M. F Chapter 229: Subsea Construction

The following focuses on building the refinery in the mining area to achieve self-sufficiency in steel.

The production of the Mechanical Colossus Type I requires a lot of steel.

Ye Qing has already finished the five Mechanical Colossus Type X, and the construction of the mining area has been completed.

These five Mechanical Colossus Type X will become a thorough mining monster, together with the angry miners, will extract the entire mining area at the bottom.

The main plant of the refinery has been built.

It has been busy with the Mechanical Colossus Type I production line and has no time to manufacture refinery equipment.

It is now possible to start all work, as well as the reefs in the Longxitan Bay.

It is also necessary to clean up and build large docks.

With the sales of the Mechanical Colossus Type I, land transportation can't meet transportation needs.

Especially for those foreign customers, he can only export by sea.

When Ye Qing clears a waterway in the bay, the ocean freighter could drive straight here.

Clearing the reefs on the seabed, Ye Qing intends to let the Lord Chariot go out.

This kind of thing is quietly done at night, and it is still low-key during the day.

Taking advantage of leisure time, Ye Qing continued to look at the fourth stage of black technology in the monster factory to see if he could choose another one as the next development point.

[Gianli forging machine], [super hard alloy technology], [simulation flight technology], [full-motion assembly platform technology], [strong ionization industrial wastewater treatment technology].

These five kinds of black technology, strong ionization has been developed by Ye Qing but currently does not have the possibility of mass production, the giant forging machine is not just needed.

The simulation flight technology also did not find any practical value.

Ye Qing could not build a mechanical bird to be a toy.

Before energy breakthroughs, propellers and jet engines will always be the best flight power.

The full-motion assembly platform is a piece of fully automatic production equipment that integrates the production function of the assembly line.

It is different from the huge body in the pipeline.

According to the size of the drawing, its volume is only the size of the container.

As long as the part is ready like a magazine, it can be fully automated and does not require any human intervention.

Its maximum manufacturable product size is two cubic meters, and one equipment is equal to a full load of a production line.

This can be included in the manufacturing plan.

At that time they can be responsible for the mechanical engineering chairs and the production of metal engraving machines to liberate the monsters on these two production lines.

But not too much can be built, and overcapacity often means waste.

Super hard alloy technology!

It is more suitable for making highly wear-resistant materials or protective materials.

Super-hard alloys, and nickel-titanium gold memory alloys, are all special alloys.

The properties of nickel-titanium gold memory alloys are soft and cannot be applied to some mechanical parts that require deformation resistance.

Super-hard alloy is the other extreme, and it is its nature that it is not bent.

Moreover, it can only be manufactured by powder metallurgy technology. When it is made, it is challenging to re-process it.

Ye Qing looked at its metal formula in the mobile phone of the monster factory.

Tungsten, cobalt, bismuth, titanium, nickel, five metal components, metal powder with a grain size of 0.1 microns is required for powder metallurgy.

Several metals are not too rare, it is a price issue.

However, the electric furnace that needs to be used for sintering is somewhat special and requires the monsters to make it themselves.

- Microwave sintering furnace!

The special frequency band microwave released by the magnetron is coupled with the fine metal structure in the material to generate heat.

Conventional electric furnace sintering, the appearance of the sintered parts and the internal temperature will be very different.

Which is caused by the uneven heat transfer, the general problem of sintering metal is not large, but it is not good for firing super hard alloy.

Microwave sintering furnaces do not have this problem, and the heat generated by them can be distributed very evenly inside and outside the sintered part.

At present, super-hard metals are the easiest to manufacture and most urgent.

In the mining area where the mining machinery is built.

In order to obtain a higher purity iron powder, it is necessary to use a piece of harder crushing equipment to crush and grind the ore.

Broken parts, naturally made of super-hard alloys are best.

When super-hard alloys come out, Ye Qing also plans to transform Lagonda to create a shell with more advanced technology.

The more money you have, the more you are afraid of death.

This sentence is not entirely correct.

It should be said that people who have a good yearning for life do not want to make any accidents.

Before Lagonda was safe enough, Ye Qing would use two kinds of metal to mix and build the outer casing.

The cab part is made of super-hard alloy, and the nickel-titanium memory alloy is used to buffer the energy.

This way, even if the fully loaded muck is turned over, don't try to crush the cockpit.

The development plan was formulated, and Ye Qing shouted to the masters and metal experts.

“How many tons of steel are consumed every day in the factory?”

"According to the construction of the construction site, it consumes 300 tons of steel every day."

The Master Craftsman gave the data without thinking.

“That is to build a piece of sorting equipment with a daily capacity of 1000 tons to meet the needs of the factory steel.”

Ye Qing transferred the three-dimensional drawings of the mining area from the computer, referring to the screen:

“A factory is responsible for mineral processing, and a factory is responsible for coarse Refining. Technically, you have to check, how long does it take to manufacture the equipment?"

"Three days, the magnetron in the microwave sintering furnace can be manufactured. So there is no technical problem in the manufacture of super-hard alloys, and the dressing equipment is dry-selected, making it simpler to manufacture."

"Then act now, and once the steel is self-sufficient, we can have the money to build more facilities."

"Good boss."


When the moonlight falls on the surface of the sea, there is only a mechanical roar in the entire Longxitan, and the waves slam the shore reef.

The Lord Chariot that had not appeared for a long time was controlled by Ye Qing and drove from the underground base to the seaside.

The average water depth of Longxitan is more than 40 meters.

If it is not a sea-bottom reef with a strange bottom, it will definitely be one of the busiest deep-sea ports in Zhongyun.

In the process of purifying the water quality of Longxitan, Ye Qing specially recorded the distribution of all reefs in the bay.

Each reef is numbered, with a total of 197 reefs.

A U-shaped channel has also been marked on the drawings by Ye Qing.

As long as the Lord Chariot's is controlled and 73 reefs are destroyed, the port construction can be started here.

The Lord Chariot has evolved a streamlined shell, and the matches the multi-function robotic arms at both ends, making it look a bit like a lobster.

Ye Qing gently pushed the virtual arrow keys, and the Lord Chariot's turned into a diving athlete and plunged into the clear sea.

After walking through a shoal of the seabed, the image of the Lord Chariot's came back, and Ye Qing suddenly stood up in surprise.

Under the strong light, the seabed is alive.

A group of squid fled quickly, and several crabs under the sand were drilled out to escape the Lord Chariot.

There is also a round head, black-skinned squid swimming in front of the Lord Chariot.

Where there is squid, the water quality must be clean and incomparable.

Because squid likes to be clean and shelter from any polluted waters, it is one of the purest aquatic creatures in the world.

Drive away these rare marine lives, the Lord Chariot erected a multi-functional robotic arm, standardizing the nearest reef in front.

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