S .B. F. C. Chapter 21: Tentacle-Monster Mangaka

After eating the barbecue, Li Yalin not only succeeded in joining a magazine that was about to be published but also had a blonde girl editor. This beautiful girl editor who satisfied with everything except the AA level in front of her chest.

Isn't the rhythm of becoming CEO, marrying a lady from a decent family, who has fair-skinned and attractive, and going to the peak of life?

No, in fact, it's just beginning.

The new magazine published by Elite Publishing House is called Weekly Youth GONGON. According to Minano, she wanted to run a monthly magazine or a semi-monthly magazine, but because of a high-level bet with the publishing house, she has to become a weekly magazine.

For this reason, it is tough to get together a manga magazine of a weekly magazine. It is even more challenging to get the best mangas. Fortunately, they have won the Cat's Eye. Otherwise, this gambling agreement would really have to rush to the streets.

As for now, everything is safe, and it is known from the mouth of the wilderness that the weekly GUNGON will release the inaugural issue in a week when Cat's-Eye will also be published in the magazine.

Because Cat's-Eye has been serialized on the Internet, if the first two chapters are published on the inaugural issue, there is a suspicion of fraudulent authors. In this case, the decision is made with great decisiveness.

Cat's Eye's online serials were suspended. After the launch of the weekly teenager GONGON, Cat's Eye's third chapter will be published in official content, while Cat's Eye first chapter and second chapter were distributed in the form of a complimentary magazine.

According to Minano, since she wants to make the new magazine bigger, she has to sacrifice her money. But this time, she can’t bear the rhythm of the wolf. For the gift of these two chapters, she has to pay for it a lot of prices.

Not to mention that the manga published in magazines have to pay for contributions, even if the cost of additional publications is not the small expenditure if the new magazine's starting number can't be successful, can the second issue of Weekly Youth GONGON be published?

Sure enough, it is very powerful!

It’s a pity that Li Yalin's current status is a mangaka. Even if he has the courage to act, he just gives a sigh. Besides, there's nothing to say. After all, the magazine is not his magazine. What extent can this new magazine develop in the future, and its relationship with him is not very great.

What he needs to do now is to draw the next story of the cat's eye with peace of mind, because he negotiated with Minano. When the number of pages released by the Cat's Eye reaches the requirement of publishing a book, she can use the resources that are wrapped in the publishing house. The highest priority is to publish the first book of the Cat's Eye.

The first book of the Cat's Eye needs at least six chapters. That is to say, even if the new issue is published in one week after the new issue, it is necessary to wait until the next issue of the third issue of the magazine before considering the issue of publishing the book.

But even so, Li Yalin is unable to withstand the excitement of his heart. He wants to draw all the plots of the first one-line book at the fastest speed.

No way, he has been thoroughly stimulated by the remuneration.

In order to win over Li Yalin, all of them are very generous in terms of remuneration. One chapter of the manga is 50,000 Yuan, the text on the inaugural issue is forty pages, and the two chapters of the gift are more than 80 pages. Together, this is more than 120. Page, equivalent to half of this manga book has it!

For this reason, Li Yalin’s manuscript fee was paid after the tax was paid, but it reached more than 5 million Yuan.

More than five million Yuan are available. This is equivalent to saying that Chino’s one hundred million owed money has already been completed by one-twentieth. If he can earn another 95 million, the task will be successful. !

How can Li Yalin not be excited?

"Yalin sensei... you are too fast at drawing..."

The preparation work before the publication of the inaugural issue was very busy, even if it was edited by a newcomer like Mihari. It was also impossible to see her in a few days.

However, as the responsible editor of Li Yalin, Minano sees that Mihari is very competent. When the preparatory work of the magazine is almost finished, she immediately took out her free time and ran to Li Yalin.

Li Yalin is her first responsible manga, and she is of course very concerned.

Just to let her not think a lot, just arrived at Li Yalin, she had a huge surprise - Li Yalin actually painted Cat's Eye's first six stories in just a few days.

This is not a sub-mirror, but an original manuscript of the magazine can be published directly!

It is clear to Mihari that when she separated from Li Yalin a few days ago, she and the editor-in-chief of Weekly Youth GONGON just finished watching the third chapter of Cat's Eye, which is not only as excellent as ever, but also further developed the relationship between the male and female protagonists, and absolutely can attract the attention of readers.

But just a few days later, she actually saw the next three chapters, ah what speed? Does he have tentacles?

This kind of speed, even the old mangaka equipped with assistants can't do it!

"Is this Mr. Li Yalin?"

"Gifted juvenile mangakas, God, speed of drawing?"

After receiving the manuscript handed by Li Yalin, Mihari had not waited to see it. She first gave Li Yalin a strong look of worship.

"Fortunately, I am quite used to this speed anyway."

Faced with the strong adoration of young girl, Li Yalin's first feeling is dazzling if changed to animation, Mihari this girl is afraid that she is already glowing all over.

Fortunately, the second dimension has become a reality, and there is no such exaggeration, but the worship of the younger sister, it really makes people somewhat uncomfortable.

"Firstly, I have enough pages for the first book. And then I think I'll take a rest for a while. The high-intensity creation has made me work hard. My family has already said that I have to do it many times."

He did this good feat in one breath, Li Yalin must, of course, take a good rest. In fact, he had to rest. After all, Chino has mentioned this matter more than once.

He didn't want Chino to worry too much, so it would be better to listen to Chino's words.

What is especially crucial is that with the publication of the Weekly Youth GONGON, he has to face a very embarrassing problem - according to the system's setting for him, he is transferring to the city and living in Chino's home, now Calculate the time, the first semester is coming soon.

In other words, he must go to school!

Isn't this still not awkward?

As a man that has been nearly 30 years old before crossing, Li Yalin has to re-read with high school students after crossing. What other people think of him does not matter, anyway, he is right to feel all kinds of awkwardness.

If he could, he thought it would be better to stay at home.

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