S. B. F. C Chapter 46: Save the Volleyball Department?

"Huh... It's finally here..."

Li Yalin, who was baptized by the gaze along the way, finally arrived at the stadium and could breathe a sigh of relief.

At this moment, sweat was seen on his forehead, which shows how sharp the eyes of the guys outside are.

It's really uncomfortable!

"I've seen Hikaru Hayami. Atsuko come with me!"

When she arrived at the stadium, Takagi quickly found the target and immediately took Atsuko to run in the direction of the who she recognized.

In the direction of Takagi Maki and Atsuko, Li Yalin also saw a short-haired girl wearing sportswear.

Judging from the words of Takagi Maki and the eyes that the other side is always squinting, the other party should be the Hikaru Hayami friend.

That's right.

Well, the problem is rated five stars that will come, it is best not to be involved.

After determining the identity of Hikaru Hayami, Li Yalin immediately made a decision in his heart.

He stood near the entrance of the stadium.

Anyway, there was Haruka who accompanied him, so it was quite good.

Next, just only after Takagi Maki and Atsuko have taken their leave, they can leave here.

"Haruka, you are coming too!"

Li Yalin thought that if he had nothing to do, he would leave soon, but the problem is that the worst situation had happened.

Takagi Maki and Atsuko did go to look for Hikaru Hayami to take time off.

If you don't ask for it, Li Yalin doesn't know this.

He only sees Hikaru Hayami after discovering her original slightly squinting eyes suddenly open, as if she had located its target.

Hikaru Hayami open your eyes!

This is definitely not a good thing!

Although Hikaru found Haruka, in front of this scene, Li Yalin had an impulse to turn around immediately and leave at once when he saw the scene before him.

He felt that trouble was about to appear.

Just don't know what's going to happen.

"I haven't seen Hikaru Hayami for a long time."

Obviously, Haruka Minami knew Hikaru Hayami.

When she saw Hikaru Hayami coming, she immediately nodded her head very politely.

Which can be reflected Hikaru Hayami without scruples in the front, directly grabbed the shoulders of Haruka Minami.

Her grasp made everyone confused.

"Very good Haruka! I'm looking for you!"

Hikaru Hayami look for Haruka Minami? What does she want to do?

"What's wrong with you? Why you look for me, Miss Hikaru Hayami?"

"Haruka! You have to help us save our volleyball department!

"What? ? ?"

Although the shoulders were firmly grasped by Hikaru Hayami, the expression of Haruka Minami was very calm, and there was no slight confusion.

This is quite admirable.

However, her calmness can only be maintained at this moment, because her expression is filled with doubts immediately after Hikaru Hayami speaks her words.

Save the Volleyball Department?

What is the situation?

In fact, it is not only Haruka Minami but also Takagi Maki and Atsuko are also full of question marks.

What happened to the volleyball department?

How to save the volleyball department?

On this issue, it is really a long story.

The educational policy of Yingling High School is to encourage the development of associations, support the diversification of after-school activities.

Even the students' union has issued documents and put forward many incentives.

In particular, those associations that have achieved outstanding results in the special national zone of the island, and even in national competitions, will give greater support to stimulate the development of various societies further.

So how to develop and strengthen the community?

Very simple, one is to accommodate potential newcomers, and the other is to concentrate on preparing for various competitions.

This is the beginning of the school year. The competition is certainly not there but as the annual freshman entrance season.

The war between major societies called: 'freshman predation' has started!

As the old-fashioned sports club of Yingling High School, the Volleyball Department can compete with it in sports.

Only the basketball department and the baseball department.

This time, the conflict with the volleyball department and precisely with the basketball department that uses the same sports field.

As for the cause, it is the competition for the new students!

The stadium is so big.

On weekdays, the volleyball department and the basketball department do not make river water, but this time, in order to recruit new students, both sides want to expand their own sports field.

The volleyball department needs more sports fields for new students to experience the fun of volleyball.

The same is true for the basketball department.

Contradictions arise, and there is a dispute between the two sides.

It is even said that this conflict has become more and more intense.

"What should we do about it?"

"The two associations can't come to a conclusion. When I saw you come to me..."

"In the end, the two sides will come to fight…"

"The volleyball department and the basketball department will compete for the two sports field of volleyball or basketball respectively..."

"If the basketball department wins the match, then it goes without saying that the volleyball department gives way to the basketball department..."

"Then if the volleyball team wins the game, the basketball department can no longer entangle the volleyball department..."

"When both parties do not win on their respective projects, they choose the third project to test..."

"That's when the real battle is between the male and the female! And at this time, it was the real time to decide!"

"Why don't you choose the third project directly from the beginning?"

Regarding the dispute between the volleyball department and the basketball department, Hikaru Hayami explained the cause and effect in great detail.

But at the end of her speech, Li Yalin, who had been silent for a while, could not help but spit out.

No way, he's really suffering from choking.

Was it time-consuming to play two more games? Isn't the third straight good?

"Who is this…?"

"This is..."

Until then, Li Yalin, who was on the side of Haruka Minami, was not inconspicuous.

But the attention of Hikaru Hayami has been concentrated on Haruka Minami, and she did not pay attention to the surrounding situation.

Because of this, Li Yalin's complaints made her very surprised.

When did Haruka Minami follow a boy?

"This is Li Yalin, this semester transferred to our class..."

As a friend, Haruka Minami immediately explained Li Yalin's identity for Hikaru Hayami, but after she finished speaking, Hikaru Hayami showed a deep expression.

"Is just a transfer student... it seems very interesting."

Oops... It’s not a good thing to be stared at by Hikaru Hayami sister...

"Hikaru Hayami, you haven't said why you do not go to the third game directly."

Li Yalin didn't want to be stared at by Hikaru Hayami girl, but before he could open his mouth to divert the other side's eyes.

He could not hold back his true wishes and ask with a frown.

Her thoughts, like Li Yalin, feel that the first two games have no meaning.

How can the amateurs in the basketball department win a volleyball team?

In the same way, basketball games are similar.

How can a group of volleyball players win those who specialize in basketball?

"The reason is very simple. Although this is a conflict between our two communities, it is also propaganda for our two associations. If it works well, maybe we can attract more new recruits."

"So anyway, the first two games will be played, and we have to win the game as much as possible!"

"Do you understand?"

Regarding the question that Li Yalin and Takagi Maki are very confused, Hikaru Hayami quickly gave her the answer, and her answer also made everyone stunned.

When you have a conflict, don’t forget to promote the association.

You are too proud to be a fast-skilled sister.


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