OPJ Chapter 15: Long live captain Buggy.

"No, I can't do that, this kid does not have to be here! And why would I kill you!?"

Saitama felt puzzled: "I am a hero, and killing people is borderline. Only the villains who take innocent lives need to pay back with their own lives. So I must deal wisely in these cases. Been a criminal is easier than a hero, so I must choose my acts with wisdom. But remember, a hero will not be mercy with them... When you attacked me, you used the back of the sword, so that you could not kill me, so you don't deserve to die."


Zoro sighed and smirked. "You don't seem to be the same as the marines here... and that means you won't kill the man in a straw hat on your shoulder, will you?"

"Luffy!? No, I won't…"

Saitama casually walked like usual and waved his hand with empty eyes. "But his grandfather may do..."


Zoro was stunned. He felt that Luffy has done something superfluous.

"Surely, this marine officer knows Luffy! In that case, Luffy's safety does not need to worry about it."

Zoro was relieved to think of it.

"He's strong! Strong that no one can beat him."

After reassuring himself, Zoro looked carefully at the bald head: "I never thought that one day I would lose with only one punch, it's a shame... May I know your name?"

"Ah, of course!"

Saitama casually pointed to himself with his finger: "My name is Saitama, a hero for fun."

Later, while Tashigi went to be beside Saitama, she said: "Saitama-san is the strongest marine Commodore who guarding the East Blue, and the strongest who keep justice! Roronoa Zoro, you shouldn't attack him!"


Zoro laughed, his eyelids became heavier and heavier, and his body gradually fell down: "I… I will become… The greatest swordsman in the world... And I... Will!"

On her way to Saitama: "That will never happen! The next time we meet, I will defeat you, Roronoa Zoro! That's a promise." Unfortunately, before she finishes her words, Zoro was unconscious.


The next day.

Morgan was detained on Saitama's warship and tied by various Kairoseki handcuffs, then sent to the military court for trial accompanied by Tashigi.

Luffy and Zoro, who were in comatose, stayed in town under Saitama's guard.

Especially after Garp's decision when he was informed about Luffy, he will be in Shells Town in a few days to punish his grandson by a good taste of his iron fist of love.

But things are changeable. Only one day later, the 153rd Branch received a help request from Orange Town.

In Luffy's hospital room, Ripper, hold the help request with a wanted poster to Saitama.

"Who is this, Buggy the Clown!?"

On the other side, Luffy was in a hysterical condition.  After he learns that his Grandfather is coming, he struggled to escape from the island, and every time he tried to skip from the window, Saitama stops him… there is no chance to escape with Saitama's guard.

Running around the room, Luffy saw the wanted note in Ripper's hand. And as usual, he stretched his head near the soldier and read the note then said: "Well... he looks dangerous... it's a big bounty... fifteen million berries. He's really not the person you can deal with..."


Disappointedly, Ripper bowed his head: "It is a shame to say this, but although we maintain justice, we are still not strong enough to deal with those pirates who offer a bounty of tens of millions... But the people are being persecuted, and it is urgent to save and defend them. Luckily, the Commodore here so he c..."

Suddenly Ripper stunned. When he looked behind, he found Luffy's head reading the notes. With anger said: "Stop doing these things!"

Looking to the bounty, Saitama waved his hand and slap Luffy to unconscious him again. "Finally, some quiet! So, where were we? ahh, Buggy the clown! In that case, I'll go right now, but you should take care of this child and the swordsman who is still unconscious in the next bed. The vice admiral Garp will be here, particularly for them in about two days. So don't let them escape during this period."

Ripper Saluted and said: "Understood, sir!"

After these words, Saitama was ready to start his journey to Orange Town.

The sea around Shells Town doesn't need a big army to be controlled. Only a small base named 153 Branch contains a few soldiers. The same to the warships, there is no need for it. So to travel to another island, there is only a civilian merchant ship with a marine logo.

The long arrangements made Saitama felt bored.

Finally, the ship left the dock accompanied by Saitama and his crew, but before that, Saitama promoted Ripper as a commander of the base to defend the town.

Waiting for the ship to completely disappear. Ripper was ready to back to the base to control it and fix Morgan's mess. But before that, and according to the strength he saw from Luffy and Zoro, he preferred to transfer them to the base prison. So that he can be assured that they won't escape because no one could stop them when they woke up.



He found the two marine soldiers were unconscious in Luffy and Zorro's beds. He was stunned: "No… No… No... That's not good!" angrily, he waked up the two soldiers: "Where did they go?"

"We don't remember what happened!"

"That's bad! I just promised the Commodore the prisoners could not escape, and I lost them in less than half an hour! That's terrible! What can I do about this? They must be found out as soon as possible."

So Ripper immediately shouted to the soldiers behind him, "Listen, we must find these two criminals, this is our priority... so all of you must search every place on this island until we found them!"

"Yes, sir!"

Listening to the soldiers' resounding response, Ripper thought about a way to find them: "It's been half an hour. They may have gone to the sea. Looking for them now is like looking for a needle in a haystack! And if we are lucky, how can we stop them!?"


At the same time,

Somewhere in the town, Zoro was fleeing at high speed, carrying Luffy on his shoulder.

Looking at the crossroads: "Left! It's absolutely the left! That's where we were coming from..." he ran for half an hour intuitively, suddenly he stopped: "What?! Marines! Damn!" But because he had no sense of direction, he was running straight into the 153rd branch base... (FFS XD)


Orange town's seaport.

Endless cries.

With the current tragedies situation, the rampant laughter of Pirates echoes over the town.

"Hey, you! Little guy, what are you hide in your pocket?!" A pirate hits an old man and drops him on the ground.

In the town square, hundreds of Pirates surround their leader like a star, the 'Red Nose Buggy.'

The ground was piled with stolen jewelry and money.

"It's really upsetting. Is there only this money in such a big town?"

Buggy, who was dressed a furry cloak, sat with disgruntled feeling:  "I didn't expect all of them was poor... such losers! There is nothing useful here! All the treasures have been collected..." Looking to his crew and angrily said: "There is no need to let them live! Let's blow up the town with cannonballs… Iiihahahahaha…"

Hundreds of lives were nothing according to his crimes. The blood on their knives was not dry yet, and he spoke about them without any conscience pangs. Even his crew were excited as if they were going to the temple: "long live captain Buggy!"


This was the bloody truth of the age of the greatest pirates.

Whatever the reason. Even Roger, the Pirate King, who opened this evil era, was not forgiven for his sins and deserved the death penalty...

The so-called freedom and dreams of pirates are built on the blood and bones of countless civilians.

Every person in the East blue was afraid that the day they will die under the pirates' swords.

In such a dark age... There was an urgent desire for...

'The emergence of Heroes!'

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