M. F Chapter 230: Single Arm Manipulator

This is the No 1 reef, which is only 30 centimeters from the sea level at the time of the ebb.

Its foundation has a diameter of four meters.

The more it goes up, the thinner it is.

Now the Lord's Chariot has to break it completely.

Clicking on the extension function of the main chariot, the operation interface of the monster factory immediately pops up a row of refit options with icons.

A total of twelve refit functions, all of which are industrial process types, Ye Qing, selected one.

“Do you choose a high-frequency cutter?”

Ye Qing is right.

"Consumption of 1,000 gold coins, left arm high frequency cutting knife construction..."

This is the first time that Ye Qing has carried out the transformation function of the Lord's Chariot.

To tell the truth, this function is not worth the candle.

The principle of high-frequency cutting knives is similar to that of reciprocating chainsaws, which are designed to destroy the structure of objects by high-frequency motion.

It should be no stranger to see the third brother performing machine cutting pig video.

It is a wire saw.

It takes only one second to break a foundation.

It is a pity that after the transformation the Lord's Chariot can only cut, and If you want to go back to the original multi-functional processing arm, you have to dig half of the gold coins.

Not now that Ye Qing has more money in his hands, he must choose to use his robotic arm to slowly squat.

Ye Qing stared at the scene happened, originally thought that this structure is the master of precision of the monster factory - blue light coverage.


Instead, the multi-function robot quickly turns, and the outer casing retracts into the forearm, exposing the inside of the rolled part.

The gears flew, the electric light flashed, and the handle was without any modification, but the simplest black metal long knife stretched out.

The long knife did not open the edge, but the long sword was doing high-frequency vibration around, and this vibration caused the surrounding seawater to boil immediately.

As soon as the high-frequency cutting knives touched the reef near the sea surface, the mottled surface of the reef immediately fell apart.

The high-frequency vibrating blade is like a hot knife cutting cream.

After slowly traversing the reef, the upper part of the reef is planted towards the bottom of the sea.

The reef is divided by five cutting knives.

The short column of reefs planted on the bottom of the sea was also broken into two by the Lord's Chariot.

This will turn the reef into a habitat for marine life, and the coral will also rely on the rock to multiply.

The first reef has been cut, and the fourth reef has been cut.

The fourth reef can no longer be described as a block, it has to be described as a seat.

It grows from the bottom of the sea more than 30 meters deep, and the thickest place is more than ten meters in diameter, which is completely a mountain.

The high-frequency cutting knife is only two meters long, and there is no way to control the Lord's Chariot from the top.

It cut it for almost two hours before completely cut the reef down.


Ye Qing hated couldn't turn the main chariot into a nuclear submarine.

Now the Lord's Chariot is only as big as a truck, and it is not enough to cut the big reefs.

One bite, Ye Qing successively removed the reefs of the 11th and 17th and swept the reef near the factory.

It is already early in the morning, Ye Qing is preparing to transfer the Lord's Chariot, and then tearing down a small reef then sleep.

The cell-phone rang suddenly.

Ye Qing was shocked. Who calls?

When he picked up the phone, Ye Qing almost thought he was dazzled.

It’s a coincidence to call him!

Qiao Yi is the master of precision, one of the earliest monster workers recruited by Ye Qing.

He is also a half manager of Longxi Beach factory.

Ye Qing asked him to control the work for the monsters factory at any time.

"Boss, there is an abnormality in the transit warehouse."

In one sentence, Qiao Yi mentioned the facts to Ye Qing.

"I will immediately pass."

Directly recalled the Lord's Chariot, Ye Qing pushed the office door and walked quickly toward the transfer warehouse.

Since Qiao Yi has said that there is an abnormality, there must be.

On the barren hills, the high-power searchlights are as white as the factory.

In the silent transit warehouse, Qiao Yi stood by the No. 46 single-arm manipulator.

"What is the situation?"

Ye Qing took the data eye, looked around for a circle, and found an abnormal situation.

“Just a single-armed manipulator on the 46th, it’s moving irregularly.”

"The Mechanical Colossus Type I in the assembly shop, the tires need to be replenished, and I worked hard with the trucks to pick up the goods in the transit warehouse."

"Then I found the No. 46 single-arm manipulator in random movement."

"I have seen the total control indoor monitoring video."

"The branch office is controlled indoors, and there is no one."

"Our mechanical products have not yet reached the date of aging failure, so there must be abnormal conditions."

As it happens, no ordinary person sees things that are difficult to understand and falls into a state of panic.

"Take me to watch the video."

Ye Qing was a little dignified.

The single-arm manipulator on the transfer warehouse side, unlike the mechanical engineering chair, has automatic protection.

In order to protect the safety of the user, the movement angle of the mechanical engineering chair is limited to the human body's tolerable range.

For example: In the official website forum, customers uploaded a variety of sports programs.

If someone is malicious, upload the program that allows the mechanical engineering chair to fold in half.

In the operation of the mechanical engineering chair, it will only fold to a safe angle to the human body, and the speed will not be too unbearable.

Rotation, vibration is also.

The safety device cannot be removed, and it is machined in one piece.

The single-arm robot has no safety device, and it is only responsible for loading and unloading cargo.

If it is abnormal during loading and unloading, it is likely to cause harm to vehicles and personnel.

Ye Qing and the master of precision quickly walked to the general control room next to the warehouse.

There is a monitoring console for the transit warehouse.

A monitoring camera for the company's single-arm robotic operating room, and a power control switch.

There are up to 220 high-definition night vision cameras on the transfer warehouse side.

The installation of so many cameras is due to the manipulation of the single-arm robot and has always been the responsibility of the company's employees.

They carry out cargo loading and unloading work through a camera mounted on the robot arm.

This kind of thing that has no technical content and requires a lot of people, Ye Qing naturally will not let the monsters do it.

“What happened a few minutes ago?”

Ye Qing opened the company’s operating room and played back the surveillance video on the side of the single-arm manipulator.

"Five minutes ago."

Ye Qing nodded and adjusted the time of video playback on both sides to ten minutes ago.

The picture shows that the company's operating room in the city center, the door is locked, there is no one inside.

 The same is true for the transfer warehouse.

Five minutes later, the operating room is still empty.

On the side of the transfer warehouse, the work indicator of the No. 46 single-arm manipulator suddenly turned on.

Then ...

As the patients of Parkinson's, it keeps shaking irregularly.

Ye Qing looks more dignified.

The single-armed robot No. 46 has been shaking, and Ye Qing shooked his head from time to time.

When the monster laborer and the master of precision drove the truck here, the master of precision noticed the abnormality and jumped out of the car to check the time.

The No. 46 single-arm manipulator seemed to have discovered something and stopped any movement in an instant.

Ye Qing immediately called the network manager to count, and the phone rang ten times.

He was confused and connected.

"Get up at once and come to the company."

When Ye Qing finished his telephone call, he found Qiao Er and asked him to watch the single-arm manipulators in real time.

"Come on, come with me to the downtown company."

Ye Qing said to Qiao Yi beside him.

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