S. B. F. C Chapter 44: call me sister.

What is this? Strong pull into the rhythm of the guy?

Originally, with a step to go down, Li Yalin thought that this page could be easily turned over.

The result was good. He never thought that Womi would be waiting for him here.

Directly being riddled, what can he say?

"I say Womi... Is that really good for you?"

Very helpless, with a bitter smile, Li Yalin has understood the meaning of Womi, he is trying to not agree to the rhythm.

"This is also a matter of no way, why to let my secret be known by Yalin classmate.

Since there is no way to kill people, I can only leave Yalin student around. Isn't it?"

Li Yalin is very helpless here, but Womi seems to be very happy, just like playing a victory.

It's just... Tied to her side?

"I am not a pet Womi! Say Womi, are you really someone who will care about this kind of thing?"

The former sentence Li Yalin is a subconscious vomit, and the latter sentence is that he really does not believe it.

According to his knowledge, the character of Womi should be a relatively bad one, but anyone who can be close to her can appreciate her unfair practice.

What is especially important is that a girl like her who likes to be a singer will really mind that her orientation is known.

No, no, no, there is no reason for it!

"Why do you think I don't mind this kind of thing?"

Based on his understanding of Womi, Li Yalin subconsciously believes that she should have no lower limit, but he ignores a problem.

In practical terms, this is the first day he met with Womi, no matter what the character of Womi is.

He will not be exposed immediately.

Because of this, the problem has arisen.

"Yalin seems to know me very well. Obviously, it is the second time."

With her hands behind her back, Womi stared at Li Yalin in front of her with a smile, as if she had seen something interesting.

This is also a laugh that Li Yalin could not help to know.

Oops... the thing is overdone!

"What? I just guessed it. If I make a mistake, please don't mind Womi."

Since he knows his mistakes, Li Yalin certainly has to remedy as soon as possible, but in a hurry, Womi will not believe his explanation, that is, people's affairs.

So, will Womi believe his explanation?

"Guess? Well, if I’m saying this to Yalin, then he will think it’s a good guess.”

Well, Womi saw that she did not believe in Li Yalin’s words, but she did not intend to pursue him further.

She is very clear about what is right and how to achieve her goals.

For example, at this moment, while Li Yalin breathed a sigh of relief, he was completely unable to refuse the invitation of Womi.

"Now, it is the time for freshmen to enter school. The strength of our Yingling High School Student Union is not enough. If Yalin student can join in, it is really big help."

Womi had just let go of Li Yalin on the front foot and immediately said something like this in the back foot.

In this case, can Li Yalin still say a word?

In theory, he certainly can't refuse, but he must refuse because he really has no time to join the student union.

"That... Womi can invite me to join the student union. This should be my honor, but I am sorry that I really can't join."

Although it is difficult to speak, Li Yalin still wants to say sorry to Womi.

"Oh? Why can't Yalin student join the student union? What is your secret?"

The strategy of Womi is very successful. She is also very confident.

Li Yalin should not refuse it. The result is exactly the opposite.

This makes her very curious unless it is really hard to say.

Otherwise, she should not hear such rejection.

Is there any difficulty for him?

"If I have any difficulties with my classmates, I can find a way to help you solve them, despite my mention."

The character of Womi is very bad, but it is also limited to those who like to tease the other side.

In addition, she likes to write short stories.

Besides, she is perfect in other aspects.

In particular, what she said now can really arouse Li Yalin's goodwill...

Of course, he didn't hate Womi from beginning to end.

"In fact, this is the case. I am now lost contact with my father. My source of the economy is all self-reliant."

"Apart from going to school, I am still working in a coffee shop where I can borrow..."

"After class, I can’t stay in school for too long. Naturally, there is no way. Competent for the work of the student union."

Li Yalin is really sincere and wants to help himself.

This is what Li Yalin sees clearly, and because of this, he will explain her so seriously.

Yes, he now has to play the piano not only at Rabbit-House but also the time to draw manga. If he joins the student union...

He is not a superman, but there is no way to merge so many jobs.

"It turns out that there is no time after school..."

After receiving the answer from Li Yalin, Womi meditated, and she could understand the difficulties of Li Yalin.

However, she did not seem to have let him go so easily.

"Yalin has no time after class, I know it, but during the lunch break... Should Yalin still have it?...”

"In the school time, Yalin student should also be able to withdraw he is free."

"The words are like this... Womi, what do you mean?"

When he heard Womi said the next words, Li Yalin’s heart faintly produced a bad feeling, couldn’t he escape after all?

"That way, Yalin can be joining the student union, but I will try to reduce your workload and also ensure that you can leave at any time after school. Is that all right?"

A smile made to Li Yalin, and Womi finally said what Li Yalin could not refuse.

"Womi, you said so, can I refuse again?"

At this moment, Li Yalin felt that he could not do anything other than a smile.

If he could not resist, he would simply enjoy it.

"Anyway, I heard that there were no boys in the Yingling High School Student Union. If I go there, I will not suffer from it."

"If this is the case, then I would like to ask Yalin student a lot of advice."

Seeing that Li Yalin finally compromised, Womi showed even more smile on her face.

The confrontation of this time ended with her victory.

"There is, just a classmate, you have a wrong sentence..."

This is indeed a victory for Womi, but at the end of the last, she still has a sentence to say to Li Yalin:

"Is it wrong?"

When Womi said the sudden, Li Yalin stunned. What did he just say wrong?

"As you said before, I'm going to have an orientation at the end of the year, but I am not considering not dealing with you.

"After all, you have to know that according to my age, I’m older than you, and counting the friendship between our two families, you should call me my sister."

When Womi said this sentence, Li Yalin was completely dumbfounded, and now he has only one idea.

This is okay too?


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