M. F Chapter 328: Qiao Shengan Has No Regrets

The excitement at home lasted until eleven o'clock. And the neighbors, while watching the rarity of the robot complimented Qiao Shengan's parents boasting that they had a particularly filial son.

When the neighbors couldn't bear the sorrowfulness, they left, the Qiao Shengan's parents was sixty years old this year, but when they remembered that their son had a habit of eating supper, they deliberately placed a bowl of egg noodles in front of him.

Qiao Shengan was sitting on the sofa and playing with his mobile phone. In fact, in Shanghai, this point is often the beginning of real nightlife. But in his hometown, even if many families had internet and cars. The habit of working and resting still followed the original rhythm. At this moment, when you would go out to find entertainment, you could only find a few stray dogs.

Qiao Shengan asked his mother to go to rest and said that the dishes should be washed by himself. After eating supper, Qiao Shengan still had no drowsiness. He simply brought the controller to operate the robot and lay quietly on the sofa to study the robot. He should be the first ordinary consumer to experience the Guardian Robot. As of now, Qiao Shengan thought the experience was not bad.

The vision system of the robot was provided by Phantom Technology. This company was closely related to the Monster Heavy Industry and had a number of patented technologies in the field of VR technology. The high-definition VR camera and extremely lightweight VR glasses provided by them gave Qiao Shengan a sense of immersion and the realism of his soul coming to the robot.

Being immersive was a major feature of VR technology. The glasses had a built-in gravity sensor, and Qiao Shengan shook his head, and the robot's skull followed. This feeling was particularly interesting.

The wearable controller could be easily buckled on the arm after simplified design. And the direct control of the robot was completed by a small and lightweight universal rudder arranged under the thumb.

Qiao Shengan was controlling the robot to wash dishes. From the VR perspective, he could easily determine the distance of objects around the robot. In addition, the strength of the robot was limited to the level of ordinary people, so the entire dishwashing process was perfect except that the water flow was increased by him.

He does not have to touch cold water with your hands. In winter, he should control the robot to wash dishes, which should be very good for his wife. Maybe it was so boring to the pain of eggs smell. After washing the dishes, Qiao Shengan controlled the robot to sweep the floor again and finally dragged the floor tiles on the first floor again. When he ended, there were still a few minutes to twelve o'clock, Qiao Shengan searched for Tmall flagship store of Monster Heavy Industry on his mobile phone connected by the wireless network home.

At 12 o'clock, the Monster Heavy trade union launched two new products on the market. Qiao Shengan was not interested in the second product. He wanted to see more information about the guardian robot. When the second product was released, Qiao Shengan was busy buying a robot.

Qiao Shengan estimated that the second product was an air purifier or a water purifier. For both products, he imported Dalton's brand at home. The first water inlet device in the world was invented by Dalton Company, and even Buckingham Palace used this brand. Then he logged into the flagship store of Monsters and found that it couldn't be opened, and the page had been buffering.

Qiao Shengan tried to open other websites with his mobile phone, and the web pages could be opened, which proved that the wireless network at home was normal. Under any circumstances, the other stores could be opened, but the flagship store of Monster Heavy Industries could not work.

Qiao Shengan felt very strange. The more he did, the more he wanted to see the flagship store of Monsters.

The reason for the constant buffering was very simple. At this time, the number of visits at the flagship store was close to two million, and the server was overloaded. Those who were far away and had poor Internet speeds could not connect to the server.

Qiao Shengan continued to refresh with unbelief, brushing for half an hour, still buffering. Okay, let's stay here...

The Qiao Shengan's mobile network installed at home, the speed itself was slow. When he was ready to sleep after taking a shower, he refreshed the webpage with a try attitude. And at the speed of the snail crawling, the web page finally revealed the true face of Lushan.

"What happened?" Qiao Shengan was at a loss, staring at the announcement in the shop. There was no limit to the number of robots that can be purchased, and the ionization purifier was limited to one per person per ID. Everything was managed by IT when the background would automatically be judged according to the order information. If there was a different ID, the shipping contact name and number would belong to the same person the sales department had the right to cancel the order.

At present, the three colors of the ionization purifier are shipped randomly, and color selection is not accepted. If the user does not pay within five minutes of submitting the order, the order will be automatically canceled. The product express is downwind by default. If the downwind cannot be reached, the staff will randomly choose the express delivery.

"At the time of the sale of Apple's mobile phones, there was no such notice?"

Qiao Shengan opened the page of the ionization purifier to take a look, and as a result, 40,000 ionization purifiers were sold out and there were no product options but a product introduction. And the following product introduction also had a notice saying that at 10 am, the online flagship store will once again sell 40,000 ionizers. When this batch is sold out and users want to order again, they have to enter the queue waiting mode.

"What is the concept of 40,000 units being sold out within half an hour?" Qiao Shengan couldn't imagine breaking his head, just as he could not understand.

The Guardian Robot had been on the shelves for half an hour before selling a tragic joke. After reading the introduction of robots on the website, Qiao Shengan logged on to the official website of Monster again. As a result, in the Monster Heavy Industry Forum, countless people posted posts to buy ionization purifiers.

"Twelve thousand ionization purifiers of any color are collected. As long as you take a screenshot of the order, you have paid for, and you can earn 4,000 yuan by changing hands."

"Ionization purifiers are collected in the province and can be picked up in person when the goods arrive."

"Little girl is asking for ionization purifiers. Which kind-hearted brother will let me, and I can make a promise by myself."

The more Qiao Shengan looked, the more his mouth widened.

Finally, Qiao Shengan turned to a user who took a screenshot of successful order payment. As a result, the following message asked all the money and more female users took a selfie directly below asking the landlord to talk privately.

Qiao Shengan tried to post a post with an unpacking image of the Guardian Robot he uploaded.

"The landlord must have attended the press conference, otherwise the goods would not be received so quickly."

"I heard that at the press conference, you can buy two ionization purifiers on the spot. Ask the landlord to let one out, and I will double the price."

"Look at the pictures of the ionizer?"

Qiao Shengan's curiosity soared to the apex, he edited the post, saying that he was only concerned about ordering the robot and did not pay attention to the ionizer.

After five seconds...

Qiao Shengan saw the following message rise rapidly, almost laughing at the reply IQ needed to recharge.

"What is the ionization purifier?" Qiao Shengan wondered and continued to edit the post to ask.

"You who missed the most important opportunity in your life, I believe that after watching this video, you will surely rub the twine and look for the beam everywhere."

"Neuropathy, will I have the word regret in my dictionary?" Qiao Shengan hummed and opened the video.

Endless is buffering again?

One card per second, Qiao Shengan paused and when everything was asleep the video was finally buffered.

Qiao Shengan was scared because the number of online viewers reached hundreds of thousands, then he saw a woman in her 30s with light makeup appears in the camera. On the table next to her, there was an ionizing purifier that he had ignored.

Needless to say, this handsome lady, like him, was the lucky one who attended the press conference and could get the product as soon as possible.

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