G of L Chapter 96: Skr.


Liu Li rushed into the bedroom like a gust of wind and found there was no one in the room. She stopped for a moment and rushed towards Fu Yushi's bedroom. Pushing the door in, she saw her two honey sand sculptures' best friends were hammering Lin Weiwei.

"I'll let your skin! Skin is fun, isn't it? Come on; let us have fun with you!"

"Oh, it hurts, it hurts! Big bear, let go of your hands, my back hurts!"

"It's true the pain just hurts. If it doesn't hurt, can you improve your memory if it doesn't hurt?"

"Increase the memory?" 

"My old lady cares whether her memory will increase or not because she has kept her awake, and she wanted her to die when she was sick."

"What's the matter? Have you just experienced a car accident? Why did everything get loud all at once?"

Liu Li was at a loss. She didn't know the cause and effect, but she was uncurious. These honey sands sculptured girlfriends could do it at any time. While Lin Weiwei was pressed on the bed by the two girlfriends, she rushed over in two steps and carefully observed Weiwei's shoulders and she was relieved instead.

It is almost impossible for a child who has never suffered any injury to learn dance. 

She has become a good doctor after a long time to deal with accidents and had her judgment on traumatic injuries. Lin Weiwei's condition was a trauma that looked serious but was easy to recover. As long as she was careful with dredging, she could even have no scars. So, Liu Li said angrily: "Weiwei is like this, and you guys are still fighting with her!"

"Huh? Why did you come back?"

"Oh, the dog told you?"

"Baby Liu Li, come and help me!"

Liu Li ignored them, frowning, and asked: "Why don't you look for the ice bag?"

"Reina Nawu is going..."

"The ice bag is coming!"

Without replying, Reina Nawu carried a few small cloth bags and half a bucket of broken pieces. When she rushed into the door, saw Liu Li, and was slightly taken aback: "Huh? Didn't you say you didn't tell Liu Li about it?"

"Yes, it's okay to hide it from me!" Liu Li scowled: "Hidden in Fu Yushi's bedroom for the treatment of injuries?!"


Lin Weiwei smiled embarrassedly and Liu Li sullenly made an ice pack to help her apply ice.

"You have to apply ice at least four times tonight. Don't go home, just live here."


Lin Weiwei nodded obediently, Reina Nawu, Fu Yushi, and Lu Yuanyuan faced Liu Li who suddenly had exuded low air pressure and also didn't dare to peel again and had worked quickly.

Lin Weiwei hissed with pain as soon as the ice pack was put on the wound, but she didn't dare to shout, so she had winked at Fu Yushi.

No one could guess why Liu Li's mood suddenly fell so low. 

In fact, she just suddenly wanted to understand one thing. Why didn't Lin Weiwei want to disturb her rehearsal and chose even to hide in Fu Yushi's bedroom? So, what about Wang Yan?!

How much of the skin and badness showed by Wang Wang wanted to prevent her from visiting her best girlfriend?

Liu Li could understand everyone is doing it for their own good. They didn't want her to be distracted at the critical moment, and she was very grateful for this, but the irritability and guilt were still uncontrollable, growing and spreading like blue algae in the sea.

Just so silently helping Lin Weiwei treat the wound, she never asked about Wang Yan. When the first 20 minutes were over, Liu Li let go, exhaling a long suffocating breath, and her tone returned to normal.

"Then I'll rehearse first and come back to bring you porridge. Don't you guys anymore, you know?"

"Uh, uh, uh!"

Everyone nodded obediently, and when Liu Li went out, they let out a sigh of relief. 

Reina Nawu stuck out her tongue: "Wow! It's scary when Liu Li is angry!" 

In fact, it is not that Liu Li was terrible, but because everyone had a guilty conscience. Just like a kid who did something wrong, you don't scold him, but show feelings of loss, self-blame, pain, etc., and he will also feel anxious.

"Then will you tell her about Wang Yan later?" Lu Yuanyuan asked with interest.

"Say it!" Lin Weiwei waved her hand carelessly: "All praise to me, praise to death!"

Fu Yushi couldn't help but complain: "You can't wait to send Liu Li into the dog's claws..." 

"Otherwise What to do? It's a shame to miss it, okay?!" 

Lin Weiwei calmly revealed the matter, but everyone was stunned. For a while, there was no idea what to say, and there was a moment of silence in the bedroom. 


In the twinkling of an eye, the time came to midnight. After finishing the last ice compress, Lin Weiwei had followed Liu Li to the bathroom and brushed her teeth grinning. After spitting out the foam, she had suddenly turned her head and looked at Liu Li sincerely. 

"The dog is as beautiful as Lao Han and can make me feel my heart is beating faster, I think today, maybe he is more than just touched. Before, I suggested you looked again, but now I think this guy deserves vigorous vigor. I love you. Actually, I'm still unoptimistic about your future, but today's events have made me realize that people need to still live in the present. No matter what you decide, I will always support you."

Lin Weiwei was still the one with high EQ and a fresh atmosphere. At that time, Liu Li's whole body was full of fatigue, but smiled sweetly, and said softly: "Sister Weiwei, don't worry, I'm not stupid." And the communication ended here. 


When he woke up the next morning, Wang Yan's soreness really worsened. 

According to the doctor, the strain is the most uncomfortable on the second day, but as long as the physical fitness is good, it will basically recover from the third day.

Simply doing stretching, Wang Yan had observed several traumas and felt he is recovering faster than expected and was deeply scabs.

In the morning, he was reading books and couldn't go swimming in the afternoon, so Wang Yan went to the spa and asked Miss Yuan Xiang for a relaxing massage, and during the massage and chatting, Wang Yan had discovered a new thing. She exercised her strength all year round, exercised finger strength, and paid great attention to the care of her hands. Thus, the muscles of the hands were extremely elastic, at the same time, and the palm prints were extremely shallow, so that small hands were much more slippery than normal women.

Well, in fact, only one-word could sum that -- comfortable -- In fact, there were more things than the word comfortable but they could be unwritten. 

According to its observation, Miss Yuan Xiang seemed to be happy to provide a higher level of massage for certain clients. With the exquisite level of her small hands, as well as her grasp of acupuncture points, techniques, and sensitive points, it must be an indescribable experience. However, he didn't think about anything, so he didn't dare... Ah! He was really uninterested.

Head massage, ears, squeeze acne, please consciously face the wall if he wanted to be crooked.

Happy to kill time until 4:30 in the afternoon, Wu Fanlin came to the hotel downstairs, pick up Wang Yan out. As soon as they met, the brother started to rap again.

"Hey, Dear Wang, how are you doing today? Did something interesting happen? Is the wound still hurting?"

"Brother, you were handsome yesterday, from the overpass of Beihai, you've got a lot of adoration from your buddies. Brother, many girls looked at your video yesterday. When they looked at you, they had suspicion... Brother, please hand out your micro signals, and that is really a very close one."


Dude, you really didn't leave that big bowl of wide face head for nothing!

Wang Yan was shaking his head to follow the rhythm and suddenly reacted, shocked.

"I rely on it! Who is so cheap? Why are you patting me?!"


"I won't lie to you; in fact, I am a rapper who is unemotional."

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