S .B. F. C. Chapter 22: Recruiting New Employees?

Well, even if he is awkward, Li Yalin must also admit that he is going to school. By the way, when he sees the school he is going to attend, there is a further discovery.

Private Yingling High School, this is the name of the school that Li Yalin is about to attend. It seems ordinary. But when he sees the name of this high school, his mind can't help but create a thought--a dream student meeting!

The name of the school is actually quite popular, that is to say, it's just a coincidence?

No, it's no accident or coincidence. Private Yingling High School is indeed the Yingling High School that Li Yalin knows. He even found another school name he is more familiar with - Private Yingling High School!

If it is just a Yingling High School, it will be considered. If Sakura is the Academy, what is the situation? Is this already obvious?

With the appearance of Mihari and Minano, Li Yalin also found that this is a second-dimensional world similar to the comprehensive, even if there are more secondary characters he knows, it is not surprising.

In fact, he is even more curious. It is reasonable to say that Private Yingling High School are the real stage for the student union. If he is taking the lead, he should be arranged to join the Sakura Academy.

Isn't he the protagonist?

After a careful investigation, Li Yalin finally realized that it was not a problem that the protagonist was not the protagonist, because even if the protagonist of the delusional student union really appeared, it was absolutely impossible to join Sakura Academy!

I want to ask why this, it is because the Private Yingcai School is only a school... It’s just a girls’ school!

Yes, Sakura Yingcai has not yet undergone reforms. It is still a traditional school for girls. Li Yalin wants to be a student at this school. Unless he changes his personality first, there is no such possibility.

In this case, there is nothing to say, isn't it? Unwillingly he goes to Private Yingling High School!

It's almost a week before school starts. During this period, Li Yalin is almost ready for the new semester. His books and stationery, together with his brand-new uniform and bicycle, are also included.

The distance between Rabbit-House and Private Yingling High School is too far to walk and too close to ride by car. So after thinking about it, Li Yalin bought a bicycle as a vehicle for school. Anyway, he is not poor now. It's no problem to buy an ordinary bike.

Li Yalin is no worse equipped with such equipment. Looking at Chino and Rize, they do not need to worry about him at all. People are more familiar to him as well as to them.

There is only one problem, which makes both Li Yalin and Chino bother.

They are going to school soon, but what about Rabbit-House?

Before Chino’s father did not disappear, Chino’s coffee shop was watched by her father during this time, but now Takahiro disappeared. This means that no one is looking after the daytime coffee shop, and can only wait until after school to reopen the coffee shop.

But how long will Rabbit-House last? What is the point of opening a few hours, even if it's four o'clock Chino had to get back and open the store until eight o'clock? What can be done in just a few hours?

"Otherwise... let's recruit a few employees. And how many employees shall we recruit?"

Because of the shortage of manpower, Li Yalin and Chino have fallen into silence. Even the world can't help, after all, even if she is, she can't work in the coffee shop.

In this case, Li Yalin feels that there is no choice but to recruit people, there seemed to be no other choice. After all, they can't let Tippy see the coffee shop right?

"It is OK to recruit new employees, but the salary is the problem..."

Li Yalin's proposal is indeed the only choice, but the problem is that Rabbit-House has no turnover at all, and if they hire employees again, they will not be able to get any salary at all.

That is to say, Rize, who is not poor in money, will choose to work in this coffee shop. After all, she comes from a big family. Her concept of money is thin.

So the question is, how do you find a new employee like Rize who doesn't care about money and has time during the day?

Wake up that is impossible!

"In terms of salary, I can contribute..."

"No! Yalin san, if you let the money be posted, it is better to shorten the opening time, anyway, Rabbit-House can't make money, we don't have to waste."

Recently, Li Yalin paid for his manuscripts. He is natural to be very convinced when he talks about it. Although he still has to work towards a goal of 100 million Yuan, it is no problem to subsidize a salesman's salary or something.

It is a pity that Chino does not want to accept Li Yalin’s financial support. It is not because of anything else, but she feels that this is a waste, and nothing more.

The number of rabbit houses turnover is poor, and it is precise because of this that she is even less able to let Li Yalin out the money.

She is very clear about what it means to do what she can. If it doesn't work, she would rather shorten the time to open the coffee shop, and there is no need to waste money.

Chino has her perseverance in mind. Otherwise, she would have told Rize about her family's debt. It would not take a minute for her family to help solve this one hundred million Yuan debt.

Li Yalin respects the persistence of Chino, so he is willing to help Chino is confidential, Chino does not want to waste money, he will not say anything more.

"But... Do you really want to close the coffee shop during the day?"

"Let's do it. Let's post the job postings. The time and salary of the work are also clearly written. If anyone is willing to apply, we will be happy. No one wants to apply. It doesn't matter. What do you think?"

Looking back and forth, Li Yalin seems to have only this last move left. Working from Monday to Friday, from eight mornings to four hours afternoon, the salary is poor. Although some people are willing to apply for the job, the chance is infinitely close to zero, what if there is a miracle?

Anyway, it is a question of recruitment notice, and it does not hinder anything.

"That's all right. Let's do it according to Yalin san's wishes."

Although Li Yalin asks Chino and Rize, who can have the final decision, is still Chino.

Chino this Loli think for a moment, looked at Rize and looked at Li Yalin, and finally gently nodded.

After all, there is no other way, isn't it?

In this way, under the joint efforts of Li Yalin, Chino and Rize, a new job was announced, and they did not make a big fan. They simply posted the job notice in the coffee shop.

Only customers in the coffee shop who can see this job advertisement. In fact, it seems that only customers can accept the job and salary. It is estimated that only customers who come to the store will come.

So... Will this recruitment notice be successful, can they recruit new employees in the coffee shop?

As far as the results are concerned, a new employee is recruited. The problem is that the new employee of Rabbit-House is not informed by recruitment.

It should be said that the arrival of this new employee is greatly out of the expectations of Li Yalin and his party!

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