outer packaging. The packaging was easy to remove, and the guardian robot was adopted with a dual-key encryption method. In addition to the keys inside the operating device and the robot, there was also a shield-shaped mechanical key printed with the Monster Heavy Industry logo. This exquisite mechanical key could be used to open the lightweight alloy metal box which had used to house it, or it could be inserted into the back of the guardian robot to activate its overall power control system.

After opening the packaging, Qiao Shengan found the guardian robot is standing quietly inside. Although it was relying on wheeled walking, it makes it less sci-fi and advanced, but the upper part of the robot was cool, and the upper body was very similar to the security robot in science fiction movies. The same silvery-white skull with a dark red metal body.

The driver in the front seat was shocked and frightened. He finally accepted working for this local tyrant. Why did the employer carry a robot?

"Hey... You think... Does it break the law?"

"I paid 120,000 Yuan to you in Shanghai City, and the invoices are all in my hand." Qiao Shengan looked at the suspicious driver strangely: "Do you say it's illegal?"

The driver murmured the prodigal secret and continued driving. And the Buick Business was rolling on the Rossi Expressway when a rippling river appeared on the horizon in the distance and a large cable-stayed bridge across the river. Seeing the lights on the bridge, Qiao Shengan who was immersed in studying robot suddenly became silent.

On the bridge that is getting closer and closer, you can clearly see the words [Yinchi Bridge] under the colorful lights in the middle of the bridge tower. Qiao Shengan was very familiar with this place because it bears the good times of his childhood. A few kilometers west of the bridge was his hometown, Yinchi Village.

He was the only child in the family. Even if his parents suffered, they sent him to Shanghai for college, and Qiao Shengan has been working in Shanghai till now. With a car, a house and a deposit, Qiao Shengan was a standard successful person even in the international metropolis Shanghai.

Qiao Shengan was not the kind of filial who has forgotten his mother, but only after he started his family in Shanghai and started to raise his own children. Qiao Shengan was busy with his career and family, often only returning to his hometown once or twice a year.

"Really... are you too busy?" Thinking of this, Qiao Shengan couldn't help asking himself inside. As his child grows up, Qiao Shengan no longer has to devote too much time to it. The child has his own companion, and he no longer needs his company to go out to play. He was always busy with business... He was s really busy, and entertainment can flow from today to next month. But were these entertainments so important?

Just as he came to participate in the Monster Heavy Industry conference today, it seems to have participated in a very important entertainment. In fact, Qiao Shengan who has more than 5 million followers in the Weibo film critics is asking others to do things in most cases he did not do.

This time, an advertiser contacted him and wanted to ask him to help lead the advertising break for a TV series. But the dinner was pushed, and the advertiser would naturally use other ways to not connect with feelings. Also last month he traveled abroad and played for seven full days.

But why does every time his parents called and asked him if he was busy? If he was not, could he go home and saw them? But Qiao Shengan always said that he was too busy and would definitely go back when he was free. He did not really want to go back, he was used to the bustling life in the city, and he was accustomed to it. Every time he returned to his hometown, and he could only sit on the sofa and played with his phone boringly.

"At about two kilometers ahead, there was a high-speed exit. You get off there, and we go to Yinchi Village."

Qiao Shengan was silent for a long time and suddenly felt that he was very sorry for his parents. And twenty minutes later the Buick Business arrived in Yinchi Village, which was full of lights. It was now more than nine o'clock in the evening, and Qiao Shengan who had no key, ringed to the three-story building and his parents have fallen asleep.

Some neighbors just walked in from the intersection and Qiao Shengan thought maybe they had finished eating in the hotel. When they saw him standing in front of the three-story building with a metal box, they immediately surrounded him warmly.

Yinchi Village is located in the south of Jiangnan Province. Although it was a village, with street lights, cars, and houses could be seen everywhere, just like the town.

Qiao Shengan was one of the best mixed in their village. They were all folks in the village. They saw the enthusiasm of nature.

"Uncle Qiao Shengan, why did not you come back to drive your Audi? What's in your box?" A child holding a big Coke in his arms looked at the big metal box with curiosity.

Qiao Shengan just patted his head with kindness: "I had to look for a car to transport the robot, so I should leave the Audi in Zhongyun parking lot. Because the Audi could not contain this big box." Qiao Shengan smiled bitterly.

"Uncle Qiao Shengan, this is, of course, your gift for your parents."

The parent next to him laughed: "Little handsome, you must use Uncle Shengan as an example when you grow up."

Although Qiao Shengan returned home countless times, every time he returned, he would inevitably bring a lot of very advanced living products and expensive supplements to his parents.

The air conditioners he sent last time were all sky air conditioners that you haven't seen. They look beautiful, and the wind blowing from the wind tunnel was more comfortable. And now Qiao Shengan was back again with a beautiful big metal box, which must contain very high-tech stuff.

The neighbors went to ask Qiao Shengan what was inside. Just at the moment Qiao Shengan's father came to open the door and saw his son return, he immediately clapped his hands and asked the neighbors to come in and sit.

One of the most beautiful habits of the countryside, chatting with each other is a major part of their lives. And without any kindness, all the neighbors went in and the neighbors heard the movement. So, other neighbors came over to joke fun, there was no exception. They were praising Qiao Shengan to honor his parents, and he brought a gift back in the evening.

"The packaging is so exquisite. Is it imported from abroad?"

"Brother, the kind of sleep device you gave to my uncle last time. I also want to buy one for my dad. I found it on the Internet a long time ago."

"That was sent by a friend from the United States. When I return to Shanghai and ask my friend to send another one." Qiao Shengan was not disgusted by these neighbors. It was because of them that he was away. Parents would not be so bored, there were inconveniences in life, and they could come and help.

This was also why the old couple did not want to go to Shanghai to take care of themselves. The old couple couldn't live comfortably in Shanghai because it was just like in jail time. The old man and old lady there were all speaking in a local accent. They could not understand a word in Shanghai and the gap between talking, and insight cannot be integrated into their circle at all.

Because in the town there was no one taking care of each other up to the corner of the road and most of the time if you need help, you had to return to the police for help.

The beautiful metal box that Qiao Shengan brought back made the old couple mistakenly think it was a gift brought by their son.

Qiao Shengan did not complain about spending a lot of money, because the old couple asked him what was here. And the neighbors came to see with excitement, the son brought imported high-tech products, and their faces also had no face. So, he should give this to his parents, Qiao Shengan thought in himself. It happened that he had to drive to go back to Zhongyun City to buy another robot by the way.

Thinking of this, Qiao Shengan took out the shield-shaped mechanical key which was a work of art and inserted it into the groove of the metal box.

"PATA... PATA..." After the sound of the mechanical movement, the metal box bounced open on both sides.

The high-level keys that no one has ever seen, and the products in them, make these fathers and mothers directly look dumbfounded.

"It turns out to be a robot! ... Oh My God... How much does it cost?"

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