M. F Chapter 226: Rescue Tools

Originally, at least two cranes were needed, and ten workers at first to divert traffic and then set up the work area, sweating and waving for an hour or two.

It was finished in two minutes by the Mechanical Colossus Type I.

This is related to the top driving skills of the master laborers, but it's useless to have more master laborers without the Mechanical Colossus Type I.

The dumped street lamp, which was also a headache, was switched off the switch of the distribution box.

The Mechanical Colossus Type I replaced the tool directly, cut it off like sugarcane and inserted it under the roadbed.

The driver whose heavy truck was smashed and was caught like the pond fish stared at the Mechanical Colossus Type I and yelled at the policeman next to him:

"He has to pull out the pipes..."

"The crane truck was blocked in the back. After the road is cleared, we will let it come and hang them at no cost."

Two traffic policemen were equally eyeful: "It's important to clear the corridor now."

"Bang bang, bang."

The Mechanical Colossus Type I rushed the driver to hook, and patted the heavy truck's b**t gently, indicating that he could go.

"Moving up, quickly everyone does not take pictures and video, and quickly get on his car and follow the directions of the traffic to free the traffic."

Only then did the two traffic policemen recover and rush to the intersection to direct the traffic.

The traffic flow of the traffic was slowly staggered under the command of two traffic policemen.

But Gao Fengming's team leader was reluctant to get on the car.

The neatly arranged sand-pumping steel pipes in the River Ditch and the base of the street lamp with a smooth and mirror-like break made his heart roll up.

Originally thought to be a gourd, the result was a dragon.

More the construction professionals and urban science scientists will be concerned, more we will have awe in the industry!

Next, to all the private owners' car, one by one an expression of surprise, that is also time to see the science fiction blockbuster.

They feel shocked, but they don't understand the original meaning of it.

Seeing the fraud, the team leader Gao Fengming was very angry.

Now, Gao Fengming's team leader is in a mess.

This is an innovative industrial technology that breaks the traditional mechanical structure, and this equipment will undoubtedly shine in the construction field.

There are also rescue areas!

If every fire brigade has a piece of rescue equipment like this.

How many lives will that save?

Looking back now, the Mechanical Colossus Type I on the promotional film, a whole set of movements in the film are impossible to do it now.

Passive hands and feet are the material!

This should be something that the construction team assisted in the shooting.

Now the Mechanical Colossus Type I has proven to be extraordinary.

"Monster Heavy Factory?"

The  team leader Gao Fengming turned around and unnaturally asked the two mayors next to him:

“This is a Sino-foreign joint venture, or...”

“This is a purely domestic enterprise, just in our Zhongyun City, and it is a company that produces metal fast engraving machines.”

The two mayors hate to be able to hold the driver’s kiss, without this congestion, how is the high leader?

Will it completely reverse his previous image of the promo?


Ye Qing is shopping. At 6 p.m., the inspection team staying in Zhongyun will come to Longxi Beach to visit the production of the kerbstone.

The kerbstone leaves have long been dry, and there is no mechanical make-up to make stones.

Others want to make stone carvings, buy the fast engraving machine directly, and then use the polishing machine to throw it again after processing.

This can make up for the lack of precision of the sales version of the engraving machine, and the slowness is much slower, but it can be compensated by the quantity.

To be honest, Ye Qing does not like to be visited and inspected.

A large group of people messed up, yelling and screaming, after a lap, they patted their a** and left without buying anything.

A large group of people was in a mess.

After yelling and screaming for a look, they patted their bu**s and went away without buying anything.

Nevertheless, after N years of mixing up in Zhongyun City, the title of the National Health civilized city has not been confused.

This inspection team, Ye Qing, to some extent, should help out.

This has nothing to do with political investment.

Ye Qing is just doing his best for his hometown city.

So the inspection team came, and Ye Qing planned to hand-deliver a meaningful souvenir.

Gifts can't be expensive.

They have to be liked.

After hearing the ingenious master report, saying that there are many women in the inspection team, Ye Qing had a plan in mind.

At five o'clock in the afternoon, Ye Qing, who came back from the shopping, assembled two master artisans, and started the first processing procedure of the gift. 

Two master artisans also purposely tidied up a warehouse and came out.

They rediscovered the roadside stones which they had arranged in some corner.

They washed the dust with water and put it in front of the metal rapid engraving machine.

For this reason, who knows if this visit will please the group leader, Ye Qing does not know, but he will certainly be able to please all female members.

At 5:50, Ye Qing took two metal experts to welcome the arrival of the inspection team on the newly built main road.

The inspection team has already entered the Longxitan area.

Looking far away, Gao Fengming team leader and other members have already seen a piece of the factory building that is located on the beach and has a modern feel.

Monster Heavy Industry!

Gao Fengming’s team leader was thinking about this name all the way. He was simply circling around the park, and he couldn’t wait to go to the behemoth heavy work.

Because of this name, he was given too many surprises.

The kerbstone and the Mechanical Colossus Type I, on the way, the vice mayor Wu Shunyun also euphemistically revealed.

Originally at this point, I went to visit the high-tech chemical sewage treatment station, where the chemical sewage treatment equipment, also comes from the Monster Heavy Industry.

When the team turned into Longxitan, Mr. Ye, who had been waiting for a long time, was leading two professional bodyguards who looked like corporate executives and who seemed to despise any small people, standing in the middle of the road.

The team stopped at the parking space of the transit warehouse.

There was no accident.

The high-definition team leader and the team members were shocked by the row of single-arm robots.

"I want to apologize to you!"

When Ye Qing and the inspection team made the first face-to-face, Gao Fengming’s team leader uttered a sentence that made everyone suspect that the ear was out of order.

"At the airport, I pointed out arbitrarily in front of all the people, the Mechanical Colossus Type I is a fake product."

When Gao Fengming and Ye Qing shook hands, he said:

"I misunderstood the behemoth heavy work, also misunderstood the leadership team of Zhongyun City."

"In fact, there is a company of Mr. Ye, and Zhongyun City can make a big splash in urban technology!"

Mayor Xia Yuming and Vice Mayor Wu Shunyun immediately have almost had a heart attack.

So they looked at each other, and they almost fainted.

The high-level apology of the high-level leader really gives them a feeling of joy to keep their eyes open.

If there are people next to them, they will kindly give Ye Qing a big hug and thank Ye Qing for his outstanding contribution to Zhongyun City.

Now they can't hug, and it is not good to do it.

They turned their backs and sneaked into the leaves and quietly raise their thumbs towards Ye Qing.

"It's very kind of you to..." Ye Qing was also confused.

For didn't say to Gao Fengming to visit him? Why do you apologize?

"This is the leader of Gao Fengming, this is the deputy leader Wu Qianyan, this is He Xiao examiner, this is..."

Wu Shunyun quickly introduced the two people to each other.

"Is it you?" When shaking hands with the deputy leader, Ye Qing was extremely surprised.

The young deputy leader of the squatting body was not the morning, he came to the foreign tourists who had eaten and sipped at the press conference...

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