G of L Chapter 33: What is it called?

Now that some things have been picked out clearly, it is boring to carry them again.

Wang Yan had taken Liu Li to sit down in the corner, playing with her slim fingers by his left hand, and holding her A4 waistline by his right hand and Liu Li did not resist. She was under the alcohol factor. She had drunk about 10 glasses until now. She had a satisfaction factor.

Wang Yan's game performance was better than she expected and now was the stage of exuberance. To be honest, it's nothing to do with breaking the hunger and thirst of the beginning and the fantasy of beauty because the current social climate was not what it looked like at the beginning of the century. Girls today, as long as they have a little experience, will not take boys' reasonable YY seriously.

Liu Li was only relatively innocent, not stupid, not to know nothing.

There were several big hooligans in her girlfriends. When they say hi, they say everything. For example, Nawu had caught the pigeons a hundred times. What did she not understand about men and women? She did not care if Wang Yan thought about her or even did it, as long as she did not lie, she could keep in touch. And Wang Yan's performance was completely beyond her expectation frank generous and moderately domineering, she was simply mesmerized. Especially when Wang Yan had asked "Do you like me" and drank directly, and Liu Li had felt that her apex was trembling.

Obviously, it was a very ordinary face, but now it looked more and more flavorful. And Liu Li knew that she was falling. The time was much shorter than expected, but it was not love at first sight but gradually won over. She could not blame herself for being too simple, because all her girlfriends were saying good things about him...

Lin Weiwei had said, "Very attractive."

Lu Yuanyuan had said: "It may be a scumbag emotionally, but the person is good."

Wang Xue had said: "You should catch it."

Reina Nawu had said... Reina Nawu did not say anything, and her eyes were almost in.

Even Han Luzhou had said: "This buddy is good, rich, but not so much."

Anything was good, but fate, why was not he? That was him.

Liu Li had completely immersed in sweetness, not only did not avoid Wang Yan's hug but had even shrunk into his arms.

Jiu Jin had gradually poured in, and she had felt hotness coming from deep in her body.

As time passed, Wang Yan was no longer content to touch her little hand, pinch her waist across her clothes but had quietly reached into her clothes. Finally, the skin has blindfolded the palms touched a piece of warm and creamy the skin looked like the top lambskin white jade, without a bit of shabby extremely elastic and there was a feeling of slippery everywhere.


Liu Li squeezed a soft hum from the deep of her throat and had said lazily: "No farther upwards, no farther downwards, at most there... be nice."

Come on, waist on the waist.

Wang Yan was actually not an obedient child, but the occasion was not right, it was normal to slump and it was too disrespectful. Moreover, just the waist was enough to enjoy. A small waist that danced all the year-round, a one-foot, seven-inch sword that killed kidneys. The two were getting tired and crooked, and everyone had finally dispersed over there and started playing.

They wanted to sing and sing and wanted to drink and drink, and wanted to chat and chat, they wanted to find a chance for themselves to implement liberalism to the end.

There were many beauties in the room, and it seemed that few of the new boys were looking for Liu Li as their target, so few people bothered Wang Yan. Very few, which means there were still.

The first wave that came was Wang Xue and Han Luzhou, greeting each other with a wine glass and Wang Yan, saying that they would withdraw first.

Wang Xue was very calm: "We are usually busy and are rarely together, so we won't quarrel with you. We will eat together at noon tomorrow and see you off."

"It is good."

Wang Yan had said nothing, simply drank, and watched the two leave.

When he had gone out, Han Luzhou couldn't help but sigh: "This guy really doesn't look like a high school student."

Wang Xue's evaluation was clear-cut: "In fact, he may not have seen much of the world, and it feels like he has good energy and ability to sustain it."

"It won't be easy, I'm ashamed."

"A few more years, it must be a demon." Wang Xue had shaken her head and gave a sneer of unknown meaning. "Sister Liu Li's luck..."

After Wang Xue's retreat, one man and two women had left, Wang Yan did not know them.

At present, there were 5 boys and 7 girls left in the box, and space was suddenly much more spacious.

However, in such a spacious place, Reina Nawu simply had felt that there was enough room to sit. She had come on Liu Li's side and sat down with a buttock and arched her inside twice, then pulled her from Wang Yan's arms and his embrace.

"Come, let me pause for a while!"

Not to mention Wang Yan had gritted his teeth, Liu Li was dissatisfied and rolled her eyes.

"Why don't you go and hug Lu Yuanyuan?"

"How can you two be petite and cute?" Reina Nawu did not care and had even asked Wang Yan to drink. "Come, Wang Wang, let's go!"

Wang Yan took a sigh of silence, and before he could speak, she sat beside him suddenly.

"Dude, a bit of place! How do I address it?"

Wang Yan looked back and was touched by Liu Li with his leg, trying to make it clear. It looked like Reina Nawu was hiding here from someone.

The man who came after her should be regarded as a young man in his early twenties with broken hair and messy hair wearing pretty stud earring on his ears dressed in a trendy fashion, handsome in appearance and with a suffocated expression.

Wang Yan did not know why Reina Nawu wanted to hide from him, but since she had already come here, he would help to deal with it.

What else? Take Liu Li and surround Reina Nawu?

Nothing to do.

"Wang Yan." A faint response raises a glass to signal: "Drink a mouthful?"

"Guo Zihao, an old emperor. Brother, you are not like local people. Where did you come from? "

Guo Zihao was very drunk and excited. He didn't drink a lot, but he had obviously drunk.

Wang Yan had taken a sip of wine and responded saltily: "It came out of a small place."

"It is said that people obviously do not want to befriend you and that they should withdraw when they are not interested at the time. But where are the interesting people in the wine market? Drink high every day, my boss, my second child."

As soon as Guo Zihao heard that Wang Yan was from a foreign city, his superiority in his heart could not be restrained immediately, and he had condescended to ask: "Brother, are you and Reina Nawu a classmate?"

"Friend's friend."

"That emotional coincidence, I am the friend of Wei Wei's brother. When you meet, you have a destiny, come and go?"

Wang Yan had watched Guo Zihao toast before accompany him to finish a drink. And after drinking, Guo Zihao went to pee.

"What's so interesting about drinking like this? Come on, Nawu, a brother, let's have some fun lively!"

Nawu and Liu Li had bitten their ears, pretending not to hear.

Wang Yan directly refused: "Guo Ge, if you want to drink, I will accompany you. Let's forget about the game now."

After a while working on it, Wang Yan had followed a girl, as if it was An Lu and sat down next to Guo Zihao.

An Lu had pulled Fu Yushi, then waited for Fu Yushi to sit down, followed by another young man and stood opposite the coffee table with a wine glass.

The right-angle area of a sofa was now around seven people.

On the other side of the box, an unidentified girl was pulling Lin Weiwei and Lu Yuanyuan to sing. The two boys joined, and the goal seemed to be Bai Fumei and Lin Weiwei.

You see what this was called!

It was a good thing for you to have a good two-person world.

Wang Yan had stared fiercely at Reina Nawu, and Jiang Jie had narrowed her neck and spit out her tongue with a little sweet smile.

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