S. B. F. C Chapter 39: Destined For Each Other

"Excuse me... Is there anything wrong with my face?"

When Haruka self-reported her name, she found that Li Yalin, who was opposite her, was staring at herself and making her feel very strange.

'Is there something on my face? Why does Li Yalin's classmate staring at me so eccentrically?'

Subconsciously touched her cheek, Haruka did not find any problems, and because of this, she came even more puzzled.

"No... It's nothing. I just think the name sounds good to you."

The picture turns to Li Yalin.

After a short period of confusion, he quickly regains consciousness and faces Haruka again.

He shakes his head lightly and hurriedly.

His performance has been somewhat rude, and it is necessary to save some impression points at this time.

"It turned out to be..."

Haruka is a gentle girl.

It is said that there will be no fewer pursuers.

However, it is surprising that due to family factors, her contact with men is really not much.

Like Li Yalin’s conversation today, it is absolutely Her first experience.

It was the first time that the name was praised.

In an instant, Haruka’s face was extremely red.

If this was not in the classroom, she was afraid that she would have the urge to turn around and run.

But now...

Haruka can only force himself to calm down, work hard to pretend to calm down, gently nod, and then take the books on her desk.

What does this mean? Does she have to take the class seriously?
Is she doing something too much?

Looking at Haruka sitting next to him, he could not help but twitch his lips.

He really wanted to remind the other party that her book had fallen down, but if he spoke now, it would only make the atmosphere more awkward.

So... Let's pretend he hasn't seen anything.

However, it was really an accident.

It turned out to be Haruka.

Although she didn't react at first, the attentive observation of this boy indeed makes Haruka's feeling very sensible.

Although the three sisters of the South Family are relatively early works, they are also the anime that Li Yalin was very concerned about and liked.

He did not expect that after he came to the world, he could become a neighboring classmate with the younger sister Haruka of the South.

This feeling is really amazing.

"The two of you really have a fate. You hit each other yesterday. Today you have become neighbors in the same table."

"Is it the beginning of the encounter between male and female protagonists like in romance novels?"

In the first class of junior high school, Li Yalin did not listen very seriously.

After all, he did not really regard himself as a student, nor did he care very much about academic achievement.

With the end of the first class, he was still in a state of ecstasy, until the two friends of Haruka came to the desk of the two, it was only for him to go back.

However, it was very embarrassing.

Just after the arrival, the red-haired girl took the lead in making a joke.

It is also because of this joke that it immediately made Haruka an extremely red face.

"What are you talking about..."

Haruka is not very good at dealing with the topic of men's and women's exchanges, especially when she is said by her friends.

She even makes her face extremely red, and she subconsciously thinks about the words that Li Yalin said to her before class, and she is busy with her hands.

However, in contrast, Li Yalin, he looked at the red-haired girl with great interest, because before that, his heart was so vomiting.

The brain circuit of this girl is somewhat similar to her own, but she did not expect that he would say it directly without any scruples.

"Takagi classmate... is it? How do you know that I am playing the piano in a coffee shop?"

Although he has seen the three sisters in the South, it is quite good for Li Yalin to remember the names of the three sisters because of the age.

As a supporting actress, the names of the red-haired girl and black-haired sister can't be called at all.

However, the name of the previous teacher is integrated.

Coupled with the name of Haruka, he can be sure that the name of this red-haired girl should be called Takagi Maki, and naturally, there is no problem.

So now, he feels it is necessary to ask the other person how she recognizes him.

Is she a customer in the coffee shop?

But he has no impression of her.

"It’s what Atsuko told me. She had heard your piano and that it was rare in the sky and difficult to find it underground, so she succeeded in arousing my curiosity."

In the face of Li Yalin's problem, Takagi Maki first shrugged his shoulders, then pulled the black-haired girl beside her.

Atsuko follows her steps.

Regarding the piano performance, all of them told her and Haruka yesterday.

If it wasn't for this reason, she couldn't possibly be so exaggerated after seeing Li Yalin today.

What is this? Shake the pot to your friend?

For Takagi Maki's statement, Li Yalin's words are somewhat speechless.

Looking at the other side of the Atsuko, he can also find all kinds of innocence on her face.

"We originally planned to listen to your piano yesterday, but because some small accidents didn't permit it, then today... you will play in the coffee shop right? Can we listen to you?"

Just now he will give the pot to Atsuko, Takagi Maki here immediately talked about the topic of the piano.

Look at this, she never heard Li Yalin’s piano singing. In this case, can Li Yalin say anything to refuse?

"If several students are willing to visit our small coffee shop, you are certainly welcomed."

"When you come to the coffee shop, you are a customer. What's more, you can create a turnover. If you are willing to come, you will come."

The most important thing is that he has not had any resistance to the girls in front of him, but he also has a strong affection, especially to Haruka.

Yes, that's right! It should be known that Haruka is definitely one of the most ideal wife candidates in the hearts of the majority of otaku, and Li Yalin is no exception.

Although he has just met with Haruka, whether he would ever get married or not in the future, he simply thought too much about the rhythm and might have a further intersection with her, but in any case, he could not refuse it.

Unlike the chairman Womi in the morning, Haruka can never be a problem, so Li Yalin is very happy to take advantage of this opportunity to become a friend with Haruka.

"That's the way to say it, Haruka you should already know, my name is Takagi Maki, This is Atsuko Ono, let's see you tonight!"

Li Yalin wants to have further contact with Haruka.

Takagi Maki is definitely a key player.

It is better to say that if there is no promotion from her, for a long time in the future, Haruka will only maintain the relationship with his ordinary neighbors for a long time in the future.

It will be very difficult for her to become a friend or something.

But now, with Takagi Maki, everything becomes simpler.

No, this evening is not a good opportunity.

It’s just that... Takagi Maki’s self-talk is really troublesome.

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