M. F Chapter 222: Educated leader

In the forum, the hundreds of thousands of spectators who had been brought Doudou had completely forgotten her.

They are all talking about the Mechanical Colossus Type I, and the content of the discussion is called the domineering.

All of them are young people, and they are cold and ugly to see the domestic machinery in the science fiction movie.

They felt that they can finally raise their eyebrows and breathe.

An arise curtain, and someone said, "that Caterpillar is what and Komatsu is what?"

As long as this video is forwarded to foreign websites, those foreigners who despise domestic industrial machinery all day can absolutely be scared the bile.

Subsequently, a user in the forum with the ID of [Qianlong River] published a post.

The post is called --- the expression pack you want!

There is also a network disk download connection, and the download volume broke through 30,000 in just five minutes.

This is a freshly baked Mechanical Colossus Type I expression pack.

The following comments are simply smashed, and a page can be brushed in a few seconds.

These people are all in the show expression pack.

The Mechanical Colossus Type I salute, swaying, and clapping with the mechanical arm, in front of the guests' seat to do the seductive gesture.

Each expression pack is also equipped with text, and the salute is accompanied by [the boss is good!]

With the mechanical claws facing the guests, with [Little handsome, come play!]

Then the expression pack went crazy, and the young people brought by Doudou just downloaded them and distributed in groups over there.

People asked her which movie it was.

They were very fright to let those people go to Doudou.


Some people are happy, others are sad!

The entire team of Zhongyun City, because of some unspeakable reasons, spoiled the first impression.

How to remedy it, it was immediately put on the agenda.

They have six hours.

The first day of the inspection team's trip was the first stop to inspect the spiritual and civilized outlook of the staff of the Municipal Party Committee and briefly review the urban and industrial construction plan of Zhongyun.

That was to say, from now on, until 8 pm, the inspection team's itinerary will be arranged by the Zhongyun Municipal Committee.

From tomorrow, the inspection team will be dispersed to various places in Zhongyun City for independent review and evaluation.

By the end of the session, there was not much they can do on this side, the level of civilization of the broad masses of citizens, and the appearance of the city is the key.


Even if the latter two levels can be passed, they can't pass the mental outlook of their leadership team.

Because Gao Fengming was very professional and pointed out professionally that there were a lot of fraudulent situations in the promotional film produced by the Propaganda Department of the Municipal Committee.

This is, it was a very small misunderstanding, the Mechanical Colossus Type I, in fact, actually a pearl of their industrial technology in Zhongyun City!

The two mayors carefully established in the car, as long as Gao Fengming team leader, really understand the Mechanical Colossus Type I, then this small misunderstanding can be dispelled.

It is a pity that this is at The Urban Health Inspection of Civilization, not of an Industrial and Technology inspection.

The two mayors are naturally unwilling to cover up the situation and go to Gao Fengming team leader.

How to introduce the Mechanical Colossus Type I?

It is best to let Gao Fengming team leader see by chance and see the real power of the Mechanical Colossus Type I.

Therefore, the afternoon trip should be slightly modified.

The first stop to visit the sewage treatment station plans to change, but to visit the environmental sanitation of the industrial park.

Monster Heavy Factory held a Mechanical Colossus Type I product launch today, the two mayors know.

The Park Authority has representatives to attend, and the URA has also gone to several people to visit the Mechanical Colossus Type I.

According to the news they sent back, the exhibition site was going crazy.

There are twenty-one Mechanical Colossus Type I dancing, and small apples dancing.

As long as they are on the development zone, the two mayors believe that Gao Fengming, the team leader, will probably be interested in seeing the huge poster.

Then the beautiful misunderstanding will disappear.

Mayor Xia Yuming, while quietly said in the ear of the secretary, explained to arrange the visits on the other side of the park, where some suffering was accompanied by the high Gao Fengming group leader. 

From the beginning of his departure from the airport, Gao Fengming’s team leader looked extraordinarily cold and serious.

When a group of people visited the office of the convenience, the leader of Gao Fengming asked the operator about the handling of complaints and suggestions made by some people, he smiled slightly.

The Vice Mayor, Mr. Wu Shunyun, had some shortage of obstacles in his heart.

When Gao Fengming’s team leader met those grassroots personnel, he became very well at talking.

When facing these people, he was serious enough to make people felt frightened.

After a while, the members of the inspection team finally proposed to take a turn in Zhongyun City and get familiar with the environment.

Five minutes later, the team ran towards the development zone.

The two mayors deliberately changed their itinerary temporarily, and even they spent a lot of money, and the strong ionized sewage treatment equipment rented from the Monster Heavy Factory did not make the first stop.

In order to be able to hurry up, let the team pass there before the end of the event in front of the park exhibition hall.

At the product show of the Mechanical Colossus Type I, there were staff members who kept reporting the news.

In the car, the two mayors who received the report from Xindi were happy.

There was a strong construction capability of the Mechanical Colossus Type I, and the staff also sent a small video.

In the video, two Mechanical Colossus Type I stood face to face, one with a large thick steel plate holding the city gate, and the other with two broken mountain hammers, which launched a fatal blow to the thick steel plate.

"Boom!" "Boom!" "Boom!"

Every time a huge blow, Wu Shunyun holds the right hand of the mobile phone and can't help but shake it.

The steel plate deforms rapidly, and in the gap between the strikes, there is a loud cheer from the guests' table.

"It's too late, we are all signal-controlled, all green lights." Mayor Xia Yuming finally breathed a sigh of relief.


When the team turned out of the main road and drove into the new color road, the CMB car of the front inspection team suddenly lit the right turn signal and then turned into the parking lot next to the color bridge.

"What's happening here?"

“Color Street is a tourist attraction. The inspection team should not wait for two days to check it separately?”

Vice Mayor Wu Shunyun also could not understand.

If you don't understand it, you have to get off the car.

After driving into the parking lot together, Gao Fengming, the team leader, got off the car with the inspection team.

"I want to look at the color-clothing bridge first, that twenty-four female ladies figure."

Gao Fengming team leader rushed to the two mayors and nodded:

"Painting is also my hobby,"

I have studied the techniques of Tang Liuru and Qiu Ying for a few years. ”

What can the two mayors say? He just stayed in the street for one night, and they had to pinch their noses to do so.

The pedestrians walked toward the Caiyi Bridge and became one of the main cultural cards in Zhongyun City.

The sanitary environment of Caiyi Street is naturally good.

The dust on the ground could not be wiped out. The pedestrians and vendors in the past, aiming at this group of "visitors," became polite and civilized.

The hair was a bit mottled, but the grandmother who walked but was very stable plans to cross the road, and immediately, several people rushed over to help her.

No way, who are the two mayors who showed up on TV every other day?

"Why? Not yet." before reached the bridge, the leader of Gao Fengming team leader suddenly collapsed.

His eyes fixed on the curb on the side of the road and even issued three words.

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