M. F Chapter 313: If Sales Is Empty

There was a lot of attracted attention in China's population, with the approaching of the release date of the film "She from the Alien."

Basically, the posters at the entrances of the major cities were painted with the interstellar spacecraft that fell from the sky.

Ye Qing had also followed the promotion, he had been letting the company's employees on the official website, there were two new products that will shock the online news.

As soon as the robot's web news was finished, the network department began to produce the second.

There were two types of robots, industrial and domestic, and the name was also been officially changed to the commercial name after the stereotype.

[Explorer 1], [Guardian 1].

The explorer is for industrial use, and the guardian is for home use.

The improved robots; The industrial type still uses the alloy operating suite with strengthens the joints and stability, and the home type is improved into a wearable made of soft composite materials.

After replacing the VR camera and VR display, the robot's operability is greatly improved.

Even ordinary and new people to the machine can easily point the robot hand at objects. The industrial version adds strength feedback, while the home version limits the strength and strength of the robot's arms to ordinary people.

And the robot hand is wrapped with a softer synthetic material, which can avoid the embarrassment of novices crushing eggs or glass.

Two kinds of robots with different uses have detailed HD pictures on their websites.

As soon as this news came out, Ye Qing thought he could get some praise. But in the end, he was almost questioned throughout.

"Robot? According to the official website news, this kind of robot must be controlled by human hands. There does not seem to be any intelligent software driver. What he can do, we can do the same. I think it is not as practical as mechanical engineering chairs were loved by the majority of users. "

"I said, what's the matter with Monster Heavy Industry? I cannot learn from Huawei, Xiaomi, or even Apple, and produce some products that are close to life?"

"Although there is no price, according to mechanical engineering chairs, this robot will never be cheap. Poor people like me must not be able to afford it."

"If this kind of robot can really perfectly simulate human hand movements. It will definitely shine in industry and medicine. But in the family, if you have money to buy it, you can hire a nanny."

"This robot is certainly not cheap. Even the giants of network terminal equipment manufacturing, such as Huawei, have followed the introduction of low-priced mobile phones. Monster Heavy Industry products are good, but the price..."

At present, the official website of Monsters Heavy Industry had about 20,000 daily active members.

Most of these people are customers of mechanical engineering chairs. In addition to communicating some fun control programs, they also talked about economic and current affairs in the forum.

After all, the eighty-eight thousand engineering chairs that could be bought were themselves reserved by local tyrants well-informed. When these tyrants get together, they naturally have many common topics.

They have always believed this kind of robot that Monster Heavy Industry is about to launch is another type of Titan 1. It was only suitable for industrial use. It is not used in family life.

After all, in the consciousness of these users. The robot must have a high degree of intelligence, such as the ability to bring tea and water by itself and clean them for a living.

It is better to do everything for yourself than to do it yourself.

Is it a protector?

Just the name makes them feel inappropriate, and it is better to call it by the remote-control robot.

Although the first product impressed them. Then, when the second product news was published, they were collectively confused.

[Ionization Purifier].

Although this product had a name, it is the working method and the three different colors of high-definition pictures did not let the users still did not know exactly what it does.

Slightly larger than an Apple 7p, with streamlined beautiful lines and a two-inch LCD display panel.

As an innovative product that Ye Qing has defined. The answer was always revealed at the last minute. As being on the market, it was even more sought after than the iPhone.

Like many technology companies, it played a trick called marketing.

"Ionization purifier? I guess it is a water purifier that can use ionization to absorb impurities in water."

"How do you purify water with this appearance? I guess it's air purification equipment. Haze is more common in big cities now. My wife suffers from asthma. Every autumn, she will have difficulty breathing because of poor air. The air purifiers produced by the company have little effect. The Monster Heavy Industry will produce air purifiers. I will definitely put a few in the home. "

"One hundred percent is an air purifier. Ionization can turn fine dust into charged particles and move in the direction of opposite magnetic poles. However, products with similar technologies have appeared on the market. And more are gimmicks, which are not practical."

In the office, Ye Qing used its mobile phone to brush the official website for most of the day. When he saw this group of users guessing and discussing the function of the second product, the corner of his mouth rises slightly, showing a satisfied smile.

Within five days, two new products launched by Monster Heavy Industry will meet with users.

Ye Qing had conceived that after watching the product demonstration, the ionization purifier will surely make them fall into a crazy buying force.

Before going on the market, the two products also need to obtain sales licenses, 3c certification, and Internet access certificates.

The certification of the ionization purifier was well obtained. It was sent to the testing agency to detect that the ionizing magnetic field generated when it works will not cause harm to the human body.

The industrial robot its verification was done without any obstacles for use. Home robots need to be rigorously tested for their safety.

In other cities, safety testing may take a month or two to get a certificate. In Shanghai, as the first heavy taxpayer and has made a lot of contributions to the Monster Heavy Factory, it deserves to enjoy the privilege of expediting these certifications.

The first application of 3c certification is more complicated. It is necessary to register the factory name first and entrust the agency to inspect the factory. After that, the application will be much smoother, especially if it has already been obtained; including patent applications, product certification has been carried out from the moment the project was just approved. Two days later, the network information laboratory, mechanical laboratory, industrial and commercial bureau, and quality supervision bureau of Shanghai University jointly issued a product inspection report.

Detection and confirmation: [Guardian Type 1] mobile network access technology, because of its innovative use of unbreakable hardware encryption technology, can pass network security certification.

Structural certification is no problem. The safety structure designed by the ingenious Master Craftsman made a group of engineers in the mechanical laboratory almost were dumbfounded at his structure.

The certification was obtained. On the day when the product goes online. It was expected that the machine will be able to stock 10,000 units and the ionization purifier may be stocked by 100,000 units.

When the sale runs out, funds for upgrading the monster factory's fifth stage will be available.

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