M. F Chapter 326: Purchase Restrictions

The energy of this volcano is comparable to that of Yellowstone National Parc in Wyoming state in the USA because After sees the heavily polluted sea on the screen then purified to an unprecedented purity, the female guests at the scene were almost out of control.

With that, doesn't that mean the skin is no longer worried about being attacked by any toxins and metal chemicals? Whether using a variety of skincare products or doing a variety of skin care. It's all about making the skin tone healthier and more beautiful, but often it doesn't work as expected. Especially after long-term use of cosmetics, the appearance of the plain face can scare people away. This is because the skin is eroded by chemical products for a long time and loses its ability to mediate.

If they could clean up these deposited chemical toxins? Was not it possible to buy as much as they want, and Su Yan will also be beautiful? And the male guests were not much better.

The principles are the same as the technology to clean up large bay pollution. Not to mention that the price is too small to be small. It was only eight thousand Yuan! It's really a price close to the people's limit.

All the guests present, not to mention who was wanted to buy one or buying ten. When Yang Lily was preparing to introduce the use of the product and precautions. They did not give her a chance at all, and more than half of the female guests stood up.

"Can this product remove keratin?"

"Can the acne on my face be removed with this product?"

"My skin has been using cosmetics for a long time, and now it is very dark and susceptible to allergies. Can I use this product?"

"The pores on my legs are relatively large. Can it help me return to normal levels?"

Yang Lily and Kong Tao's expressions were a bit dull. Every one of these guests was the same as those old ladies encountered in the supermarket promotion. Not to mention the reaction in the official website broadcast room was even more exaggerated. At first, they looked at the water purifier and the air purifier brushed on the screen and then were asking how to buy this product.

"Hey, hey ~ I said you don't care about your body? Is the ionization released by this product harmful to the human body?" On the guest table, a young and handsome male guest stood up. He looked at the female guests with a very incomprehensible look. His tone was full of complaints: "You people, for the sake of beauty, and you don't even care about health."

The handsome male guest was obviously the one with the skin so good that he didn't need an ionizer. Naturally, he could relatively calmly analyze the advantages and disadvantages of this product.

"Many ordinary household products carry electromagnetic radiation. Such as mobile phones, computers, induction cookers, microwave ovens. If the power of this product is greater. In case this product can indeed remove harmful substances from the skin, could it also remove favorable substances from the body at the same time? What to do in this case? Such an example, radiotherapy can destroy healthy cells while killing malignant cells."

But… These women had no interest in this loud questioning. They have been fascinated by the amazing purification technology shown on the holographic screen. And… These women, who are older and have a hard time understanding the pursuit of the questioning needed to be more cautious when they hear questions.

Yang Lily and Kong Tao also heard questioning voices. In fact, this was what they would focus on below.

Seeing that most people were still confused, Kong Tao took out a strong magnet and a metal piece from his pocket. He has been going to do a very easy to understand experiment for everyone. The metal was placed on the back of the right hand. The strong magnet was held in the left hand and slowly moved toward the right palm. Under the attraction of the magnetic field, the metal piece placed on the back of the hand also started to move slightly.

"This is a very simple experiment, and elementary school students can do it at will." Kong Tao shook his fingers and let the metal piece fall under his hand.

"Just the magnetic field generated by the magnet can penetrate a piece of metal weighing 30 grams but could not penetrate my palm." Kong Tao raised his head and smiled at the audience: "The magnetic field generated by the magnet has no harm to the human body. This is Proven for hundreds of years. So, we ionize the magnetic field generated by the purifier to pull harmful substances that are millions of times lighter than magnets and naturally will not have any adverse effects on the human body."

"Our equipment has passed various national certifications. You can also use any testing method that conforms to the process to detect its impact on the human body. Of course, when you use our products, don't play with electronic products."

Someone’s in the guest seats have already left the hall. Instead of walking towards the door, they went to the product ordering area. The remaining people couldn't sit still, touching the bank cards one by one, with a worried expression that they might be out of stock late.

"Listen to me everyone please does not push; we have sufficient stock." The employees in the sales area were already nervous enough to this stand-up, and the staff responsible for the reception service also-ran here, preparing to maintain order.

"I want ten." The pretty lady at the front has taken the initiative to pass the bank card to the credit card machine.

"I want twenty." The second man was not far behind.

The two employees looked at each other and quickly asked the manager with a headset intercom.

Ye Qing was behind the scenes. This kind of scene of being snapped up before the word of mouth of the product even started, he didn't expect it. For that reason, in order to prevent others from buying in bulk, he asked them to go back to selling at a higher price. Ye Qing had to make a tentative decision first, and each guest on the scene could only buy a maximum of two.

This is also a kind of feedback to the guests who could take the time to attend the press conference. Because of the ionization purifier, Ye Qing had limited to one per person when he was ready to sell. Because a few guests brought the driver and secretary and without exception, these people have all purchased two.

In the official website live broadcast room, countless people were crazy asking how to buy an ionizer. The barrage burst and they went to the forum again. Every time when they refresh, there was bound to be a new page of users asking how to buy. And because the conference was transferred to the sales mode in advance. The staff of the network department immediately issued a news announcement on the official website, saying that they would put the ionization generator and robot on the Tmall flagship store at 12 a.m.

There was no limit to the number of robots. Ionization generators were limited to one per ID. On the first day, 40,000 products of Ionization generators would be on shelves. Now, at this point, there were two and a half hours before the product goes on sale.

Those viewers who were attracted to the Monster Heavy Industry official website's live broadcast room because of the movie "She from the Alien" saw many people's first reaction was to check the bank card balance. Of these many people, 80% were women. But young men should be relatively calm. On the one hand, the effect of the ionization purifier had not yet been reported. On the other hand, 8,000 yuan was not a small amount for many young people. They must consider it carefully.

However, a barrage suddenly caused these young men with girlfriends to fall into boundless fear.

"It's over. It's over. My girlfriend just called and she asked me if I loved her."

"I said, yes I love her..."

"She sent me a Monster Heavy product introduction to me..."

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