M. F Chapter 228: Big Order

The yearning for good things is human nature.

The artificial jade fired by powder metallurgy technology can only be judged by the truly knowledgeable jade experts.

Many ordinary consumers have never seen the top jade stone, and naturally, they can't tell the difference between true and false.

Gao Fengming’s long forehead even had some sweat, and he had just been shocked.

Now the answer is revealed, and he admires or not.

What is more, admirable is sculpture technology.

In the previous three-dimensional holographic modeling instrument, the leader Gao Fengming still wondered what kind of data would be collected.

Compared with foreign technology, is it good or bad?

This question, the magical ability of sculpture, has already told him the answer.

Three-dimensional acquisition and automatic sculpture, in exchange for those foreign companies, to ensure that the last carved statue, even men and women can't distinguish.

"Clap - clap - clap"

Leader Gao Fengming took the lead in applause.

The women in the inspection team looked forward to their jade.

Their eyes were pasted with cement and firmly adhered to the finished artificial jade carvings.

"What about mine? Ye Zong, you go on with the next jade sculpture! "

There are already women who can't help being reserved.

Without letting them wait too long, the pieces of exquisite jade carving were freshly coming.

Even the two mayors and several directors got one jade. 

This gift is perfect!

All the women in the inspection team have been completely fascinated by the pictures and carvings in their hands.

Afterward, they visited the assembly workshop of Mechanical Colossus Type I, and most of the men in the inspection team were captured.

In the original assembly shop, dozens of monster workers were required to operate inside.

Now Ye Qing is only more natural in order to make the staff configuration, only six, and two metal experts who look closest to the average person.

This move is superfluous because the male members of the group have not paid much more attention elsewhere.

The highly automated one-armed robots on the assembly line are obviously more attractive to them than the jade.

This is the real industry, The cornerstone of human civilization.

Starting from a bare chassis, the automatic robot, at a speed that humans never reach, processes it into a unique Mechanical Colossus Type I.

"This equipment, in addition to the wind in the field of engineering and construction. It can also shine in the field of rescue."

Gao Fengming leader looked up and looked at the towering robotic arms that seemed to have no end, giving the highest evaluation:

"In the afternoon development District Avenue, its ability to deal with accidents quickly, left a deep impression on me."

"Comrades, imagine. If it is not cleaning the steel pipe but is breaking down the steel because of the accident and save the people trapped in the cars because of the accident?"

“How much precious time does it to save the wounded?”

"We can't let the great domestic enterprise such as Monster Heavy Industry rely on itself to open up the market and compete with foreign old industrial companies."

"We must take another attitude and take practical actions to create better domestic enterprises. Creating a broader development space."

“Zhongyun City is the first stop of our inspection team. Two days later we will go to Xitong City, then Huaiyuan City, Gangneung City...”

“Every time we go to a city, our inspection team will strongly recommend to the local government. Mechanical Colossus Type I, produced by Behemoth Heavy Industries, recommends that they introduce this new rescue equipment for firefighting.”

“We Zhongyun City, including all fire stations in the subordinate counties, will be the first city in China, equipped with the Mechanical Colossus Type I as a rescue equipment city.”

The two mayors also followed the chest to ensure that they would add another seven Mechanical Colossus Type I order.


This is the time that Ye Qing is blurred eyes!

Initially, he said that when people checked it, they patted their backs and left.

Now they are clapping their hands and send a large number of orders.

In so many cities across the country, a city has ordered one more.

As for the cities at the county level, except for the more developed coastal areas, there are only a few, and the wealthy counties can be equipped with the Mechanical Colossus Type I.

It doesn't matter.

Local finances can't afford it, and there are countless construction companies.

Rescue is needed.

The local government directly spends money to rent nearby, and those construction companies can still make a good name.

At eight o'clock in the evening, the evening news of Zhongyun City broadcasted exclusive news that was hidden for several days.

The evening news host was Wu Xiaoya, after the content of the health and civilized city was finished, news that made the audience in front of countless TV sets, and the news was tense.

On the construction site of the South Railway Station, an engineering truck loaded with concrete failed over into the foundation pit.

Even if the hosts don't render too much attention, the audience could find that the concrete was spreading rapidly toward the cab.

Dozens of workers were holding hands and blocking the cabin with clothes.

Without any background music and explanations, only the workers shouted loudly.

Their efforts were futile, and the intensive steel cage became the biggest obstacle.

Just as the audience began to blink, they began to exclaim, thinking that it was going to be finished, and steel machinery full of sci-fi rushed over.

The sound of the fast break in the speaker, the steel mesh was cut off instantly, and the concrete beam was cut and broken.

The audience did not think about what was going on, and the truck was held high in the air.

The on-site workers shouted loudly and awakened the audience in front of the TV.

Many people couldn’t help but stand up and clap their hands with the workers.

Today, two heavy trucks collided on the Development Zone Avenu, the information of the two heavy trucks who collided, was also broadcast to the front information in the TV.

This machine full of power and sci-fi beauty once again ignited the audience's attention in an unimaginable way.

Then the vice mayor Wu Shunyun’s speech on the stage said that Zhongyun City had ordered a total of 12 mechanical giants I for construction and rescue.

This brand-new equipment will shine in two areas.

This night, the two mayors, finally, can sleep well.

The entire team of Zhongyun City also remembered [The Behemoth Heavy Industry] and its founder, Ye Qing!

Early the next morning, the lazy sun just emerged from the horizon.

The bay of Longxitan is incredibly clear, and occasionally a few seagulls pass over the sparkling water to find the lost fish and shrimps that have come to this place.

Ye Qing, while breathing the fresh sea breeze, grabbed the steel structure brackets in the yard and made several sets of pull-ups.

Activity activities muscles, Ye Qing, returned to the office, took off the mobile phone of the monster factory to study.

Now the ranking of the monster factory in the province has been squeezed to 153, and the honorary value is more than 900,000.

The factory can be ranked in the top 150 manufacturing industries in Jiangnan Province, which can't be described as strong.

Last year, China’s GDP was 67 trillion yuan, and Jiangnan’s GDP was exactly 10 percent of this figure.

The companies that are in front of the monster factory are all giants with a scale of more than 20 billion.

Ye Qing’s real estate is estimated at 5 billion.

Fortunately, all of them are high-tech industrial equipment, which made it possible to reduce the gap between these monsters and the factory.

The sales at the product show today have already made Ye Qing net more than 400 million Yuan.

The Mechanical Colossus Type, I of sales, has also been on track, no accidents in the future, the three products of the giant beast heavy work, the net profit of one day is about 100 million Yuan.


It is not possible to increase the ranking of the monster factory. Only by investing in real estate does the factory rise in the rankings.

Lying on the Golden Mountain to enjoy, not Ye Qing style.

The three products are on the right track, and now Ye Qing wants to develop a new development plan.

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