S. B. F. C Chapter 43: annual orientation

"Didn't Uncle Li tell you about it? Let you transfer to Yingling High School and find me later?”

With a lesson from the past, Li Yalin had to doubt the motives Womi, but when he saw Womi there, his reaction was very calm.

And what she said in her mouth is Uncle Li...

"Womi, you mean... do you know my father?"

Li Yalin had passed the world passively, completely at the pace of being alone, but don't forget that it still was a system, a salvation system that can set him up as it wants.

Before he could live in Rabbit-House, the system set him up to meet Chino's father.

Now, what does Womi mean by Uncle Li, as she said?

Is it the system's scheduling settings?

"It seems that Uncle Li really didn't tell you, he clearly has informed my father to let me take good care of you."

Looking at Li Yalin’s face, Womi looked a little helpless and sighed.

"You don't seem to know that Li's family and Womi's family are descendants."

"It turned out to be..."

In the face of Womi seeing this, Li Yalin can't say anything besides laughing?

God knows how the dad set up by the system is sacred.

Not only knows the father of Chino but even with Womi's family has a friendship.

To be honest, even if the next time the director of the school is the setting of the 'father' old friend, you will not be surprised.

Anyway, it’s the system’s pot and the table!

"How? Is it very disappointing?"

Instantly understand the causes and consequences.

Li Yalin is naturally clear about Womi intention since it is the so-called 'social intercourse,' she will come to find herself also completely reasonable.

At once, just accepting this setting, it really makes people feel a little hurt.

Li Yalin’s relationship was slightly disappointing because of the set relationship, but he did not think about it.

His reaction was seen by the Womi’s sharp income.

For this reason, the little demon who had just recovered Womi the bottom of his heart had come out again.

Interested in coming forward, Womi whispered such a sentence, and suddenly Li Yalin could not help but shudder.

"Disappointment? What am I disappointed about?"

When Li Yalin returned to himself, he found that Womi had been less than half a meter away from him, and he could collide with her a little.

 The close distance naturally made him subconsciously take a half step back.

There is also what Womi just said, but also let him pick an eyebrow.

What is his disappointment?

"Disappointed that my fiancée is a fake, are you just not tempted?"

In the face of Li Yalin's doubts, the answer to Womi is taken for granted.

According to her, just what she said is deceptive.

Li Yalin, as the party, should have a sense of loss.

After all, anyway, Womi is a beautiful woman.


To be honest, Womi is the favorite anime character of Li Yalin, and he likes to like her.

If it is put into reality, he really prefers the gentle and virtuous sister Haruka.

Of course, it is not that Womi is not good.

It is said that she is also a good girl in the kitchen in the upper hall and in the lower hall.

But the problem is that ... her personality is really a bit bad.

If not, he would not be able to go away from Womi in the morning.

Therefore, Li Yalin’s feeling of seeing Womi now has a good impression, but he can’t say how much he likes her.

What is tempting is even more nonsense, and he can’t reach that level.

For this reason, Womi is even more surprised.

How can he be interested?

"It doesn't matter. Although it is not a real unmarried couple, if Yalin wants to be with me, I can’t consider not to be associated with you either.."

Perhaps Li Yalin's surprise was taken as a tacit acquiescence by Womi.

In short, he doesn't know if he wants to comfort, and Womi sees that he should say something like this next.

Considering interaction?

With herself?

No, no, this is simply impossible!

"Womi, you are so too fond of jokes. Have not you an orientation at the end of the year? How can you consider interacting with me?"

This time, Li Yalin really couldn't stand her, and he subconsciously says it out.

This time, Li Yalin was really unable to endure and subconsciously go away.

Yes, he decided that Womi can't be interested in him.

The main reason is that Womi is under the orientation of a year, and he is a nearly 30-year-old manor house.

Of course, he didn't think what would happen to Womi.

He subconsciously felt that he could not be the dish of Womi.


Li Yalin pronounced out here, and then seeing Womi and seeing him, she seemed to be petrified, and suddenly it was fixed.

What is especially critical is that the expression on her face at the moment is that it is dignity.

"Yalin, please tell me, truthfully, how do you see me?"

After a long time, Womi finally enunciated, and at this moment, her expression was still dignified.

This is also a no-brainer. It’s about the fact that Womi is under the orientation of the year.

Only her knows, this secret she did not tell anyone, even the closest person did not!

Can be biased, her hobby was actually broken by Li Yalin who met her at the beginning of today!

How is it exposed?

How did he know?

Womi wants so much to know this answer.


The expression of the dignified Womi's feeling is really very powerful, and Li Yalin sees that this is a loss time, no time to answer.

It's no wonder, what should he say?

'Do you see Womi, I have known her long ago, she is actually an anime character?'

It's just a joke!

"Yalin classmate?"

"It's a feeling ... Well, that's right! It's a feeling!"

Seeing Womi like this if Li Yalin does not give her an answer, he is afraid that she will not let him leave easily.

In a hurry, Li Yalin can only find a reason.

"That's how I felt when I saw you for the first time, that's all!"

Even if it is a random reason to perfunctory, it is impossible to come as simple as it is.

At least Li Yalin can't think of a good way in a short period.

He is afraid that she will not believe him.

So, after he said this, he regretted it. He should think about it better.


"Feeling? Are you trying to say, Yalin classmate, that your sixth sense is very keen?"

In theory, Li Yalin's perfunctory, as long as the individual believes can be biased, and Womi sees this meaning, it seems to agree with this statement.

Does she want to let go of herself?

"Yes! In fact, this is the case, my sixth sense is very keen."

Now that they have found the steps, of course, Li Yalin needs to hurry down. It is best if this topic can stop here. It is really better.

"It turns out that if this is the case, then I will believe in your words."

"That's great!"

"By the way, Yingling Senior High School Students' Union is in the midst of employing people. It needs students like Yalin who have a keen sixth sense. So Yalin... You shouldn't refuse the invitation from the Student Union?"



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