M. F Chapter 325: Uses of Ionization Purifiers

Let's return to the parking, at this time, the parking lot was fully loaded, and the well-known film critic Qiao Shengan driving an Audi A4L with a Shanghai license plate was driving drastically from outside to the technology center at the conference site. Because since watching the movie, he has been remembering clearly the security robot inside, he has just pushed out from an extremely important entertainment and rushed over to attend the press conference. He felt that he had become a fan of the Monster Heavy Industry and had to take a look and feel for himself.

After finally finding a parking place, Qiao Shengan parked the car and ran to the entrance of the science and technology center. But he was stopped by two security personnel.

"I'm sorry sir. You can't attend this conference without an invitation card."

"I was in a hurry, and I forgot to bring the invitation card." Qiao Shengan looked a little nervous: "I came from Shang Hai, and I had been made a special trip. It's hard to let me go back to get it, right?"

The security personnel scratched their heads: "You can hold your name or your mobile phone number, and our guests have records."


Qiao Shengan pulled out his phone and was ready to zoom in. After showing its cell phone to the security personnel this last one thought he would see the number but he saw a Weibo page. And he was a little confused and said: "We didn't register for Weibo?".

"Look at my name and my fans." Qiao Shengan pointed to his value of 5.07 million fans, embarrassed: "Well, I admit that I don't have an invitation card, but I can help your company for free on Weibo Publicity."

Two minutes later, Qiao Shengan walked into the venue smoothly, and there were two more fans on Weibo.

"Sir, please follow me." A female employee in charge of the reception at the venue with a sweet smile had led Qiao Shengan to the back seat.

At this time, on the holographic projection screen, the second fist product [Ionization Purifier] of Monster Heavy Industries was being played.

"What about robots?" Qiao Shengan looked left and right.

"Sir, our screen projection for the two robots have been realized. If you want to know more, you can log in to our website for a consultation."

"When can I order?" Qiao Shengan didn't even bother to look at the second product.

"Now, sir is you interested in ordering our industrial robot explore, it's for 120,000 Yuan the payment by card."

Qiao Shengan finally got a robot he dreamed of, and it was also the first home-based guardian robot sold by Monster Heavy Industries. It was a huge light-alloy metal box, which also has the logo of the Monster Heavy Industry that made him hot.

"Sir, you can leave your address, and we will send it to you through logistics."

This metal box weighing up to two hundred pounds left Qiao Shengan to feel at a loss, and its Audi couldn't fit in at all. Logistics is too slow. Even if it was a shrinking version far from the security robot in the movie, Qiao Shengan wanted to experience it immediately.

Qiao Shengan was the first to buy a home-based robot when he heard the salesperson accidentally said a leak. Qiao Shengan was even more excited and immediately searched the nearest carrier's phone in Shanghai with his mobile phone. He wanted to be the first experimenter of the robot.

Qiao Shengan was not interested in the second product. But in the official website live broadcast room, millions of viewers have speculated about the performance of the second product which has been noisy. They could not afford the robot, but the second product has already been offered. it costs only eight thousand Yuan!

The price of a 256G Apple 7 Plus is also very small.

For eight thousand Yuan, if the function was practical, these people would gnash their teeth. At least one-third of them could consume from their own savings. This was also considered as the first product of Monster Heavy Industry with a price close to the people. The key was to be practical.

Not to confuse the water purifiers and air purifiers, and it's better to open the stand and set the mouth to set the bet. But some people guessed that it has both functions. After all, a good water purifier on the market would cost five or six thousand, and an air purifier would be better at four or five thousand. The price was more in line with the price of the two products.

The controversy continued into the screen, introducing the internal structure of this product. It was as if a meteor cut through the night sky, and a dazzling light cut through the dark screen. When the light stopped an ionizing purifier with the concept of super running lines and a gem-like smooth shiny shell appeared in people's vision. The shiny shell suddenly opened, revealing the amazing precision components inside.

At the top was a piece of perm alloy magnetic induction material, which looked like flowing gold plating and extra-star metal. The sensing material tilted slightly, and a streamer passed immediately. Without introduction, guests could feel the extraordinariness of this material for no reason. Because its surface was too smooth, even if it was contaminated with dust, it could be as eye-catching as the fireworks in the night sky. And below the induction material was a magnetic generator.

After the guests were directly zoomed in, the winding method, which was more complicated than higher geometry was dizzy. Subsequently, the two presenters came to power.

When Yang Lili saw the guest seats, many people showed great expressions, although they didn't understand she raised the elegant black ionization purifier in her hand and the corner of her mouth slightly tilted: "It is neither an air purifier nor a water purifier."

"Then what is it to be in the end?" The reporters in the following hurriedly turned around and just introduced the content in the holographic projection screen, they were just like listening to the Tian Shu point of the stomach meridian.

"It is used to purify the harmful substances deposited in our skin."

In a word, Yang Lily set off a huge wave.

The first reaction of all female guests at the scene was to touch their faces fiercely.

This... this…

Would this powerful product be used to purify harmful substances deposited in the skin?

The skin is the largest organ of the human body, and it is also a protective barrier for the internal organs. Since birth, man has been dealing with all kinds of chemical and metallic materials all the time. In particular, the damage of cosmetics to the skin, the vast majority of whitening cosmetics products contain heavy metal mercury and the heavy metal lead. Because mercury can quickly whiten the skin when it contacts the skin. And lead will promote the skin's absorption capacity, with its help, many chemical ingredients will be quickly absorbed by the skin. Even big-name cosmetics cannot resist the temptation of these two heavy metal effects. In addition to heavy metals and harmful chemicals, people will also have unsightly pores and red pores because their pores are blocked by harmful substances in their lives, which will naturally affect their health.

What is the skin?

The skin is a signal of health or not, a woman's business card and a woman's dead point. It is also the dead spot for most unmarried men. Xiaobailian (pretty boy), a word that has been coined since ancient times, has often been used to describe men with better skin than women. It is also the object of envy of countless men, not all, maybe half of it.

"Our product is not any skincare device on the market." Yang Lily's soft eyes gradually became confident, and with her voice, the holographic projection behind her suddenly turned into a wavy bay. "This bay is different because the seawater is extremely turbid. Floating foam and oil stains, like colored ribbons, wander through chemical pollution zones."

Even if they could not smell, the guests could imagine how severely this seawater was polluted.

"It is estimated that if you go to take a bath in it, you can send a fat sheep to the dermatology hospital for slaughter."

The picture turned sharply, zoom in and freeze to the middle. There was a clean line on this oil-stained seawater and a piece of exquisite equipment floats on. The next moment, the heavily polluted sea surface was brushed by a purple light, which was cast on it. Even if the guests have a little understood, the oil pollution and chemical pollution zones in the seawater slowly began to gather together to form thick oily objects.

The guests stared at each other and the audience was silent. Because those thick, oily objects were slowly towed to the middle device. And in the seawater, a long-lost clear slowly began to spread. But who's known for how long ago the picture has slowly changed.

Finally, in the eyes of the audience, the same building, the same coastline, the same reef of the bay, changed the appearance like it's another place. And the seawater there was crystal clear, and the waves rolled up by the mighty wind were like jelly, as clear as the skin of a girl. Is it Maldives, Bali? And the people who have traveled to famous beaches think that this beach is the most beautiful in front of them.

"This is the technology of our Monster Heavy Industry. Now we will improve this technology to this ionizer in my hand. Because with it, everyone's skin will return to the purest natural state like that bay."

Return to the purest natural state? What is it like? Will it soft and smooth like a baby? The hearts of the female guests at the scene were already like a volcano that was about to erupt.

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