M.F Chapter 211: Class 1 water quality

The test was divided into eight water intake points.

Today it is sunny and windy, the weather is getting brighter.

The staff took a rubber boat and sampled the seawater within a few miles of the sewage pipeline.

The result of the water sample detection shocked everyone.

Standard water quality of the national standard!

The water quality is divided into four standards.

The fourth category is only suitable for use at the harbor terminal where the oil star is floating.

No breeding or bathing development is allowed.

As for Xiaoping Lake, it is the most serious one to go to the industrial chemical pollution water standard directly.

The same source of pollution is a completely different result of extreme water quality.

On the side of Longxitan, the water quality is in accordance with the standard.

The water can be directly applied to marine fishery waters, marine nature reserves, and rare and endangered marine life reserves.

And sea bathing, sea sports or entertainment areas where the human body is in direct contact with sea water, and water desalination areas directly related to human consumption.

According to the laboratory technician, the water quality standard of Longxitan is one.

That is because the national standard ceiling is only one type.

If there is a higher standard, the water quality of the sample taken from Longxitan will also be the first to be won.

Why has Longxitan Bay suffered for so many years from a strong underwater sewage dump, while now the quality of the water can reach a superb class of good quality?

The deputy mayor, Wu Shunyun, and a group of people from the Environmental Protection Bureau did not want to break their heads.

In the end, they had to temporarily classify this situation on the magical work to mother nature.

In the magical ocean, anything can happen. It is being possible to have a huge underwater spring in Longxitan Beach.

The springs have continually washed away pollutants all the year round.

This is the most likely scenario.

Undersea springs are common along the coast. Perhaps dark springs certainly do not leave any pollutants.

As for the possibility of man-made, the deputy mayor Wu Shunyun and the staff of the Environmental Protection Bureau did not think about it because it was too ridiculous.

The Vice Mayor, Shun Yun, planned to return to Xiaoping Lake.

The staff of the Environmental Protection Bureau, who was responsible for collecting evidence, proposed to go to the factory in the distance to ask about the situation.

At the end of their field of vision, there is an industrial factory located.

This factory must be more familiar with Longxi Beach than they are.

It is possible to provide more clues about Longxi Beach and why it is not polluted.

Vice Mayor Wu Shunyun decided to go to the same place.

The news that Longxitan was not polluted made him feel better.

But where the pollutants went, it is still a huge doubt in his heart, this mystery does not solve, he is hard to rest assured.

Returning to the Huanhai Highway, two of the cars headed for the factory in the distance.

Close to the factory, the driver of Wu Shunyun and several other EPA staff members in the cars, each eye wide open, stared at the factory on the right side as they looked at the magnificent scenic spots.

The roads extend in all directions, huge, to the amazing factory.

There are also a few machines that they have never seen before, and on those flattened floors, two robotic arms are used to flexibly install the plant.

When the driver turned the car into the main road connecting the factory, the deputy mayor, Wu Shunyun, could not sit still.

An amazing transit warehouse appeared in front of him.

Each parking space has a robotic arm standing on it, and there are dozens of robotic arms that carry the packed wooden boxes to the trucks.

This is an automatic loading and unloading robot.

When Wu Shunyun went abroad for a study, he saw similar products at the Davos Industrial Revolution Concept Exhibition.

It's just that kind of thing, it's slow to operate, and it's very demanding on the working environment.

It wasn't permitted with a dust workplace.

It is like the product in front of them, the loading and unloading of goods is extremely efficient, and it is also placed directly in the open air.

When Wu Shunyun saw the three words of Monster Heavy Factory, he suddenly realized it.

He has heard about this factory, whether it is the URA or the customs side, he is full of praise for this factory.

A few days ago, the Propaganda Department of the Municipal Party Committee reported that there were product fragments in his technology.

When the two cars passed through the transit warehouse, they were stopped by the master artisan.

The driver of Wu Shunyun, who was not satisfied with the report, the master artisan fluttered the sentence, "wait!"

Didn't let them wait too long, when Ye Qing received the call, he quickly gave the master artisan welcomed them in the core area of the barren hills.

Quickly tidying up a few hairstyles in the mirror, then Ye Qing ran into the yard.

It happened that five giants were working there to pick up the parts.

"Quickly, he has hidden them in the underground base and shut down the camouflage door."

These gangs of King Kong, although wearing camouflage overalls. If they are, get together, it will definitely cause others to be curious.

There can be no one in the factory, and Ye Qing has pulled four metal experts to make up the number.

Metal specialists, in the eyes of outsiders, are standard adult men with a golden ratio of body shape, who can go to the T-stage in a suit and attract women who like to be cool with their cold and heartless faces.

They were disrupted to the factory, and the car of Wu Shunyun has just arrived at the door.

Ye Qing was a little nervous when he received the phone call. Vice Mayor Wu Shunyun's destination here was not clear to him.

It is reasonable to say that now Vice Mayor Wu Shunyun should arrange for the inspection team to meet the work, and he is too busy to be divided into three parts.

How come to the wilderness of Longxitan?

"Hey Mayor, hello." When the car door opened, Ye Qing walked up to the back seat and looked a little tired, but the man with the gaze in his eyes nodded.

"Hello~ I didn't think Mr. Ye was really young." Wu Shunyun got off the car and shook Ye Qing's hands and smiled. "I have heard the name of Mr. Ye. I have heard it many times. It is just a matter of busy with the construction of urban health civilization before, and I did not invite Mr. Ye to see me."

Usually the more officials there are, the less ordinary people think they should have the shelf.

On the contrary, those who have sesame mung beans and have a three-pointer in their hands like to command orders by their eyes and take tunes with their voices.

It's a matter of personal accomplishment, is like Ye Qing going to the shop to buy a bottle of drink. The shelf is big. Isn't there a pit in his brain?

Ye Qing invited the Vice Mayor to the office and personally prepared him a hot tea.

Wu Shunyun squeezed his eyebrows and raised some eyebrows. Some doubts: "I don't know Mr. Ye. When you built a new factory here, did you find that there was an abnormal situation in the bay here?"

“For example, under the dark springs of the sea, or is there chemical pollution?”

Ye Qing’s heart jumped, did he know that he had returned the original sewage road to Jinmei Chemical?

Although that it knows, Ye Qing does not have to worry too much.

The two gongs and drums went against each other to the EPA.

Ye Qing mostly compensated them for their losses, and Tang Jian had bad luck.

However, looking at the Vice Mayor is obviously a guest attitude.

It’s not like looking for Ye Qing’s responsibility, even if he is looking for responsibility, he doesn’t need to come out.

Since it is not because of this, why does he ask about chemical pollution?

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