M.F Chapter 207: Production list

The beautiful environment will always make people feel comfortable.

Now Ye Qing felt that when he got up and stretched his waist to the sea and blown the sea breeze, he found a kind of enjoyment.

Under the treatment of Ye Qing regardless of cost, the quality of the sea in the entire bay of Longxitan Beach has reached unprecedented new quality water.

Standing on the edge of the dock, Ye Qing looked at the sea under his feet, which was clear as the water of the fountain.

When the sun hits the sea, it gives the illusion that the sea water turns into a crystal jelly.

This kind of water quality can only be felt only in international famous tourist islands such as Saipan, Maldives, Tongsaier, kerkennah, and Bali.

Through the clear water, Ye Qing can even see, a shuttle crab crawling up and down the sand on the bottom of the sea.

"How long has it been? I finally saw a living marine life in Longxitan Beach..."

Ye Qing had mixed feelings, he had thirty years. He finally got a feeling of joy from his life.

After inhaling the sea breeze sober for a few minutes he had a clear head, Ye Qing asked the truck driver to come over and take away the last batch of mechanical props needed by the film crew.

Then Ye Qing continued to devote his time to the production assembly of the workshop of Mechanical Colossus Type I.

Among the mechanical props, the most technically advanced is a versatile maintenance mechanical spider.

In the script, there was a plot in which the actor borrowed a truck and went to the city to sell sweet potatoes. He offended several gangsters, and the truck was smashed.

Then the actor was heartbroken and in the midst of confusion, the heroine came with the all-around maintenance mechanical spider in the spaceship.

The mechanical spider repaired the truck, and the actor also found business opportunities from the spider.

He did not sell the sweet potato and switched to the car repair garage, using the mechanical spider to overhaul his truck.

This eight-legged mechanical spider, directed by Ding Yin, felt that it would be a good idea to make a head-slung head and a two-legged move.

However, the products made by Ye Qing can actually repair all materials.

Although it has no practical value, it requires two people to take the remote control to control the slow-moving mechanical spider.

With patience, it can really replace parts, cut and weld metal.

It doesn't matter if the speed is slow. The director Ding found a solution.

With this perfect mechanical spider, director Ding Yin is more confident. Let the upcoming promotional videos become even more shocking.

A science fiction film without any CG technology is a pseudo-proposition in itself.

Now director Ding cited this as a reality, and the level of the promo is so high that it can be exclaimed that there are really aliens.

In a week, the first promotional film will be released online, not only Ding Yin and Xia Muqing, but even Ye Qing is full of expectations.

Coming to the assembly workshop of Mechanical Colossus Type I, Ye Qing seems to have come to the mechanical empire.

At first glance, the bright yellow paint has a one-armed robot with a heavy outer shell and an arm of up to six meters.

In the assembly shop, a total of four giant laborers are required, and six master artisan was responsible.

Now they have stood firm in their posts and waited for the Mechanical Colossus Type I chassis to be transported from the other end of the assembly line from the underground base through a hanger.

Ye Qing patrolled a circle and then pressed the assembly start button of the assembly shop.

"The system is starting..."

"At the beginning of self-examination..."

On the two single-arm robots with two rows of scales, the work indicator lights up abruptly, and the six cold lights with different colors are lit up.

Subsequently, the one single-arm robot's pace was moved in unison.
The huge stepper motor rotates and reverberates throughout the assembly shop.

Two hundred single-arm robots raise their forearms at the same time.

The forearm is raised to the maximum angle and then rotated one turn.

Then the middle arm is lifted up and followed by the rotation.

The two hundred single-armed robots, like a thousand horses, with neat movements, and loud mechanical sounds, make people excited.

Through this movement of the maximum working angle, the control system can detect whether the single-arm robot has a problem of inconsistent frequency.

After all, there is no eye in the assembly line. It is impossible to judge whether a part has been installed.

Only according to the time calculation, when the time is up, the next processing step will be carried out.

So a robotic arm can't go wrong.

The one-armed robot was self-tested.

In the underground base, a platform of the Mechanical Colossus Type I was lifted out.

The chassis is integrally formed from low-alloy steel when the first chassis enters the slot of the line.

Six single-armed robots immediately kissed them with a low-speed rotating tapping knife.

The chassis needs to tap two hundred and thirty-two screw holes. When the tapping knife taps on the chassis. It is as easy as drilling wood.

Moreover, the entire tapping process does not require the intervention of cutting fluid for cooling lubrication. Even the iron cuts produced by tapping will be collected by magnetic iron collectors.

After the tapping is completed, the workbench of the assembly line advances automatically and enters the installation process of the next powertrain.

Two tons of multiple diesel generator sets were lifted from the rear platform by a single-armed robot with a profiled mount and placed in the chassis of the Titan of the Mechanical Colossus Type I according to predetermined steps.

The other two single-arm robots tighten nuts.

This step requires a skilled master artisan to be responsible for the side because the cable of the diesel generator set is connected to the pipeline and needs to be done manually.

In the process of automated mechanical work, it is often most afraid to join the manual process.

Usually, the manual process is automated and carried out separately. Because the uncertainty of manpower is too great, it may be because of the time of sneezing, all the robotic arms have to be stopped, waiting for him to catch up with time. Or a workman was injured by automatic equipment.

The master artisan is very qualified. He is more reliable than the machinery.

Even if he installs a thousand oil pipes, he can finish it without any problems.

When the power system was installed, and the assembly line led it to the next process, a dazzling performance began.

As many as eight single-arm robots, dancing themselves into windmills, swiftly rotated from behind to take out a piece of the metal baffle, a piece of hydraulic cylinders, bearings, stepper motors, building blocks mounted on the frame of the Mechanical Colossus Type I.

One-arm robot rotates once in a circle for one second. Sometimes two single-arm robots rotate at the same time.

When the platform is automatically fed from behind, when the parts are gripped, the closest distance between them is only one chopstick.

Like if it were an adult, maybe it's because you hit him, he hit you, and you hit each other, which a dog brain.

The machine moves back and forth ten thousand times, and it's impossible to touch it.

Throughout the morning, Ye Qing has soaked in the assembly shop of the Mechanical Colossus Type I.

By noon, the assembly shop became very hot and had to turn on a high-powered exhaust fan, and all the automatic closed glass ventilation.

Twelve Mechanical Colossus Type I models have also put by the assembly line of single-arm robots.

These two hundred single-arm robots have a complete power system and a working platform.

As long as it is sent to the next working area, the auxiliary system is installed, and after painting, the assembly shop can be tested once and sold.

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