S.B.F.C. Chapter 19: you are not afraid of losing money?

"Mr. Li Yalin seems to be surprised because I look like a child?"

Because of the huge amount of information, Li Yalin was stunned at the scene for a while after seeing Minano, and could not speak for a long time. After all, he realized that these girls, who had been with him for a long time, was actually an Anime characters he had known before.

However, her reaction seems to be in the wild, it is not the case, since the family knows their own affairs, Minano, although she looks like a Loli, she is not really Loli, it is better to say that for this reason her appearance as Loli, had attracted her a lot of trouble.

If Li Yalin despised her because of her appearance, she would not have any surprises. It is better to say that she has already prepared for this. After all, this kind of thing did not happen once or twice.

For this reason, the pseudo-Loli editor-in-chief was ready to speak and just waiting for the next step.

However, Li Yalin’s reaction was somewhat unexpected.

"Editor-in-chief of Weekly Youth GONGON magazine... No, Editor-in-chief of Weekly Youth GONGON magazine does not seem to be very young, but work has nothing to do with age and appearance, and I don't care about that either."

"About the meaning of Editor-in-Chief, the editor Mihari has just explained it to me. I don't have to say more. I am more concerned about the strength of the new magazine that will be published, and what kind of compensation I can get. If the price is right, I don't mind publishing my work in your magazine."

The appearance of Minano really surprised Li Yalin, but he was not surprised by her appearance. In fact, Li Yalin knew that after confirming the identity of Minano, Li Yalin knew that the pseudo-Editor-in-chief of Weekly Youth GONGON wasn't really simple when he looked at her. In fact, she was a very capable person.

If he is in her place, it seems that there is no problem in publishing the Manga in her magazine.

Now that this is confirmed, Li Yalin's next consideration is naturally the question of remuneration. Don't forget that he still has a debt of 100 million Yuan. Perhaps this is his good opportunity.

"What about the rewards? ... I also ask the teacher to rest assured that we will never be stingy in terms of remuneration."

Li Yalin’s reaction made him very surprised. She looked at him in a stunned way for about three or four seconds before he came back. She reached out and took out his portfolio, which contained the contract she had already drawn up.

"It seems that the Editor-in-Chief of Weekly Youth GONGON magazine is ready before coming."

Even the contract has been drawn up, and Minano is of course prepared. At the same time, it proves that she is bound to Li Yalin. It is related to the survival of this new magazine. Of course, she has to spend a lot of money to dig people.

It has to be said that the salary gives by Minano can definitely be described as generous.

After the publication of the magazine, Li Yalin’s original painting will be paid 50,000 Yuan, but this is not to mention. It goes without saying that today's, the main cartoonist of the Youth Fiery of Weekly is almost the same price, and the main cartoonist of the Weekly Youth GONGON magazine represents the highest level of the entire island country Special Administrative Region and even the whole of the Chinese empire.

Of course, the cartoonist does not only make money by magazine's contributions but the most important thing by royalty sharing of one-line editions. According to the rules of the world, it is basically maintained at around 5% - 15%. More the cartoonist is of high level, the higher the royalty sharing.

Generally speaking, it is very difficult for new comic artists to come up with a single edition. Even if they have a single edition, they are grateful to get a 5% royalty. On this contract, they promise to launch a Cat's Eye single edition as soon as not only possible but also directly give Li Yalin 15% of the high price of royalty share.

This is the highest price in the industry. To attract a new person at such a high price will surely be considered wild and mad by others.

Not only is the single-edition royalty divided, but the rest is divided into peripherals, animations, and even game adaptations. Both of them also give the highest price within her responsibilities, which is exactly what Li Yalin treats as the top cartoonist in the industry.

This kind of courage is not something we can have casually!

"Originally, according to the rules, the contracted cartoonists of the magazine can also get a certain amount of signature fees, but our new publication has just started a publication, and the capital chain is short. Therefore, we have not written this in the contract until the new issue is really stable. After that, it will not be late."

"In addition, this is only the price of Mr. Li Yalin's first work. If Mr. you can come up with such excellent works in the future and continue to sign with our magazine, we will further improve the value of your work."

"I don't know what Mr. Li Yalin has to say. We're all ready to discuss it."

In the contract, not only Li Yalin's remuneration, but also his obligations after signing the contract, such as timely submission of manuscripts, or the need for a week's notice before the closure of publication and other regulations, as long as a simple look at it.

Although it is an obligation, it is also very relaxed, so what Li Yalin can see is full of sincerity.

Especially after he finished reading the contract, he was quick to make a quick replenishment. In this case, what should he say?

"The editor of Weekly Youth GONGON is so optimistic about Cat's Eye? You are not afraid of losing money?"

Put down the contract in his hand, Li Yalin gently shook his head, his action is to let Minano is very nervous, for fear that his next sentence is not agreed.

Without thinking, he has actually told her this sentence.

Yes, Li Yalin really doesn’t know why she is so confident about Cat's Eye. It’s just that he has only uploaded two chapters so far. Even if there is a high degree of popularity on the Internet, it’s not necessarily that this work is certain.

"Can you sell it?"

Li Yalin is confident in the Cat's Eye. But she is not crossing the party. How can she be so confident in the Cat's Eye?

You know, once Li Yalin signed the contract, the magazine even had no power to cut down the work, which is clearly written in the contract, which is why the contract restrictions are very loose.

If it is not the knowledge of Minano, plus the system to issue the task, Li Yalin would be afraid to suspect if it was a trap waiting for him to jump.

"I believe in my own vision and believe in my instincts. I also believe that Cat's Eye is a comic that can be blazed."

At this time, there was no expression on Minano -faced face, but her gaze was always on Li Yalin's body. There was no Minano hesitation or embarrassment. Her answer was one word and one sentence, which made people feel so confident.

"Insight and intuition... I don’t know whether it’s good or bad to do things under the hands of editor-in-chief of yours, but... the editor-in-chief of Weekly Youth GONGON, please give me more favors in the future."

After retrospect the answer of Minano, Li Yalin finally shook his head gently. When he said this, what else can he say?

"Extend your right hand forward, I hope that future cooperation can be carried out happily!"

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