S. B. F. C. Chapter 28: Teacher Yalin will play the piano?

Since her family knows her own affairs, and she knows how good she was at playing the piano. But the problem is, it doesn't mean that Cocoa will let her go.

"It will only be a little bit no problem!"

The words of Rize have already brightened the eyes of Cocoa, reaching out to grasp the wrist of Rize, and pulling her to the warehouse regardless of her carelessness.

It is impossible for Cocoa to pull Rize with her strength, but the problem is that the momentum of Cocoa at the moment is too strong, even if Rize can't resist, it is so easy for her to pull away.

Cocoa of this time is really not to be underestimated.

And then again, I did not think there was a piano in Rabbit-House.

Li Yalin thought that this ability of the piano was of no use, mainly because he thought that he could not reach the piano in a short time, but he did not know that there was a piano in the house.

In fact, it's normal for Li Yalin not to know, he let them alone for a while before? When they cleaned up the warehouse, he was upstairs, scratching his own manuscript.

During the day in the warehouse, Chino found a lot of interesting things.

"This piano looks pretty good."

Rize was taken away by Cocoa, Li Yalin looked at Chino and Yincha, no to say, naturally have to keep up with the excitement.

It has to be said that the piano in this warehouse looks really good, especially when it was carefully cleaned up by Chino recently.

Although it is not as brand-new as it is, it can also give people a bright feeling.

As for the brand of the piano, Li Yalin knows nothing about it, saying that it is good, and it is just a comment on the appearance.

After all, this is a triangle piano, even if it is a small one, it is definitely a lot more professional than ordinary piano.

"Hurry up! Rize play for us! If you can, you are our Royal Pianist of Rabbit-House!"

Li Yalin looked up and down the piano here, and his eyes were full of interest.

After all, he had just acquired the proficient level of piano ability.

In fact, he never touched the piano. It is really regrettable.

If he can, he would like to use this piano to try his own playing level.

It’s a pity that Cocoa mind is now on the body of Rize, and she is too busy to push her to the piano.

She is now very much looking forward to the performance of Rize.


Pushed to the front of the piano by Cocoa, Rize has a feeling of riding a tiger, and stood up and refused.

She could see the expression of Cocoa face, and she felt that she could not say the words of rejection.

"Please come Rize!"

"Okay... I only play one..."

Finally, unable to resist the pitiful appeal of Cocoa, Rize finally sighed and put his body in front of the piano, his hands on the black and white keys.

Accompanied by the lush fingertips, the melodious sound of the piano spread throughout the warehouse, and it was a song that Li Yalin had never heard of. Is it the classic song of Rize?

Anyway, it sounds very good.

"Great! The piano of Rize is too powerful! This is definitely the level of the pianist!"

At the end of the song, Rize stood up from the piano.

Compared with her violin, her piano level is indeed better, almost reaching the level of amateurs.

Should it be said that the eldest lady is born? Although she likes to dance with knives and guns, some ladies should have some skills, she is not bad at all.

It is no wonder that Cocoa will be so excited.

"Pianist class or something... It's impossible at all. I can only play the piano a little bit."

Being so praised by Cocoa, the face of Rize has suddenly become red, although Rize has never lacked praise, this time, she still can't maintain calm.

"Anyway, our Royal Pianist of Rabbit-House has decided! Chino, what you think is right?"

"Well, if Rize San is willing."

"No! Absolutely not! I still can't reach the level of performance for the audience! So definitely not!"

Cocoa thinks that the piano of Rize is very good so that she can fully realize her previous thoughts - using music to attract guests, and it is obvious that Chino has also somewhat heart-warming.

Unfortunately, Rize can't accept this setting completely. If it is the previous trio, it can be replaced by her alone to give the customer a solo. She is unacceptable in any case.

Because in her opinion, she has not reached the level of the solo at all, this half-dangling general level of casual play will be counted, Is it really necessary to put it in the crowd to attract customers? They will certainly laugh and make fun of her.

"Really I can't?"

"Absolutely not!"

"Hey... Is it a plan to save Rabbit-House with music?"

Cocoa several times look for heartfelt confirmation, but in exchange for the affirmative refuse of Rize, Cocoa become very frustrated.

The plan was aborted before it even started, it was too depressing.

Does this approach really does not work?

Cocoa sighs over there. It's really frustrating that a good plan can't be realized.

At this time, Li Yalin, however, picked up a pile of music beside the piano and looked at it with great relish.

He can play the piano skills, and also know a lot of music theory knowledge, but before he crossed, he was just an ordinary person, he didn't know much about piano music, his piano music in this world is even more black.

Now the piano is in front of him. Of course, he should have a good look at it.

Although the piano music in this world is not as much as that of Li Yalin's, the degree of classics is slightly inferior, but these scores have greatly expanded his horizons.

At least after reading these scores, he knew what kind of music he could play.

It is a mastery level, combined with this level of music theory, Li Yalin found that he can easily remember these scores, and he can play these scores whenever and wherever he wants.

No problem at all!

"You, Yalin, will you play the piano?"

Li Yalin’s action on the music score was seen in the eyes of Yincha, and she was very surprised.

In her eyes, Li Yalin is a very talented genius mangaka. As long as she gives him enough time, he can definitely become the world's top mangaka. At his age, it is like a miracle.

It is for this reason that when she saw Li Yalin looking at those music scores which she thought were heavenly works with great interest, she had unconsciously wide-eyed eyes.

"Does Mr. Yalin play the piano?"

This is not something that can be practiced overnight...

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