S. B. F. C Chapter 41: Womi Attack

"Excuse me, is Yalin in?"

Of course, Li Yalin would like to have lunch with Haruka.

Of course, being able to have lunch with Haruka makes Li Yalin happy, but it is a pity before he took out his lunch box, suddenly a voice comes from at the door of the classroom.

Somebody looking for him?

Hearing his name, Li Yalin's eyes subconsciously turned to the direction of the classroom entrance.

Not only he, but also most of the students in the class were diverted because of this sentence.

It didn't look good.

It was really shocking to see at first glance.

At least after seeing the figure at the door of the classroom, Li Yalin's heart gave a direct click.

Who is she?

"She’s, Chihiro "Womi" Uomi, the president!"

"Why did the president Womi come to see Li classmate?"

Gossip is the nature of mankind.

Naturally, these students in the classroom are no exception.

With the appearance of the president, Li Yalin has heard countless whispers and feels several burning eyes.

No way, Womi the president take the initiative to find a boy or something.

This kind of thing really aroused everyone's curiosity.

If it weren't for Li Yalin's early arrival in the class, they were not familiar with her.

She was afraid that she would not have been surrounded.

"I will go see the situation first."

When Womi saw him, Li Yalin could not sham as not seeing her, especially facing so many curious eyes that she could only stand up with his head stiffened.

"President Womi, why do you look for me?"

When he came to the door of the classroom, he met the president who was beautiful but didn’t have any expression.

Li Yalin couldn’t help but sigh.

Although she saw him for the third time, she also had a good understanding of him.

But for Womi the president, he was definitely an ordinary transfer student, and there was no intersection between the two.

In this case, why did she take the initiative to find him?

On this issue, Li Yalin wants to break his head and wants to understand.

"To see you again, Li Yalin."

Li Yalin’s mind is constantly thinking, and then seeing the president Womi, her performance is very natural, and Even raised the corners of his mouth and smiled a little.

Seeing the smiling face of the president Womi, Li Yalin was even more drummed up in this heart.

The strong sixth sense told him that he was definitely stared at by the troublesome president!

What should he do now better?

He always feels that in this case, he should do 36 things to get ahead.

"As the student president of our school, it is my duty to take good care of every student in our school..."

"When you were transferring to the school for the first time, everything will appear unfamiliar with you..."

"So during the lunch break, I planned to take you to visit the campus and have lunch together."


Not to wait for Li Yalin to think about how to deal with it, the president Womi has already explained the intention.

Because of this, Li Yalin’s expression is instantly becoming weird.

'Are she kidding me?'

"You are a student president who is busy all day, and you have especially come to take care of me as a transferred student. Is this possible?"

Is the president of Yingling High School so busy? Can she also take care of one-on-one students?

No, no, that is absolutely impossible! Look at the whispers of the classmates in the class and know that it is absolutely impossible!

"Womi the president personally bringing Li Yalin to the campus. Their relationship is definitely not normal?"

"Well, they must have known each other forever, absolutely!"

"Is it a friend? Or ... a childhood friend?"

Classmates! Your brain hole is a little big to feed!

"How? Isn't Li Yalin desirable?"

Womi's sudden invitation to Li Yalin made mistakes, and the whispers of the students behind him, also made his heart dawdle.

Just then, Womi the president once again made a move and forced him to a dead end.

No, he has to do something!

"The president Womi must be very busy. It would be worthless to waste time for me, as well as..."

"That's all right. I have plenty of time, and I have no wrong with the work!"

Subconsciously scratching the back of his head, Li Yalin feels that it was better to perfunctory the past.

Although there is nothing to offer, the trait can't be placed on the president’s body.

"Nothing to show solicitude or to steal."

Could not be put Womi on the head list but she is so active, she took the initiative.

If she said it was okay, it’s really playing. He will not believe one world until death.

Unfortunately, Li Yalin's perfunctory has no effect, even before he finishes his words, Womi the president interrupts him.

Moreover, this time, she is a direct general!

Everyone has said this to the book.

If he refuses again, isn’t it the rhythm of tearing his face?

There are so many eyes behind him, and if he starts with the student president since the first day, Li Yalin’s future low-key life be even more out of the question.

So, it seems that there is no choice, isn't it?

"That would be a trouble for Li Yalin to meet the president."

At this point, Li Yalin can say what he wants besides.

"Sorry classmate Haruka, I can't seem to have lunch with you."

Since he promised to see Womi, the lunch with Haruka naturally became a bubble.

Back to his seat, Li Yalin first expressed her apologies to Haruka.

After all, Haruka invited him on her own initiative.

"It doesn't matter. No problem, we can eat together lunch next time. Go ahead, don't let Womi wait for a long time."

In the end, she was the most suitable goddess, and she was very gentle and smiled in the face of Li Yalin’s apology.

The most important thing is that she is very understanding and does not ask Li Yalin to know his relationship with Womi.

If it is replaced by another person, such as Takagi Maki, I am afraid that it has already been gossip.

It’s so touching!

"Yalin is very powerful. He even made a friend so soon, and he is still a Haruka classmate."

Li Yalin returned to his seat to take his own lunch.

By the way, he apologized to Haruka.

When he returned to the door of the classroom and walked side by side with Womi, she breathed out a sudden sigh.

"Is Haruka a famous student?"

The sigh of the president Womi makes Li Yalin very strange.

Although Haruka is a gentle and beautiful girl, her popularity in the class is quite good although he can become friends with her, Womi doesn’t need to sigh.

And the more important Womi the president, have just omitted some titles?

It’s clear that Li Yalin’s classmate did a few minutes ago.

How can she remove his surname now and start calling him by his name?

"That is, of course, Haruka is not only famous in the second grade, but even many people in the third grade know her..."
"The number of boys who want to pursue her is very large, but they have all been issued with good people cards."

"It is said that Haruka has no real male friends until now. It should be said... You are the first one."

It is a pity that Li Yalin’s heart is not exported, and president Womi has also answered him.

In all senses, Haruka’s classmate is indeed a very famous girl.

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