M. F. Chapter 208: Xiaoping Lake 1

The auxiliary system installation is semi-automated, with tracked or loaded tires, a panoramic camera, and cockpit handling equipment.

Ye Qing calculated, if the production is full, the current assembly shop can produce up to 20 Mechanical Colossus Type I in one day.

This number is already very great. Building a large machine is not a car. Huaxing Heavy Industry has built 240 of large-scale mining vehicles, and it can build more than 30 vehicles a day.

Producing twenty Mechanical Colossus Type I a day, selling is two hundred million Yuan. Planing off costs and taxes, Ye Qing can make a net profit of 1.4 million Yuan.

After the sales volume was opened, the production capacity could not keep up, and Ye Qing could build more assembly workshops.

Ye Qing was so busy in the factory that there was a group of people who were busier than him in the Xiaoping Lake on the edge of the Blue River.

Mayor Xia Yuming will preside over the work, so he can't stay here all the time. Vice Mayor Wu Shunyun who is mainly responsible for the construction of a city's livelihood civilization, set up a camp and settled down to deal with the pollution incident.

Now on Xiaoping Lake, there are six water-excavation vessels, which are wrapped in chemical waste discarded by the grain transporters.

Those chemical wastes were bundled with steel wire mesh before, and they were waiting for the boat to salvage them one by one.

There are only countless broken pockets in the wire mesh...

Sixty steel wire nets were picked up, and deputy mayor Yan Shunyun almost shot the perpetrators who were arrested and brought to justice.

Who are these people?

The Crowning Renewable Energy Co., Ltd., registered on the business license are a number benefiting for the country.

Under the pretext of transporting grain, some grain companies that transported livelihoods illegally were taken in behind the scenes.

Law enforcement officers rummaged through all the warehouses, and even one grain was not turned over.

There is also the culprit of Jinmei Chemical Company!

Vice Mayor Wu Shunyun knows about this company. The Zhongyun Municipal Government will hold an entrepreneurial tea party after the Spring Festival every year.

Wu Shunyun also talked with their boss Tang Jian.

What we talked about was environmental protection. The boss Tang Jian took a chest and said that there is a first-class chemical sewage treatment tank in the factory. He even wanted to invite the deputy mayor to visit their factory for inspection and guidance.

Now the owner of soup has run away, he ran to Liangjiang City.

The Public Security Bureau sent a team early in the morning to go to Liangjiang City to arrest the guy.

The joint law enforcement officers of the Environmental Protection Bureau of the Industry and Commerce Bureau have also entered the Jinmei Chemical for a comprehensive inventory.

According to the investigation of a morning assault investigation, Jinmei Chemical is not only the producer of this batch of the harmful chemical waste but also secretly built a sewage pipeline in the background to carry out the bad behavior of stealing harmful chemical sewage all the year round.

This news has almost knocked out on the spot the deputy mayor Wu Shunyun.

Where can they steal sewage?

It is definitely still emitted in Zhongyun, and the environmental pollution caused by smuggling all the year round is not bigger than the ten Xiaoping Lakes?

Several company managers and employees were asked in succession. They said that the sewage pipe should have been in a spot to the seaside, but the exact location was not clear.

The Environmental Protection Agency was sent out to sample the seawater within 50 miles of the coastline.

However, the results of the tests made them puzzling, and all the sampled seawater was qualified. Especially on the Longxitan beach, the quality of the sea is so good that it can compete with the Maldives.

For the time being, the EPA has not confirmed the location of the smuggling, and the EPA has expanded the sampling range to conduct a sample test on all water resources of the 50-mile radius of Jinmei Chemical.

At the same time, there is a special person for exploration on the side of the sewage pipe and probes along the pipeline path.

However, these are all measures to mend the dead fish. Now Xiaoping Lake has become a dead lake and a stinky lake.

On the edge of the temporarily closed Xiaoping Lake, almost all experts related to water resources come to Zhongyun City.

According to the test results, the pollutants in Xiaoping Lake do not have volatile energy, and the air smell is not harmful to the human body.

But the water that comes into contact with it, and the creatures in the water, have completely lost the value of salvation.

Even the two old experts in the [Material Chemistry Engineering Laboratory] of Zhongyun University came. They took protective masks and gathered together in the temporary command room to discuss the problems.

"Now I see that only the filtration method is used to filter all the polluted water in Xiaoping Lake."

A technician from the Environmental Protection Agency said:
“It can be filtered with ceramic membrane tubes. I have seen this technology in paper mills. A ceramic membrane tube can filter several tons of sewage in one hour.”
"Ceramic membrane tube?" deputy mayor Wu Shunyun raised his head, the voice through the mask is a bit dull: "We have a ceramic membrane tube manufacturer in Zhongyun City, can this thing completely filter out harmful chemical substances in the water?"

“It should be ok...” The technician was unsure: “When I saw the paper mill filtering the sewage, the yellow sewage passed through the ceramic membrane tube and came out like the tap water.”

"Then immediately contact the ceramic film manufacturer, I let..."

The deputy mayor, Shun Yun, hasn't finished yet. The old professor at Zhongyun University sighs to the technicians: "Little comrades, ceramic membrane filtration technology is not used by you."

“Ceramic membrane filtration is a part of membrane biofiltration technology. The sewage is treated in the first few stages before the ceramic membrane is used.”

“Even so, there is a lot of organic pollutants in the treated sewage, which is something that ceramic membranes can't filter.”

“And we are dealing with 3,000 tons of hazardous chemical waste. Do you know how much it will cost if you use ceramic membranes to filter 3,000 tons of pollutants?”

"The amount of water filtered by ceramic membranes should be calculated according to the number of pollutants in the water. There are a few pollutants, and there is no problem in filtering one thousand tons. Filtering here, I estimate that half a ton will be blocked in all the gaps."

"How is that good..." When it was not feasible, the deputy mayor, Shun Yun, was paralyzed.

“It takes a lot of time, whether it is biodegradation or chemical treatment. And after treatment, it can only be regarded as sewage that meets the qualified emission standards.”

"I want to restore Xiaoping Lake to its original appearance, only to change the water in the lake."


The old professor's method is simply not reliable than ceramic membrane technology.

Xiaoping Lake is a river bay of the Blue River. If you want to replace all the water, you can only build an intercepting dam and isolate the two.

When the intercepting dam is built, it is estimated that there will be ice on the Xiaoping Lake to play skiing.

"Everyone, besides these, what else is there?" Vice Mayor Wu Shunyun said: "It doesn't matter whether it is domestic technology or foreign technology. As long as the sewage of Xiaoping Lake can be well managed, even if it costs more, it can be accepted."

"Sewage treatment, looking at the world is a problem. The most critical Xiaoping Lake, more than one chemical pollutant, but dozens of mixed together." Two old professors shook their heads.

"Let's give up Xiaoping Lake and let the inspection team go to the guest house."


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