S. B. F. C. Chapter 25: because Yalin-San is a Mangaka

"It is said that in order to fight against Mr. Yalin's Cat's-Eye, the Youth Fiery of Weekly is actively encouraging its mangakas to imitate the style and story of Cat's-Eye, and wants to create a work that can be compared with Cat's-Eye. ”

"Although the editors of the Minano did not say anything to us, the wind was transmitted from the headquarters, no wind and no waves, Youth Fiery of Weekly over there, we can't ignore it anyway!"

As Mihari said by her mouth, because of the Cat's Eye fever, the manga industry has indeed set off a considerable upsurge.

This is also a no-brainer. Whether it is the Cat's Eye style or the plot, who have broken through the current understanding of manga circles. Many people think that the fine style is the main reason for attracting readers, and the other is not the same. The story above is also one of the elements that can inspire readers' curiosity.

This is also a matter of no way, whether Cat's Eye painting style or plot, have broken through the current understanding of manga circles, many people believe that that the fine style of painting is the main reason to attract readers, and that the kind of plot is not always hot-blooded, but also can stimulate the reader's curiosity one of the elements.

No way, the sales of the first two days of the magazine, which is about to break the million mark, have really made too many people red-eyed, because the magazines whose sales have been damaged by the strong appearance of the Weekly Youth GONGON are not the only ones whose sales have been damaged, also the Youth Fiery of Weekly.

For this kind of thing, Li Yalin’s heart has long been expected, but also did not take it seriously.

Yes, Cat's Eye is really novel in this world, but it's just that. Li Yalin has seen more painting styles and knows more interesting classics.

What's more, he still has the strongest assist of the system, how can he be afraid of human imitation?

"There may be works that surpass Cat's-Eye in the future, but it's definitely not the present, and Cat's-Eye is just the beginning, and my future can't be limited to that. Mihari editor can rest assured."

The advanced cognition and the help of the system, which brought tremendous confidence to Li Yalin, and because of this, he is full of confidence in the face of Mihari, his momentum is very easy. The mood of this beautiful girl editor was brought up.

"It’s amazing...I’m the teacher Yalin...”

Hearing Li Yalin’s self-confident declaration, Mihari’s hands could not help but hold together, and her eyes were revealing the look of worship.

With such a fierce teacher Yalin sitting in town, what can Weekly Youth GONGON magazine, be afraid of?

" I am so lucky that I became the responsible editor of Teacher Yalin..."

"Who is that man? It seems that the relationship with Yalin's elder is very close. Is she the next girlfriend of elder Yalin?"

Is it Yalin's elder's girlfriend?

Just as Li Yalin and Mihari make a conversation downstairs at Rabbit-House, Cocoa was very curious enough to get together with Chino and asked Chino about the identity of Mihari.

As a new member of this big family, Cocoa quickly adapted to the atmosphere here. She has a good relationship with everyone. She especially likes to come to Chino when things go wrong. According to her statement, she wants a sister with the same intelligence.

From this point of view, she should have a common language with Li Yalin.

Unfortunately, Cocoa is completely different from Li Yalin. She is more active and enthusiastic, and at the same time makes Chino very troubled.

It is not that Chino is a dislike of Cocoa, but the character of Cocoa makes her difficult for her to fight and she does not know how to deal with her.

In fact, Cocoa is actually quite flattering. Her character also makes Chino secretly envious. After all, Chino thinks that she can never be as cheerful as Cocoa, no matter what.

Back to the point, although Cocoa gets along well with everyone, she has only just joined this big family for a few days. And during this time, she worked hard to learn all kinds of knowledge about the coffee shop and wanted to be a qualified coffee shop employee, so she had no time to pay attention to other things.

For example, Li Yalin's status as a mangaka, she knows nothing about him, and nobody volunteers to tell her.

Today, Mihari come to Li Yalin on his own initiative. As soon as she entered the door, he grabbed her hand with excitement and then took her upstairs, but he was completely looked at by Cocoa.

With such an intimate attitude. It's hard to be a girlfriend.

In an instant, the eyes of Cocoa cast a thick light of gossip. After all, it is a girl who is adolescent, and she is very curious about this aspect.

"No, that is the responsible editor of Yalin-San, Miss Mihari, not the girlfriend of Yalin-San."

Cocoa is a self-contained girl, especially she likes Chino very much. She often makes various intimate actions to Chino.

For example, now, she is burning the fire of gossip, while shaking Chino gently shaking, letting Chino was very helpless.

Helpless, but helpless, but did not take the initiative to break free, after all, she is not good at such physical contact, the only thing that can be done is to use the eyes to stop Cocoa while answering the question of Cocoa.

"Responsible Editors? What is that?"

Unfortunately, Cocoa can't read Chino's eyes, and she is more curious about the title of the responsible editor. After all, she has never been exposed to such a career before, of course, she will come to the fog.

"It's the one who helped Yalin San ... probably this way?"

To say what the responsibility of the responsible editor is, Chino specifically can't say, like this situation, she can only give this more vague answer.

“Helping Yalin's predecessors?”

"Well, because Yalin San is a mangaka."

" Mangaka?!!"

"Cat's Eye, do you know?"

“Cat's Eye!!!”

What happened next downstairs. Li Yalin upstairs, of course, don't know it, but when he sees Cocoa again, he is greeted with a deep adoration, which makes him very uncomfortable.

"I said... What's wrong with you, dear?"

This kind of inexplicable gaze made Li Yalin subconsciously shudder. He couldn’t figure out the situation, he can only turn to Chino for help.

My dear sister, can you explain to your future brother?

"My Cocoa San knew that Cat's-Eye was Li Yalin's work, so she became like that."

Chino quickly answered the answer for Li Yalin, and also let Li Yalin understand that in this Rabbit-House, in addition to his world, they still love such a manga book.

He didn't know before, but Cocoa actually liked to read the manga ...

But... It's not a bad thing to like manga. It's acceptable to worship mangakas, but it's not necessary to sign teacups.

"Miss Cocoa, I can understand your mood, but this cup is not yours!"

Looking at the hand holding the coffee cup picked up in front of him, and Cocoa asking for the signature, Li Yalin said he was unable to speak.

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